Higuain hopes crushed as Arsenal transfer target joins Juventus

There is more bad news for Arsenal fans on the transfer front today with the news that the Italian champions Juventus have beaten us to the punch and are set to complete the transfer of Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli, reports Metro, keeping the Argentina international in Serie A despite the Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis saying this week that he would much prefer to see Higuain leave Italy altogether if they were to lose him.

So I for one will be interested to see the details of this transfer deal as they come out, most notably the price that Juventus paid for the striker and whether it was the full value of his release clause, which was said to be almost 100 million euros, or whether Napoli were not so determined and decided to cash in for less.

The report states that Higuain has passed his medical in Madrid and has signed a contract with Juve until 2020 and it even contains a photograph of the striker’s medical papers from the Spanish hospital as extra proof, so it appears that the deal is done, crushing the transfer hopes of the Arsenal fans once again.

I would love to know just how hard the Gunners tried to get the prolific player. I have read some reports claiming that Juventus was the preferred destination for Higuain and if that is the case then perhaps there was little Wenger could do, but do you think that we simply let ourselves be outbid once again and lost another transfer due to financial reasons?


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  1. If you believe anything that is reported in Metro, you must be drunk.

    In saying that, I highly doubt Higuain is a genuine target at his current price…

    1. Hope has been crushed for a very very Loooooooooooooooooog time now (dust is all that’s left)……. Too bad, many fans are only just realizing it

      Hope for sale……anyone?

    2. Actually, how many fans were expecting our financially careful club to pay 94 million euros for Higuain? It would have been a mad risk. Let’s go for what we can afford. Most of us Arsenal fans refuse to accept the fact that when it comes to transfers there are different categories of clubs.

      Category A- Clubs who spent huge sum on players for perceived integrity of their clubs, imediate results and/or internal politics e.g R. Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, Chelsea, Recent Man U, PSG, Juve etc.

      Category B. Those who spend with the intention to jump their current position/For proceeds from a mega sale of their players (Most times they fail) e.g Tottenham, Liverpool, Monaco, QPR, Westham.

      Catergory C – Those who spend and balance their books at profit e.g Arsenal, Sir Ferg’s Man U, Athletico, etc

      Category D – Average Clubs.

      Category E – Others.

  2. Can’t blame Wenger for this one… If Juventus is paying 94M to get him, good for them, but is he really worth it? I would prefer we go for a younger player such as Lacazette, Morata or Icardi…

  3. AFC = Arsenal Fantasies Crushed
    AFC = Arsenal Finance Club
    AFC = Arsenal Fairplay Club
    AFC = Arsene’s Football Club
    AFC = Arsene’s Finance Club
    AFC = Arsene’s Fookin’ Club
    AFC = Always Fudging Contemplating

    1. 80 mill for a sensitive near 29 year old
      pffft they can have him

      0.5 mill buys u a helicopter with propellers made from fruit pastells
      2 mill will fill that copter’ with ganja an women of the highest calibre

      were talking 160 sanogos here…how much post does one city need!!!

      1. Of course they can have him, because it’s Arsene’s Fookin’ Club and he does whatever the fudge he wants!


      2. now we don’t want him… now he’s overpriced. A week ago we were all happy to be linked with him. Arsenal as usual is all fluff.

  4. I dont know what to make off the Riyad Mahrez, as I heard it off a liverpool supporter but i don’t really care much about the 29 year old Higuain or where he goes well after all Chile won Cupa America if any one should be worth 100 milion is our own Elexi and not Higuain But for sure if Mahrez joins Arsenal our goal tally would improve
    Ramsey ozil and grouid xaka did very well in the euros so I Presume their form would be on rather then off adding sanchez to the equation from yesterday warm up campbell had a lovely shot and so did walcott but it did not register be nice to see them score a few in the warm ups to bring up their form

    1. What will Alexis be thinking if the club he turned down to come here, buys out that hefty contract when they already have three strikers even though they lost one. Sure, it is because of the Pogba madness money, but still. Koscielny, Alexis, Ozil and Bellerin. It is just as important we get these players signed on longer than it is for us to recruit more.

  5. we have missed out on almost every striker target since 2013.
    We dont look like signing ‘targets’ anytime soon.
    All we are getting is the unknown youngsters who many at times fail to make a grade here.
    I hope change and not just change I am talking about a revolution here to save our club and i dont care at what cost.
    I have had enough of this.

    1. Wenger signed Sa1goal in 2013 so he hasn’t missed all his targets. Wenger went all out for him.

  6. Seriously,Wenger is a Good coach, but I blame the board for our woes, this man has kept us in the top 4 more than 10yrs! But there is just something missing! Just a little thing, which is a world class striker, if the board are after the happiness of the fans, and they really want trophies they will surely tell him to buy!so this board,the likes of ivan,and kroenke and so on are our major problem in our dear club

  7. Wenger should act fast and get a top striker. Every player has a price. Just bid 60m pounds for Lewandowski and see what happens.

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