Heskey: ‘Arsenal needs huge change in personnel and mentality’

Emile Heskey has claimed that Arsenal need a ‘massive’ overhaul next summer, adding that he doesn’t see them making the top four this term.

The Gunners succumbed to their third defeat in eight Premier League outings this term, when losing to Watford at Vicarage Road on Saturday, falling to a disappointing nine points off the top of the table at this early stage in the competition.

We do however sit tied with champions Chelsea on 13 points, but Manchester City, Manchester United and Spurs are already setting down their markers on places inside the top four.

It would be hard to argue that we are assured to finish above the Blues, but should we get our form back on the up, we still have plenty of time to earn a place inside the Champions League places. Emile Heskey doesn’t believe we have the mentality to do so however.

“I think Arsenal will miss out on the Champions League next season,” he said.

“The club needs a massive rebuilding job and the mentality of the players needs to change.

“I played in an era when Arsenal players had a winner’s mentality when they wanted to win every ball, every week and win every trophy.

“The club doesn’t have that anymore and they seem timid instead.”

The former England and Liverpool striker added his shout to lift the Premier League trophy come next May, and he didn’t surprise anyone by choosing the current leaders Man City.

“I think Manchester City will the title this season,” he added.

“The quality of their squad is so high and the depth of their squad is so deep, it’s hard to look beyond them.

“Guardiola is proving you can play attractive football as well as win trophies, and he needs to win something this season considering the money he has spent at the club.

“There is the expectation to win trophies and it should be win the title or bust. I think Guardiola has learned a lot from last season.”

Should Arsenal be concerned about finishing outside the top four after only eight outings? How many of the current starting XI are not good enough to mount a title challenge?

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  1. Lets just appreciate the final 6 months of Wenger, I’m quiet loyal to them even now, but times up. Man city and Man Utd perfomance this season just prove how important investment is, look, even Madrid and Barca are struggling, PSG and Mancity is flying at the moment.

    1. NO, NO , NO! Lets NOT appreciate Wenger, unless you are the sort of person who also appreciates taking arsenic! Lets appreciate the moment he is sacked though . I have champagne on ice right now in the hope and growing expectation it will happen this season.

    2. “PSG and City are flying at the moment”… Comments like this make me laugh. Why are they flying? Because Pep and Emery are a step above everyone else when it comes to managing their clubs? Or is it hundreds of millions of dollars that they spend year in and year out? Yeah, I think it’s probably the latter. And we CANNOT compete with that. You, and people like you keep barking up the wrong tree. Kroenke is the real problem, not Wenger.

  2. This article could have been written any of the last few seasons quoting comments from any number of pundits.

    These observations are no revelation but nothing will change as long as Wenger is in charge. If he could have changed the mentality of the players into a winning one he would have by now. He just doesn’t know how to any longer.

    1. Wenger will be there for years to come
      Its about managing the club as a profit making business not about winning trophies or games.
      There is no pressure from above – how can you pressure the manager when you are sat in a ranch five thousand miles away?
      Arsenal are a total disgrace.
      I hope Sanchez gets a good move and wins trophies – players like him are far too good for a club like Arsenal.
      Arsenal, its geriatric manager and its idiot fans deserve everything they get – that’s what you get for being greedy and complacent..

  3. Now Shakesperae has been sacked by Leicester.What about Wenger.
    Nodoubt he has won the cup but that counts for nothing when measured
    against the top teams in England and Europe.
    I don’t know how he can last so long in the epl.Since he last won the epl
    in 2004,Chelsea have won it 5 times.I fear Mc will win it this season and have
    a stranglehold on the epl which is bad for soccer in England and generally world wide.
    Arsenal have fallen behind Spurs as well .I doubt the fm can bring the gunners to the
    next level ie competing for the epl and winning the cl.

  4. Kroenke is not interested in trophies or winning games.
    The only way Wenger will be removed is if he starts to lose Arsenal money and lets be honest that is never going to happen.
    Not when you have a total and complete lack of ambition as he does.
    He says he cannot walk away – its his life.
    I think he will sign another deal in the summer, that is my thought on it.
    He puts his own needs before the club which illustrates what a selfish b*stard he is..

    1. I totally share you rhopes for Wenger to be sacked but , unlike you, I am fact coming round to the opinion that he will be sacked either around Christmas or next summer. Remember that two directors were for sacking him last summer, said to include JOSH KROENKE. Don’t underestimate the power of Josh; if Silent Stan will listen to any one , it is his own son!

  5. Last year we finished fifth, and don’t forget Man U didn’t fight to take that fifth place, because they were putting the Europa League first. So basically we were number 5 or 6. Nothing has really been done to improve the situation, and in fact we look even worse than last year, and we are lying 6’th.
    So I don’t really understand how you can ask the question “Should we be concerned about finishing outside top 4?”
    The question should be: “Who actually believes, we are good enough to finish in top 4 apart from maybe Wenger, 1 or 2 players and a few fans?”.
    The answer: NONE

    1. To answer your snide question; Emile Heskey an honest, well respected England international who never caused any other than football headlines in his fine career. He is fully entitled to his opinion and clearly knows far more that you about footballs realities.

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