Hoeness’ attack on Mesut Ozil brings more shame on German Football

Mesut Ozil attacked again – By the Bayern Munich President by Dan Smith

Uli Hoeness attempts to defend Germany’s football treatment of Ozil has only brought more shame on their domestic game. To paraphrase, the Bayern Munich president has suggested the players retirement due to racism will prove a blessing, believing the midfielder last performed well before the World Cup in Brazil and he is using the fall out from his picture with the Turkish president to overshadow his below par performances.

I could argue it takes dedication to get over 90 caps for such a famous side. I could point to statistics which highlight how many goals the playmaker has been involved in. I could even query why it’s taken 4 years for the man in charge of Bundesliga’s biggest club to not display such an opinion, when apparently he’s wanted him dropped over 4 years ago. I could mention the irony that suddenly Ozil’s skills are being questioned the moment he’s turned his back on the national team
To do any of that though would be missing the point of the issue and make me as bad as the man who made this statement.Hoeness’ attack on Mesut Ozil brings shame on German Football

Hoeness said: “I’m glad it is over. He’s been playing dirt for years.

“He last won a tackle before the 2014 World Cup. And now he hides himself and his c*** performance behind this photo.

“His 35 million follower boys, who of course do not exist in the real world, think he has played excellently if he plays a cross to a man.”

“Whenever we played against Arsenal, we played over him, because we know he’s the weak point”,

There is nothing wrong with a talent dividing opinions. The game is based on various point of views and it would be boring if we all thought the same. The time though to analyse the midfielder’s work rate, consistency, etc, should come after a match, not on the back of a human being saying he’s felt mistreated because of where he comes from.

As much as we are all passionaite about our football, some things in life are more important – accusations of racism being one of them. For a man with such a position at one of the biggest institutions in the sport, to try and make this a footballing debate is ignorant at best. Especially at a time when the whole nation should be looking at themselves and how they run their game. How many young Bayern Munich fans have been uneducated now because the man who runs the club they love has turned a sensitive subject into a trivial one. How many sports men and women are now discouraged to speak out for the fear of having their performance mocked by a man who has no reason to get involved.
Many professionals have questioned the benefit of various FIFA/UEFA campaigns to fight prejudice. At times it seems the couple of moments each year we see these stars wear anti-racism shirts, it’s a PR exercise rather then a clear desire to garner awareness.

A man has spoken out.
He’s so hurt he retired from international football before the age of 30. He knows his achievements will now be ignored. He’s referred to himself as refugee. And the price for speaking out will see more abuse and ridicule.

Starting it seems from one of the most powerful men at Germany’s most powerful side.

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    Wow, Hoeness was very blunt and I agree that Ozil’s level is far away from the world class playmakers

    To all of you Ozil’s fans and the ones that always slate Giroud/ Walcott for not able to finish Ozil’s “chances”, watch Ozil’s first fifty assists in EPL. Most of Ozil’s chances were finished by Giroud:


    Many of Ozil’s assists were from predictable/ obvious crosses and set pieces. He very rarely made assists from through balls (stats lovers should look at these stats: premierleague.com/stats/top/players), if you compare them to Bergkamp’s all 116 assists:


    Arsenal need a different/ better playmaker than him

    1. arie82 says:

      Bergkamp assists to henry, kanu, wiltron, anelka (where we play direct pass and counter attack)
      Compared to
      Oziel assists to giroud and walcott (where we play sideway pass tiki taka)

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      Couldn’t agree more! I watched all of his assists for us, and not many of them were against quality opposition, or came in really big occasions. I look at a player like KDB who has an insane range of passing, amazing vision, and top notch technical quality, accompanied with a great work ethic.

      I personally would get rid of Ozil, but we’re stuck with him, and my only hope is Emery. Hopefully he’ll stop with these relentlessly pointless sideways/backwards passing, have plenty of forward runners off the ball, move the ball more directly from back to front, which should hopefully allow Ozil to show us his full range of passing (if he still has it that is).

    3. Mobella says:

      I don’t know who else would have converted his passes to goals if not Giroud and Walcott who played mostly with him in further attacking position. Maybe you expect Messi or Ronaldo to, in case you did note they did play for arsenal. Please can you also come up with youtube clips on how wasteful those two players were with scoring chances created by Ozil to have a balance view of the argument. Man you never cease to amaze with what you called your opinion. For the sake of fans who are not English like myself can you explain elaborately how an assist can be predictable. Because with my little understanding of English language i know a final pass from one player that is legitimately scored by the other play is called an assist and if that pass is predictable as you said, it means it will be stopped by the opposition player then it be a goal and also and assist for the player that makes the final pass.

      1. ThirdManJW says:


        Highlight clips are the worst! I remember watching a compilation of Gervinho, and thinking, “wow, we have a player”, enough said! Haha.

        In regards to Ozil, or any player, it’s good to watch them regularly, for the entirety of their performances, so that you can really give a good assessment of the player. I have watched about 95% of Ozil’s performances (full games), since he’s been here, and around 99% against quality opposition. He goes missing so often against any decent side. Then people use the excuse of not having quality around Ozil. Are Lacazette, Aubameyang, and Mkhitaryan not quality forward players? Because since they’ve arrived, Ozil’s got even worse! He’s become the invisible man against any quality team.

        I am not saying he’s a poor player, of course not, but he’s not WC, and a million miles off a player like KDB. The fact that so many have had to come up with every excuse under the sun to defend Ozil, says everything you need to know really. Reminds me of people defending Wenger. We can definitely live without Ozil, especially now that we have Mkhitaryan.

      2. Mohamed says:

        Spot on ny friend

  2. Otunba_007 says:


    I know he underperforms most of the time but he’s not the reason Germany was knocked out of the competition… Thomas Muller, khediera, Humells, the whole team and most especially the COACH (low) were awful, and for all of them to make Ozil a scapegoat and hide behind a picture he too as an excuse is PATHETIC

    1. Beaumont says:

      Hoeness thinks he is intelligent. His stupid interventions go to every body. At the time of Schroeder as Boss of Germany he wanted to tell him how to lead a country. Hoeness just comes back from prison. He is only an idiot with criminal charges

      1. Beaumont says:

        You are lucky not to have seen the racist parts of the whole story

    2. gotanidea says:

      I guess no more German club for Ozil

      1. Axel says:

        Hopefully Ozil moves to Turkey from Germany.
        He was shit in the 2018 World Cup and for many years at Arsenal.
        Uli Hoeneß is Right on! Only Politically Correct Communists seem to disagree. How about ripping Erdogan!

  3. okiror says:


    1. Sue says:

      No just text commentary on Arsenal website

    2. GB says:

      Live on Virgin if you have it.

      1. okiror says:


      2. Declan says:

        Also live on Sky but there’s a subscription.
        Live on Premier Player (free on Virgin) but you can pay £10 for a months viewing if you haven’t got Virgin, and view on iPad etc. There’s a lot of games in this series so could be worth it for a month.

    3. Beaumont says:

      Try DAZN.COM

    4. Phelyx says:

      It is live on TV in Nigeria

    5. Phelyx says:

      It is live on TV in Nigeria. Startimes sport

  4. Innit says:

    Match day
    Exciting Stuff.

  5. Ukeme says:

    Hoeness Or Whatever He Calls Himself, Is A Fool.

  6. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    He’s coming home , he’s coming home …..

    looks like Dembele is keeping tabs on our preseason, he seems really interested to join Arsenal. it remains to be seen if we will make a bid.

    Dembele just replied to a tweet by Iwobi making fun of Lacazette

  7. 1. Hoeness is a disgrace. His comments are entirely disconnected from reality and the stats prove that unequivocally.

    2. Ozil creates more chances than anyone. I see people complaining about the way he creates chances and who is finishing. It’s garbage. You have to have the intelligence, timing and talent to make the chance, otherwise the pass is intercepted, wayward or otherwise useless.

    3. When an entire team plays badly, the people with no brains will blame Ozil for absolutely everything and say things like “he didn’t run the game” or “he was lazy” without looking at any stats such as the fact that he’ll run further than almost anyone on the team or complete more passes than anyone while the defense commit egregious errors and forwards waste gilt-edged chances.

    Hoeness is a racist fucktard, he’s a disgrace. The rest of you commenting here without a fact or a stat to back up your lame comments–which are clearly just regurgitations of some tabloid punditry you’ve read elsewhere, are hopeless. Ozil is good at what he does. He creates chances galore–more than anyone else in fact–has a great vision and fantastic touch, and if you get behind him and the team this year, we’ll see Lacazette, Aubamayang, Ramsey, Perez and others banging them in like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t understand this stupid negative attitude where you want to tear down your own players before the season even begins–especially when the stats are completely against you, but for the love of Arsenal and any chance at winning titles, MAN UP and stop your crybaby antics and support your team.


  8. Alan says:

    A few bits on this.

    Ozil made the decision to get this photo done, then not address it properly.

    Anyone who thinks it’s ok to appear to throw support behind Erdogan and not suffer consequences is an idiot and doesn’t understand the current political climate, if I took a selfie with Hitler, i’d have my integrity questioned.

    Everyone handled this poorly but this is all Ozil’s doing.

    Ozil claims racism, but it really isn’t – he made a poor choice, got called out on it then went on the offensive by throwing his toys out the pram. Hoeness has been blunt in his assessment but for Germany Ozil has been poor, even when the rest have been doing well. He wasn’t made the scapegoat for the world cup failure, the whole team got slated – again, only snowflake ozil refused to accept criticism and cited racism.

    Racists do exist, many people suffer from it (I’ve been at the emirates when Bayern steamrolled Arsenal and the fans were calling him a gypsy c**t and to FO back to germany) but the fact is, germany and the DFB have an amazing inclusion program for immigrants, these are the same racists that essentially shaped and developed his career, the same racists that voted him player of the year (even that got political as a few of them were not warranted)

    I have enjoyed watching Ozil for years, even when he was at Schalke – he is not the same player that peaked at Werder and then developed further at Real, you could argue that arsenal have not used him in the right system but you could also argue that he’s not actually tried that hard to make it work.

    Point is, all through his career, issues have arisen from his attitude, he had issues with schalke, real, and even at arsenal, lets not forget he waited till the last second to sign a new contract aiming for a better move/deal before nothing came up. But it’s never “his” fault.

    1. Mobella says:

      Maybe I’m not on the same planet as you are but i have not read anywhere where other German players were blamed for their WC performance. Not even Godogan . I will be glad if you can show me one. This should not be made about the performance of Ozil in present or past. This is about how is was treated as a man or player. What i kept reading people with your view on the matter is should man up and face the consequence of his life choices but no one has explained how his photo with Edogan responsible for the poor showing of the Germany in world cup. Why did he have to be blamed for everything. The German fa chairman hasn’t made any statement about their diabolical performance neither has Oliver but they had both talked about how it was a mistake for Ozil to go to WC.

    2. john hodges says:

      alan spot on i live in germany , the dfb are not racist you only have to look at the playerin the team he is not the only player with foriegen roots.

    3. 92 games for Germany. 23 goals and 40 assists. German player of the year 5 times. I have been supporting arsenal since 1971 and believe I have learnt a bit about football over the years. This is one hell of a footballer totally under appreciated by certain fans who want a Martin Keown kick in the shins approach to football. Where I may add there is a place for. However players are bought for what skills they bring and Ozil was bought as a playmaker which he is and has done for Arsenal an Country. Very very few of the so called TV pundits who criticize Ozil have com anywhere close to what Ozil has achieved whether it be individual club or international honours

    4. Axel says:


  9. oooooo says:

    It’s so sad seeing you guys critise ozil,yes kdb is as good as ozil but nobody has made more incredible passes than ozil in the PL even the so called crosses y’all be talking about kdb does that too.assists are assists no matter the form it comes in.the season ozil had 19 assists in the premier league he easily could have got close to 30 but he was surrounded by players who can’t finish so please stop comparing him to kdb bcoz kbd is surrounded by better players…hopefully this season we get to c the assist king ozil bcoz he has the players now who are as good as those in mancity

  10. mikki says:

    Ozil is still arsenal weakest point till now,some people are just too blind to see the truth

  11. Jah son says:

    @ Mikki
    I am one of the blind ones

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