Hopes that Arsenal liability will be sold raised then crushed

Contradictory reports over the possibility that Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi will be sold in January.

If there is one player that almost every Arsenal fan would like sold it is Shkodran Mustafi and following a report from FC Inter News those hopes were raised.

Apparently, Arsenal has offered the former German international to Inter Milan. However, Caliomercato has gone the opposite way and basically said nope, not going to happen. Well, not unless Diego Godin decides to leave Nerazzurri.

Mustafi has simply failed to live up to his £35 Million price tag despite being given untold opportunities to nail down a spot in the side on a permanent basis.

It is becoming slightly frustrating now that the club is unable to offload the 27-year-old. It is accepted that there is no way that Arsenal will recoup their initial outlet. But you would have thought that a club somewhere would have come in for the world cup winner.

Mustafi was a good defender when he was at Valencia, that is why Arsene Wenger splashed out the amount he did, that tells me that in a different league he could do a job. The Premier League is not for him but that does not mean that he could not be effective in either the Bundesliga, Serie A or La Liga.

Whether Arsenal are demanding too much or Mustafi is being fussy over which club he wants to sign for I do not know, but I refuse to believe that there is literally no deal that can be done that sees him depart North London.


  1. If Mustafi can’t be sold, he has to be offered a new deal in this summer. Because Arsenal will lose 35 M if he walks out for free in summer 2021

    If Arteta’s system can make Luiz and Sokratis perform better, I believe Mustafi would also benefit from it too

  2. Lets be totally honest here; who in their right mind wants to pay good money for rubbish! Answer, no one. Unless we can con soneone into thinking he is less awful than we all know he is, no club will pay more than a pittance for useless Muffitupfi. That is how sensible capitalism works. Under Gazidis all pretence to SENSIBLE capitalism was just that; PRETENCE. Buy high and sell low! Yeah Right! Good thing he doesn’t RUN THE COUNTRY OR WE WOULD ALL BE BANKRUPT. He ran away to Milan when he could no longer get away with conning us any more. What a piece of filth he was! Thanks for the state we are in, LIAR AND SNAKE GAZIDIS! The worst ever Arsenal employee and by a distance. But I bet you are still personally stinking rich. You are certainly stinking anyway! Dirt!

    1. Jon you are being your usual self.
      Mustafi is by no means one of the best defenders in England.
      But he was a good defender when he came here but with wenger and emery tactics we conceded lots of goals yes he made mistakes but no more than the rest, fans picked on him his cofindence was shattered the man plays now like a nervous wreck, but one thing about him he keeps his mouth shut when he is not getting picked and always ready, these players are only human after all…

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