Hilarious Manchester newspaper headline about Arsenal shows they starting to panic

I was doing my normal reading up on Arsenal football club and keeping up to date with what is happening and I came across this beauty of a headline from the Manchester Evening News

Manchester United handed potential top four boost by Arsenal team selection

My initial thought was, uh oh, what have we done but any worry soon dissipated, it really was a pathetic piece that smacked of clutching at straws trying to find anything, absolutely anything, that they can grab hold of to make themselves feel more positive about their chances of beating us to a top-four spot.

The bottom line is that because we actually picked some of our senior players like Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette in the game against Al Nasr, they even dug up some tweets from Arsenal fans hoping none of our players got injured.

They obviously ignored the fact that no less than NINE youngsters played, they ignored the fact that in the build up both teams mixed in publicity and obviously did not realise the common acceptance in these sort of games that no dodgy tackles be done, oh, and it is an international break, what do they think the United players were doing?

The whole trip to Dubai was a huge success but the Manchester Evening News was playing to their audience and the best thing they could come up with is that we used some of our players in a friendly, it is absolutely laughable and if anyone can take anything from their opponents, it is us, we can take from that ridiculous article that Man Utd and their sycophants are a worried bunch and they should be.

Darren N


  1. We should concentrate on our journey, one game at a time. Top 4 will not be lost in the hands of a rival. Its in OUR OWN hands- to take or to lose. We even have an easier(not necessarily walk in the park) games than some of our rivals so we should be motivated but no complacent. Im actually more hopeful than most.

    PS: the Dubai training camp is one of the besr things i have seen coming from Arsenal. It means we are taking our last 8 games seriously.

  2. So what? Are you not just dignifying this daft newspaper by even reporting it? If nothing worthwhile happens, then best to say NOWT!

    1. Love you’re northern accent Jon. Seeing that more or less everything connected to the Premier League including the referees has moved to Manchester is doesn’t surprise me that the Manchester Evening News has jumped into bed with Sky Sports with their bias reporting. What do you expect?

      1. The North eh Kenny? Well , Palmers Green, where I grew up, was in NORTH London N13. Not been back for many years so I know NOWT about how it is doing today. Happen I’m reet!

        1. You were lucky, I lived in shoebox middle-at-road, licked road clean wit tung, worked twenty hours a day down mill, and paid mill owner permission to work, you were lucky

  3. They are jittery that pay day is coming. All the dross they have spewn about us and the half-brain predections about us not making the top four is coming back to bite their silly arse.

    Let’s heap more misery on that sorry lot by whopping some ass in the next match. The pressure to perform will get to them and we will only benefit.

    Upwards and forwards!

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