History shows why Arsenal must take the Carabao Cup seriously

Arsenal’s history in the Carabao Cup reflects both moments of promise and a lingering sense of frustration. While the club has achieved success in this competition, with victories in 1987 and 1993, they’ve also endured their share of near-misses and disappointments.

The Gunners’ first foray into the Carabao Cup final occurred during the 1967/68 season, but Leeds United denied them victory with a 1-0 defeat. In the following season, Arsenal reached the final once more, only to be thwarted by Swindon Town, losing 3-1.

It took nearly two decades for Arsenal to return to the final, and in 1987, they clinched the trophy with a 2-1 win over Liverpool. However, their triumph was short-lived, as they were defeated 2-1 by Luton Town in the subsequent year’s final.

Arsenal’s second Carabao Cup victory came in the 1992/93 season when they triumphed 2-1 over Sheffield Wednesday. Unfortunately, this success marked the last time they claimed the trophy.

In more recent years, Arsenal has made valiant attempts to secure the Carabao Cup. They reached the final in 2007, 2011, and 2018 but were thwarted by Chelsea, Birmingham City, and Manchester City, respectively.

Mikel Arteta has emphasised the significance of the Carabao Cup for the club. With a determination to secure his first managerial Carabao Cup victory, Arteta aims to elevate Arsenal’s standing in this competition, seeking to add more silverware to the club’s storied history.

Arsenal face West Ham United in the next round and with Manchester City eliminated the field is now wide open and there is no reason why it should not be Arsenal’s name on the trophy for the third time in its history.

If Arsenal is ever to take this competition seriously, surely it is this season. Our history in the competition in terms of actually winning it is quite poor, we must put that right.

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    1. No! We do things our way not city’s way so we have to go for it even if /and should anyway/we are interested in winning the league and CL.

        1. After spending so much still we couldn’t build team to fight for trophy. That indicates poor business by Manager and his team

    2. Why would you say MC did not take it seriously? Is it because they lost?
      All PL teams rotate players which is what MC did. They should have beaten Newcastle but did not take their first half chances. Newcastle took the game to MC more in the second half to get the win.

  1. Arsenal is a massive team, if there is any competition out there for the takings Arsenal should not overlook it.

  2. The trouble is these days only league titles and champions league trophies really change the perception of a club. The rest, even the europa, is just “we can only win second class trophies, not the big ones”. Obviously it’s better to win something than nothing but to be ranked with City, or even Liverpool, it’s not enough. The danger is that burning out your players in secondary competitions means you don’t have enough in the tank for the main ones.

  3. No club takes this competition seriously until the semis. Its a minor cup but fun to see the second string in and youngsters when they are trusted.

  4. The League Cup is certainly something Arsenal should strive to win. It not only boosts the trophy cabinet but also boosts confidence amongst players to go in for other titles. It is good that Arteta has taken this competition seriously and has fielded quality players in his squad.

  5. Not a priority imo. Good competition to breed youngsters and those on the fringes. The prize money is a measly £100k. Nkethia & Nelson get paid that every week.

    So not worthed to go all in as it could derail other targets.

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