Hesitancy to see Arsenal miss out on top transfer target Mbappe?

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are right to suggest that the Monaco and France under 19s forward Kyllian Mbappe is one of our top transfer targets, then maybe Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board will end up regretting the lack of any action during the January transfer window.

This recent window was one of the dullest I can remember and it was not just the Gunners who did nothing, because there were hardly any big moves made by clubs from the Premier League. It is Arsenal that we are concerned about, though, and as well as the idea among many fans that we needed to boost the squad more than most, it is now being reported that our failure to act on the interest in Mbappe could be very costly.

Metro are saying that the 18-year old’s excellent performance for Monaco in their Champions League defeat at Man City this week has alerted the rest of Europe to his potential and that no less a force than the perennial champions of Italy’s Serie A are set to fight us for his services this summer.

Mbappe is being likened to the great Arsenal star Thierry Henry but we might not get to see him don the colours of Arsenal, as Juventus have managed to beat us to a number of targets in recent years. Have we missed the chance to sign one of the most promising young players around by sitting on our hands?



  1. pubgooner says:

    Not happening with Wenger around. Keep dreaming.

    1. bran99 says:

      £200k stinginess could make Wenger lose even Messi or Ronaldo, so we are used

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Arsenal cannot sign Mbappe in the last winter window even if they had wanted to do that because they couldn’t sell one of their left back that was surplussed to requirement at that time which would’ve enabled them to accommodate the signing of Mapped for their first team squad that is already full with the 25 officially registered players with the FA. But even if Arsenal had signed him in the winter, wouldn’t they have deployed him to the Arsenal’s Premier League II team or to their Under21 team or even loan him out21 instead of to start using him straightaway in their first team starting XI squad since this is usually the practice at Arsenal whenever they sign a youth player thereby underutilising Mbappe’s potential in their senior team?.

  3. Twig says:

    We actually have a good chance to get the kid.

    Chelsea have Batshuayi another young player. United have Martial and Rashford. City have the brilliant Jesus. Spurs have Kane who’s a young player himself. I think our main competition will be from United as Martial and Rashford are not exactly settled. However, there are other great players like Andre Silva. Is Mbappe the player we really want? If we do sign him does that mean we’ve given up on Welbeck and Perez as central strikers?

    1. bran99 says:

      Chelsea have 1000 kids on loan, what makes you think they are full already? Buying players and sending them on loan is never a problem to them.. and they have money and ambition, something we actually lack

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Mbappe is the real deal and his only 18 years old ? the boy has some serious pace and dribble lol
    I can see why Wenger is comparing him to Henry and he also claims that he has been watching him for a long time. (Nothing new there)
    Monaco valued him at around £40 million during the January transfer window but now his valuation has reportedly rocketed to £70 million + add on’s ? that’s err.. a Mustafi + Xhaka ? Yep, we missed the boat again.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I really hope Arsenal go all out in signing Mbappe and Bakayoko. They look ideal or will become ideal. Bakayoko you only need to see dribbling the length of the pitch in about three or four strides, he’s good feet can pass, he can tackle, but best of all he does it aggressively strong. The height of him. We need this lad and he’s at a great age. Mbappe, looks like he’s gonna go straight to the top. These are youngsters that we should be targeting.

  6. marty53 says:

    If Wenger goes in for him he will probably offer half of the asking price and then wonder why another team comes in and signs him. Also, how many times do you have to watch a player, the longer you watch somebody the more chance of other clubs being interested.

  7. Inkfight says:

    The way I see it – we must sign one of Dembele (Celtic), Mbappe or Dolberg.

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