Hot-headed Arsenal loanee almost fought his teammate in a tense scene

They say old habits die hard and that could ruin Matteo Guendouzi’s time in France where he is on loan at Olympique Marseille, according to a recent report.

The Frenchman reportedly almost fought his teammate, Gerson, in their 3-2 defeat against Lens at the weekend.

That home loss was their first defeat of the season and Guendouzi’s loan club appears unprepared for the game plan of their opponents.

After Przemysław Frankowski scored a stunning goal to put Lens 2-0 up, Guendouzi reportedly approached his teammate, Gerson and made some statements to the Brazilian midfielder, who didn’t like the tone of the Frenchman’s voice.

Transfermarketweb reports that Gerson almost squared up to the Arsenal man, but Pape Gueye intervened to separate both of them before other teammates came on the scene.

It seems trouble cannot be far from Guendouzi for long and that could eventually ruin his career.

The midfielder fell out with Arteta because of his off-the-ball conduct and he may have played his last game for the Gunners as long as the Spaniard is in charge. His recent episode will not do his chances of getting a new club any good.

Arsenal will hope his performance on the field in France will help them sell him for a decent fee next summer.

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  1. isnt his loan deal with and obligation to buy tho?

    It wasnt all that bad tbh i watched the game

    Saliba was poor so was Matteo in all fairness

  2. Always been his attitude everywhere he goes, causing trouble and being a hothead. He’s not 19 anymore FFS, he needs to grow up.
    Saliba was terribly poor in that game too.
    He pulled a Mustafi classique.

    Saliba will be here next season, I doubt Douzi will be, Lokonga is already his replacement

  3. ‘Almost fought his teammate in a tensed scene’
    🤣🤣 Omg did you actually watch it? Words exchanged, a finger pointed, but now that’s classed as ‘almost fought’…. any excuse to have a go at the guy. He’s gone, move on!!

    1. You beat me to it Sue!this was their first defeat and in fairness OM lost the midfield battle,MG has been their best midfielder so far,he cannot do everything on his own, sometimes truth needs to be told and some players need a kick up the arse.nearky fighting what a lot of rubbish,as Sue correctly said,move on,as usual JA has nothing good to say about our former players or every time they say something it is somehow seen as a dig,classless petty even.

      1. I didn’t see the JA post telling us Gouendouzi was in last weeks league team of the week, the week before. I have seen the incident and it was a nothing affair, what is JA trying to prove with poor reporting.

    2. Yes Sue, but right now he is still our player, legally. My concern is that he goes for good and asap, never to darken our doors again with his immature attitude. Rotten apples always harm teams, IMO.

      I realise you are one who would cheerfully overlook his indiscretions as simply youthful mistakes but I see no possibility at all of MA wishing to keep such a person at our club and that relieves me greatly.

    1. Saliba was poor but MG was just average,it was their first bad game for both this season,they keep making the Ligue 1 team of the week,everyone can have a bad day at the office,his obsession by JA to paint former or on loan players in s bad light is becoming sad.

    2. Mikel was proved right again, we do not wish to have disruptive players having poor skills on our roster. Good decision Mikel to banish them both, you are proved correct the umpteenth time. Sambi is the way forward in the years to come and so is the White/Gabriel partneship. No spoilt kids anymore.This is The Arsenal, not some “Dad’s home” and Mikel is no “nice dad”., he is a top top club manager.

      1. You can’t have been watching them play, they’ve already made the team of the week several times.,MG has been one of the best (all action)midfielders in ligue 1 so far,same with Saliba,OM loss to RC Lens was their first of the season but then again marred by crowds troubles which didn’t help.

      2. @Loose Cannon
        Mikel wasn’t proven right about anything, except of his bias against Matteo. Xhaka has exhibited this type of behaviour and worse on more than one occasion, yet he was never dropped from the starting 11, or shipped out. In fact, he was rewarded with the captaincy and vice captaincy to boot. Back in the day, guys like Adams and Keown put their teammates in check and took opposition players to task on a weekly basis and we’re revered for their “no nonsense ” attitude….

      3. Siamois & NYG…don’t waste your time as LC is nothing more than a trolling lightweight who has nothing whatsoever to add to the managerial conversation

  4. Perhaps wait until the facts come out, but no just take a rip at him. Guy living rent free in so many people’s heads.

    A bad game, so now Saliba is trash according to some and Arteta was right?

    Arsenal FC or Arteta FC? Nothing wrong with being a fan of Arteta, but cherry picking 1 game to define a player while ignoring facts like team of the month nomination is just petty.

    Considering a body of work is rational, seizing on 1 game tells more about those individuals than the player.

    But hey, to each their own.

  5. Lol, I feel people wait for Saliba or Guendouzi to have a bad game so they can blow out their Arteta trumpets. Also as posted by posters above, it was hardly a fight but a mere squabble. But no, lets just start character assasination on a 22 year old…

    1. Agreed sid
      I’ve watched 2 games this season and both have played pretty good especially Saliba ,and what I’ve read about the other games are nothing g but positive reports ,like you said just a chance for the Arteta crowd to be trying to prove him right about any silly little situation.

      1. Yes, Dan. Also, some people say they are not Arsenal standard but in the same vein endorse MA (with the record he has up till now.)
        It is there that you can smell hypocrisy from them.

          1. Won’t need to blow a fuse. I know at least what is reported about the loan agreement with the obligation to buy. Also, glad you have such manners as to call an Arsenal player an indisciplined mutt lol. To me, it speaks more about Arteta not being able to hold the leash with his expensive manicured hands lol.

        1. Gouendouzi has been a star for Marseille and has been doing brilliantly, he didn’t play so well this week and gets slated for it. I dont understand some idiots, it was a nothing incident he was involved in and was obvious frustration at his and his teams performance. Get a life people, he is a winner, nothing wrong with that at all.

          1. Lol, Reggie. As you said above JA does not post when Guendo is in Ligue 1 team of the week. But first bad performance they pounce on. I am actually waiting for Dan’s loan report, he gives unbiased commentary. Also as you can see in the comment section, many people have pounced on almost anything else than the fact that it was a mere squabble to crucify Guendo and justify MA again…

  6. The real pity is that legally, he is still our player and we will be selling him whenever we can get any sort of fee . This typical brat behaviour will once again make any prospective buyer still more wary of signing a well known trouble maker.

    The good news is that whatever happens with getting any sort of fee, this lout will NEVER wear our shirt ever again and for that, I for one, am deeply grateful and relieved.

  7. Pulling on Gerson like he’s the best player in the field. What a surprise, the guy who couldn’t fit anywhere causing trouble.

  8. This article has no facts. You should tell us what Gouendouzi said. Maybe the guy he was talking to overreacted. Before we judge Gouendouzi, we need the facts

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