Home crowd make Arsenal favourites to beat Bayern Munich

As Arsenal lost their first two Champions League Group games to the outsiders, it is now imperative that the Gunners get something out of their two games against Bayern Munich or they will have little chance of progressing to the knockout stages.

Arsene Wenger believes (scientifically of course) that the home crowd is the biggest factor in deciding who wins Champions League games, and also who scores the first goal, which is always a good start!

“When you look at the history of all these games, most are decided by the first goal,” Le Prof told Arsenal Player. “A new scientific study within the Champions League last year found that, more than ever, the team who scores first wins.

“Why? Because it puts the team in a very strong position to be able to counter-attack, and that is the easiest way to attack without opening yourself up.

“Having said that, I think on a longer distance the current numbers about away games will be reversed. I recently read a scientific study that covered all types of sport and what came out was that home teams are still favourites to win games, and not because of the motivational factor of the players but purely because of the support of the crowd.

“In a variety of sports, they came to the scientific conclusion that the biggest advantage of the team that plays at home is the support of the crowd. That’s not my impression; it’s the result of a scientific study.

“They eliminated all the other factors that could come in. It was a simple conclusion – it’s the home support that gives the advantage of the team. This home support can also turn against the home team if you don’t start well and if you are 1-0 down, but it also shows that influence is very strong.”

I think we have got a very good chance against Munich, for the simple reason that, like Manchester United, they will come to attack us themselves to try and win the game, whereas less talented teams tend to sit back and crowd the defence. So, as Wenger says, we just have to score the first goal or we will suffer.

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  1. Unfortunately Home crowd didn’t help at last CL game….but the point of scoring 1st goal could..also would need strong defensive display from entire team – cant see a 1-0 win against this Bayern side – they will definitely score…
    But shouldn’t we be focusing on Watford for now…

    1. Indeed regarding Watford. …same thing happened when we were facing the two minnows in ucl….we were thinking off chelsea and manu.

      I wonder whatever happened to the “next game is the most important one of the season” slogan

      1. Will take more than he crowd to draw or win against Bayern. We will have to win games against Zageb and Olymp and they will need to lose to Bayern. Goals will have to get us through. Epl is the focus but CL cannot be forgotten. We can get through both!

  2. Not a great atmosphere at the Emirates at the best of times.

    Something about it, whether it’s the prawn sandwich brigade or the architectural soul of the place (maybe a combination).

    Although Highbury was a library so perhaps it’s the Arsenal fans that is the common denominator here??? I am one and go regularly (not regular enough as i can’t afford to) and am always amazed at some of the ‘support’ that turns up.

    From Dortmund to crystals the palace they have die hard fans and cauldron like arenas that surely must give their teams a 12th man.

    Perhaps More needs to be done to generate a more hostile atmosphere to visiting fans and Stoke up home fans or perhaps in the modern, sterile and corporate environment of AFC today this cannot exist.

    1. ArseOverTit

      Arsenal football has become a must for tourists to see a match in the EPL worlds best league, who better then Arsenal and almost central London with the best stadium and great hospitality but what this means is that your not filling the stadium with true Arsenal fans and even if they want to join in they don’t know how

      1. just a thought may be Arsenal FC should orchestrate the singing by printing the words on the programs and start it of from the stadium speakers that will get everyone behind the team?

        1. That sounds like it should work, simple but effective. Also Id put it in a number different languages..

          Also what ArseOT said about architecture, I feel it is either that or else it’s your conclusion. Leaning with yours because even if you had 30 thousand people in an open field they would generate one hell of a sound.

          1. Different languages lol ..scrap that. Just realised the Chinese would be singing in Chinese and so on. May still have problems for foreigners who are less than fluent.

    2. It’s even more upsetting because I think our away support is one of the best in the league, I think that creating a standing section might give true gunners a better chance to go and support the team with lower priced tickets but tbh we need to voice these opinions at the club because for such a big stadium we produce such a quiet and unintimidating atmosphere

  3. Watford v Arsenal is our next game. I believe the players should focus on this game first. Take nothing for granted! After the weekend, then we can worry and talk about the game against Bayern Munich. Arsenal All The Way!

  4. Off Topic:

    Copied from a Youtube comment

    Lewandoski 5 goals in 9 minutes.
    Aguero 5 goals in 19 minutes.
    Rooney 5 goals in 9 months..

  5. Yes Home Crowd helped us against Monaco @ home last season

    Actually that was an odd one because we destroyed Monaco away

    I think the players just didn’t show up or use the crowd to their advantage

    We should have at least stolen Kondogbia from them.

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