Home advantage almost eliminated without fans in the stands report claims

As football returns across the world behind closed doors, a recent study has shown that playing at home is quite useless when there are no fans in the stands.

Premier League teams like Brighton have been fighting to maintain the home and away system of the Premier League when football returns.

And some teams even ridiculously claimed that they would accept neutral grounds being used if they won’t be relegated.

But The Conversation has revealed that home advantage is almost eliminated when teams have to play at home behind closed doors.

Their findings revealed that a team’s chance of winning a home game reduces to 36 percent from 46 percent when they don’t have fans cheering them on.

The findings also revealed that away teams also see their chances of winning improve from 26 percent to 34 percent.

This would be useful to the Premier League as they look to convince teams to agree to stage the remaining games at neutral venues.

Although it seems that the teams fighting for that not to happen have won as the Police chiefs are looking to find a way to help keep the fans away from home stadiums around the country when football returns.

Arsenal fans watching from home will no doubt hope that their team can do better than the reported figures when they play in an empty Emirates Stadium.

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