Hey Wenger! Even Giroud says Arsenal need a striker!

Even though the France international striker Olivier Giroud would probably be the Arsenal player that would be most likely to miss out on his regular game time if Arsene Wenger was to sign the top class striker that it seems the whole world thinks Arsenal need, our centre forward has admitted that the Gunners could certainly have done with Karim Benzema joining the club from Real Madrid this summer.

As we now know once and for all, this transfer from Real Madrid is not going to happen and unless the manager has an ace up his sleeve, it looks like Giroud is going to be our first choice centre forward once more this season, with a little competition from Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott.

Giroud told the French media, as reported by The Mirror, that he would have liked to see his international team mate come to Arsenal and that he understands the calls from the fans every year for the boss to spend some big money in the transfer market. But he also has confidence in his own ability and although he has not showed his best form so far this season, Giroud has come through patches like this before.

He said, “It is true that every year here there is speculation about a new striker signing.

“There were seasons when we signed [Alexis] Sanchez and [Danny] Welbeck, others when we were talking about [Luis] Suarez.

“It is obvious that in a club, a team, where a lot is expected, we need several good attackers and I understand that the fans want that we spend more money.

“It is not up to me to answer this question, the coach knows very well what he is doing, and sometimes you should not buy just to buy, and sometimes there are not players out there that you need, who are available.

“We have a very good squad, with quality, and I am sure that with this squad we can go very far.

“Aside from that, it would have been good if Karim had signed too, eh?

“Maybe that nickname (lamppost) I deserved after the game against Monaco, but I didn’t play my game.

“It makes me smile more than anything else because I know when I am good or not. There you are going back several months, but I understand that you want to talk about the subject.

“It is true that Titi (Henry) said certain things in his new role as a pundit, he was quite harsh even if we can understand what he was saying.

“I would have preferred that he said these things face to face, but I am not going to go back into it.

“It is finished, all of that is finished. I haven’t lost any confidence, I bounced back really well after that match.

“I think it shows that I have good mental strength, now I think that if we are going to do something great this season we will do it together.

“And I think that the boss knows that we have a very competitive team with lots of quality.”

I agree but I also feel that Wenger could have done a lot more to at least try to attract a top’ class striker to north London this summer. If Giroud admits that he needs help, what more do you need to know?


  1. hot bed of rumours and transfer speculations..stress just because Wenger is stubborn and nothing can be done to change his attitude

      1. I think it’s to get the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic,

        Many years ago Arsen wanted to sighn Ibo and told him to have a trial in London before sighning him but Ibo took offence and you know the rest,

        So the only way Ibo will come to Arsenal is if Wagner went to him and went down on one knee and….. You know the rest

    1. 200 Mil or 500 Mil, Does not matter. Wenger getting his fat paycheck to keep stan happy. remember all of Stan’s sports clubs are unsuccessful.

    1. It took how long for Wenger to get rid of szczeny?
      Giroud , Ramsey and Wilshere are Wenger’s project . He will only sign players who are so bad that they make those 3 look good .
      Unfortunately, those 3 will never be improve from what they are already.
      If he wants to play like Barcelona , then he will need to go and buy players who can keep possession, dribble in tight spaces ,control a pass and control a game.

      1. Szczesny is playing really well at Roma actually. He’s a quality keeper and still only 25. Hopefully this loan move will sort out his teething issues.

        1. never doubted Szc. every player has good form and bad form during a year. he’s bad form was piled by the weak defending and his attitude in public.

    1. Stan : how to earn money as much as you can?

      AW : be owner of Arsenal FC, I’ll buy less and cheap player and you can raise ticket price

      Stan : Ok, I’ll extend your contract for lifetime

    1. Get yourself some Brandy and cigarettes or some Kush and orange juice. I guess you will feel better. Wenger can’t make us all feel miserable.

      Question How to win the title?
      Answer: spend the least amount of money in the transfer window by any premier league club. . Don’t improve the team and stay stagnant.

      Question : What about a DM?
      Answer: We have Coquelin. If we buy a DM what will happen to Arteta and Flamini who are quality players.

      Question : What about a striker?
      Answer : We have great offensive potential. Remember danny welbeck is still injured. We have Giroud and Walcott. It is very hard to find quality players in the market. We have the money. But Quality players are not out there.

      Wenger thinks we are all fools. Those running our club are clowns. same shittttt every year. thats why we shall not win the league again again and again.

    2. @Down thumber…….why would anyone thumb down a Ticking clock?…….. 4 chrissake!…….its only a cLOck:::::::: L()L

      @galen…..where the hell have u been?????

      1. @ SoOpa AeoN
        Tsup bro. I have gone into silence mode. Whats there to write about? Whats there to talk about? I was at the stadium at Newcastle and even against 10 men we were shittttt as fxxxx. playing against 10 men for almost 75 mins and needing and Own Goal to win. When was the last time we scored a goal at home?
        Thats why i am into silence mode. Arsenal can’t make me miserable. Can’t wait for the window to be over. so we can focus on football. So far we are the clowns of the window.

        I rather spend £100m of sterling and De bryne than straty there and do fxxxxxx offff about the window.

        1. @galen……..u knw, u’re right……..still got bugs in my stomach from that Newcastle show

  2. I thought he said he can be our top stricker .

    Why saying Benz would have been good for us.

    He should just shut up n focus on his game.

    Arsenalfc players like talking too much.

    Anyway the tym has come for Wenger to step down with all respect to him.

    1. Giroud was crying in his beer when all the rumours of Benzema coming to Arsenal were doing the rounds.

      Now that he knows that Benzema is not coming,
      he is trying to act cool about it ?

      What a ?end ?

  3. Arsenals lack of activity
    can also be viewed as
    a sign of stability and
    confidence cf to other
    clubs throwing money
    around in desperation.

  4. Giroud is a humble guy.Its a shame he is not arsenal quality or even bench material.I feel for him because the day he leaves arsenal i can see him being very poor in another team because it is said that the truth will come out one day along with some other arsenal players.

    1. Dont worry my friend, just like Almunia, Squelaci and co, he will run out his contract, bec no other team in the world is stupid enough to pay him 130k a week.

  5. german transfer window shut so no gotze or reus or auba. I dont think we are getting anybody from spain or italy (dont see wenger signing icardi or higuain). From france- cavani ? fekir ? moura? lacazatte? arghhhhhhhh !!!!

    1. German teams can still sell until 6pm Tuesday, they just can’t buy. Januzaj to Dortmund could start a few things…

  6. so Madrid payed 29mil and add Navas for De Gea. I think it’s a good deal for a player who is left with one year contract.
    The transfer window at Germany, Italy is already closed. At Spain the window will be closed at 11pm. That means no player will join Arsenal from Germany, Italy and Spain.

    1. @kam……..chill bro……….there’s still Brazil, russia, ukraine and even England all open ….LoooooooooL

  7. I’m going crazy here. Will we sighn someone is there any1 good still available. Checking websites every 10mins ahhhhhhhh¡!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so hard being an arsenal fan

  8. i recall counting down 61days ago…………. And many on ere were saying “There’s still time” ………… Less than 24hrs to go……. Yea……..THERE’S STILL TIME….L()L….. How does it feel now?

  9. i am single but i did my best to change this situation by hitting on Irina Shayk on fb. She ignored me for some kind of reason but a least i tryed. Wenger must be proud of me.

    1. I heard that a jelouse Ronaldo is getting on a private jet
      and he is heading your way ??
      ? ? ?

  10. eish. we all know what his heart says!just talking about Benzema because he knows its a dead deal.why doesn’t he talk about cavani?
    the same Giroud said today that he wished Henry said that we need a striker to him face to face.. as deluded as his sugar daddy(Wenger) mediocre of a striker who thinks he is world class hence he can’t score 20 goals for three seasons in a club that finishes top four..not even with luck like michu..if we wanted to sell him today no even West Ham would want him..would struggle to market him… Wenger has no brains.no guts..let me ask you fans.have you ever seen Wenger sell a top player simply because he believes that”player x is a quality player,but since he can’t fit into my system and style,let me sell him and do a better replacement”??!LVG,Mourinho,Benitez,Pep and top managers do that.for us,all players don’t need replacement because they too good.they are the best there are.
    Wenger out once and for all

  11. Would be great if Giroud can explain to us, the fans, how can he be so sloppy in front of the goal? Why did he not converts or at least put it on target when the opportunity comes. Other than that, is old news.
    I believe for us transfer market will close tonight at midnight because for sure we will not sign anyone from UK tomorrow, is it?

  12. Its our own fault for making wenger bigger than the club.look at him he dosent evn aknowledge us fan,he dosent even give a monkey about our club,all he thinks about is how he can prove people wrng,12 years of same mistake,he still does it this year aswel.last week gary nevill described the best.but us fan we will tolerate this crap evn this year,he will sign some 15 year n we will cheer him,end of the year we will finish 4th again,than next year, all us fan will say oh next year it will be diffirent give him more time,its just same crap.cos us fan we lost touch with the club.all we care about is wenger n his job,we dont care whats good for the club.

    1. Your fault? Your fault? Since when do you have absolutely anything to say about how the club is run? Who else is “us” ? Fans? Last time I have checked the fans flock and pay over the price tickets to watch an Arsenal live game at home. Put this to your head : Arsenal has more fans than you can ever imagine, they don’t really miss you. A club should never listen to the fans, otherwise it will be bankrupt, is that simple. I would pay double the price for a season ticket at the Emirates to watch (most of the time) very, very entertaining football but I know NO ONE will sell me that ticket. Pour yourself some scotch, take a sit an let this thought settle : Arsenal is a global brand, it is a business. In sport there’s one winner, in business there could be more. We were riding the wave in the late 90s and early 00s, the cycle came to an end. You can look at Liverpool or Manure. That doesn’t mean we will not win it again, same for them. Life is a cycle. Sometimes you win, sometimes you just watch how other win.
      Oh, and before you tell me that this mentality is what gets Arsenal where it is today then I want to hear you how do you believe this team will win the EPL and UCL. Put your money where your mouth is. Say it.

      1. ‘ A club should not listen to their fans’. In what kind of world do you actually live? Fotball is all about the fans. People who spend money do want something in return. If you pay your hard earned money on the club, you expect them to give you something back in return. Its all about entertaiment. You pay cash for it.

        That you would pay big money to watch games is a lie. You dont give a damn about football or abut entertaiment bec your view about this game is not right. You are more of a fan boy who is bothered more about Wenger well doing then the clubs. Thats your passion which links you with Arsenal. Its not the game or the success, but its your personal wish to adore this someone who happened to manage Arsenal.

        I wish that someday when Wenger retires to see you around, only to witnes how far your fanboisem will go. Will you be still around, or leaving with your clown of the idol out of the club.

        1. No. Football is about PAYING FANS. You know, those who actually buy merchandise and tickets. And even those they pay for the PRIVILEGE to own a branded product. Nothing is free. If you believe the football is for the fans only then these guys from TV have got it terribly wrong. Yeah. You really thought they made people any favour?
          I wish Wenger retires tomorrow so that you can actually turn against the board, the next trainer and so on. As I said, life is a cycle. Wenger left something behind. You, the fan, will you leave something behind to ANY relevance for the Arsenal? Doubt it. In fact even you doubt it.

          1. Fans have more power when you think. Take a good look at the former best leauge in the world Seria A. And then know how things can easily change.

            I heard you once say that you have some connection to the Germans which i doubt you do, bec you lie a lot. But if you have some, take a good look at the Bundesliga and witnes how football works out and what part the fans do have there.

            1. Have you seen the stadiums in Serie A? 3/4 empty. They are (almost) full when there is a Juventus – Milan or something. Even Lazio – Roma does not fill the Olimpico .
              About my connection, I am not sure what to make of it. When did I lie? I am watching Bundesliga when I am zapping, comes free with the package. Not a very entertaining competition for my taste. So sorry to disappoint you.

              1. That you dont recognize the passion in the bundesliga is due of you not understanding football.

                You sing only when you win. Newcastle game like i said gave permission to come out of your hole.

                The effect on fans not watching the games in italy do have fatal effects on the clubs. The leauge is broke and done. If Arsenal wont win more then they cant ask for big cash. Its simple logic, but to understand this you need to find the way out of Wengers A hole first. Good luck to you.

                1. Which pretty much ruins your argument about the fan power. Last time I have checked the Italian clubs made much bigger signings than Arsenal. I leave you watch the passionate Bundesliga as I can’t understand it. Why waste time myself when we have experts like you. I hope you will take Wenger’s job one day because you deserve it.

                2. Rather not. I disslike the thought of old people being obsessed with me.

                  The Italian clubs are more then 2 clubs alone.

      2. @budd
        I understand ur a akb ass licker but dam man get off wengers nutts n support the club.people like u would let the club go down to division 1 n still not blame wenger.seresly ive seen people been obssed with other human being but daam them akb ass licker takes there obsession to diffirent level.its like they are wengers love childs

        1. Great to see your recourse to swearing when you have absolutely no argument. It means you are right, you know that? I don’t give a damn about who’s in charge at AFC and why should I? They do a pretty fine job. Decades in top flight, new home, millions of fans. No one is better or above the club, that includes Wenger. Of course, Stan is above the club as he’s the rightful owner and you guessed, he does not really give a f@rt about you. He is telling you that you count but just so you buy that shirt and that overpriced Carlsberg. But thats’ another discussion. People like me have seen in the last three decades Arsenal becoming a middle table team to a TOP 4 team, like it or not.

          1. Stop forcing explainng your self. We all know that you come with your fanboisem only when Arsenal wins. In this situation, a win against a 10 men Newcastle with an own goal made you come out.

            Wenger is the ones who keeps the board and Stan together, thats why him earning 8 mil a year. With him gone, Stans time at Arsenal wont last long.

            1. Actually I never post after the games because it is exactly then when people don’t read what is written in a post. I am not even sure what does your post have to say in replying to me. Manure won the same way. Liverpool took 4 undeserved 4 points and so on. Such is football, never boring.
              Stan does not give a flying fsck who’s in charge as long as he profits. You think he will see when Ks gunner tells him to do so? Ffs, the man owes more than half of the shares, he IS the owner whether you like it or not.

              1. The man will know what it means to have fans against him soon eough. Nowdays people are understanding that Wenger is nothing more then a fraud, and many people stay quit bec they feel srry for Wenger, not bec they believe in him.

                Get used to hide in your holde Budd. Bec without any new transfers we are going to have a bad run this year.

                1. Good look with your new endeavour in overthrowing Kroenke The Bad. I am sure Stan can’t sleep at night because of the fans like you. Keep up the good (and just) fight. Guys like you are the last obstacle between Kroenke and the UCL. Don’t give up, we all count on you.

        1. @Ny Gunner, you beat me to it.

          To be a fan you have to understand how the clubs run.

          Arsenal is not a throw money and hope for the best club like Liverpool. Each year it’s the same story with you lot.

          I agree arsene isn’t perfect, but he’s a dam sight better than most options. Mourninho and guardiola are two favourite managers, most of there success has been in situations where they could buy or had any player they wanted, I’m 100% positive winger could achieve the same under those circumstances! whether those two managers could do aswell with arsenal! well I’m not so sure.

          1. Arsen knows that the FFP is ended and clubs like City, PSG, Chelsea and likes will spend to buy success and knowing this and this window was possibly the last window where we had a chance of competing with rich clubs with 200 million “CASH ” siting in the bank ( I believe it’s more like 300 mill) but we threw it away, with some WC addition and what with a young team we could of gone for a few years

        2. I respect @budd for his knowledge on the inner workings of the club, but the fact is we are fans not auditors. we want to see our club win not boast about having a stable club who comes in top 4 for how many years or qualify for how many champions league blah blah. We want to feel good that our team wins trophies. U sir appear that u are more impressed with wenger as a business mastermind and he might very well be, but Arsenal football club needs a competent FOOTBALL MANAGER…

      3. So you’re saying that Arsenal cant be a winner anymore? And you defend Wenger? Jeez – The knight is even more deluded than the princess!

      4. this akb guy here is just an arsene fc fan but not an arsenal fc fan. i think he supports arsenal because of wenger

  13. Giroud Wellbeck Walcott
    Chamberlain Sanchez
    Ramsey Cazorla Ozil
    Wilshere when fit and firing
    is as good as it gets in the EPL.
    But how do we keep them
    fit and firing?

  14. looks like wenger show some good progress + improvement there … so i decide to give another

    welbeck is back
    welbeck is bac
    welbeck is ba
    welbeck is b
    welbeck is
    welbeck i
    wenger fly to paris to pick up cavani

    cheers guys!

    1. There’s a million reasons he could be flying to Paris. And he may not be flying there at all. A blurry picture on a plane and a photo of him in a random building isn’t proof.

      1. He called me to tell me that he went to see his famalie for a week or two untill the international break is over, after all he is French and so is Benzema WINK WINK say no more Cavani is not traveling with his country so his in Paris WINK WINK say no more but it’s likely he will have a meeting with Yaya Sanogo to ask him to come back

  15. Javier hernandez would have been a perfect choice. Experienced in premier league and scored many against Chelsea. 10 million would have got us a solid striker.

    1. Everyone would have been a perfect choice. Just because we did not signed him. Get over it. The price was not high and AFC could have been bought him. No brainer. He’s good at Leverkusen.

  16. Even if we do sign someone I have a feeling it won’t satisfy us gooners , Giroud should shut up & work on his finishing

  17. Felt like hitting a fellow arsenal through the phone, I was complaining about how late it was already this transfer Window and to my surprise he said ” Y ARE U RUSHING, THERE IS STILL TIME”. Was just speechless

  18. The transfer market has been going crazy, City paying 58 million for Kevin De Bruyn, Real madrid paying 30 million plus a solid keeper for de gea who has just 8 months left in his contract and then Man utd spending freaking 36 million on a 19 year old kid who unfortunately played a blinder against us in champions league. Still 36 million is too much.

    1. KDB was voted best player in the German league. That is a fxxxx good league with some world class player. To be voted best player in the German league is no easy achievement.
      54 million is a good some paid for a good player.

      As for united. They atleast trying to sign players. yes they are paying top dollar but they have the money to pay. We have money to pay and are fcxxxxx stingy.

      Why don’t you focus on Arsenal. We have spent the least in the premier league. we don’t even try to make a bid. At least United and City are trying to buy good players. we are a fxxx pathetic club run by a set of clowns and controlled by a deluded old cargo . I can’t defend wenger after this. Just no way.

      1. I respect Wenger a lot and normally would have thumbs down a comment like that but a BIG LOL at the “deluded old cargo” thing.

        But on serious note you are right. Was chatting with my Man utd friend, he isnt too keen on them spending 36 million on Martial but he said having a player is better than not.

  19. The ‘new Neymar’ to Arsenal?

    Arsenal fans are getting desperate for something, anything, in the way of transfer news, and we might just have some, with reports in Turkey linking the club to Gabriel Barbosa of Santos, a player dubbed the ‘new Neymar’. The Gunners have made dramatic late signings in the last two summers for big money, so keep an eye on this one.

    Meanwhile, Mathieu Flamini might be off to Galatasary.

  20. Deal Done! PSG accept £45m Arsenal bid for Cavani, Wenger has flown to Paris to seal deal

    ARSENAL manager Arsene Wenger has allegedly flown to France to seal a deal for Paris St-Germain striker Edinson Cavani.

  21. This is like Ground hog day without the comedy.

    Maybe we’re saving to build another stadium.

    Our transfer dealing is like an old person giving out about much something costs -” I’m not paying £50m for him, in my day 5 bob would get 2 tickets for the matinee, a packet of hard boiled sweets and trip home on the tram!”.

    I can’t wait for wenger to go so that you can leave with him looooool. You guys make me laugh.
    Especially NY gunner. Stick to baseball

  23. Why do so many Arsenal fans want wenger out. Is it because so many arsenal fans are just dislike wenger? Or is it maybe because our eyes and brains don’t lie and that wenger is now rubbish as a manager. Wenger giroud Sanogo are wack and Walcott will join that list if he don’t get his backside back on the wing

  24. Bit pissed off with this transfer deadline and all the paranoia. What did Manure and Cesspool achieve with major signings last season and how are they performing with new signings this year.
    What is citizen Kane doing for the Spuds this season .
    The Gunners have a settled side and will come good.
    Manshity major opposition but our side who beat them last season are still at the Emirates.
    Football is all about cohesion and continuity, Arsenal has this and will start getting a run of results.
    Even without new striker, have the faith.

  25. BUDD
    It seems like you are stuck in the past don’t be scared take a deep breath and let Wenger go. Go on you can do have a taste of modern day football 2015

    1. I am not keeping Wenger at the club. Board knows what’s best for the club and (I am going to break your heart here) I am not part of the board.

  26. Does anyone know why Wenger is on a plane to Paris, when he was supposed to be dealing with transfer business 24h a day – not my quote but his? The way he was talking, it was like he was going to be shut up with his phone dealibg with nothing but transfers. I know some people are saying that he is going to sign Cavani, but I find this highly unlikely, given his past history on transfer deadline day.

    1. It is just a tweet where Wenger doesn’t even shows on the photo. It may be true but I tend to believe it is a hoax. Nevertheless, we can only hope. Most probably we will sign someone. Question is : who?

    1. Sorry BUDD this was meant for Afc 92 sorry mate.
      I am not in the past, looking to future success.

  27. i just want to know, what is there to gain from waiting till deadline day to make a signing?
    1. Its not like teams wont have a week to come up with a game plan to suit it.
    2. Knowing that you Arsenal is desperate for a signing teams will raise the price on players.
    3. The player doesn’t get much time to train with the team before going into a game.
    4. Most good players would have already changed clubs.
    5. You look like a complete idiot talking about only buying quality and end up buying a yaya sonogo or a kim kallstroem.

    I am amazed at how people still defend Arsene Wenger when there things stare them in the face. The whole world cant think that Arsenal needs a striker and you dont, obviously you are the one thats wrong. All you Wenger faithfuls out there I hope he has done you proud.

    1. Exactly everyone knows who is after who,

      In the past some desperate clubs would fold on the day and sell above average players but it’s rear to let a WC player leave like Ozil

    1. He tweeted some days ago that he never said Benzema will sign for Arsenal (correct). He just tweeted this few minutes ago : nearly finished. But is this about Arsenal? Or about Manure? I think it is Manure with Martial.

  28. yo dawg! keep it cool
    didnt you imagine?
    if Gary neville was an chelsea / liverpool player!


    exactly this week that guy will say that man utd the one who ridiculous,not arsenal. with that tremendous amount of new signing all they can do is destroying unknown club in CL qualify stages.actually in normal situation they should done what man city has done in few match. man utd didnt have it!! look Rooney in match vs swansea. looks like he’s need to use big eyeglasses, so he know that goal was in front on him , im sure he’s already getting lack of anything since he’s already 30 and i see he didnt have that wild spirit/strong will .like when he was younger.that is critical!! man utd REALLY need some world class striker , since rooney performance is unconvincing. they didnt have other choice. they need sign a wc forward or they didnt win nothing this season. Van Gaal is lacking of tactical, just saying philosopy but wait! what philosophy? buying for winning? you still cant do it ha – ha -ha

    but sadly he is ex-manutd and rooney team mates, so clearly he will not giving any critics to them.

    so even wenger has some minus ,stubborness, etc. at least im thankfull we didnt do crazy spending just for nothing. we need to buy but not just buy random unknown .

    cheers mate ! saw many people truly love arsenal, since many critics suggest hope for us!

  29. Apparently, they are very proud! Notice the shift in line of defense? From “there is still time” to “it’s all about cohesion and bla bla”. Utterly laughable lot! Alas…..it is but a little while before their defensive ring of steal completely crumbles. I’ll be watching with a grin and unreserved delight. Their godfather must be brought down by all means. Sadly, it may require AFC to take a bit of lashing inorder to usher in a new and progressive dispensation.

  30. funny how our strikers choked when the the roomers went about

    This will be a good test for the squad they are together awhile they got to come out with the goods

    Wallcott had two chances against newcastel normally its a score particularly the far post chance I am hoping his chances turn into scores pretty soon

    We still have joel campbell to make an appearance this could well be the key

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