History video – Dramatic last-minute scenes as Arsenal beat Man United to win the 1979 FA Cup Final

The Alan Sunderland FA Cup Final 1979

Here we are with another classic Arsenal memory, and this is what I have found for information about one of the most amazing games in Arsenal’s history, when Arsenal were 2-0 up with just 5 minutes to go…..

The 1979 FA Cup Final is often referred to as the “Alan Sunderland Final” because of his dramatic late winner. This is how the BBC Archive reported on it….

Arsenal needed an 89th-minute winner from Alan Sunderland to beat Manchester United 3-2 in the 1979 FA Cup final, having conceded two goals in the final three minutes.

First-half goals from Brian Talbot and Frank Stapleton appeared to have won the final for the Gunners before the Red Devils levelled the game with goals in the 87th and 88th minutes from Gordon McQueen and Sammy McIlroy.

The late drama continued with Arsenal going down the other end and Sunderland stretching to score a famous winner.

The “Alan Sunderland Final” (also known as the “5-minute Final”) is considered to be one of the greatest FA Cup Finals of all time, and it is a testament to Sunderland’s individual brilliance that he is still remembered for his performance 44 years later.

And here, for your pleasure, are the highlights of the game, amazing ending!

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  1. Remember this well. That was the year and the game after which I became an AFC supporter.
    Brady was excellent but what about that cross by Graham Rix for Sunderland’s winner and the argument between Talbot and Sunderland on who scored the Ist Arsenal goal.

    1. Namaste, I didn’t realize you were that old ! You’ve been a Gunner a long time then. I only became a supporter when Alan Ball started playing for us in the early ’70s (he is my favourite English player of all time). Did you ever see him play ?
      “Snozzer” Talbot was a real tryer, not the most skillful but he always gave it 100%.

  2. Watched the match live. It was the first cup I saw Arsenal win. Have never heard it called “The Alan Sunderland final”, though. Methinks you’re making that up.

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