“He’s surrounded by a lot of mess” Arsenal legend comes out in support of Mesut Ozil

Tony Adams has surprisingly leapt to the defence of Arsenal outcast Mesut Ozil, and he claims that the midfielder still has something to offer.

Ozil has been axed from the Arsenal team since the restart as he continues to struggle to convince Mikel Arteta that he can do a job for him.

He had been given more than enough chances when Arteta became the club’s manager, but the German didn’t repay the trust with good performances.

He has now been dropped from the team since the restart and he looks set to finally leave the club if they can find a buyer for him.

However, Tony Adams seems to rate the German highly and the former Arsenal man claimed that he is a huge talent before questioning if Mikel Arteta is making use of him in the best possible manner.

He reckoned that the German is a top talent, but he isn’t surrounded by players that can help him express himself.

The former Arsenal captain told Stadium Astro: “I think I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s a very laid-back kind of guy, he doesn’t get too flustered with anything to be honest with you. He just goes a little bit – what we would call in our day – going through the motions; but players are very different today, they’re not questioned in training.

“There was an article that came out recently about Kieran Tierney being questioned because Tierney was getting a few tackles in in training and he was asked to take things a little bit easier. I kind of went, ‘Hold on a minute, no, no, no, you test them, you rattle them, you get involved’.

“I think Ozil, he’s a very calm, sweet man, so don’t judge him too quickly. He is a talent, and half the job of a head coach is getting the best out of that talent.

“So you could swing it on Arteta. The minute you don’t get results, this is going to be more of an issue. If we lose in the FA Cup final, I think people will start then going, ‘Actually, how Arteta are you dealing with this situation? What are you going to do?’

“Then all the questions you’ve fired at me, are the ones the public are going to be saying, ‘Come on then Ozil, what you posting on your social media? Are you applying yourself? What are you doing?’

“Is there anybody at the club saying that to him? ‘Why are you doing your clothing range, what’s that about Ozil?’ Is there was anyone at the club, around Mesut Ozil, passing on the message of, ‘Come on, what’s going on here? What are you doing?’

“There’s too many outside influences and that’s where I think the Ozil brand comes into it, and the people on the periphery, and the agents get involved.

“Actually, if you look underneath all that, there’s a really sweet human being in there, really shy boy, that has enormous talent, but he’s surrounded by a lot of mess.”

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  1. Let’s not kid ourselves. A lot of fans just keep living in denial. If you’ve been on here for years, you’d know I used to support Ozil. I love the man, but as a footballer he’s not the player he was anymore, so he’s not the player we need. We need better players, there’s absolutely no shame in a player declining. Every footballer eventually declines. Ozil started declining very early. He’s not that player anymore, you’ll only keep lying to yourself if you keep saying this is the Ozil we knew or the Ozil that blew our minds away.
    Right now, with how far he’s declined, we don’t need him and he certainly wouldn’t do much for us.
    He needs to be in the MLS where the pressure ain’t gon be this much.
    The problem fans are failing to see is that for years Arsenal been needing approximately 90% contributions from every player.
    Mind you, what is 90% to West Ham would be around 40% to Arsenal.
    What is 90% to Arsenal would be around 40% to the liked of Rel Madrid, Barcelona.
    So what we need is every player giving more.
    Ozil needs to go to where even his 60% is actually 100%.
    He needs to move to a club without the pressure of playing for Arsenal. That’s just it, I don’t hate the man or player. It’s just time both parties move on for the best interest of the club and the player

    1. vs Watford with Ozil Fc.
      Amn. Holding. Luiz. Tierney.
      Torreira. Xhaka.
      Ceballos. Ozil. Saka.

  2. What a complete mess!!

    The club needs to come out and OFFICIALLY tell the fans the situation.

    Despite the media saying we are trying to offload him, there is no official statement to that effect – none whatsoever.

    In fact, MA has gone on record as saying he wants MO back on board – so what IS actually going on?

    As a supporter of both men, if it comes down to the wire, there can / should only be one winner… Mikel Arteta.

    1. Why should the club come out and say anything?
      Ozil is being paid his £350,000 a week to just lazy around playing online video games and continuously undermine everything (Owners, club, managers, us the fans etc). What more do you want?

      I remember the likes of Mustafi being banished and you guys never asked the club to com out an explain why.

      Arteta has said it multiple times that Ozil will only play if he is willing to work as hard as his teammates during training.
      No wonder the guy has flopped at Arsenal. You guys have continually rewarded his laziness and he has bought into it. He knows that he does not need to work hard because you his loyal fan crowd will always back him.

      I don’t see or know what his fans want. I have not heard Arsenal saying they will not pay him his wages even if he has not earned them since signing that new deal. He is being paid massively to do fck all for our club but still he and you his fans want more.

      So basically he is being paid for being lazy and not giving a monkeys about helping our club. But at the same time his fans are trying to force him into the team, not on merit. Just because they are still delusional about him being a game changer.

      To me that is taking a p!ss / liberties. The guy should never see a minute on that pitch until he can work as hard as his teammates. This favouritism from his fan crowd as always is irritating.

      1. Very irritating Goonster. The so called fans are not saying anything about sokratis, about guendouzi, all their focus and attention is on their Lord and saviour. This is a very similarly weird version of the Stockholm syndrome. Lol. Ozil has held them to ransom and some how they love him for it.

  3. Hahahaha.
    The guy is 32 years old and we still have people in delusional mode.
    Expecting a 32 year old Ozil to come and save us when he could not do it in his prime?
    This Ozil talk reminds me of people expect an infertile 78 year old woman to get pregnant when she could not do it in her youthful years.

    The ozil backers always wait in the wings for the team to lose a game and then start making us “But he is our only creative player. He is the best we have blah blah”.
    It happened during Emery where the cultists pressurised Emery. He gave in and our results never changed as ozil was always one of the poorest players in most of the matches.

    I hope Arteta does not give into it. The ozilists are a very vocal / emotional / sensitive bunch.

    They pressured the club into giving him a ridiculous £350,000 a week contract.

    They then consistently pressured Emery into reintroducing Ozil into the team.

    Now they are back at it with Arteta. Using the same old tired tactics in order to smuggle their cult hero back into the team.

    I hope Arteta don’t not buy into this nonsense like his predecessors. Just stand your ground and Ozil should not be smuggled back into the team just because we lost to Villa. He has to work hard like his teammates. If not he should never step on the pitch ever again. Can’t keep rewarding laziness and fanboyism.

    What message does that send to all the other players? They are working hard while our resident fraudster is busy playing video games and putting out undermining propaganda on his social media.

    Arteta stand your ground. The Shirt Selling Genius makes zero difference on the pitch. With or without him it makes no difference. He is not worth the trouble.

    Keep him banished until he deserves to play. Us losing a game does not all of a sudden mean that “The Shirt Selling Genius” gets in the team automatically.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you for what?
      The reason the club need to clarify their position is so that fans can discuss from a position of facts and knowledge – not opinions, half truths and guesswork.

      Perhaps that’s why you seem opposed to the idea?

  4. I’ve never really understood why people rate this guy quite so highly. Clearly a top level talent when at his best, but never the type of character to lead a team like arsenal. Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Fabregas, Van Persie – these were the top level players who also led the team, never looked disinterested and had the character to make the difference in big games (you could even say that about Ramsey to an extent). Ozil, on the other hand is the definition of a luxury player. Yeah, he’ll cut open lower league teams who are expecting to lose with incredible precision and regularity, but when the going gets tough, he disappears.
    This is why it’s so crazy that we broke our wage structure and hamstrung ourselves just to keep him. Probably the worst decision the club has made in recent years (which says a lot).

    1. I mean if we could pay ozil 350k,then certainly a Bergkamp or Vieira should have been paid 500million pounds per week. Crazy board we had that gave in to this. Thanks Arsene and gazidis, you ruined us

  5. So it looks like my original post wasn’t accepted which is disappointing because i put time into that but i will try again and remove any slanderous statements that could be misconstrued as liable…so i was saying Adams with his history as a footballer and what wenger did for him to truly become a cult figure for me and all of us and i witnessed it from my north bank upper seat was remarkable and unforgettable so for him to slag off Pepe in public when he is clearly training well and being a model professional and produced magic moments and being picked but then perversely to justify and then blame our club and manager for Ozils behaviour is beyond me. I would of thought Adams and Merson and also our very own Romford Pele who all had serious issues with regards to how they were drinking there careers away BUT gave that extra percent in effort and concentration and most importantly absorbed and respected the Professors footballing philosophy when he arrived twists me up. Surely you would think Adams et al would be saying in public that Ozil is at a club with fans who idolise him and his career at the top is fast ending. Tell him he needs to put that extra effort in that all true football specialists do and show some self respect and if not for your self then for the club who gave you 50 million to sit in the 15 million pound west London mansion playing fortnight all night long ( its funny how he thinks he is disguised on the game when he cant keep his mouth shut on there allegedly on who he is). Im more disappointed with Adams really. The guy has never mentioned how wenger saved his career and gave him 2 more doubles and whatever more FA cup medals when he was finished not for the Prof. Even Merson doesnt do enough for me when being a critic of our club. These guys should be reminiscing to the media about how easy it is too lose a promising career and but then a manager like wenger and i think arteta is this kind of manager comes along and saved them and got glory, that those players with talent who start coasting or seem to get lost should use ex players like these as examples for why they should put that extra effort in for the fans and the club and enjoy the adulation for now and for the memories that will live on. Its never constructed criticism from Adams in my opinion. Always sounds like he cant get over the fact of what he was pre wenger and that he is tarnished and would never be given the keys to Arsenal to ruin. Moral lesson there is that no matter how much redemption you get during your career at your club, you will never be trusted when you want to be a manager at a top club and certainly not from the club who made you. Arteta and Lundberg are examples who were consummate club professionals and the latter even though not up for the challenge of fixing us was trusted enough to be our caretaker and no one complained at his results. Freddy with the red hair for me is arsenal through and through, as his song went…Arteta knows the score with us and he will bring us glory i have no doubts. But i digress, Adams shut your mouth if you cant at least speak about how your career was in tatters and use that to shame our players who lack that determination to die for the badge just like he did to extend his career and blew away the donkey tag to becoming a cult figure who scored that goal at Everton in the FA cup with his wide open arms soaking up the adulation that day. Still get goosebumps thinking about that moment.

  6. Maybe Mezut Ozil would still perform if Tony Adams took him aside and “had a quiet word with him”? Would Ozil listen?
    Unfortunately Adams and Ozil are from different eras and thus can never have the opportunity to play together. If they did play on the same team Adam’s opinion on Ozil might be different? Alternately what would Adams have thought and done, if he had a player like Ozil wasting his talent in a team Adams managed?

  7. Ozil it’s a mess. Tony Adams was a good defender, but his understanding of football is limited thats the reason he didn’t make it in coaching

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