Hope rises that Arsenal may yet offload albatross around their necks

Arsenal may yet be able to offload liability Mest Ozil

Ozil has regained the trust of Mikel Arteta however, he remains far from his best and the Spanish manager probably would not reject the idea of cashing in on him.

Ozil has 18 months left on his current Arsenal contract that sees him make a ridiculous and undeserved £350,000 per week.

He has been underwhelming for a good few seasons now but he has maintained that he would see out his contract at the Emirates.

Reports from Turkish football citing the Washington Post no less is claiming that he has emerged as a shock target for MLS side DC United.

DC United recently had Wayne Rooney on their books, but the Englishman has returned to Derby County so United has their designated player slot free for a high profile signing.

The report claims that Ozil has recently opened a branch of his coffee store, 39 Steps at the Audi Find Stadium and he could be preparing for life in DC after leaving Arsenal.

Ozil’s huge wage bill has been a stumbling block for teams looking to take him away from Arsenal and that would represent a problem for DC United as well.

However, if Arsenal became interested in the deal, they could subsidize the player’s salary until his current deal with them ends.

Earlier I posted up an article that was titled “If only this Arsenal rumour turned out to be true” I wish I would have saved that for this particular news.


    1. Yes. I agree. Arsenal fans should have NO right to criticise players.
      Only say kind and wonderful things about all Arsenal players

  1. I might be wrong but i understand they were interested in next year taking Ozil, not this. They were looking for an agreement in principle but not this year, i dont know if that has changed.

  2. Ozil is not going anywhere, he will go til His juicy contract takes him, then probably NY ; after London, that makes sense for 2 years, LA or Miami sound pretty good as well.

    This is pure BS rumors!

  3. You, me and countless other Gooners also pray this is true Martin. “Albertoss around our necks” is a perfect description for this lazy, uninterested in our club player. OF ALL YOUR RUMOURS I PLAY TO GOD THIS ONE COMES TRUE!

  4. If Ozil was earning £100,000 per week I’d even be inclined to want to keep him as backup

    But his wages are contributing to our finances being choked

    We need to release this pressure. His wages could pay 3 decent players or 2 excellent players or 1 world class player

    Ozil is not helping Aubameyang or other players score more goals, he doesn’t kick assists, doesn’t retrieve the ball back, doesn’t defend. What use is he?

    1. Innit, why don’t you ask MA, he works with him every day…or what about his fellow players?

      The criticism from these people is so underwhelming, I wonder if it really exists?

  5. Oh dear Jon, no criticism of this post then?

    I was expecting another rebuttal of such nonsense and a threat to, yet again, leave the site.

    Are you not concerned that it will just increase the advertising revenue and it’s rubbish anyway?

    Funny how, in blink of an eye, all previous condemnations and indignation with regards to us, the fan’s intelligence, has flown out the window.

    Is that what being a realist, liberal factual thinker really means?

    1. I fully expected a backlash Ken1945, especially from you and a few others and there is time yet. I can take it, as long as it remains within the bounds of decency. It is a little early to say this but maybe that there has not been such a vitriolic backlash in itself is telling of where the fans are right now with Ozil.

      1. AdminMartin, I wasn’t even thinking about you and what you have written to be honest – everyone has an opinion.

        What I was commenting on and, maybe you should have as well, was the two faced approach by Jon to this article, compared to what he said to you , what, two or three days ago.

        At least you and I are consistent in our views and that was my point, it won’t change because it suits us to will it?

        1. I have enough issues with Jon without getting involved between you two. I recall a time in South East London many years ago, very close to Millwall when I came off the train at New Cross at about midnight when I noticed two females smacking the hell out of each other. Obviously, I could not just walk away and got between them. Well, one of them lamped me from behind and then the other joined in, barely got away alive and that is no exaggeration. That taught me never to get involved in an argument that is none of my business.

        1. Yup, was binned, absolutely no idea why and I am the only working on the site right now and I certainly never binned it. Hopefully, this will stop happening once the new design is rolled out. I will respond to that comment.

    2. Ken, I detect a deal of not quite successfully hidden jealousy of my talents in your post. ONLY TEASING!! BTW, I have no idea which post you wish me to criticise, other than your own, as I have now done. Though I find I disagree on so much with you, Arsenal wise, I STILL FIND YOU AN INTERESTING MAN , A GOOD PERSON AND SOMEONE I LOVE TO CROSS SWORDS WITH. MAY WE BOTH LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO DO IT FOR AGES YET. Ozil will one day leave, as Wenger did and so I hope we find many other subjects to argue about.

      BTW, you know I am in theatre; well, in Gilbert and Sullivans opera Princess Ida, there is a character named King Gama and he has a song called “Oh isn’t your life extremely flat with nothing whatever to grumble at”. You may not be amazed then that I HAVE SEVERAL TIMES PLAYED THIS CHARACTER AND SUNG THAT SONG, AMONG OTHER COMPLAINING SONGS. I CAN’T THINK WHY!

      1. Jon, good luck in your acting career oldthello, as your predictions regarding AFC and gambling on them is certainly a farcical english tragedy. Only joking by the way!!!

        I’ll just ask again in case you can supply a direct answer…why was this post met with such self righteous acclaim, when three days ago, you were accusing the site of repetitive, bland, unimaginative humbug that was an insult to our intelligence?

        Have no doubt Jon, our swords will cross many times, god willing, ozil will leave as you say and our club will continue – now please answer the question!?!?

        1. You still have not said which post you refer too Ken. Please precisely identify what post you mean and who wrote it. Happy to oblige if you tell me this evening, when I am at home and free. After that it will be too late, as I will be too busy elsewhere.

        2. On re -reading your last post I REALISE that you probably mean the ARTICLE ITSELF, and not a POST at all. Had you correctly said “the article ” and not “the post” I would have known what you meant. So, assuming you DO mean the artcicle here goes: I was telling Martin that at long last I hoped I could at last find one of his long line of false rumours to be true. Nothing wrong with that from my point of view, as a fan who craves Ozils exit(as Martin also seems to wish). Believe me, I was not praising Martin but merely taking the chance to agree with one of the majority on here who want OZIL OUT. At the risk of exciting Martin(who reads all these posts) I SUGGEST HE NOW does another of his fan polls to see how many want Ozil out of Arsenal or to stay. That would surely settle our argument as you still persist in saying most want OZIL TO STAY. I SAY YOU ARE VERY WRONG.

  6. Ozil remains one of the best in the current squad. He’s going nowhere. Please stop running down our players.

    1. Muhammad, if you believe Ozil is one of the best players, it doesn’t say much for your assessment of the other players in the current Arsenal squad.
      His current contribution is no goals and one assist in his last 15 games. It will be interesting to see how long Arteta’s “regained faith in Ozil” lasts, if his current level of performance does not improve markedly.

  7. There is a good article about Ozil today, that says Ozil proves key passes don’t matter anymore

    De Bruyne just creates 58% more chances than Ozil, but De Bruyne has 1500% more assists. Meanwhile Joao Moutinho just creates 5% more chances than Ozil, but Moutinho has 700% more assists

    He really has to be sold or given away for free. The team can’t win EL as long as there is still a regular starter who lets his teammates fight alone

    1. “Pain in the arsenal” website right??

      1. @GAI this was a response written to it by a fellow gooner,
        “I detest these articles, however, feel obligated to respond to them with concrete facts. Since Arteta’s arrival, Ozil has been playing much better. I would say he played great in earlier games (Bournemouth, Chelsea, Man United – 10 defensive recoveries), decent against (Leeds and Sheffield), and ok and against (Chelsea- tie). In one of the early games he created 7 chances, and during the several games prior to our Chelsea tie, he created 4 chances per game (not from set pieces), and 1 was a 30 meter pass. He is probably the only one on our team that can pull that off, as we learned in preseason as he split 5 Barca defenders with an out of sight assist to Auba, that Messi loved, so I don’t understand why we would ever want to discourage that “world-class” behavior, by calling it a weak attempt at an assist, when it is the extreme exact opposite. Only a novice, would NOT understand the skill required to attempt the creation of such an elaborate opportunity, by marking out half the opposition with one pass, as there are only a few in the world that can do it, and we happen to have one. And, we write about it, as if it is some sort of plague he is carrying, and he is a piece of garbage for attempting it. We should want him to feel confident enough to try more of these, because he does possess the skill at an extraordinary level, and needs to feel unimpeded on the pitch, so he can provide his very best, and not constantly be judged so harshly, and hope our strike force can capitalize on these opportunities, and learn together how to amp up our creative play, as a team. Our strike team has missed many sitters, set up by Ozil, that would have changed outcomes to games (we have tied 4 times), since Arteta’s arrival. In fairness, I also recall Ozil missing an opportunity. In addition, on multiple occasions in every game, he has tried to start quick one pass give-and-go’s with multiple players, and most often it is the other players that cannot keep it going, to start driving into the box. He often doesn’t receive the ball back, and we lose possession. Lastly, when he feeds someone the ball, he almost always makes a run into the box, and no one ever passes the ball to him in a scoring position. It is as if they have been told not to let him shoot. Lol. I know this is not true. However, for us to be successful, he needs to be a scoring and assist threat. He has brought some of this on himself, by always looking for an assist before a shot. But, that needs to change. And, we know he is capable of it, and it is long overdue, and I am sure he is dying to contribute in this manner. We give other players so much more understanding. Even Frank Lampard said, he was the greatest threat to Chelsea, after we went down to 10 men, because of the positions he was putting himself in. His contributions may not yet have translated to goals and assists, however, if he continues working hard, and doing these smart things that Arteta wants, that are making our rival coaches uncomfortable, it will pay off for us.

        I would not normally call out the performance of the rest of the team. However, since you don’t seem to have accurate chance created stats, nor do you mention the amount of sitters missed, and I chose to not go into by whom, the difficulty of simple one-touch passing consistency in the box for the creation of goal opportunities, the lack of heads up play, the constant dribbling and losing of the ball, and with that possession, etc, etc. There are so many issues that you have not addressed that are really the root of the issues. If you don’t believe me, just follow Arteta. It would be great if you could provide accurate stats, and if you are going to provide feedback regarding the stats, please ensure you understand the game (Arteta), consistency of the starting XI – the how and why, the entire scope and landscape of the team, strategy and tactics, how and when they are impacted and/or implemented or not implemented, due to circumstances that occur during/before/after matches.

        It is so unfortunate how poorly our fans treat Ozil. Arteta is going to go on to be a great manager. Despite what many fans believe, he needs Ozil to do it. He is the closest caliber of player to anything at Man City, but will never produce as such, because he is not playing on a team with every single player being such. When he has been around a few such players, he has been able to produce such (baring Emery and his cloak and dagger, wack-a-mole methodology of coaching). So, the more you trash him, instead of band together, and just support the whole team, the harder you make it on Arteta to achieve his goals, which are our team and club goals “

    2. gotanidea, have you seen any complaints from his teammates? Or MA? Or kronkie? Or the home and away fans who chant his name?

      By the way, are you going to compensate kronkie for the money he will lose when you tell him to give him away for free.

      1. Ken, we always learn the hard way. Remember the stick Ramsey was getting before we lost him on a free? Our midfield has suffered as a result, he was the only goal scoring midfielder we had. It will be the same with Ozil, he will eventually be hounded out of the club and no doubt the serial moaners on this site will be cheering. But then what? Who will replace him, Ceballos? I think not dribbles too much, holds up play and rarely puts in a decent through ball. Ozil’s main problem is that over the past years we have had two wasteful CF’s firstly Giroud and now, the much lauded, Lacazette. I don’t have the stats but I’m pretty sure Ozil still provides loads of good scoring chances but is dependent on the quality of players around him. Arteta has more or less confirmed this and will look to make changes. Lastly, does anyone believe Dr Bruynne would have all those assists if he was playing for AFC? No Aguero, Sterling and De Jesus to rely on.

        1. Serial moaners? Let me think about that for a minute. A cultist or a serial moaner? Wow, that is a hard choice.

      1. If you look at it keenly he actually did. He bought Ozil to avoid the backlash of the fans for failing to buy Luis Suarez.

  8. Ozil has made his intentions clear. He said he will be here this season and next. During that time we will pay him around 25m.

    Then he will be free to leave and negotiate a larger salary than he has now.

    Why would he leave now? it’s not like he needs to play to represent Germany and I am certain he has people running his coffee shops.

    So unless a team comes in offering him at least equal parity with what he has now, please forget these stories and try to support him and all our players.

    Personally, I would only have him as a cup player or coming off the bench.

  9. The truth is we are stuck with Ozil, nobody is going to take him off our hands. He has been available for at least 3 windows now and he is still here, obviously not a desired object away from Arsenal. Still we have a few players more liked by our fans than anyone outside the club.

    1. Arsenal shd blame those in charge who gave him this pay and make sure thre is no repeat. Of course deserving players need to be rewarded but not at this ridiculous amount.
      If clubs are not careful with their pay structure they could go bust.

      1. 👍 👍 It will be interesting to see which club he ends up at when he leaves on a free; probably in Turkey or the USA.

  10. It’s a shame that both Mustafi and Ozil have not moved on despite the criticism of the fans and the club. I read the comments of Mustafi agent(his dad). It was the same thing he said in the summer. Think it’s good to have a little self respect to know when a club does not want you. It’s at the end of running down your contract that you know how badly your market value has dropped.

  11. The word assist, to my understanding, means the last pass before a goal. If Ozil gives the past and it doesn’t turn to a goal, how is that his fault. Why is he being blamed for not providing ‘assists’ when people are not putting the ball at the back of the net?

    Or maybe there is something I don’t know. If he is said to make ‘key passes’ and ‘created chances’ by the stats, I suppose he has done what he was employed to do.

    I also believe that the generality of us fans don’t know all the facts and so it is a bit inaccurate to base any conclusion on the much we know. There are people, MA for example, who work with Ozil everyday and they are better placed to make judgement calls that we as fans are thrusting upon ourselves.

    It will honest of us to admit that we do not know all the facts and so we may be hating on the man unjustly. Lampard’s quoted assertions about the potency of Ozil while on the field that day is enough to make people think twice before slinging any mud in Ozil’s direction. At least he, Lampard, should know what he’s talking about.

    Or maybe he doesn’t in the opinion of some of us here.

    1. Ozil has an average of 2 key passes per game this season.

      Apart from KDB(+1) and emiliano(+3) he has made the most key passses since MA’s appointed.

      I appreciate yoir comment.Atleast you are not looking through a coloured glass…

    2. Just a point about Lampards quote as it has been taken right out context of what i read, is we had 11 men with ozil and was 1-0 down, Ozil goes off and we are down to 10 men and win the period ozil wasn’t there 2-1.

        1. Ha ha, even i couldn’t blame ozil if he was on the pitch for Lenos error or mustaffi being his usual self for the second.

      1. Well it seems you want us to hang on to the words of the Turkish fa and the washington post, neither whom have played or managed in the premier league – now I wonder who MA would consider had the most knowledge about Ozil and premiership football, apart of course from himself and the player?

        The most important thing to remember is that Ozil has committed himself to the club, the manager, the fans and assures us all that he will see out his well earnt contract…so no more worries as he is in for the long run.

        By the way, just read that the club already discussing a further two years at an improved reported £400,000 a week…that last bit was in the ajabajan weekly herald, another publication that knows more about our players than the club itself.

        1. I do not want you to hang on to any words from anyone Ken, I just report what is out there, it is up to you what you believe or not.

        2. Ken Your definition of “committed”(to the club) is at polar odds with mine. I consider that, in truth, the word ” commitment” means sweating blood(proverbially) for the cause, NOT merely accepting you will stay til close of contract and happily continue to pocket your huge wage, and not ask for a transfer, whilst strolling around largely unproductively, when you are not “ill” or injured in most games, til that contract ends. That may explain the vast difference in attitudes between you and me about Ozil. One assist and no goals in his last 14 games now. QED!

      2. Admin Martin.I thing that the “football opinions” of Lampard,Mourino ,Arteta and other coaches in respect of the qualities of Ozil have more weight,( with all respect) than of yours and many others fans opinions in this block.Another thing is to value the contribution of Ozil to Arsenal at this moment.Arteta have use what is a his disposition, and in the actual squad there no one better to play this role.That is my opinion anyway.

    3. So if those that he gives the ball keep letting him down, why can’t he score the goals himself? or his legs are only meant to make and not score em?

  12. The problem is though Jon, the man you see as guiding us back to glory, MIKEL ARTETA, agrees with me and not you….while the man you previously heralded as the one to get your arsenal back, actually got the sack after trying to blame the man Mikel, myself and the vast majority of fans at games back.

    Have you EVER thought that MIKEL might have a liitle more knowledge about Ozil than you have?

    1. Ken it is only your opinion that MA agrees with you, not with me. I totally disagree with your opinion and say the reverse is true. You are basing your view on the fact that Ozil is now starting OZIL and bigged him up in public with a statemenrt. I have many times now explained to you -though it constantly falls on deaf ears- that to believe as gospe all public statements is naive and childlike. MA could hardly come out publicly and slate OZIL OR ANY OTHER PLAYER EITHER, COULD HE? MA also knows that OZIL will refuse to be shifted til his contract ends next summer and that we have no other fit reliable creative midfielder at all of any quality. CEBALLOS HAS PROVED A FLOP AND IS NOT YET FULLY MATCH FIT AND IS UNSUITED TO OUR PREM , IN A PHYSICAL SENSE, LACKING POWER AND EFFORT. MA is still hoping to coaz OZIL into some regular effort, which he had started to do ,until the last two games where he relapsed to his previous “work” rate and was again ineffective. MA is not in a position of choice and I suggest he desprately wants a better more reliable, far more hard working player but Kroenke prevents it happening. Til Ozils contract comes, mercifully, to an end. MA has no option but to make the best of a bad job. But to believe his statement, issued in the hope of motivating OZIL and to think it is gospel truth is naive beyound belief , esp for a man of your experience and worldly wise views. You have never answered the question I have now several times asked, which is WHY do you take all public statements issued as gospel truth and not see the tactics behind some of those atatements. I FIND YOUR APPARENT NAIVETY DIFFICULT TO ACTUALLY BELIEVE KEN!

  13. Whatever our views on Ozil,we are stuck with him for the duration of the ludicrous contract sanctioned by Messrs Gazidis and Wenger who should be the men taking the flak from fans.

  14. Well that goes for you as well. You yourself could do a lot lot better and I will await your so called Beauty of an Ozil article.

  15. So, in reality then, if an article suits your views, its relevant and correct…if it doesnt then the article is completely irrelevant and unworthy of your educated brain…now I get it Jon.

    Jon, what I suggest you do, is get your lazy backside (as you refer toOzil) down to the Emirates, put some money in the club by buying a ticket and then listen to the crowd singing his name – perhaps then you will get a better idea of how many want Ozil in or out…if you remember correctly, that was your indicator for AW and UE ‘s empty seat scenario and not a website that you, so recently, panned for it’s irrelevant articles.

    Have you been down since you used my s/t Jon? That’s where you will find the answers, not sitting at home pontificating about irrelevant polls that contribute absolutely nothing to the club, the atmosphere at tbe ground, or the enhancement of the team and players.

    You heard the chanting, but couldn’t bring yourself to admit it, despite being asked many times by Phil and myself, who do, of course, attend games.
    There are still plenty of tickets available, as Sue has indicated many times, so how about trying it out for yourself, rather than relying on a website?

    1. KEN, FIRSTLY , WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “THE CROWD” (AS IN THEM SINGING FOR OZIL)? If 1 or 2 thousand people out of 60000 sing it still makes an audible noise but it means most do not wish to sing. I watch all our matches on TV AND NEVER HEAR THE CROWD SING FOR HIM BUT I HEAR OTHER SONGS AND CHANTS. Odd that eh,Ken? YOU ARE VERY ARROGANT, WHICH YOU ACCUSE ME OF BEING AND SEEM VERY SUPERIOR BECAUSE YOU GO AND I DO NOT, NOW. Do you feel superior to all other Gooners who don’t attend and if so would you mind telling them on here exactly whyyou feel you are superior to them? Perhaps they know nothing about Arsenal eitheR since they cannot or do not go eh KEN? PERHAPS YOU FEEL TV DOES NOT SHOW THE GAME AS YOU WATCH IT, EVEN THOUGH WE GET MANY CLOSE UPS AND REPLAYS ON TV TOO. So bin the usual “I was there” arrogance if you dont mind; it ill becomes someone who turns 75 this year.
      Unlike Ozil, I am never lazy; you have never met me and do not even knoew what I look like (I am slim amd lazy folk rarely are)so also kindly bin the lazy epitaph, since it is absurd with me though it suits OZIL to a tee. I know, cos I have watched him all these years, mostly on TV WHICH MUST MAKE MY OPINION LESS WORTHY THAN YOURS I SUPPOSE, AT LEAST IN YOUR VIEW.

      Lastly, I am getting tired of your absurd defence of this lazy coaster and using my correct criticism of someone harming AFC to attack my character. And I repeat you have never even seen me in the flesh and do not even know what I look like, SO HOW ARROGANT IS THAT! We have only spoken, I think three times, on the phone and that is all you knowmof me but youabsudly call me lazy. You wouldapologise for that slur if you had guts Ken.
      Why not support my request for ADMIN MARTIN to repeat his Ozil poll, which showed a vast majority wanting him gone and that was a year or so ago. Now it would be even more against him despite your supposed but inaudible crowd chants. I WILL LEAVE IT THERE, as I only wish to discuss with folk who I RESPECT AND I am losing respect for you, at least as an in touch with reality Arsenal fan, rather fast these days.

      1. Jon, I am sure you look as fit and slim as Mesut Ozil, so it seems looks sometimes deceive?

        Have you ever met Ozil or discussed his life Jon? Of course you haven’t, but while you seem to think it is perfectly alright for you to criticise and accuse him of anything you want to, you become infuriated when the same is done to you.

        I love the way you try to bring others into your fold, when you are accusing, or being accused yourself – it is something you always feel necessary to do.
        Of course I haven’t remotely said that fans who don’t/can’t attend games are less irrelevant than others, because I was addressing you in particular – asking you if you had managed to see any games since the two we both knew about.

        As you only live approximately one hour from the ground, speak so eloquently about your passion for the club, have such fervent beliefs in what went wrong and what is needed to make the club great again, I simply wanted to know if you had backed up your words with actions…you know, actually supporting the club with your time, money and actions.

        As you know Jon, being at a game is a privilege that some of our fellow gooners will very rarely be able to experience, but when someone like Sue, with a young family, can find the time and money to do just that, it makes me wonder why others can’t…especially when finance isn’t a problem due to one being a successful professional gambler, as you are.

        Now I have no problem with asking you this, because as you have said so many times, say it as one sees it and, again using your own views and thoughts, if someone cannot get off their lazy backsides (your Ozil quote and me using it in a footballing example as well) get down to the club they love, then do they really have the right to accuse others of being lazy?
        Rather like calling the kettle black wouldn’t you say?

        Finally Jon, I agree with you that our views on how one supports a club, it’s players and discusses the multitude of
        different thought and beliefs from such a diverse audience are poles apart…it would be wise to just read each others thoughts without comment…at least and until Ozil departs from the club we both support with everything we have.

  16. Ozil is here to stay till the end of his contract. the manager likes him, millions of fans like him. the cash the club pays for his services belongs to the owners of the club so how is it your problem? he is atop top entertainer…beyond just kicking the ball he brings flair and unbelievable skills to the playing ground.that is what i love seeing, that is what millions across the globe love about.

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