HEY! Arsenal CAN still finish second – GO FOR IT GUNNERS!

I am sure that this has not escaped the attention of the Arsenal manager and hopefully Arsene Wenger can transmit some real urgency into his Arsenal players ahead of our penultimate Premier League game of the season. It is not just about securing third position and keeping good form ahead of the FA cup final, by any means, because Arsenal can still finish above Man City in second. The extra prize money on offer will be as good as winning the jackpot on the new Gonzos Quest game from Net Entertainment!

It is not such a crazy idea, even though Pellegrini´s team are currently five points ahead of Arsenal. Their extra goal difference means that we really have to win both of our remaining games and hope they lose their one, but their final game is against Southampton who are still fighting for a Europa League place and who just put six past an in form Aston Villa, so it is by no means a lost cause.

They will start next weekend just one point behind the Spuds and will definitely be trying to win, but I am not so sure how much second place means to Man City and their about-to-be-rebuilt squad. All we can do is to win our two games and hope, and so in tomorrow´s clash with Sunderland it is vital that we start well and approach the game with the right attitude.

The players need to show much they want it and with a place in the team for Wembley up for grabs, they have even more reason. But will they do it or could we be heading for more dropped points?

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  1. My perfect season ending:

    – Arsenal wins the remaining 2 matches and finishes with a win at Wembley.

    – Southampton wins City in the last round.

    – Tottenham loses points against Everton and Liverpool loses versus Stoke.

    – I receive a BJ from a Mexan Fox lookalike who works at the same place as I do, on the same night Arsenal lifts the trophy at Wembley.

    It’s all I ask..

    1. Can anyone remind me when does the so called hold up play (HP) started in our team? I saw Ramsey against United doing the HP from the RW, no pace, no crosses he was just awaiting for others to pass the ball, let us not fool ourselves Ramsey isn’t a winger!!!. And again on the same game the Master of HP did it against Phil Jone’s ground header, what a shame of a striker arsenal have!!, no pace, no anticipation. Is Aguero doing the HP? If not how bad is he in his position as compared to our own Master????

      1. city play with two DMs or a more physical midfield. that can compensate for your HP.

        idea. could do that with sanchez up top. just need a good DM.

    2. Good for you, pal. All I know is that if we successfully lift the FA cup, I’m definitely gonna get drunk and get laid. We deserve the trophy-life.

    3. “ARSENAL CAN STILL FINISH 2ND” …….. TaLL Dream…….. We might need a Ladder to cLimb that!…… We should have climbed when we had that golden chance

    4. As I said before if we finish third which we will and lift the fa cup we would be the second successful team in England.as simple as that. City have no trophy and will finish second I bet they will change their second place with our fa cup anytime any day anywhere

    5. @juhislihis
      Thats it my brother”aim high”
      You work on that Megan Fox”lookalike” BJ and let the football gods do the rest…
      All the best…

  2. I’ll accept a 3rd place finish and of course FA Cup trophy. We need to beat Sunderland tomorrow, Give players rest against Westbrom and come back strong in Wembley…We have beaten Aston Villa twice this season…8:0 (Home & Away) So the final will be tough. I expect us to win but of course with tension streaming down our veins…..

  3. Winning the FA Cup for second straight year would be nice.
    That would allow me to offload one of our trophies, and sell it to add to my war chest.

  4. Its hard to believe what you read everyday. Soooo, In case that Walcott leaves the club. Which will not happen. People think its a good idea not to buy at all but rather use Bellerin as a winger. Hm, okay doki.

    Second wtf moment. Ospina is world class.

    Tsubusa superfootball rank. 1-10

    Ospina 7
    Bellerin 7-
    Merti 6+
    Kos 8
    Monreal 7-
    Coquel 6+
    Ramsey 8
    Cazorla 8-
    Ozil 8+
    Sanchez 9-
    Giroud 7

    Wilshere 7
    Ox 7+
    Welbeck 7-
    Seza 6+
    Roriscky 7-

    Wenger 7

    Arsenal is a C. Third best in quality, third best we have become.

    1. We spent 90 odd mil last season and after we get some wages off books Diaby Flam Rosy? Szcz also sell Campbl couple of others i predict that we will be having another massive spend this summer.

      New tv money commercial deals and Emirates booming we are richer than ever. Last two seasons we have brought in marquee signing in each.

      I predict we will definitely get a big name.. or big talent signing more to the point, i just hope its for striker.

      GK Striker DM we will see arrive i am sure of it and if Theo leaves then at least four new faces. I think they will be quality signings our boss makes.

  5. We really need to let 8-10 players go and bring in 4 or 5 that can make first 11


    None of these are Arsenal quality, barring Rosicky who wants to leave.

    Let them go and get 4 good players we would actually use.

    1. I disagree with the contention that NONE of them are Arsenal quality. Certainly Rosicky is still Arsenal quality but his endurance is waning. And Poldi had the best goal-per-minutes played ratio in the EPL for his entire tenure – sounds like quality to me. Yes, facts are stubborn things.

      But you are still absolutely right that they all need to go – for differing reasons. In the end Wenger has no room in the squad for any of them any longer and thus they are ALL surplus to the future needs of AFC. That is all that matters.

  6. Wish List:

    Alexandre Lacazette (scouted)
    Nabil Fekir (scouted)
    Morgan Schneiderlin (obviously)
    Petr Cech (shut up shop)

  7. It is not unreasonable that Southampton could beat Man City. Nor is it unreasonable that Arsenal could beat 2 lower-table opponents at the Emirates.

    But will these possibilities align to favor Arsenal? Who knows? Flip a coin.

  8. Wish List

    1. Suarez
    2. Cavani
    3. Busquets, Mascherano or Gustavo
    4. De Gea, Lloris or Neuer
    5. Reus
    6. Hummels

    Help fund by selling and releasing players
    Release: Arteta, Diaby, Flamini
    Sell: Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell, Jenkison, Mertsacker, Szczesny, Welbeck and Walcott

    That’s How you build Champions
    That’s How you show AMBITION

    None of this Cech, Schneiderlin, Fekir, lacazette, Dybala, Kondogbia nonsense. I want WC players, not these second rate players. Liverpool, Everton, Spurs can have these players.

    1. Why to stop at Suarez or Reus, Lets buy Ronaldo for one Wing , Messi centrally and Bale on the second wind and as we have to show ambition we can also throw in Matic as Cdm, Pogba as our Cm and James Rodrigues as our CAM …I agree with you on Neuer and Degea lets buy both of them why to be satisfied with one only we should also have a strong back up..As for defence lets spend 100 mill ver there also …
      To fund all your dreams clubbed with mine lets sell emirates to someone with such amount of money and we can also throw our full squad out of emirates

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