History schmistory! Arsenal’s time is NOW says Wenger!

I am sure that everyone of an Arsenal persuasion is feeling pretty nervous right now, with an away game against Manchester United standing in the way of another trip to Wembley for the Gunners. It is not the awesome power of the side standing in our way that is the concern though, but the shocking record that Arsenal have against them, especially away from home.

Arsene Wenger would clearly love for his players to end that run tonight and come away from Old Trafford smiling for the first time since 2006. And he clearly wants them to try to forget about history, or at least try to. As an ESPN report explains, Wenger feels that history should have no bearing on this match and in theory he is right.

The Frenchman said, “I know we have not won at Old Trafford for a few years but I don’t believe history plays any part in this game.

“It doesn’t matter what shirt they wear, or what stadium they play in. It is down to quality. If I’ve learnt something in my life it’s that the performance on the day decides the outcome of the day, not where you play.

“We won at Manchester City and the fact that we can win away from home, that is important. If you haven’t won away from home all season it’s more difficult. But we know we can do well away from home.

“We have lost some points in the Premier League this season that we should never have lost. The game against United was the biggest one we threw away.

“We were so dominant that the game should have been over in the first half-hour. When you look again at the way we conceded the two goals — well, we just offered them the game.

“It’s a big game, and every big win in a big game has an impact subconsciously in the belief of the team,” Wenger said.

“Once you get to the quarter-final you think that’s a good opportunity to win a trophy. Winning the FA Cup last season gave us energy. How much, I don’t know.

“But it gave us energy because we had a few years without winning a trophy and on that front it was vital. The change after winning a trophy is more linked with belief.

“This team has a good mentality because we had a slow start this season and every time when we lose a big game you see how much the players are touched. I think the mentality is very healthy, they want to do well and we will be focused on Monday night.”

On form and paper we should be able to beat Manchester United tonight, but football is played on grass. So will the Gunners be able to write a new chapter in history tonight?

VIDEO – Greatest Arsenal v Man United FA Cup Highlights

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  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath for this sack of potatoes (Arsenal players).
    But am willing to eat humble pie.

  2. So history means nothing he states in one breath and in another he directly contradicts himself with “It’s a big game, and every big win in a big game has an impact subconsciously in the belief of the team,”

    So which is it?

    I hope his game ‘plans’ are clearer!

    1. while Arsene is often coy with what he says during interviews, this particular statement is not in fact contradictory or in opposition to itself. history doesn’t decide the game on a particular day, but winning a game against another big club, on a particular day, sure can instill further belief. does history make this game more meaningful? yes. but history doesn’t decide the game. what’s done in the present is the only decider. COYG!!!

  3. There’s nothing to lose, really. The second after we were drawn at OT we knew it will be very hard. I will actually watch the game with the same attitude. If they will clear their minds from every negative thought then I can see us go through it. If we will not show up and give it too easy then I see no point in us being on Wembley for the semis. This is how actually teams are shaping up for the future and by god, we were shaping this future for quite some time now. It is team to deliver and if this is not possible then reshuffle and rebuild with quality parts.
    I could care less for what kind of pairing, player vs player and manager vs manager is thrown into the discussion. You will not win this game only with tactics. We have players being on that 8-2 still in the squad, that is probably a painful memory for them. But we also have players coming here for exactly this type of game. Tonight all our questions will be answered. Will it Ozil cut it ? Will Coquelin be a star? Is Sanchez the hero Arsenal waited for so long? Is Mertesacker still in the game? Does Szceszny learned anything? Does the old man still having it to outwit his peer? Is Walcott still a reliable option? All of these questions will be answered tonight.
    So, Mr. Wenger, look deep and search that something we need, something our players need to show up. It is you to make them believe again. Fail to do that and we fail to prove we have indeed a team ready to fight for the top glory. COYG.

    1. Spot on @Budd!
      I still think though, that the game at the Etihad (regardless of Yaya’s absence) answered some of those questions positively to a large extent.

      1. The City games was just a flush in the pan… City this season and right now are not the team to gauge our strengths on. The likes of Stoke, Burnley, Hull, Crystal palace, Middlesborough, Liverpool have all done them our given them a hard game..

        City have been terrible all season. Chelski is the team to measure ourselves on right now, not city.

  4. Tough game tonight at lucky lucky manure..
    Think we will lose 2-1?
    Is this game more important than Saturday’s visit of West Ham..?
    Depends how people view the fa cup.. 2 wins away from the final
    Beat West Ham and secure top4 as all our rivals play either tricky away games or one another..
    I think WENGER will be desperate to win tonight and then when we visit them at the end of April we might not need the points as bad.. Who knows.
    I hate manure regardless and never want them to beat anyone.. Well maybe Chelsea and a draw at the weekend against the spuds …
    Just hope we don’t give them respect as they quite literally are shite at the moment.. It’s de gea we need to worry about most and beating him.. He’s helped them to at least 15 pts this season and without him they would be mid table…
    Giroud needs to make up for his Monaco misses…
    I just hope it’s not a replay..
    I’m expecting a top entertaining match.. End to end.. And van gaal’s stupid voice to be the highlight of the post match interview..

  5. It is indeed a day of reckoning. I have this feeling that tells me we will triumph in the end. This could be the evening that altered the tides in our favor after so many years of painful, humiliating defeats. This could just be it. I am ready and I know you are fellow Gooners!

  6. The right tactics will decide this game. If we look at our team (players) we don’t look bad at all we have options to bring this one home. BUT Wenger…. This is the weak link. Just hope he comes up with some tactics. If we lose tonight he should do the honorable thing and leave.

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