‘His DNA is Arsenal’ – Pundits in agreement on Mikel Arteta’s successor

Trevor Sinclair and Darren Bent both agree that Patrick Vieira is destined to take over the Arsenal job in the near future.

The Gunners were denied victory on Monday after the French manager inspired an incredible performance from his Crystal Palace side, and in reality they were extremely lucky not to take all three points.

After only a short time at Selhurst Park, Vieira has made a big impression, highlighted by the fact that only Chelsea and Liverpool can boast a league win over his side so far this term.

Naturally after all the talk from the build-up and aftermath of the clash with Palace the conversation would come up in regards to Patrick returning to north London in the future, and the two TalkSPORT hosts Sinclair and Bent are sure that he will do just that.

“They’re 12th place. When you look at the club and where they’re expected to finish, for me, I think they’re going to be top ten. But this is Arsenal football club!” Sinclair live on air.

“Is there almost like an invisible energy now wanting Vieira at the football club? I know he wants to do well for Palace but his DNA is Arsenal Football Club. I kind of feel somethings going on – maybe not for a year or a year-and-a-half but I think Vieira ends up as Arsenal manager.

“He just carried himself really well and he’s got a real idea of football. The way they played last night; superb.”

Bent moved to agree on the subject also, stating: “From when Patrick was there last time to now, I’m sure he can’t believe the drop off. Yeah, I think at some point he ends up at Arsenal as manager. 100 per cent.”

Should Vieira already be thinking about making the switch at the first given opportunity or could his challenge with Palace be his priority?


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  1. I was against PV getting the job on the basis of his achievements so far not being strong enough. They aren’t and even if he does reasonably well that is still not good enough. Vieira would have to blow my socks off

    That said, Arteta was given the job with none at all when a top coach was required after 3 years without a top4 place. I think Arteta will come good (whether great..I’m not sure) but having to wait for him to get to that position was a poor decision from above. It was not the time to gamble

    Such is the level of competition in the league as more and more mega rich owners buy into it, then unfortunately Arsenal have lost ground against the top teams.

    1. Arteta will never come good, he is capable of taking Arsenal forward, he is killing Tierney, his style is workman like with no real creativity. Odegaard is also suffering under his negative football .He will not get us European football of that I believe

      1. Your assessment of course
        I think he will do better but after 2 years he is still on the learning curve. There will be a cut off of good will

  2. I was about to write “well, he’s not far off on the evidence of Monday”, but then I thought “what exactly makes PV4 not ‘there’ whilst MA8 is ‘there’?”. My only answer is that people treat working as Pep’s sidekick as the apprenticeship to a great football sorcerer. It really doesn’t work that way. For example, I can’t name one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s assistants who’s gone off to have a truly stellar managerial career themselves. As close as it comes is Steve McLaren, but what did he ever win – 1 league cup? Both Arteta and Vieira are “Work in Progress” coaches. On the evidence of Monday night, Paddy’s out in front – but it’s a sample size of 1. All I know is that Arteta needs to improve things quickly – if he doesn’t then Paddy, if he can continue with Palace as he has done – not to mention some others others – will be well in with a shout for the Emirates job.

  3. No matter what anybody thinks, I believe Arteta is better than Viera (not minding Viera was one of our invincibles, and despite Arteta being the younger and less experienced manager).
    Not body is talking about the unnecessary injury to Saka which forced a change in our system and not Crystal Palace’s. And nobody is talking about the non red card which either way would have favored Arsenal. Remember Arsenal was leading and playing better before all that.
    Most Arsenal fans already hate Arteta and so nothing he does is good at all.

    1. Good coaches learn to adapt, not make excuses, he has no back up plan. We were awful against Brighton and against Palace

  4. Arsenal is languishing in mid-table mid-table because of some supporters who put the interests of an individual over those of Arsenal. After spending so much money, there’s no difference in our team in terms of progress. Arsenal is playing boring football.

      1. Sue P Id remember WHO that daft comment came from, the very silly Koma, and ignore it as the nonsense it plainly is, if I were you.

  5. After a couple months, is PV’s style of play evident at Palace? I would say yes.

    After a couple of years is Arteta’s style of play evident at Arsenal? I would say no, other than a negative approach to playing the game.

    Personally I feel it was a mistake to hire a coach with no experience who has built nothing in his life close to a top 10 squad.

    After 2 8th place finishes and losing out on European play, we have got what we paid for. I feel top 6 even harder this year, and If Newcastle invest heavily, even more competition.

    I’m concerned that Kronke ownership has given up on competing with the league’s big clubs (Man utd, City, Chelsea) and has settled for less ambitious goals, as is evident by moves over the last several years.

    The “retool” morphed into first “the project” now currently “the process” Now the club hasn’t even issued gauges and criteria for “progress.”

    Wenger and Emery had the goal of top 4 or CL by the backdoor, Arteta has no criteria, just an oft thrown about “patience” and “process”

  6. its too early to say about Vieira

    He hasnt had enough time to be judged on really at the moment.

    But the signs of his style of play are quite evident so far and is a massive contrast to how palace have played in recent memory.

    For me on MA, i dont think he is the right man for us – nmot one iota

    I said ill give him till November int’l break but i really dont think he is doing good or anything of the like.

    Sorry to all the Sambi fans but he should not have come on for Saka, hes far too defensively minded for a home game we should be going out and pushing on, why he didnt just bring on Laca at half time is baffling.

    all in all i hope hes gone by the end of the season, but not sure at if Vieira would be the answer, i suppose we will know if he’s cut out to manage a premier league club or not in May – if he finishes close or above us then i would say go get him – just based on what Palace would have achieved based on money spent and overall quality of the team.

  7. The expectations of fans at Arsenal is way above those of Palace and therefore the pressure on Vieira is considerably less than that on Arteta.Tactically they both made tactical errors on Monday.Arteta in starting the disappointing Odegaard in a central midfield role, and Vieira in trying to shut up shop by replacing a striker with a CB at a time when Palace looked a threat on the counter attack as we pushed for an equaliser.They both have a lot to learn imo, and if Arteta is shown the door in the not too distant future, Vieira would not be on a shortlist to replace him.Like Arteta, he has not achieved much in Management and perhaps he never will.We should not get carried away by the fact that he was a truly great player, as very few in that calibre went on to be great Managers.

  8. I can’t point at one player that Arteta has improved since he took over. He has turned over a whole squad and squandered a whole lot of money doing so. Instead even the players that he has brought are retrogressing.
    Partey is a shadow of the player we paid all of £45m for. Even Tomiyasu who started like a house on fire is barely recognizable these days.
    The signs are pretty bad. The end of the tunnel seems far out of sight

  9. Vierra isn’t ready for Arsenal yet but the football his team played and the DNA of Vierra certainly stuck out last Monday. As has been said neither should be managing Arsenal yet because both are unknown entities as far as coach/manager is concerned but in 5 years time, of the two, i would bet on Vierra being a top coach. But where and who with, is anyones guess. When both names were muted, i didn’t want either but of the two, i think Vierra would bring more to Arsenal. But thats all conjecture and just my opinion.

  10. as it stands, Vieira isn’t a viable managerial option for our club, as things are far too complicated for someone who doesn’t have the requisite experience necessary to mitigate such an undertaking

    of course, saying that simply highlights the misguided nature of the experiment we’ve been engaged in for the better part of 2 years

    maybe someday Arteta and/or Vieira will establish themselves as a bonified managerial candidate for our club, but nothing either has accomplished suggests that this is a plausible situation for either of them to succeed

    unfortunately, the fact that ownership didn’t recognize this obvious fact from the get-go or even at the end of last season, then actually allowed Arteta to spend a previously unseen amount in our most recent transfer window, likely means that it will be infinitely more difficult to cut the cord

  11. I do sue. Its the atmosphere around the club and the fans make that. If none of us can get off the couch and go make a difference on the field . We should stay in a fans place and support. Reading down the comments and I can’t help but believe some of us fans think that we can do a better job as manager or tech dtr. I stay at home now and watch the game, because i can’t enjoy the game with such crap fans.

  12. For me my problem with the manager is not necessarily on his experience but the fact that his not even willing to learn or correct himself… He feels he knows it all… I don’t know if there is any Arsenal former player or legend that has backed him or his football, Surely they can’t be all wrong at the same time.
    Patrick Viera may not be the right person but atleast he knows how a winning team should look like or set up. I don’t think Patrick would condone some excessiveness especially from senior players..
    Mikel has nothing to offer, the same project youth him and Edu are claiming to build, he is the same time destroying it already and doesn’t even know..
    The likes of Tierney, Saka, ESR, Lokonga, Ode, Tomi etc which are supposed to be the center behind the “so called” project are seriously regressing and as time goes under his(Arteta) leadership this players won’t be recognized anymore..
    Lastly before talking about handling this kind of project to an incompetent manager ask yourselves the last project youths that he attempted to implement where are they are now? the likes of Quendouzi, EMN, Willock, Saliba, Martineli, Nketiah, Nelson etc Where are they now and what’s their fate?
    To even go further this project youth didn’t just start today. There was a time when Wenger attempted it an gave congrats to a host of young potential British core same time in Ramsey, Gibbs, Chamberlain, Walcott, Jenkinson, etc How did they fare or how did it end up?
    Whoever introduced the concept of project youths to the Kroenkes and thought that Arteta can oversee it is seriously a joker and needs serious head examination.. Football is all about the present.. it’s what u achieve here and now that builds up your future.. The sooner the club realises that the better.

    1. This is a load of rubbish.
      Arteta is a very capable manager. He is still relatively new in the role and his team is young, inexperienced and learning.

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