“His form is a symptom of Arsenal’s lack of form going forward.” Arsenal style blamed for Aubameyang’s goal drought

Alan Smith believes the changes that Mikel Arteta made to the way Arsenal plays the game is to blame for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s lack of goals.

The Gabonese striker has scored just once from open play, and twice overall in the Premier League this season.

He had netted 22 goals in each of the last two seasons, however, the goals have suddenly dried up with the team also struggling.

Arsenal’s big problem before Arteta became their manager was a leaky defence, and the Spaniard has managed to fix that with the Gunners now one of the hardest teams to score against in the Premier League.

But it has come at a price, reckons Smith, who says that they have made it hard for teams to find them exposed when they lose the ball, but they remain toothless in their attack because of that.

“His form is a symptom of Arsenal’s lack of form going forward.” Smith told Sky Sports

“Mikel Arteta had to change the way they played, he had to make them more robust, harder to play against, more solid at the back.”

He added: “Wherever Arsenal are on the pitch, they always make sure that should they lose the ball, they are not exposed,”

“They’ve always got that in mind. Arteta works quite hard on that in training. And yes, it’s taken away some of that joie de vivre, if you like, that Arsenal have always been associated with going forward.”

Arsenal will face Tottenham in the Premier League next and the Gunners will hope that Aubameyang will rediscover his scoring form in that game.

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  1. Truth is Aubameyang despite his goals for us is a liability to this Arsenal team especially if we re talking about EPL Title, Top 4 ambitions..
    He is too slow, soft and also lazy!! A catch-up team like Arsenal needs aggressive strikers such as Raul Jimenez, Richardlison, Mikel Antonio, etc..May not score goals up to Auba but will disorganize defences and pave way for Pepe, Martinelli, Ceballos, etc to score.
    Arteta has to be bold..Manage him for this season but 2021/2022, Sell him!!! Also sell Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi, Sokratis and Lazy n Rubbish Lacazette!!
    Get Wilfred Zaha, Andre Silva, John Stones..
    Bellerin John Stones Holding Tierney
    Thomas Partey
    Maitland Miles Ceballos
    Nelson Martinelli Wilfred Zaha

    1. The best pundits and commentators try to give us some insight that perehaps we had not thought of.

      The mundane ones merely trot out the general, well known by all opinions. Smithy is not among the ones regarded as anything other than mundane . BORING TOO!

  2. The game is played in 3 parts: defense, distribution and attack. When I played as a midfielder (#10). My coach told me to be at training the earliest and leave the latest as I was the brain and bridge of my team. I learnt that I had to distribute and create this constant bridge between attack and defense. I weighed only 107 lb and had to have 2 defensive midfielders called Bulldog and Goliath to shield me – but I was who teams feared. One pass and my school would win games. I got injured and my team was destroyed. We fell 10 places in 6 games. I was devastated. What is the lesson from my life? Arsenal is not going to have an effective attack without a genius or above average #10 – and the Club needs 2 of them. We do not even have one; nor are we trying to groom someone for the position. This is madness. The longer it takes to replace Ozil the more pain we shall endure.

      1. Never mind Jon, as a realist, you know it was MA who has made the decision to not play him but pay him – at least UE didn’t make THAT mistake.

        Would love to know exactly what MO is earning per week, now that clauses and bonuses are being leaked by someone who can only be from the very top of the pile at our club – what a way to run a buslness…Sir Henry would approve I’m sure LOL

  3. How can ALL the players performed so badly consistently .I blame the coach. I’m tired of seeing my club doing so badly yet we have very good players.
    Only one logical conclusion: the coach is not suited for this level.
    ARTETA OUT !! The sooner the better because then we can salvage this season

    1. The truth hurts. Blaming all the players all the time gets old. The players can’t forget how to play from one day to the other.

  4. With Mikel we are struggling to minnows – at home
    But please don’t bring in Sarri
    Because while we are presently a mid table team he will take us further down.

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