Holding and Chambers shouldn’t be immune from the axe

Arsenal is expected to have a clear out this summer as they look to rebuild their team under Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard became the club’s manager late last year, his appointment has brought about positive changes at the club and they are keen to build on that this season.

One position that Arsenal will look to overhaul is their defence and a number of their defenders have been tipped to be axed.

The likes of Sokratis and Shkodran Mustafi could be leaving the club this summer and make room for the likes of William Saliba and Gabriel.

Two players who cases have been made for them to remain at the club are Rob Holding and Calum Chambers.

Holding has a longer-term remaining on his current deal at the club and he has proven to be a fine defender when he has played for the first team.

Chambers also impressed in the first few games he played under Arteta and the Spaniard seem to think highly of him.

I also like to think that Chambers may have come of age and he might become a key player.

However, if we sign Gabriel and add him to Saliba, it means that both players will have even more competition for places.

They represent an era at the Emirates that hasn’t delivered so much and neither player should be immune from being offloaded, especially if Arteta wants to bring in better quality.

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  1. Chambers has two years left and I am not sure when he will be back from injury, which can affect move possibility. My opinion of Chambers, is he reads the game really well and is comfortable on the ball. Holding is taller, so fits better as CB, while Chambers can be used as DM if we failed to land Partey or someone of his mould.

      1. Fairly well? Chambers was Fulham’s player of the season with 3 times more votes than any other player!

        1. Yes, but Fulham relegated. So you cannot say, this is a great indicator. I really rate him highly, l hope he can stay fit.
          Especially both are English and we need them for the Quota.

  2. I think holding showing good progress this half year, really worth to stick with him. Sokratis, chambers, mustafi, we already saw their limit.

  3. Got to confirm Gabriel first. He passed his medical yesterday but it is now being reported he has asked for 48 hours to decide as Man U have made him an offer!

    1. Transfer checker:
      “Man Utd make late approach for Gabriel and the player is keen on the move.”
      No. And no again. #AFC #MUFC

      1. Utd having Champions League football next season is Killer Punch for AFC
        Even though they can offer much more money but CL football is really essential…

        1. Things are looking good for us though… Europa is better than nothing… and who in their right mind would turn down the chance of playing with the likes of Auba (& co 😂)… I believe we’ll get our man…

          1. I wish I was as confident as you Sue. We seem to drag our foot alot. Would it be bad if we signed a player within 2 days of being linked with him. Will Chelsea have signed ziyech and werner if they had let it drag through the entire window before getting it done? Look how long it’s taking to announce auba’s extension. I’m so frustrated with Arsenal.

          2. Too slow in negotiations, too much procrastination and too much haggling over price with the Club, when personal terms are agreed. This is what allows other clubs to come in with late offers.

          3. We should know the signs by now, Kstix 😂😂
            Still no Auba….now that is beginning to really irk me!! Surely they must realise by making us wait till the very last minute, not all of us will see it… as we’ll have keeled over from the expectation haha!!

  4. Personally I feel we should keep chambers and holding. Holding should be 3rd or 4th choice behind mari with chambers able to cover CB RB and CDM. We forget how injury prone our players can sometimes be. For me both of them are very decent defenders who have been so unlucky with injuries. I feel luiz is past it and should not have his contract extended again with mustafi and sokratis needing to be shown the door

  5. Except for Sokratis, do we NEED to sell anyone realistically? We went into the FA cup final with 3 fit CBs and we play a 3 man back line. What makes people think we’re overstocked because we add two and remove one? We technically are adding one.

    1. Without Gabriel no. We only added William, Mari is still injured as well as Mustafi and Chambers and we loaned Dinos M. already.

    2. Because Arsenal got no money and almost every single one of our defenders they can’t defend so the is no use on keeping dead wood instead of cashing in on them we still need CDM and CAM

  6. The trouble with both Chambers and Holding, is their lack of pace which will prevent them from being top quality.Fulham and Leeds could be likely destinations for these players who may each realize around 20m.Personally I would rather get rid of Socratic and Mustafi before the English pair but we would need to be entirely realistic when it comes to the selling price.Would 3m for Sokratis and 12m for Mustafi shift them.Finally on the CB issue, from my brief viewings of Mari , I am not convinced he is any better than Holding or Chambers.

    1. Mari cannot really be judged he’s only played a couple of games and I believe he is a good defender, I would get rid of chambers mustafi and sokratis .

      1. Don’t forget Mavropanos on loan.
        Socrates has attracted interest from Seria A and David Luiz from Rennes (that’s why the contract extension was good).
        Remember Chambers and Holding are home grown players.

  7. Mancs look favourites to sign Gabriel can offer him bigger salary and champions league football looks a done deal!!

  8. We signed Luiz and Mari so far.

    Man U or team offering CL will have logically stand better chance to land Gabriel or any seeked for target.

    We not only ones on players and monitoring, Dortmund been on Gabriel before us. Hijacking means we are set to sign agreed with player & club and player decides to sign elsewhere . His decision first tho…

    We should not be signing Luiz & Mari but target Gabriel then and already secured him. Get rid of Sokratis, Holding, and keep Mustafi who showed to be our best CB in the end, with experience needed for young players as Saliba or Gabriel.

    He can also help out on flanks as Chambers who can also play at DM spot.

    All these are speculations anyhow, no big sign on with “Arsenal big summer sale!”

    We taking where we left at with same team & coach deciding that.

  9. Holding seems to have gotten more interest this summer so sell him. I’d keep one and Chambers is superior to Holding. Sokratis, Kolasinac, Holding off in the summer would be a good batch to move on. SO many CB’s at the moment and need to chop that wage bill down.

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