“His partnership with Sanchez could have been so much more” Arsenal legend says Ozil underachieved at the Emirates

Arsenal legend, Michael Thomas says that Mesut Ozil could have been so much more at Arsenal, but he didn’t have the consistency to match his talents.

The German has become a divisive figure at Arsenal and he hasn’t played for the club since March last year.

This month offers them the chance to get rid of him for good, and there has been speculation that he might finally leave the club.

Thomas, like most Arsenal fans, has been left disappointed by the fact that he didn’t do more at the club despite winning three FA Cups.

He said that the German has an amazing vision but he cannot deliver his performances consistently enough.

He also praised his partnership with Alexis Sanchez when the Chilean was at the club and said it could have been so much more than it turned out to be.

He told CaughtOffside: “Amazing vision and quality but not enough consistency to go with these attributes.

“His partnership with [Alexis] Sanchez could have been so much more, but blossomed at times.”

Arsenal’s focus is to get him off their wage bill now because he is firmly out of the plans of Mikel Arteta.

This month would be a good time for him to leave, but he could decide to see out his current deal.

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  1. Undoubtedly, We were pipped by mighty Leicester because they were more ambitious and had a better game plan. Aside from Carzola’s vital contribution, the Sanchez – Ozil partnership was often let down by the likes of Xhaka and Ramsey in midfield while up front Walcott and Giroud failed to deliver in key games.

    1. No one player including Messi, Maradona and Ronaldo can lift a team by himself all the time.
      Just look at Arsenal during the glory days we Henry, Bergkamp and Viera in addition to above average players to support them.

      1. @Icw

        Although I agree that one star player on their own cannot lift an entire team, there’s no getting away from it, that Ozil badly declined at Arsenal once we improved our attack.

        So the excuse of blaming the quality around Ozil has been debunked, by the man himself. Furthermore, Cesc played in far worse teams, yet performed consistently better, and delivered in the big games more often.

        No doubt Ozil has given us some amazing moments. That Leicester goal, when he assisted Auba, was football poetry! It’s just that Ozil wasn’t consistent enough.

        1. TMW: You like to argue without presenting facts because facts are not important to satisfy your hate for the man. For instance:

          Prove me wrong by showing what accomplishments in the form of trophies/ championships, etc.. did Cesc deliver at Arsenal over Ozil.

          I doubt that you will answer my question because you always go quite when cornered.

  2. Always looking for one excuse or the other for Ozil. Olie and Walcott were the excuses then, Auba and Laca came and same story. Now it is Chaka and Ramsey. If you’re good and hard working, you are, if you are lazy in Modern football, nothing for you. Ozil is talented and still has years ahead of him if he can up his game in terms of working hard for his money and not replying on others to shine.

  3. So why didn’t Arsenal win the title. the year Leicester could or improve the following season?How many commentators that year mentioned that they were unimpressed by the Xhaka, Ramsey combination in midfield. What do they know ? Also in season 2018 -19, with Ozil in the doghouse and Arsenal needing something like four points from three games to make Champions ZWhy did the hardworking pair of Xhaka and Ramsey let the club down do badly If you know your football you’d be aware that in Carzola, Sanchez and Ozil Arsenal had the dream focal point and all that team needed was decent backup from the hardworkers.

    1. We lack consistency

      Our goals dried up…

      and if you cant score you defence is bound to leak due to pressure….

      Carzola was injured and if had signed Lacazette that season

      he would have given us that 10 to 15 goals to win the title

      thats at least 4 wins and 12 points

      we are the only team that beat Leicester that season

  4. This was such a frustrating time at Arsenal…the football was enjoyable to watch, but they were just unwilling to invest heavily and make a push before the impending contract issues came into play…if they had addressed the key areas of concern at DM and CB, then properly invested in a Striker, there’s no doubt in my mind we could have pocketed a title or two…the obvious personnel issues, from a defensive perspective, meant we couldn’t employ a formation that would have allowed us to play our best 11 in their rightful positions…instead we oftentimes had Ramsey and Ozil lining up out wide on the right, which made it difficult to stretch defences, and with Giroud up top, there was little opportunity to adopt a more direct approach…remember we were the only team that beat LC twice the year they won the title, in dominating fashion no less…this was when I was convinced that we would never win a title unless we deviated from the self-sustaining model…with the rapid rise in transfer fees and wage demands, combined with the increased parity due to the massive tv deal payouts, which led to increased competition over available talent, teams who wanted to challenge for titles would have to either up their game from a recruitment standpoint or take more financial risks in the hopes it would pay off in the long run…unfortunately we did neither

  5. Özil is an excellent technician who loves the club but should have left before for his own benefit and legacy. When he was unable physically to meet the demands he didn’t rise or admit defeat and move. Looking forward to the next generation who aim to win the league after so many years. Clearly it was beyond Özil, as was the Europa League Final when he had to be replaced. Had he delivered, he would surely have been a legend but for now he is a multi millionaire world cup winner and la Liga winner with Real Madrid. Good but not great for Arsenal

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