Highly-coveted Arsenal star reaffirms stance to stay with club

Mesut Ozil has once again confirmed that he will be an Arsenal player come the start of next season.

The German international has been in tremendous form all year, ending the PL season with an incredible 19 assists, as well as six goals, provoking a number of clubs to show an interest.

Despite a tough campaign, in which his club have endured heavy criticism and calls for the manager to leave, before earning a second-placed finish in the league on the final day of the season, Ozil has been a strong positive point amongst fans, whereas a number of his team-mates have come under fire.

Ozil has now reiterated that he will be staying with Arsenal this summer, by telling the fans that he will ‘see you next season’.

Juventus, Bayern Munich and Barcelona had all been linked with a move for the 27 year-old, but he insists that he is only concentrated on Arsenal.

Preliminary contract talks are also believed to have taken place, with Ozil’s current deal set to expire in two years, with the Gunners keen on extending that deal, while including a well-earned pay hike.

Alexis Sanchez has been more quiet about his wishes this summer, with his contract also entering its final two years also. The Chilean will be heading off to America to participate in the Copa America tournament this summer, while there is little mention of whether he wishes to sign a new deal or not.

Will Sanchez still be with us next season? Is there any doubt that Ozil will change his mind and not sign an extension?

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  1. Ozil has NOT agreed to sign a new contract as of yet..and has said that he will not discuss a new contract until after the Euros have finished.

    1. Like us the Fans ,I think both Ozil and Sanchez has realized it very well that the this team can not win anything until they sign few big player. Both of them are so good that they think they they should be part of a Champions league winning team, and when they found that the current team is not enough to win the Domestic Title, they are bound to get disappointed.
      Many players have left us for the same reason .
      If Wenger Managed to sign few top class players, I am sure both will sign new deals.
      But if Wengers still believes that the likes of Giroud and Mertzaker can win us the PL title and CL,
      Then do you think they also should believe the same?

      1. Very true Ozil and Sanchez are waiting to see what Wenger does in the transfer window,if we are a club of ambition then we’ll sign players of world class quality!

      2. CB: Mert is aging and thus Arsenal need a quality CB to replace him – no question.

        But the reality is the Mert-Kos pairing is the best defense Arsenal have had – better than Kos-Verm before and better than Kos-Gabriel now. Facts are Facts.

        Sadly, Gabriel is repeatedly failing to defend well. Mert gets beat by pace when playing a high line. Right now Gabriel often gets beat even when he is in good defending position – he needs much improvement.

        So, in the end, you are right. Arsenal need a solid CB who can pair with Kos to take the starting role.

        Striker: Not much to say here. The entire planet knows Arsenal need a #1 striker. But I don’t blame Giroud. Wenger is to blame for this problem.

    1. I wish I had your confidence. History, however, suggests you are too optimistic.

      In all the major European leagues, Arsenal were the ONLY club not to acquire an single out-field player last summer. That is the sad reality of Wenger’s ambition.

  2. Arsenal starting 11 for first game next season

    Sanchez Ozil Ramsey
    Xhaka Wilshere
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

    1. Nah I reckon we’ll get more than just Xhaka. With Hummels going to Bayern, I’d hope we try and get Benatia – worth a try at least, right? No idea which forward we could realistically get. We sure aren’t really linked with any forwards right now.. I’d say Mahrez is most likely if any.

    2. If Ramsey is starting on the wing next season I may have to consider self-mutilation as an outlet for frustration.

      1. Maybe you should follow a sport more suited to your depressive personality. Maybe tiddlywinks may be the solution?

  3. Wenger should show ambition for once and sign Lukaku or any other top striker but with Giroud leading our attack next season we’ll get the same results and may be a drop in position because the likes of mancity are likely to improve.

  4. …………………Cech

    1. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has stated that Frenchman Olivier
      Giroud will be Arsenal’s first choice keeper next season.

      ADMIN COMMENT – Soopa will you never learn? This thread is about Mesut Ozil. Go to the Giroud article if you want to repost this….

  5. If I were in Ozil shoes, I wouldn’t sign a new contract unless Arsenal sign a top class striker, I say it to Wenegr as simple as that … The guy want to win trophies which we will never do with Giroud leading the line …

  6. I hope Ozil and Sanchez refuse to sign new contracts, cause they deserve more than senile Arsene Wenger. I hope their wishes come through and they go play for a better and ambitious club. The club will remain spineless as long as we have the Specialist in Failure as d head coach, and mediocres as board of directors who thinks of only their pockets.

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