“Honestly, you are making me more angry” Neville angered by Josh Kroenke’s patronising comments

Gary Neville says he is angry at suggestions that English fans want Premier League football while international fans want more games between Arsenal and teams like Barcelona.

This suggestion was made by Josh Kroenke when he was defending Arsenal’s decision to join the European Super League last week.

The Gunners were one of 11 teams who founded the competition that has now been suspended due to fans’ fury.

The news of their participation was met with anger and protests that are still ongoing at the moment.

Josh held a fans’ forum where he answered questions from unhappy supporters and one reason he gave for joining the Super League was the prospect of playing top teams, which their international fans want.

However, when Martin Tyler told Neville about the patronising take on Sky Sports, it angered the former Manchester United full-back turned pundit who went on a rant.

“Martin, honestly, you are making me more angry, the more that you speak,” said Neville. “Honestly, they are an absolute disgrace.

“Those three clubs (Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal) are standard-bearers in English football, in terms of success and joy around the world.

“The hundreds of millions of fans around the world, who have watched those three clubs. And to be represented in such a fashion, honestly!”


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  1. No fan wants a CIRCUS football match btw Arsenal and Barcelona, or Real Mad, or Man City.
    Earn the right to play real game of soccer. These Yankees do not understand anything other than more money

  2. How out of touch are these kronks, please get put of our club you stole from us and let us get back to being run properly again by someone who knows. Way out of you depth kronks!

  3. Trouble is it will happen, football is global and there will be a huge demand for games like that world wide

      1. Well said SueP, all this other stuff continually being bought up is getting on my bits, (yes I toned that down a little).

  4. I, being one of those ‘international fans’ (for the past 20 years,) can confidently say that Josh Kroenke’s assertion regarding our preference for the ESL is based purely on guesswork.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing that falsehood being bandied about.

    It makes ‘international fans’ seem rather shallow and ignorant about what Arsenal FC and football is all about.

    Neville is absolutely right. He has no right to misrepresent us thus!

    1. Wing-Hang, I’m totally in agreement and support of your position as a fellow international fan. Josh Kroenke doesn’t speak for me!
      In Australia, I have met in my personal and professional life, fans of teams from many UK clubs in every division of each league. I have also met fans of many clubs in Spain, Italy and Greece who follow other teams apart from the big teams in those countries. Not everyone wants to see a closed shop league with 12 teams playing each other, with no relegation and promotion as per US sporting franchises.

  5. This is what differentiate USA from the rest of the world Football. I know they play football but they have a culture that separate them from others. We love our competitions that entitles clubs to qualify or get relegated.
    Just qualifying every year regardless of performance is anathema to European football.

  6. Football is all about money..

    if the media, UEFA and Fifa have their slice of the pie

    they will change their tune…

    players and former players have and used to be paid huge amount of wages….

    where do these income comes from??

    A club income comes predominately from sponsorships and broadcasting income

  7. Josh is wrong. Time to ask him to leave. Shallow useless plastic ‘owner’. Please leave. Take your money and try to buy a Superbowl at least, or is that not possible? LOL!

    As a fan who has been with Arsenal for over four decades while living in four continents, and knowing other Arsenal fans, I can say with absolute certainty that we value being in the home league more than in any overseas league.

    We know the value of Arsenal playing QPR or Forest, and how things can change. Or following a player from Southampton… to Arsenal and back. If anything, the internet has only made the history of the game more accessible to all.

    Just following Bayern or seeing a game in Poland makes fans appreciate the grass roots and other fans. Ever been in Baltimore when Cal Ripkin played his game? I can go on.

    These fake owners and their marketing gurus have to go. Sports fans enjoy each tradition for what they are. We do not want to destroy leagues from where the players rose, whether is it the Antlers in Japan or Riverplate in Argentina. We enjoy seeing the different teams in different generations come and go. We love those stories of players whose father coached two girls to be young women super stars in tennis–thank goodness there are no owners in some sports.

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