High profile agent says Ozil and Arsenal problem is stupidity

Kia Joorabchian has branded the current Mesut Ozil situation as stupid and he claimed that neither the player nor the club is benefiting.

Ozil has been omitted from Arsenal’s competitive squad lists for the season after the German failed to find a new team for himself in the last transfer window.

Despite being the club’s top earner for much of his time at the Emirates, Mikel Arteta has still not been able to get a good performance from him.

The Spaniard has recently revealed that he takes responsibility for not being able to get the former Real Madrid man up to speed.

Joorabchian has now said that this situation makes no sense because no one is winning.

Ozil isn’t helping himself by sitting on the bench and doing nothing to earn the money and the club isn’t doing itself any good by keeping a player of his talents on the bench.

“I don’t see any winners in this situation,” he told Talksport’ White and Jordan on Thursday.

“Ozil is not teaching Arsenal a lesson by sitting out and not playing, and Arsenal are not teaching Ozil a lesson by omitting him from the Premier League squad.

“I don’t see who wins in a situation where you don’t find an agreement between each other.

“It’s just pure stupidity.

“I think it’s the essential role of the agent not just to bring high transfers to clubs, but also where there’s a problem to fix it.

“I think that’s what the role and job title says.

“There was a situation at Everton where Theo Walcott wasn’t going to get enough game time and so he moved to Southampton, because they were very proactive.

“The role of the agent in the case of Mesut is to ensure he plays.

“He’s a big player, but he just doesn’t fit the Arsenal mould today. He has a lot of talent, he’s a World Cup winner, this is a player who should be playing somewhere right now.”

Joorabchian is right to use the word stupidity but not towards Arsenal. It seems that the vast majority of the club’s fans feel that the club have made the correct move, they question why Arsenal would they name a player well below the level of what Arsenal has elsewhere in their team, they also wonder why would they name a player that is impotent and who would struggle to maintain Championship level football.

There are some fans that feel that there may have been a day years ago that Ozil was an asset but not now, far too much sitting down on his lazy backside playing Fortnite and issuing PR statements as opposed to actually helping his teammates out have finally caught up with him.

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  1. Stupid owners! They are playing politics, as they do not want Ozil’s profile on their team. So they wanted him out, as Ozil is a brand by himself, capable of bringing attention to human rights violations, etc.

    Arteta is a in a bind. He does not have a world class creator, so his strikers are not scoring, except those goals from the wings. No more Wenger type goals without Ozil, or someone like him.

    It not that hard to beat lessor teams badly with Ozil as supplier. Anytime we win 2-0, with Ozil it should be 4-0. Goal differences can matter, not just in terms of position in the table, but also in terms of confidence.

    Arteta should use a 4-2-3-1 with Partey and Elneny/Xhaka behind Ozil. This allow the Auba, Laca, and Pepe to be enabled by Ozil. The wingback should cause problems, playing deep.

    Currently, it is easy to stop Arsenal as the attack are coming from the wings.

    Arteta know this… but he cannot get transfer fund if he plays Ozil. That is why he looked so much like a robot in the press conference.

    The owners are going to lose money by not getting into the top four.

    1. Why don’t you get it into your daft head that OZIL has not played effective or fullout football for at least four years . All the things you mention are way in the past and he has massively declined since then. You are living in the past!

      All players decline eventually and almost all fans can see his massive decline , so why can’t you? Last three seasons are virtually NO goals and virtually NO ASSISTS. He is simply not good enough any more and has always been far too lazy too.

      1. So ozil has declined and Willian has become better with age. The reasons some of the fans give is just unbelievable, not based on facts at all.

      2. Why then did Arteta play him in EVERY game before the lockdown, genius? Because he was good 4 years ago? Come on, Arteta is not sentimental…

        While I agree he may be past it when it comes to big matches, to think he would be a worse option in the EL than Willock or Reiss Nelson just beggars belief.

    2. Over the last few days your obsession with the club v Ozil has gained momentum

      You are on a sticky wicket constantly berating the club you support whilst going on about Arsenal being embarrassed by Ozil’s public profile

      Eventually Beckham for example realised that his importance off the pitch became an issue to Ferguson and to ManU
      No problem for me that Ozil is hugely popular in and outside of the football fraternity BUT Arsenal pay his wages and if he wants to get involved in off pitch issues then he should be considering what is more important to him.

    3. JJPawn, if as you say the owners are “stupid”, they own Arsenal 100%, thus any “stupidity” will impact financially on them either positive or negative.
      The financial and player assets are theirs to treat as they feel, provided they comply with FA rules and the laws of the UK.
      I don’t know about you, but my associates and I do not have access to £2 billion plus to make an offer to KS&E to buy Arsenal FC.

  2. To me there is plenty of stupid to go around. Neither side is completely innocent or completely guilty. IMHO Ozil is stupid for not putting in a complete shift, and playing defense like everyone else.
    The club is stupid because we have been woeful in creating chances, and maybe just maybe Ozil could do something more than our current midfield is offering.
    I would at least try to use all my assets before casting them off.
    Lastly I would add that no one knows what has gone on behind closed doors at the club. Is the club throwing a fit because Ozil refused a pay cut? Is the club opposed to the strong stance he has taken towards calling out countries violating human rights?
    Too many unknowns to assign blame to one side only, the truth is often somewhere in between. Hence I say there is enough stupid to go around for both sides.

    1. Durand: Players come and go. The club is the one to blame because they let this situation go out of control. A good business manager should have seen this coming 2 or 3 years ago. Ozil could have been traded, sold or bought out before they tarnished his image. Even what Artera did by leaving him out of the squad is stupid. He should be promoting him, talking him up and playing him even 10 or 15 minutes per game hoping another team will acquire him in January. The club has no business wasting 350k a week.

          1. Jon
            I went into sleep mode on hearing the usual comments. It has been done to me so I checked out my emojis to save me the bother of writing a reply and instead have written a reply to you🙂

      1. lcw, I look forward to your application to replace Mikel Arteta as manager, so that you can ensure such treatment as dealt to Mezut Ozil, is not repeated.

        1. It is not wise to converse with fanatics but exceptions can be made so show me where did I say to replace Arteta .

          1. lcw, I quote:
            “Even what Artera (sic) did by leaving him out of the squad is stupid.”
            My inference is that when you are Arsenal manager, you can make these decisions. How does that make me a “fanatic”?

  3. Such a well crafted article, full of insight into what Mesut Ozil is doing with his time at the moment…that is, of course, once he’s finished a full days training with the first team squad (as we witnessed by the photographs and video released by the club).
    I’m not sure what else you want him to do, Martin, unless you believe MO should be at the ground 24/7.
    Perhaps your not aware he isn’t part of the Europa squad that played tonight? Not by choice of course, so what then?

    It is interesting to see what many people who are involved in the game are actually saying – sensible things about this current situation, such as Ian Wright, Gary Lineker and Arsene Wenger, who are asking pertinent questions, rather than daft statements like “playing fortnite.”

    I come on JustArsenal to be involved in sensible debates with fellow Gooners and read articles that have, at least, some mature personal opinions – once again I feel really disappointed.

    As for the “factual” part of the article, it seems we have found an agent, who wants to take an interest in more than just making a fortune out of the players he represents, because I believe he doesn’t actually have any dealings with Mesut Ozil…as far as I am aware MO’s agent is still Dr. Erkut Sogut…now wouldn’t that be an interesting article to write about Martin, while your sitting at home, behind your desk, earning a living, as Phil pointed out, rather pointedly, yesterday?

    Time to move on Martin, I have and, it seems, most of the bitterness and abuse has now stopped.
    The decision has been made by Mikel – you have got what you wanted – let’s stop these silly little snide remarks.
    YOUR MUCH BETTER THAN THAT – as Jon would type.

    1. As a footnote to what Ozil was doing tonight – Mikel Arteta was asked about his tweets on the match from Ozil when he said:
      “when I can’t support on the pitch tonight, I will support in front of the TV in London, What are your predictions for the match? I go for a 4-1 away victory.”

      Mikel’s reply?

      Quote: “It’s great. This is what I want from the players who aren’t in the squad.”

      Now, isn’t that something that can be viewed as positive – if one wants to of course?

  4. Ozil knows very well that he’ll retire at the end of this season. So, he doesn’t worry about keeping fit. He’s just milking the Arsenal cow to the best of his ability. He’s accumulating retirement package

  5. I listened to the interview on Talksport and KJ was quite interesting, particularly on contracts both here and in the US and how they differ.

    1. SueP, as I don’t listen to this radio station, I missed it – but that’s my point.
      You found it interesting!!!

      When one thinks how much influence this guy is supposed to have at the club (or so it is reported) were there any more probing questions, opinions or facts gleamed about our club?

      1. I listened Ken whilst driving so I wasn’t totally engrossed but Jim White’s mouthy sidekick (C Palace chairman or former chairman) was asking how contracts could be drafted so that on all sides there could be a benefit to both club and player if the club and the player have difficult issues as we are experiencing at Arsenal
        KJ referred to many US sports contracts allowing teams to move on players who they deem surplus. This forms part of the contract and from memory the vast majority of players accept it (although the super dooper superstars don’t have this written in). Certain standards have to be adhered to. For example, going to a similar standard of club and not sending say Tierney to Derby. There were other examples given. Not saying it could work here but he gave it as a
        possibility, albeit a difficult one

        I didn’t hear the whole interview but he sounded like a neutral observer saying what is in the inverted commas above

        The last paragraph is someone else’s opinion

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