Hilarious fan reaction to most ridiculous Arsenal Tottenham combined XI ever

Yesterday we covered the ridiculous Arsenal Tottenham combined XI chosen by soccer pundit Danny Mills. His selections have gone viral and not because he put out a considered, well balanced and thoughtful line-up but because he went with no less than nine Spurs players.

This is what the former Leeds United player went with


And this is how some fans reacted on social media

There were literally hundreds more, in fact, Sky Sports tweeted this multiple times, they just knew it would get a reaction and it sure did.

Apart from Spurs fans, there is almost no one that takes Mills serious anymore, not when he puts out this rubbish.

I chose not to publish some of the more colourful responses but anyone typing in Danny Mills on Twitter can see for themselves how his combined line up has been received.


  1. Yeah, I still don’t see much wrong with it even a couple days later. Torreira for Winks is the major change most would make. Walker-Peters has only played a handful of games and it is premature to say he is better than AMN at RB, but I’m also not going to protest to having AMN put in when not many of us are really convinced by him ourselves. Kane>Auba (i know, it hurts many to see that but it’s hard to dispute Kane’s record), we don’t even have a true LW so Son kind of wins by default. If you change formation and go with two strikers up front, you can fit Kane and Auba in the same side which would probably suit this combined XI better. But as a 4-3-2-1 it’s fine. There are far worse Arsenal XI’s people put together on this very site.

    1. AMN’s not a RB so it was an easy choice to for him.Frankly speaking am in form Aurier is far better than both AMN and KWP.Torreira is better defensively than Winks so he should have been in.There was some bias there.Ceballos over Ndombele is also debatable at this point.
      Apart from that he’s spot on

    2. I still don’t get it on your input of Kane.
      You said, is hard to dispute Kane’s record. Does it mean is easy to dispute Auba’s record?

      Since Auba’s EPL debut which is Feb 2018 against Everton, he played 13games and scored 10goals where your his hard to dispute played 18games since Jan 1st and scored 12goals.

      Now imagine if Auba’s has been here since Jan 1st, he would have score more than 12goals.

      Fast forward to 2018/2019 season
      I don’t need to give you the details cos I believe you know and 22 to Kane’s 17 is not easy.

      And before someone give me he was injured excuse, take it or you leave it, injury is part of football.

      Ronaldo won’t be a CL goal scorer ever if he’s always injured, Diaby would have be a world beater if he stays injury free.

      Yes Kane is a goal getter but I will never rate him above Auba.

      Do you think Kane can play right wing and still get those goals like Auba.

      Salah came in and short him up and since then, he was only competiting with Salah. Auba came in and made Salah realise he’s in for a fight.

      1. Good observation

        In addition to that, Kane only played in EPL, whereas Aubameyang has been proven in three European league

        Kane’s strength is he can play as a false nine and a CAM very well, but Aubameyang is faster and is a good RW

      2. Kane is a better all around forward. I cant imagine anybody disagreeing with that. They both have fantasic goal scoring records, but Kane comes up in bigger moments, has always hovered around 20+ since he broke onto the scene as well. It’s not a criticism that Auba is not as good, there’s just really not No 9. right now that is better than Kane. I know this makes me sound like a spurs fans, but it’s just a footballing observation. If you rate Auba better, fine. But I don’t think you are in the majority.

      3. And Salah is not fighting with Auba, sorry. Salah is consistently scoring in Europes biggest competition and winning it, and scoring in finals. Think you put Auba a bit too high on a pedestal. There are better attackers in EPL than him.

    3. Your very right. You did read my mind. Replace winks for Torreira and it’s an okay lineup. A team that has Willock as a first 11 team member? I don’t say he isn’t a good talent but he is still a work in progress and we should not give him experience through crucial EPL games for 90mins. We got alot of cup games for that. This will dearly cost us

  2. It wasn’t that ridiculous

    Which arsenal player would you replace Erickson for? Ozil? Mkhitaryan?
    Leno for Lloris?
    Nelson for Son?
    I wouldn’t replace Kane with Aubameyang or Lacazette
    The Spurs Defenders are better than us too

    Maybe Torreira for Winks. That’s it really

    Torreira, Pepe and Ceballos. That’s it really

    1. Replace Kane with Aubameyang

      If Aubameyang were an English, he might have been chosen as the main striker in the national football team

  3. And has for Danny Mills, I think is time for him to shut the hell up. if he was so wise(which I know he wasn’t) he would have chose another formation to fit in some players…
    I won’t be bias cos I’m a realist…
    my formation will be


    Walker Vertonghen Alderweird Rose


    Son Ceballos Erikson

    Kane Auba

    I can still argue with Rose cos he’s not good defensively. He’s just like Kolasinac but a better version of Kolasinac.
    Monreal is my take defensively but will still go for Rose cos of Monreal’s tired legs.

  4. Son instead of laca, winks instead of torriera, I don’t have much today. Sunday will speak for itself. Egg head!!!

    1. Son is far ahead of laca at left-wing apart from torriera and auba which are debatable I don’t see anything wrong, kane is as good as auba but torriera can be better than winks but remember ndombele was also left out whom I think is better than both, so it’s always a debate with many views he isn’t completely wrong

  5. People where saying we should have gone fire for fire against Liverpool this combined xi have shown how we are conrently lesser in quality compired to man city,Liverpool and Tottenham if you are not been biased, when injured players return we can say other wise but for now only c.f. and right wing with gk and to an extent torriera and cebellos can really be compared with other big boys

    1. What rubbish are you saying?

      Cos Spurs team are better one on one than our players means they can ride us on?

      Compare Liverpool’s team with us one on one and you will see we have more players in than against the Spur.


      That’s four of our players in than the spurs team.

      And compare the Spurs team to Liverpool and you will have

      Sissoko>Henderson(thats all Liverpool mid)

      I can argue that Mane jst got my vote last season to be little above Son.
      And mind you, Pepe scored the same goals as EPL goals scorer but we never rate him cos he not proven here yet

      So there you have it, with that can Spur prove they are better than Liverpool?

      Matches are not won by individuals, is a teams spot. That’s why Newcastle beat Spurs at there home turf.

      So please stop saying we don’t expect to beat Liverpool, that’s a bad mentality and a mind of mediocrity.

      We have the team to beat Liverpool but our coach fluff it.

      Give our team to Pep and Klopp and you will be happy to have that team.

  6. Danny Mills is a genuine Numpty. There are pundits who live on their bias. Mills is not that bright and is emotionally driven. He’s a bit thick. When there is no one else around he gets called in. It doesn’t really matter as he is just a ‘Shmuck’.

  7. _________________Lloris___________________





    That will be the line-up we will see at return fixture if players are not injured the truth is this spurs team have Many quality players that some are hard to squeeze out

  8. I truly worry for the IQ of any Gooner who cares a jot WHAT Danny Mills thinks or even why he thinks so. Please answer me this , if you are one who so worries: what is it in him having an opinion that troubles you? I can easily see and share the majority opinion that his combined team is daft. But so what? It is a mere football pundits opinion and whether honestly given or not(and his honesty cannot be taken for granted either, as pundits also have agendas, as do most fans, myself included), why should it matter to you? If you are like me, just addicted to this site and are an Arsenal anorak and want a bit of a say on here, and it matters no more than that, then fine.

    But IF it truly WORRIES YOU what he thinks, then in all honesty I suggest you may well have problems of personal insecurity. PLEASE THINK ABOUT WHAT I SAY, since this goes far deeper, in importance to YOU PERSONALLY, than any mere pundits view. It is also well worth wondering WHY you intrinsically believe what any person says on here, as if it is the sworn gospel truth about what they TRULY believe! People, even players, managers, owners, agents and shock horror, also FANS, have been known to lie!

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