High chance three Arsenal players will be sold over next week

There is a very high chance that Arsenal will offload three of its fringe players before the close of the European transfer window on the 2nd September, according to a variety of media outlets.

The most likely one as things stand right now is Nacho Monreal with reports coming out of Spain that he is on the verge of joining La Liga side Real Sociedad.

Then there is Mohamed Elneny with persistent reports that he is on his way to joining former teammate Laurent Koscielny at Bordeaux.

And finally, Shkodran Mustafi, though in all fairness there is not much concrete with regards to the German defender other than Emery saying he can leave and his father saying it is best for everyone if he does.

If all three are sold it should not affect Arsenal too much, the only one of the three currently in the first-team is Monreal and the truth is that he is basically included because Sead Kolasinac and Kieran Tierney are not available right now, though Kolasinac is more or less back.

In terms of fees that is all up in the air with no credible reports to rely on and while it can be argued that there are always rumours regarding Arsenal transfer business I do get the feeling that we will see at least one player exit this week and it would not surprise me at all if all three are gone by next Monday night.


  1. Two of them will not be missed at all by anyone. The other surely will be missed for his guts and application, even though he is slowing down and injured more often. No proper Gooner will not know of which player I speak. Would that several others could also leave but we know we cannot reduce numbers too much without proper replacements. I crave the back of seeing Ozil, Mkhi,(both bone idle) Sokratis (who should have been a PROPER wrestler) and XHAKA, who lacks almost everything a real Prem midfielder needs except power, hard shot and a bit of attitude. Ability, pace, awareness and mobility would be essentials I would have thought for ALL midfielders at our level. But NOT him!

    1. So Jon-you completely bottled out of answering my points to you a few days ago.Perhaps you would date to reply now,especially seeing as you just cannot help yourself by bringing Mesut Ozil into a discussion where he was not even part of the topic.Buts that’s just You isn’t it?
      So,you are on record as saying that Alex Iwobi was a trier.A workhorse.Little ability,but worked hard.You had previously been like a worn out record of your disgust of Theo Walcott,and you proudly stated how everyone around you in the ground (obviously Years ago because you don’t actually go to games now unless given seats on the very rare occasion by a fellow poster) all called him “Weedy Walcott”.
      Now my point to you was,and still is, is that Walcott left the Club with very decent goals and assists per game ratio.Alex Iwobi,bless him,didn’t.So you are basically saying that you would prefer a player like Iwobi in the side even though his very limited ability offered far less than Walcott.I take it that is correct is it not? A player who regularly produced goals and assists is a “Weedy” player yet another who tried hard had your respect because he ……… tried very hard and ran around a lot.
      Very flawed reasoning other than you typically singling out a player simply because you didn’t like him for …..having very decent goals and assist statistics.But of course you don’t do statistics do you?
      And while you brought the name of Mesut Ozil up perhaps you would answer ANOTHER question that you have continually dodged time after time.This question is-Why is Emery still in a job if he continued to pick Mesut Ozil last season if the player is as lazy and worthless as you continually suggest.It stands to reason the manager is guilty of gross negligence of the very highest order.How can he pick a player that simply refuses to work hard for the team?The player would obviously be continually singled out on the field by his team mates for lack of effort ( which I never saw once,and unlike you I go to practically every game) he would not command respect from his team mates at all (which suggests Pepe and his comment that one of the main reasons he signed for Arsenal was for the opportunity to play with Ozil strange in your thought process ) and why Emery will be desperate to get Ozil in the team as soon as possible ( especially after the clown and his completely mis-Management of the line-up and tactics on Saturday).
      You have slowly become what is widely known as a “Trumpet Gob”, someone who just cannot live with his words not being heard by anyone and everyone.At least have the bottle to answer the questions.And if you need reminding of the other countless questions you have continually avoided just let me know.It won’t take long to scroll through and find the very many you have shirked away from

      1. oh dear mr.phil, why are you always so angry .everybody is entitled to their opinions on here , even you !.please begin enjoying life as it is , and, not as it should be , according to mr.phil.when you go to bed tonight sir, please , before you fall asleep, forgive everybody on this good earth.i do guarantee you that you will awaken a happier and fresher human, bless you my friend.

        1. @turkman-thank you for your kind thoughts about my well being.Believe me when I say I am the most amiable and un-angry Guy you could possibly meet.I just have a way of coming across as quite forcefullbwhen in reality I have a smile on my face when posting most of my thoughts.
          Mind you @turkman-that could all very well change next Sunday of that clown Emery somehow manages to F*** everything up against the Spuds as he did on Saturday against the Scousers.

          1. mr.phil, my heart is much lighter now reading what you have said. i am delighted that you are not the angry person who posts on here many time.my thoughts were sincere to you sir, i hope you did not gain insult.

      2. Phil You once asked me to meet up at Emirates and have a drink. Well I CAN ONLY SAY THAT WAS A NARROW ESCAPE FOR US BOTH AS NEITHER HAS ANY RESPECT FOR THE OTHER. I stick by everything I write and have no need to parade my Gooner credentials to you and you are showing your usual ignorance by making assumptions about me which are simply untrue. Frankly Phil, I have no wish to debate with you again in person on here and will no longer do so. Your irrational -shall I call it “dislike” of Iwobi was shared by many. I shared it as a player but not as a person. I have much respect for any lesser ability player who gives his all. I have none at all for those more naturally gifted, like Walcott and even more like Ozil, who cheat the fans and club – the club we all support, SOME of us more than ANY individual players too – by not giving 100%. Whatever anyone says about Iwobi, he was a full out trier and that is a worthy quality. LAZINESS IS NOT! He did NOT continue to pick Ozil last season- he was in and out, as fitness of the squad and other team factors demanded.
        I HAVE answered and several times too, though not specifically to you, the question why Emery picks Ozil, as he sometimes did last season.. There are many posts where I have explained that thanks to Wengers poor judgement of many buys and Kroenkes meanness, Emery has hardly has a great pool of midfield talent to choose from instead. Ozil and Mkhi are both bone idle and UE will not tolerate laziness, rightly. Finally, we now have another top quality midfielder in Ceballos and let us see what UE does with Xhaka from soon on, when all his midfield are fully fit and up to speed.

        It is noteworthy how SOON you have turned solidly against Emery, having said on his apptment “I will give him a free pass for this season”! The second season is all of three games old and we sit third, behind only two superteams. I do not understand what MORE you expect, with Kroenkes meanness and many of WENGERS DUDS STILL IN THE SQUAD, both through no fault of UE!

        Finally, I agree with you and many others that UE made mistakes in starting selection and shape at Anfield. But that not not justify the barrage of nonsense calling for his head from many on here, most of whom are still wet behind the ears.

        1. @Jon-yeah as you say,a good job the drink and meet up did not take place.And thanks for being so true to form and not answering ANYTHING that was asked of you.Not a politician by any chance are you?

        2. oh my goodness mr.jon, you do not never spare the horses. wow, so incise ,and, so articulate too . i wish i could have the words to use as you do use.

          1. turkman, relative ability with words is not that important in the great scheme of things. What matters most is how much you care for others. The folk I most admire and respect in life are those who are honest, do their best to the utmost of their personal abilities and who are caring and decent people. Racists, bigots, cruel and violent people I shun as low class types. There is a crucial difference between admiring someone for merely having talent, ie footballers who are very skilled, and the far more important matter of being a thoroughly decent person. Frequently they go together, frequently, also, they do not. It is perfectly possible to admire the person but not their lack of ability. It is, however,unwise to admire someone overmuch, merely because they have skill or talent, when any decency is absent. LOOK FOR DECENCY, LESS THAN CLEVERNESS IN LIFE. THAT WAY YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE CONTENT WITH YOUR LOT!

          2. Jon, don’t want to get involved with you and Phil’s excellent debate, it makes for riverting reading!!!!

            However Jon, you did mention the “MANY OF WENGERS DUDS STILL IN THE SQUAD” being no fault of UE.

            From the team that stepped out on saturday night, can you name the ACTUAL DUDS please?
            Could you also name the ACTUAL DUDS on the bench and why UE selected these DUDS, as you see them, because he obviously doesn’t and it therefor follows, surely, that it is ACTUALLY his fault?

            By the way, are you interested in the Villa game if I can’t make it?

      3. Ozil is a super TALENT but football of this days especially EPL you have to work very hard no matter how talented you are just look at Liverpool midfield comprises more of work horses and that midfield have managed to stand toe to toe with the most technical and best around..
        No one is doupting ozil quality his a world cup winner and a good player but i don’t need the coach to tell me he is lazy on the pitch most times. try to field a team with talent that are not eager to work hard and see how the will be ran over even city team with all it’s talent works their ?as off on the pitch working hard is as important as talent and any great player should have both.

        1. NONNY, an excellent post sir…so can I follow it up by asking you some pertinent questions arising from said post?

          !. Do you consistently see Ozil live as opposed to m.o.t.d. or highlights?

          2. If the answer is YES, can you explain why, whenever he plays home or away, his name is chanted by The Arsenal fans?

          3. If UE sees him as some on here describe him (aka JF TMJW and RKH ) did he still have to select him?
          Did / do we not have other players who didn’t fit this description?

          4. I haven’t read anywhere on here that one individual fan thinks he isn’t overpaid (it is a ridiculous salary in ANY form of employment). Why do you think that he was offered that salary (not by whom, because then we diverse off at an angle of Aw, gazidis, kronkie etc etc )?

          Really interested in reading your replies, as it has been obseved by others, these questions always semm to go unanswered by his critics!!!

          1. 1. Have seen him once, and that’s it as I don’t live in Europe so watching live games is ridiculously costly.

            2. No one will ever doupt ozil huge fan base and quality the truth is you can’t mention 10 top players without mentioning ozil that how talented he is. Many fans pay to watch ozil and are excited to see him dazzle with the ball I think that’s it about the excitement he brings at the Emirates. It’s not mostly because he put’s up man of the match performances,

            3. What are those descriptions?

            4. His salary, we all know how it came about, the scenario of loosing two of our stars at same time was just unthinkable even thou most wanted sanchez to stay over ozil it was still ozil we have the opportunity to tie down as sanchez already made his mind up to leave this how scenario created a window of opportunity for him to ask for such an increase in wage, in all honesty the club had little choice as loosing him would cause more toxic atmosphere than already generated

          2. NONNNY
            They did it by offering the most ridiculous contract ever,but everyone, at the time, seemed content. I always wonder if the fans on here who use this as a reason to attack the guy, would have turned around and done something differently?

            Point 3 was the description used of Ozil as a lazy, uninterested, useless, individual who is bleeding the club dry – my question was, do you agree with that (which you have answered in part) and if UE sees him in the same light, why pick him when we have other players who are not viewed in the same way?

  2. Will be pretty gutted if Monreal leaves this window, without KT fit we will be left relying on Kolasinac to play LB or we will need to swap to three at the back again, so wish we could keep him til January.

    Fair play to him though….. He has been solid and underrated for years and I can’t blame him for wanting to move to a slower paced league before he tarnishes that.

    As for the other two….. No loss, both appear to be nice guys but neither are Arsenal quality and will not be missed.

  3. i dont think it is a good idea to let nacho leave,but considering his age and the fact that he is slow atimes,we aven’t see tierney playing and we never can tell how good he is bcos he is just coming from a scottish league dat cannot be compared to epl(no disrespect to spl)kolasinac is more or else a wingback he doesn’t av d qualities a good LB sud have.for elenyl i pray he improve on loan maybe a permanent deal sumday…mustafi doesnt deserve to wear the arsenal jersey again

    1. only because you actually see Xhaka play. Elneny only did Europa League matches last season and before that was exclusively a squad player. Sidepass King has even less valuable attributes than Xhaka.

  4. Just like Jon and Madhatter stated, Monreal would be missed.
    I do think he should be allowed to stay till the end of season.
    Kolasinac is never reliable as a left back. .would be criminal to miss Monreal from the team while Tierney is out

    1. Monreal has been great and he is the perfect role model for the young Gunners. Always willing to do duels, worked hard, never complained, good defender, consistent, quick and skillful

      Unfortunately Arsenal need to recoup some money spent on their purchases

        1. He’s got a lot more fans here though ,maybe if you got behind him we might see him at his best again .
          You want linford Xhaka Christie in the squad but want Ozil sold .says it al

          1. gotanidea, what is it with you?

            Do you ever put two and two together to make four?

            UE went public and told the “world” that Mustafi and Elneny were told to find new clubs…why did he do that?

            Simple if you apply logic – he wants them out of the cluub.
            Now…and I know it’s a big leap of faith for you, but try…if he wanted Ozil and Myk out of the club, do you not think he would use the same method to let other clubs know he wants them out?

            There can only be one logical reason for that situation then couldn’t there…I wonder if you can figure it out?
            Perhaps the other trolls on here who keep on about not being able to sell him, should wake up – smell the coffee and realise UE doesn’t want to sell him and they are actually wrong God Forbid!!!!!!

            This is what is meant by “official Arsenal news” not the whimperings and gossips of a fan who want deadlegged inverted commas playing inside out on the wings of a dove!!!

            By the way, gotanidea, I like your admission that Ozil has many fans, wonder why you think that is the case?

    1. No self-respecting club will pay them 350.000 and 180.000 GBP per week.

      Unless perhaps if they could sign them for free.

      Arsenal is too proud for that, I fear.

      1. ozil did not even make bench for liverpool. Club should be giving him away at this point if he is that low of value to us.

      1. NONNY, and therin lies your REAL reason for the hostility to the player…that little green man syndrome…I suspect that is also the reason for so many others who continually bring his name to the fore at every opportunity.

        1. Ozil is a super TALENT but also a lazy player can hardly see ozil recovering a ball after loosing it as shown by cebellos which won us the match at Burnley ozil mostly just waves his hand at referee begging for a foul he it’s isn’t a co-incident that both Morinho and Germany always make him a scape goat.
          Ozil is talented no one will doupt that I DON’T think we can mansion 10 top players with out mentioning ozil that’s how talented he is but with the players we have we need talented players who works there sucks out week in week out

          1. NONNY, well Germany certainly didn’t make him a scapegoat when they WON the world cup – he was a national hero.
            They certainly did when they LOST the world cup though, despite him being the most productive player in their squad.

            Begs the question…how many German supporters do we have on this site, because it sounds like the same scenario to me?

            You cite Mourinho, what THAT Mourinho? The one that has been sacked from his last three managerial positions – lost the dressing room in each case? That Mourinho?

            So tell me, when have you seen Ozil “mostly” waving his hands at the referee? I see every player in the premiership do that, so what is he doing differently?

          2. Ken, why would anybody be a scapegoat if you win something? Pointless to make comparisons between those scenarios. Also, give the conspiracy theories a rest. You always think there is some evil scheme going on behind the scenes as to why people could possibly not rate ozil anymore. We tell you directly that it is because his on field performances are poor and that he doesn’t work hard enough, and then you just bring up how many fans he has as a counterpoint. That doesn’t detract from the type of performances we see him put in. And in case you haven’t been paying attention, it is clearly not just Ozil’s performances that people have a problem with. So no, there is not some magical agenda against Ozil because we are all German. He is not misunderstood. He is just not putting in performances that are good enough. That’s all this has ever been about, yet you always see the need to steer the conversation in different direcitons.

      2. RSH, the German quip was a little rib tickler, I should have known you would see it as a point to lecture me on – never mind, it seems we agree on Mourinho at least.

        Yet UE selects him, makes him captain, tells everyone on the official site that he is part of the future plans, the Emirate crowd salutes him, as does the away fans, yet the pompous “WE TELL YOU DIRECTLY” is more potent an action on here than those at the actual games? What a few Hundred (?) against thousands of committed fans who actually go to matches?

        No conspiracy theories whatsoever in my mind, just fans who will not accept the reality at this moment in time.

        You keep giving your opinions and I’ll keep giving mine.
        You back yours with opinions and I’ll back mine with facts, not my facts but UE and The Arsenal facts.

        1. Ken, you keep doing the same thing. I won’t bother bringing up his poor stats the past few seasons, because they’ve been brought up so many times. Your defense of this is how everybody loves him. When clearly that is not the case. And why you take it so personally, I have no clue. Ken, I want to talk about his ON PITCH performances, yet all you can do is bring up fan chants, and how everybody likes him. That doesn’t win games. Come up with a real argument instead of deflecting, like you always do.

          1. RSH< but you are, by ignoring WHY the fans are singing his name, defeating your own argument.

            When one watches a football match and sees one of their players not performing well, they don't sing his name, don't have his name on their replica shirts and despise him for being lazy, especially if he's not 100% committed and not helping to win games.
            As an example, they tend to do what they did with mustafi at the Emirates cup…they start booing him before he has even entered the field of play, the coach and player gets the message and the official announcement is made that he needs to find a new club as he no longer has a future at the club. The coach doesn't carry on selecting him.

            With me so far? No deflecting – a true scenario as it unfolded with mustafi.

            Now, funnily enough, this doesn't happen to Mesut Ozil does it?

            His name is sung, his shirt sales are legendery on justarsenal, the fans at the games (home and away) appluade his movement on and off the ball, his fellow players admire him, new signings cite him as the player they are most wanting to play alongside, the coach states he is officially part of his future plans, selects him to win games, makes him captain and yet you ask me to come up with real arguments and tell me not to deflect away? That's why it may seem personal, because you ignore the simple truth that, if you took your blinkers off, you cannot argue against.

            Are you saying that all the people included in the above statement just love him and don't take into consideration his contributionto the club/game? If it is, you have a very low esteem of the their IQ, and their understanding of what contributes to a great player on and off the pitch.

            That's what I see and hear when I go to the matches, what is your experience then?
            Did you read who Pepe named as the first player he wanted to play alongside – why would he do that if his on the pitch performances were as you say?

            It seems that you think you know better than those professionals currently working with Ozil, along with the fans who, for some reason you cannot fathom and so dismiss, sing his name because of the player he is.
            I go along with the above, simply because I believe they know the man, work with him every day, know he's not lazy and most crucially, trust him – and I have the privilige to watch him at work.

    2. I would rather have Ozil than Xhaka and even Willock in my team. The later should be sent somewhere on loan. He can hold on the ball but he has no clue of what to do next. Xhaka can do nothing. It’s better an Ozil whom out of 5 games he can show something decent in 3 of them. Again I would like to see him play ahead of Torreira and Caballos behind our attackers and then we can judge him

  5. We need to get a starting right back asap, Niles will never make it at arsenal either as a defender or a midfielder, he is just too lax, his body language is absolutely terrible, he gives the ball away under no pressure what’s so ever, and plays with this look of Messi when he is most close to sanogo, man is just stealing a living at arsenal

    1. Niles is fine as a 2nd string player. I don’t really expect him to kick on and nail down a starting birth honestly. I agree that he gives the ball away too much to be a midfielder for sure.

  6. I think this front 3 of auba lacazette and Pepe is crap, it has us playing our only 2 competent strikers and one out of position, Aubameyang is terrible as a winger same for laca, we need to keep one on the bench and play another winger to give us balance, I would put auba on the bench he might have scored 22 goals but I swear he is the most limited elite striker I have ever seen, can’t run with the ball, hold up play is non existent, can’t dribble, can’t pick a pass, isn’t physical, runs away from tackles ditto Ozil, misses bucket loads of easy chances, positioning is top notch though I’ll give him that, when it matters he goes missing, laca is a better big game player than him

    Lacazette has his short comings too but with the style we want to play and fast wingers like Nelson, Martinelli and Pepe this is where laca would shine plus he is a tireless worker

    1. Lol this has to be the most stupid comment here, you will bench the only world class striker you have, the only player that can score 20+ goals a season.

    2. Yeah I’m with you-Lets just sell the useless twat who scored 22 league goals last season despite starting most games playing out of position wide left.I mean – what Top Club would ever dream of having a natural goal scorer like that in their side?

    3. Auba goals just shadows how bad he can be. I keep hearing he have pace but hardly see him beat players with his pace infact most times he goes missing but somehow manages to find a goal.He also isn’t a very good team player. Laca and auba doesn’t give us a great team balance yet they both have to play for the coach not to loose his job. Look how threatening pepe was yesterday a left winger would have made it very bad for them to defend Robertson couldn’t handle pepe so van dyke have to make it personal. Emery would have gone for a player like iwobi on the left wing but he isn’t with us anymore what did he do shifting cebellos to lw it’s understandable after the performance he showed against Burnley he was tricky and direct maybe that made Emery think he can do a job outwide. I think we should be more worried about who plays left winger than playing both laca and auba

    4. He’s a very good striker, but not an elite striker. An elite striker scores in big games. Laca is much better in big games and it was crazy from Emery not to start him. Completely disagree that PAL should not start though.

      1. Any formation or tactics that doesn’t include your best players is rubbish and auba is one of our best player and you said he doesn’t score in the big matches? How bigger can it get than the north London derby and the beauty he scored last season against them, please stop all this elite strikers rubbish,maybe you should go back and check how many goals he’s scored since his debut against Everton.

        1. This issue of starting best players is somehow over emphasised on and would like to actually understand it. Do you mean if we have CM’s/cb’s as our best players they should all start simply to accommodate them auba and laca are two c.f. with different qualities and should start together but I will sacrifice one for a good skilful left winger

          1. This issue of starting best players is somehow over emphasised on and would like to actually understand it. Do you mean if we have four CM’s/cb’s as our best players they should all start simply to accommodate them auba and laca are two c.f. with different qualities and should start together but I will sacrifice one for a good skilful left winger

        2. Derbies are fine and all, Tottenham no matter how shit we are we’ve always found ways to best them, our problem has always been away to the big boys, and if your top strikers can’t burry half chances when they come we end up losing, when we are really up against it he hides Spurs away come to mind, Watford where we needed a goal to secure top 4 too.

        3. I’m merely stating facts. His record against the top 6 is nothing amazing. I’m not disputing his goal record, but in big games he struggles. There’s no getting around this.

          1. Same thing I am saying, he is a magnificent goal scorer but when it against the big boys when it really matters he disappears, his stat against the top 4 is crap compared to lacazette, this has always being an Achilles heel for us not taking our half chances against them

        4. Lenohappy, now THAT’S the reason I always read your posts…sensible debate, sound facts and considered opinions that make sense.
          What a pity UE doesn’t see it the same way and, instead, brings him on with ten minutes left.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if Lacs handed in a tranfer request if he keeps being treated in this absurd way.

          1. what sound fact? A sound fact Auba scored in a NLD? Look at his record against the top 6 ken, it is not anything to brag about. Now look at players like Aguero, Kane, any of Liverpool’s forwards and get back to me. Aubamenyang had an amazing chance to put us up front this weekend and again missed and was largely anonymous, and it’s not the first time either. Now I bet you are going to accuse me of thinking he is trash, that is NOT what I am saying. All I am saying is that he struggles against top opposition. That said, he is one of our best players, and should be in the lineup with Pepe AND Laca every time possible.

          2. RSH – What sound fact??
            ANY FORMATION THAT DOESN’T INCLUDE YOUR BEST PLAYERS – HOW MANY GOALS HE’S SCORED- little gems of positive, sensible thinking from Lenohappy…do you disagree then?
            Because the club didn’t just buy him to score against a specific or apecified clubs, they bought him to score against any/every club and that’s why he won the golden boot.
            Every top striker misses sitters, unless you can name me one, just one, who hasn’t?

            Just to give you a little reminder, Ian Wright never scored against manure when wearing an Arsenal shirt to my knowledge…what does that make him then?

            Thank goodness we both agree on PAL then, don’t forget or other end of season challenge!!!

          3. I feel like we are debating nothing
            – we both agree we are satisfied with his overall goalscoring record
            -he doesnt score in big games (i was just emphasizing that needs improving)
            – PAL should start together.
            Let’s leave it at that ken, it seems we essentially agree on something finally. Hooray for us!

      1. Lol no I am not, just feel we need a player with better hold up, all the other top teams have these

  7. Everyone here knows am not an ozil fan but what actually happened to him,is he still out sick or the board doesent want him anymore? I mean this is the third week he’s been missing in the match day squared.

    1. I don’t know… he was at the Emirates (for the Burnley game) but looked rough.. then he trained in the week. I was expecting to see him on the bench. Weird…..

      1. The reason he missed the first two games, was clearly and precisley explained by the official club’s reaction to the “incidents” and confirmed by UE himself.

        Why isn’t anyone clear about that? Don’t they read the “Offical Arsenal statements”?

        As to Saturday, I don’t know, but wonder if there is a link to the first two games – Kolasinac also sat on the bench, so it MIGHT be connected.

        UE stated that both were 100% in training, but probably decided that, with his wonderful and successful “playing from the back! system. Ozil didn’t fit into that scenario?

        Time will tell…just listen out for official news is my suggestion.

        1. mr.ken1945, i always follow your writings with fondness and respect. apart, that is , for you blinkered passion and fervour for mr.ozil. we do all indeed have our favourites, but i dont think i have ever seen a person who is so willing to bring up a players name at each and every opportunity. respectfully, can i ask you why this is ?.i am not critisising you, i do not critisise anybody, but i am , oh so curious to find out how you can defend mr.ozil, day in, day out. there is non doubt about the players talent, but it does appear that our great club will have to employ a locksmith to unlock mr.ozils talent.never in my entire life has i witnessed such a talent being woefully wasted. some blame go to player, but some blame also go to club.do you have any thoughts on how mr.ozil can once again become a wonderful team player who is intrested in his job.

          1. turkman, I do think thoust does play this humble, thoughtful and respectful image a little too much kind sir, but I doff my cap to you in reverance.

            Now, if you had paid as much attention to Jon and Phil’s very first post as you say you did…you would have read that it was he who asked Jon Fox why the name of Ozil was brought up in this article – perhaps you missed that, but it is there kind sir, it really is.

            Our great club had a locksmith last season by the name of Unai Emery, who, realising he had four incredible, gifted hard working players in Abau, Lacs, Ramsey and Ozil decided halfway through the season, to play them together – we won five games in a row, the football was superb and everyone was happy, except those who still foolishly believed that not running around like a headless chicken, made them a lesser player.

            Now let’s look at those four players:
            Ramsey was let go for nothing – Lacs is being continually dropped and then bought on for the final ten minutes of a game – Abau won the golden boot and Ozil was dropped the game after being made captain and, of course, we lost!!!!

            So I ask myself why / how did this happen?
            Was it any of the players fault or just one of the players fault?
            Did any of them show disrespect to the coach or the club?

            The answers, in my opinion of course, are no – it becomes even more baffling when you remember that UE kept playing and dropping Ozil even after, in your view, his talent was being woefully wasted!!!
            Any club should always play their most talented players and I believe Ozil is in that elite position.

            Finally and as a lifelong gooner, if Ozil left tomorrow, I would be in my seat for the very next game, supporting the players wearing our shirt.
            It’s the club you see, not the player.

  8. I can’t comprehend why anyone in their sane minds would want to sell Monreal when K.T is not fit and yet to be tested in the premier league.

  9. Pepe is a very good signing for the gunners but he is not the position that really needed reviewing during this window… Last season the problem wasn’t really goals.. It was conceding too many and very poor away form… A few years ago Liverpool had the same problem we have and invested heavily in building a strong defence… What do we do… Buy David Luiz…. Really. Don’t get me wrong I think Pepe will be good but until 2 really great Centre backs with a fit Rob holding return.. And xhaka is replaced!!! Arsenal will still face the same beatings from the other big rivals.

    1. The club management are not planning for a quick fix that’s why they signed Tierney =injured saliba=loaned they want a future young defensive line that will play a long time. That’s they philosophy behind liuz and Socratis a momentary stop gap that can help them achieve few years target.

      What pisses me off is relying on Niles at RB can’t we find a cheap backup at rb

  10. Well said Deezo.The absence of Bellerin, Holding and Tierney is hard to bear and the fact that Emery left out Chambers after his excellent performance at Newcastle is beyond my comprehension.Great teams are built from the back and until Arsenal are reinforced in this area and also acquire a physically powerful,tried and tested defensive midfielder we will continue to be also rans I’m afraid.Pepe may prove to be a very good signing but he did not appear on my priority list.

  11. thank you mr.ken for your coment. but , as usual, you have neglected to actually answer the very simple question posed to you . i have been here on for a few years , and you never actually answer any questions , you are very skillful at evading any question that might tell the truth about mr.ozil.but fair enough, i will give you the benefit of doubt as you are the senior commentarer of here.you will always continue to defend mr.ozil, even if he leaves for a different club ?. i wish i can understand your loyalty. a fanatic is always a dangerous commodity , regardless of what he/she is fanatical aboot.i note as well that you did not give me leave to reply on your comment to myself. says a lot without saying anything.

    1. turkman, you asked me one question and it was as follows:
      “but I don’t know anyone who brings up a player’s name at each and every opportunity, why is that so?”

      I suggested that you go back to the beginning of the article, where you would see that it was Jon Fox who brought up his name and was cited by Phil as always doing that.

      Now then, can you please tell me why, with chapter and verse, the reason why you believe I haven’t answered your question?

      Secondly sir, I have no wish to defend any player once he leaves our club and neither would I defend a player who I thought was damaging our club.
      Thanks for giving me the benefit of doubt, I will sleep a lot easier later.
      As for giving you leave to reply, as you have been on here for a few years, I would have thought you knew that no one can stop anyone from answering, so I assume you mean the”reply” button?
      That is controlled by the site itself my dear old friend and as a senior co mmentator, I wouldn’t have a clue how to stop anyone’s leave to reply anyway.

      Indeed a fanatic is a dangerous commodity, I am a fanatical Arsenal supporter and you should see me when we score!!!
      I jump six foot in the air, hit people with my walking stick and lose my false teeth shouting abuse at Ozil because he didn’t run up and down the pitch celebrating.

      That last paragraph was a little far fetched, as I would never ever abuse Ozil – now have I missed out any questions, have you answered mine? Just ask me anything and I will reply, but can’t promise you will like the answers.

      1. hahahahahahahahaha, mr.ken1945, what blubber you spouts sir. you are not boris johnson in disguise be chance ?, are you, dear oh dear, you really think that you are so clever, but all you do on the site is flog a dead horse. must be highland air getting to your mind.in my country, we do have saying that a wise man is not always the oldest.the wise man is always the observer.

        1. turkman, so the pretext of the humble , friendly, loveable man has finally gone, as I thought it would.
          What happened to that “fondness and respect” image?

          In my country, one needs to be able to laugh at oneself, listen to the views of others, learn something new every day, digest comments/views carefully, have a good memory and most of all reply when asked a question.

          A wise man observes, comments and always should acknowledge another person’s questions with an answer.

          Age has nothing to do with wisdom or being clever, but you brought up the senior correspondent remark, which I did find rather funny by the way, so I laughed at myself in your image of me…comparing me to Boris is a fanatical insult!!!

          If someone makes an accusation about being a “dangerous fanatic” to another fan on a football site that represents The Arsenal, then simple humour is the way to deal with it and try to make the accuser show his true colours – I’m not clever, maybe just a little more wiser than you my humble friend mr.turkman?

          I will continue to air my views, or blubber my spouts sir, because we can actually do this in this my country, it’s called free speech, just listen to Boris etc etc.

          All you need to do is simply ignore my posts, get on with your life and enjoy your countries traditions. I really won’t be offended..and naturally,with fondness and respect that’s exactly what I will do with you mr. turkman.

  12. Anyone know why Arsenal, like not so smart robots, continued with short passes from the back at Anfield and sustained pressure on themselves from Liverpool’s high pressing virtually throughout the match?

    Surely a kick-out from goal to the head of the not too talented but usefully tall Granit Xhaka and from there unto the path of the speedy and skillful Aubameyang or Pepe could have and should have been attempted many times?

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