Hey! At least Arsenal ARE planning transfers

I know that Arsene Wenger´s comments about waiting to see if anything turns up in the transfer market over the next five days have really wound up some Arsenal fans, with the understandable reaction that the manager should be doing a lot more, but I think they are missing the point.

Whereas before the Frenchman was saying that Arsenal were fine as we are and really did not need to sign any more players, this sounds to me like a fundamental shift in his thinking. Why he did not think this way before is another matter, but we should all remember that a few short weeks ago we were all thinking that the Gunners were ready to win the Premier League title.


I assume that Wenger is as surprised, or even more so, as the rest of us with what his players have done since the season began. So it is clear that the boss is now looking to bring players in or at least one player, and that to me is a positive thing.

Forget the way the new thinking was pronounced, the important matter is that we are looking to use the last few days of the transfer market. Now who might be coming to Arsenal?

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  1. Surely we’d win the league more often if someone else did wengers transfer business for him. Any football fan in the world, knows who and what we need. We must be the only team who targets making profit in the transfer window. Whereas if we’d spend the money we have in the bank on the players we need, they’ll make the money back for us in silverware.
    Money is wasted sitting in the bank arsene.

    1. Hey! “At Least Arsenal are planning Transfers”………. Hahahaha…. Hey yea! I can see that! ……….3 days until the close of the window…… What a good time to start planning! ……. But the Easier route should be to Panic Transfers…….. And make some Kallstromated signings .. COYG!

      1. Take a picture of Arsene and look deeply into his eyes, you’d see a man with the heart of stone whose mind is shut out from the world.

        1. Wenger my foot.signing or no signing #WENGER MUST GO
          for Arsenal to win EPL, #WENGER MUST GO,for arsenal to buy WC players,#WENGER MUST GO.for arsenal to become a European Champion #WENGER MUST GO

      2. Hey soap. Better late than ever. But i have a feeling that we are going to get a big surprise like we did with ozil. I feel this time that wenger is serious about the title so im sure he has something up his sleeve.

    2. it Really Really Hurts me to see everyone crying over Ramsey’s disallowed goal……. If we able to score Loads of goals in that game and won convincinly, would we be crying over spilt milk?…. This really points to the ineptness and Lackadiasical nature of this Team….this team is really Lacking that killer instincts and attributes of a Top European side……if this anomalies are not addressed, we may have to Live in obscurity… the pitfall we got ourselves in….. I rest my case!

      1. I don’t know what you are thinking. Liverpool is a walk over team? Are we watching EPL or La liga/Bundesliga. In tight match like this, having the first goal mean a hell of a difference, Ramsey scored when we are dominating – The game would sway to our favour if the goal stands.

        1. who knows how it would sway….what is undisputably true is that we created no other clear cut chances in the game…even giroud and alexis were half chances…equally true is that walcott made zero difference and only when ox appeared did we look more dangerous…for 10 minutes…but also by withdrawing coquelin and potential danger this brough….hapless management all round!!!!

        2. I am sure it is because of the disallowed goal that we have not been able to score a single goal in 5 of the last six home games? The deficiency is there for all to see and a serious team would seek to address it, not shy away from it.

  2. If Arsenal were planning transfers they would have made the signings earlier,deadline day signings are always pure luck whereby the selling team no longer wants a play e.g. Real Madrid not wanting Ozil or Man U not wanting Welbeck!

    1. I really have nothing against guys who come up with names of players that we could sign and improve the team, most times those names are outstanding and get snatched by other “ambitious” clubs. Why is Wenger doing this? He could find no one to sign??? Till now???


      1. i bet he tries but gets out manoueuvred. and he cant come out and say “we’re really looking for a #1 striker/DM” : that would raise prices. but i do have a problem w some of his statements. they are so laissez-faire “we’re not confident”, “we’ll see what comes up”, …
        i think thats what winds people up: the feeling that he’s not trying or is powerless.
        sometimes he does say the right thing “we will be trying until the end” etc.

        1. I’m sorry but rosiscky arteta flamini don’t impact team enough. Ros injured but does give game a spark when he plays….art and flamini are a waste on the bench. Could be replace with our academy players with ease. But of course they’ may not be ready for the big games. So why not spend for players who are considered ready and drop these two. If it’s for the team no prob if its to keep players happy then we’re truely screwed and not signing.anyone. not exaclty a bad thing to have a manager who has faith in his players but it very well could be our down fall as well

      2. It is easy to make a good team to become a very good team – It is what we did last 2 seasons. To make a very good team to become great teams not as straightforward as many here thinks unless yeah ‘spend it like City’ – great teams i’m talking about are Barca, Real, Bayern, Chelshit and possibly City, PSG. The obvious and quickest solution to buy players from great teams like all the names thrown here – never an easy task as
        – Why the great teams want to help you become great team like them and compete with them on CL/EPL
        – All of the clubs above are richer than us and don’t need our money
        – Why their players want to join us when they can have way higher salary and higher chance of winning titles?

        So for Wenger he has two choices
        – Waiting for the right opportunity when top players got pushed out or bench (Ozil, Sanchez, Cech)
        – We gamble on a top young talent in lesser team (Aubameyang, Lacazette, Dybala, De Bruyne). Nowadays these players cost a bomb as well – Stones (40M++), Sterling(49M), De Bruyne(54M),… We cannot afford to buy three of them like City and discard them like trash with much lower value when they failed to deliver (Dzeko, Jovetic, …). We have the finance to go with one big player per season so we must make sure it is the RIGHT one, not the AVAILABLE one just to appease to the fan
        In my dream, I would love us to be able to splash the cash as City and got all the players I want to see playing for Arsenal. In reality, as much frustrated as I am, I still want to see another Sanchez through the door than a Balotelli. I will be patient for now

        1. I agree with you..everyone is just having a go at Arsene without really knowing what is going on behind the scenes. I accept that letting go of Schneiderlin was a mistake. But I have a feeling Vidal was in the fray and we got outmuscled by Bayern at the last moment.

          As far as strikers are concerned who do you buy? we need a goal machine and Wenger is careful not to come out in public (remember Manu is also looking for a striker and can blow our offer out of the water). There are a handful of strikers and they are at clubs who don’t want to sell. Bayern does not want to sell Lewandoski; Ditto for Cavani at PSG and Benzema at Real; what is Wenger’s fault. May be go for Aubeyang from dortmund; but they dont want to sell either. I would be crossed with wenger if a top class striker was in the market and we didn’t go for him; the sad truth is there are none. I hate this as much as you do but look at ManU; they are literally willing to throw money at people but still they can’t find that special player. Would you buy any of the playesrs that Manu bought and by paying over the odds; I know I won’t except Schneiderlin !

      1. Hey soap, I doubt wenger has other plans that does not concern football. The man breathes football and has been a professional footballer/manager almost all of his life. So uh your comment is wrong IMO soapy.

        1. @ AlexisDun85 blazing………. A man who breathes football is expected to produce extraordinary results….sorry to say ur opinion s*cks

  3. Why not go for Alex song as back up for coq he was one of are best players for years done well last year also could be bought cheap. he also says he never wanted to leave arsenal. And would leave funds for a top striker???

    1. He is a far better option than arteta or flamini with a killer pass. And a player we would realistically be able to sign

    2. Song wasn’t a good DM for us it’s no wonder he failed at Barcelona,he was irresponsible leaving his DM position to provide assists when he was in the team to protect the back 4!

      1. we could remind him gently with a stick not to do that again. 2nd time around is different.

    3. I like this idea. I agree that there are no “super upgrades” available as of now . But then there are decent ones available right; and DM position is crying out for a re-inforcement. Wenger should let go his ego and get Song in! He is one player who on his day can dominate that mid-field.

      Get a good CB and send CC out on loan- the guy needs game time !

      As far as strikers go; don’t have much hope.

  4. wenger says he is working for 24 hrs behind transfers and mourinhio makes 60 sec call and gets pedro WTF????
    that means we were not keen for pedro so that means we wont be buying any winger, no strikers are available so…..
    m not buying this transfer effort shit !!!

    1. Mourinho is ruthless when he sees a player is not good for his team he gets rid of em,look at how he was quick to see Cuadrado as a failure but at Arsenal we still have Flamini who should have gone long ago!

      1. True but that ruthlessness lost him DeBruin and Arjen Robben. Sometimes it takes a player 1-2 seasons to settle in but Mourinho doesn’t hang around long enough himself to make that worthwhile.

        Still you wanna make an omelette you gotta break a few eggs.

  5. we are close to winning the title need a cdm & a striker but wenger’s dithering will cost us. we should have gone from benz to reus who is now scoring goals for fun but wenger waited 3 months & no club will sell their players at this stage

    at this stage I would take kevin vooland/draxler/pato + a cdm down to wenger now

    1. Funny thing if Reus was available, wouldn’t we see mostly all top clubs lining up for him, especially Real Madrid? His agent cleared all this that he was “flattered by teams” but he “wants to stay committed to his club”. That’s why I have very much respect for him as well as for Gundogan, Hummels (and not so much for Lewandoski, Goetze, Van Persie, Nasri, etc). Top players who all could have moved for bigger clubs but they love their club the most.

    2. LOL, We’ve been needing a DMF and a decent striker for seasons. Now here we are, with 3 days to go and guess what we need?

  6. Now Arsenal fans will see vidal and lewandowski play at the emirates.Giroud leading the line against bayern means arsenal is a joke in cl.Wenger has put the worst record in cl Qualifying most times but not winning,

    1. Sad. Sssooooooo ssssaaaaaddddd. I fantasised about Vidal. I hoped we’d sign him. They sad Sanchez was helping to convince him to sign for us, some said it was almost done.

      Here we are, waiting…

  7. I dreamt Arsenalfc signed Ibrahimmovich,,,,,,hope it’s true cos realistically , he is de only option on de market .

    cos Psg might want to sell him cos of his ages.

    hope it comes to pass. will love to hear him slapping Wenger when he doesn’t make the right selections.

  8. wenger’s too emotionless: does he not understand the tremendous psychological benefit players and fans get from these WC signings? [and conversely, our upset when we have money in the bank and refuse to spend it?]

  9. We came third in the league and can’t find players to strengthen our team.
    Yet Chelsea and City who finished above us have “signed” players that strengthen their team and look likely to sign more ie Podgba and DeBruin.

    Now if we’re being told theirs a strong team behind the scenes working on potential targets and Wenger is available 24/7 then they’re either :

    A) incompetent
    B) not realistic with current transfer values
    C) lieing to us

    Take your pick of the above but the reality is City and Chelsea are ambitious, aren’t run as proper businesses and with the relaxing of the financial fair play rules spend monies thanks to their mega rich owners.

    Arsenal is still being run as a business – mind the cash and make a profit.

    In my view the decision has been made to simply not compete which these 2 while they’re spending like this.



  10. almostawinner……… I dn’t buy into ur silly Logic of escalating players price tag……… Once u are able to convince urself that u need a ST or a DM……u identity a Target, meet the release clause, possibly speak to the player…..he might want that move more than u even know….he may want is so much he’d hand in a Transfer request….. Another is for u to make sure he’s the player u really want, then meet the real evaluation….get the deal done, dusted and stamped satisfactorily…………. BUT if u choose to sit Duck and wait for heavens to open on its own……. Bro, u are in for the wait of a Lifetime!

    1. completely agree … this guy had convinced himself that a decent second half of the season and fa cup vindicated him and his squad was already good enough to compete with the best in epl and europe….keeping walcott at an absurd increase in wages, cutting wage bill elsewhere by unloading fringe players and convincing the idiot fan base that in giroud, walcott, coquelin and ramsey he had 150m dollars worth of footballing talent to unleash was what defined the summer window….. he could have bought kondogbia, draxler and dyabala for about as much as city paid for sterling….that might not have put us as real contenders but it would have been a serious notch up and added some real potential and excitement about direction of team….

    2. Most of players do not have release clauses, all players in Spain have but all the best players such as Benzema got release clause of above 100M Euros, not practical for us to meet that. Chelsea strike lucky with Costa as he signed the contract when he is a very unknown player.
      You want our target to push for the transfer with the transfer request – yeah we can try that with players from Everton (like we get Arteta) or Swansea, no way we can get Barca, Real or Bayern players to do that
      Sorry football transfer is way more complicated than all of us football fan and keyboard warrior ever know about – it is a millions of dollar business – unless we are born a prince in an Arab country like the owner of Man City


      2. ….and Pedro? Chelski just stepped in and bought him, like they did with Hazard, Fabregas, Mata…. It’s not just luck, and it doesn’t seem that complicated, you have to be willing not to expect a 50% discount, and you have to willing to accept we need a DM and a striker in the first place. Wenger has been very active in the selling / loan market, and this was after the board said he had £200m to spend, so money cannot be an issue. To the fans it feels like he is some kind of sadist making us suffer for no reason. We are the only team in the top 4 that hasn’t strengthened considerably this year. Wenger has proved time and time again, that he does not have what it takes in the transfer market, get David Dein back.

  11. It’s just not good enough at all. Last year slow start because of the World Cup this year because of the early start. Come on man we need to sort this team out. Even the champs who were 14 points clear have made there great team better

  12. Hey @admin,

    Why is my post being moderated?
    All pretty standard stuff! No Wenger insults
    Or rude words or internet links to naked Russian ladies…

    1. No but there were a few badly disguised swearwords! I have allowed it this once coz it was quite funny….

  13. The place: Arsenes office at Ashburton
    The time: 9.30pm Mon 31st August
    Situation: a room for of scouts are drunk, stoned and sleeping over desks, tables and floors.

    AW: ello everyone, I think it’s time that we really thought about looking for some players, you know..?

    Scout1: jeez, Arsene, why’d you have to wake us now mate!? We had a party last night ya know?

    AW: yes, I know, Im sorry, but it is time for us to make our moves in the transfer market.

    Scout2: oh, why don’t you fack off Arsene and come back later when my hangovers gone. There’s still plenty of time. Where’s the rush!?

    AW: ok, well I will start on my own and come back later. What? Shall we say in 2 hours? Ok?

    In the meantime me and bouldy will start going through the yellow pages to see what we can find.

    Sweet dreams everyone x

    (Wenger goes to leave and turn out the light)

    Scout4: and close the facking door behind you this time!!!

    AW: oh, zorry…the lock I think is a bit dodgy on this door, I will make sure I close it this time..


  14. And by the way, I looked all the top teams for Europe. No one has two top class or “world class” DMs, others are just quality backups who can do a decent job. But still they need to rely on their best options if they want perfection in that area. There only exception is Barcelona who have Busquets and Masceranho which became possible because Masceranho is getting game time as CB. Otherwise would Masceranho have stayed in Barcelona to be a backup and remain on sidelines for Busquets? No one asks what would happen to Chelsea if Matic gets injured.

    So we need a backup CDM who is quality or can do a decent job and is “ready to be a backup player”.

  15. Here we go again…..I doubt we’ll sign anyone. If we do, then expect average/panic buys. Unless Wenger will make mi eat my words but I doubt its gonna happen..

  16. Many fans especially at away games was begging wenger to step down and this will happen again and again until he leaves. It’s not fairy tales there is a huge number of fans that do not feel confident with wenger being manager. He’s tactical talent has disintegrated and his ability to buy quality is definitely a problem. He got Sanchez on a cheap and pays sanchez not the wage Sanchez truly deserves. Walcott and giroud get paid more than sanchez. If it was not for the desire of sanchez to leave barcelona and to live in London where many Spanish speakers live he would not be here

  17. i will understand if ozil or sanchez tries to get out of the organization (yes a profit seeking greedy organization, cause that’s what my beloved club has turned into) and try to move to a club which actually wants to win and not just cheat their supporters year after year…..

  18. AW: ello everyone, I think it’s time that we really thought about looking for some players, you know..?

    Scout1: jeez, Arsene, why’d you have to wake us now mate!? We had a party last night ya know?

    AW: yes, I know, Im sorry, but it is time for us to make our moves in the transfer market.

    Scout2: oh, why don’t you fack off Arsene and come back later when my hangovers gone. There’s still plenty of time. Where’s the rush!?

    AW: ok, well I will start on my own and come back later. What? Shall we say in 2 hours? Ok?

    In the meantime me and bouldy will start going through the yellow pages to see what we can find.

    Sweet dreams everyone x

    (Wenger goes to leave and turn out the light)

    Scout4: and close the facking door behind you this time!!!

    AW: oh, zorry…the lock I think is a bit dodgy on this door, I will make sure I close it this time..


    1. Be careful what you wish for…we could end up with a manager who goes out and buys top top quality striker DM & a defender and wins us the League & CL and you wont have anything to moan about everyday here!

  19. when a club is ambitious the get whatever the want how long did it talk WOMEN CITY To win da championship??? bcos der were ambitious enof. ……i think we fans deserve some respect for our loyalty and arsene wenger is disrespectful… with money u can always find quality so AW why lie to us when da whole world already know the truth… i support wenger Out!!

  20. From chasing suarez to buying ozil (MFD for a ST), from chasing Diego Costa, J. Martinez to buying welbeck (proven goal scorers to what I don’t knw) from seniderlien to renewing coq contract. Come on r we still learning, AW has never had any plan for transfer windows. He just goes for wat is available not what is needed. Everyone knows we needed a ST and DM guess what we got a GK bcos he was available not bcos we needed a GK Thank cech is a good GK. Let us hope a good DM and a ST better than Giroud becomes available. Bcos what I won’t forgive is another welbeck buy

  21. Wow I think this is the most blasting comments on Wenger than the previous season. More fans really start to awakening.

    I still think wenger may sign someone but not what we want. The board stick with Wenger cos they know Wenger bring fans, alot of die hard fans, even we are not challenge, they will stick to him (gay). Arsenal got alot good business mens at the top holding the destiny of arsenal future but all just business mens who money is better than trophy. They use wenger and Wenger use the fans, arsenal is Wenger, Wenger is arsenal, I believe alot of arsenal fans got a soft heart for wenger so they miss use it. Did our team really play beautiful football which wenger bring, No. My point is fans have to hard hearted, even wenger fans, show the board we will not blind and just followers, as a top club fans we deserve a top club ambitious and achievements, challenge in all front competition.

    We are not mid table team, we are top club fans.

  22. I’ve said it many times, Giroud can never be better. He can score one or two goals but Giroud isn’t Arsenal quality. Giroud and Arsene are delusional…
    wenger Out!!!!!!

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