How about Henry as Arsenal manager – and Arteta as assistant?

It was thought the the decision on the new Arsenal manager had been done when it was revealed this week that Mikel Arteta was meeting up for talks with the Gunners’ bosses, but now it seems that Arteta was only the first of many interviews with prospective candidates.

Next up on Monday is the Gunners legend Thierry Henry, who has made it clear that his biggest dream is to be manager of Arsenal, and is said to be a good friend of Josh Kroenke. Originally all the articles were saying that Henry was being interviewed to be Arteta’s assistant, but according to the Daily Mail, Henry is only interested in being the Top Man. This is an extract from the Mail report…..

Sportsmail revealed on Thursday that Henry was set to meet with the Gunners hierarchy but that will not be with a view to becoming part of Arteta’s backroom team.

Henry wants the top job and, while Arteta is in advanced talks and almost certain to be confirmed as the new boss, the club’s record goalscorer is keen to present his ideas on Monday.

It would certainly appear that the Board is very keen to continue Wenger’s legacy by bringing in lots of ex-Gunners that learned under him. But is the final decision still up in the air?

Are Arsenal fans more likely to accept Arteta if he came as Henry’s assistant?



  1. Wolf says:

    Oh yeh? Beyond a joke already. We need a experienced and preferably a world class one with Henry as the assistant. Enough of this Arteta crap. I don’t think most fans who boycotted the emirates boycotted for this loony rubbish. If Areta comes in I would keep up the boycott altough I would want to see Arteta do well. Its too big too big a job for him and I wouldn’t like to see the fans turn on him

    1. Wolf says:

      Bioycott to remove The Kronk that is

    2. John mayor says:

      How experienced were gurdiola and zidane when they took over at Madrid and barca respectively ?

  2. Yes I personally agree with Aretha to be the assistant to Henry.

    1. bing says:

      good alt. don’t waste time with amauter…….Imagine after 5 games and we are going in the right direction and you fire the Art: you have to start all over again. Also do you seriously the big guys in the team will take instuctions from a ex asst/ player…….. you only get monkeys for peanuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Enagic says:

      Henry doesn’t have personality to be a manager very emotional and arrogant

      1. BenardoM says:

        I concur with your opinion.Henry is very arrogant and I doubt if he can succeed as a coach.

  3. Arsene's first album had no famous guest appearances says:

    How about the club just do the same thing for once and pick from one of the many successful and available managers around at the moment.

    We tried being cheap with the squad and look how that ended……now they want to do the same with the manager

  4. David Rusa says:

    I feel we need to distinguish between being a good player and a good coach. Some of the best managers including Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger did not play at the top level while Mourinho is said to have just been just an interpreter. Good coaches are made out of characters with clout and great imagination as well as being mean spirited. Henry’s exuberance may not be good for a coach. Arteta has that mean streak which makes him unpredictable and hence good managerial material.

    1. gotanidea says:

      That’s right

      But Arsenal would be more likely appoint Henry or Vieira than Arteta

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Thanks for the advice buddy, you were right lots of grime and dust inside wasn’t cleaned out at all before today, working better now …and Midkemma thanks.

        I wouldn’t want Henry as manager, it just doesn’t sit well with me. It was pointed out earlier how self absorbed he can be and I have to agree. I don’t think he’d make a good manager.

        Vieira could be an interesting one, I believe he’d be a great judge of character, and with the right backing I think we could do allot worse than hiring Captain Marvel.

        Arteta, seems a serious guy, and I reckon he has a short fuse with certain matters. He has a stare that reminds me of the old throwing daggers saying, but it could just be the serial killer look he has going on.

        People keep saying it’s Arteta, but why wouldn’t they just announce it then, I have a feeling they are working there way up on the list rather than going straight for the hard sell in prizing one away from a club. Arteta probably has it, but only if the others keep getting ticked off, and it’s not a very long list. So still in talks is my guess.

    2. Phil says:

      Totally agree.What experience has TH got that would put him above Arteta?Assistant to Martinez at Belgium.At least Arteta has two years under Pep and the endorsement of Wenger.I would put Viera above Henry in the pecking order anyway so to me this is a complete non starter.
      While nothing is yet confirmed I would be very surprised if Arteta is not appointed next week.This gives time for him to get the back room staff sorted out and get to work on the incomings and out going’s with Sven and Raul.TH14 could be in Russia till mid July so what W kohl’s happen if he was appointed.

      1. Counsel says:

        If Arteta is announced as the Arsenal manager the the sky sport is another the metro

        1. Counsel says:

          *if not announced

  5. Durand says:

    Maybe Henry as assistant to a better manager. Not sure why Henry would, could, or should play 2nd fiddle to Arteta. Based on what? Pep’s recommendation? Arteta’s nickname is “coach?”

    My big concern going forward is this regarding board and ownership; greedy and self-serving yes.stupid? No.

    These people learned an invaluable lesson if you look for it.

    Majority of fans wanted Wenger out, majority united and surprised ownership and board by how serious it had become. They understood the power of united fanbase against them.

    Now it seems many actions by ownership continue this division on purpose.

    Have the fans turn against each other, rather than unite against ownership. How many years were AOB’S and AKB’S at each others throats? Ownership never blinked or batted an eye.

    They came together, empty seats, apathy, etc… A battle ownership knew was already lost.

    Now it looks as if ownership prefers the divisive model, dividing the base, Arteta the scapegoat if things turn sour, and Stan still makes tons of money.

    Divide and conquer, a house divided cannot stand.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Sad but you speak a lot of truth.
      I never thought of myself as a AOB or AKB, I always considered myself an AFC supporter (supporter over fanatic as well).

      I fully understood the tactical and coaching concerns, I had them as well.

      I was fearful that the board would replace Wenger with a yes man and it looks like my fears are coming true.

      I was always trying to highlight Gazidis and how he was not good enough, I backed down a bit when he got Sven and Raul in but it looks like Raul will be overruled on Enrique for a unknown quality when it comes to being head coach… At least Vieira has experience but being overlooked…

      From what I can tell, so Gazidis can keep the power and not allow another manager to come in and do brilliant unless it is brilliant from a Gazidis pick… In which case the guy will most likely be a yes man for the CEO.

      Gazidis is a penny pinching idiot who has got away with a LOT.
      Compare the bald git to Ed Woodward… Massive difference.

      And people wonder why AFC are not competing at the top? Not the manager but CEO.

      I am reading about potential boycott due to Silent Stan… LOL! Glaziers bought UTD in a dodger deal, Glaziers raped UTD equally as hard to pay for themselves… Are they penny pinching on deals now? UTD owners and Silent Stan are not much different, if UTD can compete with such a dodgy owner then AFC can as well, we just need a good enough CEO.

      I wonder how long Gazidis keeps living under the radar….

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  6. Paul sharpe says:

    I don’t believe any of this at the moment let’s wait and see I can’t see how arteta is going to put bums back on seats much too early for the size of job required the same with Henry even if he is a legend . We need a top experienced manager stop pussy footing around with all this media hype and put at the the helm the manager we require and the the fans want to unify our club and get us back challenging for the premier league and champions league we are ARSENAL FC

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Paul, I think whoever is selected as the new manager (and I prefer an experienced manager with a record of success and a winning mentality) the fans will attend from the first game with hipe in their hearts. However, if the results start to go pear shaped, then it could get ugly for Kroenke and the board. There is no longer Arsene Wenger to deflect attention.

  7. Oluwaseun samuel says:

    I prefer Henry than arteta as boss, look at real Madrid for example, they picked zinedine zidane as there main coach because of the great record he has made in the club and as he has became there manager the club love him and he prosper why don’t we also emulates the kind of behavior and see what will happen at arsenal FC. it is better for us to appoint thiery Henry as the head coach while arteta should be assisting him… follow what d fans want not wot u like bcos fans are the main team.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Given the mess the club has been in for years now, why are we still gambling?

  9. Midkemma says:

    Will TH14 turn down the manager job when AFC tell him he can’t also do punditry?

  10. Counsel says:

    Henry was the deadliest striker in epl during his time.He wanted to chase individual Glory and went to collect a champions league medal at Barcelona playing under the shadow of the young messi.He then was offered a job to coach our youth team he declined, If he accepted that offer the he would automatically be the fans favourites. He chose TV life to collect more money he is a very poor pundit. In fact it is reported that Henry was very foolish in school, he would be a very crazy manager. Thierry is a disloyal mercenary to sum it up.He has been criticizing the manager who trusted him and accepted his request to play for arsenal when he was little known.Great player and that is it

    1. Midkemma says:

      The move to Barca was also during the time when TH14 was going through a nasty divorce in the UK, I would say that had a part to play in his choice, I am not claiming it was the primary factor but I do not think it is fair on our greatest goalscorer to slander him without actually thinking about the situation.

    2. Ted-Esi Samson says:

      spot on. Henry hasn’t shown loyalty to Arsenal to deserve the position (he chose skysport over the youth team job). I even doubt he has the ability to coach this team as he is too friendly. Viera or Arteta are far better options.

  11. Innit says:

    I cant believe we are actually discussing these guys instead of Allegri, Ancelloti, Jardim, Simeone, Conte, Enrique etc etc. Managers with experience and/ or have won trophies

    THANKS A LOT KROENKE. You continue to disappoint us. Very consistent at that

    But I agree Henry and Viera makes more sense than Arteta. I will support Arteta 100% but Henry and Viera are legends. They would receive even more support

    1. Midkemma says:

      Not Silent Stan, Gazidis.
      Silent Stan is the type who listens to his employees, look at his other sports and how he takes advice and lets CEOs do their job.

      Compare Gazidis to Ed Woodward.

      UTDs guy has more than doubled their income from sponsorships, getting a better kit deal when they had no UCL compared to AFC when we had UCL football! Their kit deal paid for Lukaku, our kit deal paid for Aubas right leg…

      Gazidis wanted Wenger gone and how weak was he to allow Wenger to bypass him and get a 2 year deal?
      If Gazidis was better than Silent Stan would have backed him instead of Wenger.

      Silent Stan didn’t buy AFC using AFC money to pay for itself, like UTD.
      UTD can spend good money and they do… Even though they was bought in a disgraceful way.

      Top CEO does a lot and AFC have Gazidis…

      Gazidis is the real issue and he has been since he joined, look at the pattern in transfers pre Gazidis and post Gazidis… Not Silent Stan. Silent Stan appears happy for us to invest what we make, he has used AFC as an asset wealth over cash reserve, taking loans and having AFC to use as a wealthy asset to back the loans.

      While it is good to let Silent Stan know how we feel via protests… we can be mature about it and consider what we are protesting against. Know what the real issue is that needs fixing… and then not ignore that CEO in favor of bandwagon complaints.

      1. jon fox says:

        Agreed that Gazidis is the real snake. I loathe Kroenke too and want them both out of our club. But you are right in saying GAZIDIS ACTUALLY RUNS EVERYDAY BUSINESS AND KROENKE ONLY RUBBER STAMPS, FROM AFAR, WHEN NECESSARY.

        1. Midkemma says:

          If dreams could come true then I would agree with you Jon, both Gazidis and Silent Stan would be shot out a red and white cannon, David Dein of course being the one to fire it 😛 lol

          I do have a genuine fear that Gazidis will not do what is right for AFC but what will secure him in his role the best, I hope against hope that we get a good coach and if not a big name then someone like Vieira who at least has managed a club and turned it around.

          I’m going to blubber like a baby when I read Arteta has the job, I hope I will be wrong about him and he is the right man and that my fears are just imagination playing wild… Just feel so deflated 🙁

          1. Andrew E says:

            How do you get rid of a guy who owns 67% of the club and will not sell his shares? Usmanov tried and failed.

      2. A.ball08 says:

        In total agreement with you on this
        One of the worst parts of our club for many a year has been the CEO
        Never understood what Gazidis brings to the table

  12. Atid says:

    Why not just appoint Sven as the general manager, then a team of coaches. Obviously one needs to be head coach……. Or does he?
    Arteta, Henry, Cazorla, Bould Lehman and Pires, pretty much gives us a specialist coach in all areas, keeper, defence, holding mid, attacking midfielder, winger and a striker, it also sounds a lot more interesting than Wenger primorac banfield Peyton bibbo and akers

  13. jon fox says:

    I suspect- and the existing signs point to it too- that Arteta , if appointed, will indeed be a good coach. Sense tells me he would never have lasted two years working under Guardiola if not the case. This alone will be a huge improvement on Wenger, who to my eyes, had no discernable coaching ability whatever. Our clown of a defence has had no decent coach within a hundred miles of the training ground, except perhaps to put out the cones(Bouldy?, Rice?) And yet, there is always a “but” and here it comes. As virtually ALL Gooners correctly and angrily complain, Arteta has never managed even an Under aged 11 team, which makes him the “obvious” choice for that “steeped in football and Arsenal love”, NOT!!!, Gazidis!. Looking purely at the evidence, if Arteta is appointed as manager you have to conclude that either Gaziidis is a secret Spuds fan sent in to destroy our club or is clinically insane, (or both together, which amounts to the same thing anyway!) However talented a coach he may well be, the simple facts are that top players abroad, or at home, are NOT going to be desperate to play under a coach with zero managers experience, EVER! The “thrill” of being tutored by Arteta figures lower than the thrill of cleaning your teeth every morning and night, or the thrill of drinking your morning coffee. In other words, NO thrill at all. Modern , rich and talented players are motivated , apart from obscene wages, by the chance of improving their personal game under world class coaches like Guardiola, Kloff and Allegri etc. The clear facts are that Arsenal, are settling for the rank of second tier,( behind the other five above us last season) club who hope but don’t expect to one day again reach top four. Fellow Gooners , we have got rid , correctly, of Wenger, only to fall into Gazidis’s latest con against us. I predict that, even so, the season tickets will sell out, just about, but many will now be new from the existing waiting list and that fan patience will no longer be long lasting, as when Wenger managed ineptly for many years, even before we finally took the necessary fan action to remove him. I further predict that fans everywhere will from now on be far more assertive in demanding their club listen to them. One sea change that this last few months has proved to ALL Prem fans, is that we fans have power, REAL POWER, when we choose to show it. How long until we again show our power with regular empty seats is impossible to guess and will depend entirely upon results. But I predict that by next Christmas , we will again be already 12 – 18 points behind the runaway leaders, Man City. If we are then also falling out of top four chase, once again, watch the empty seats start again in earnest.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Arteta is at the club Gazidis supports, if what I read was correct then he (Gazidis) grew up supporting City.

      When I read that it left a bitter taste when reviewing the players City got from us for bargain prices.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  14. Me says:

    Have they announced anything?
    Panic when they announce it.
    Until then, don’t believe everything the British media tells you.

    1. jon fox says:

      But we already know it will not be a proper manager with real experience , as the club won’t financially back anyone with a pedigree . We know that already, so you are being naive!

  15. Barren says:

    STAN YOU’RE NEXT!!!!!!!!!

  16. Malch95 says:

    My problem is if appointed Arteta isn’t convincing Ramsey, PEA, Lacazette or bellerin to stay. Arteta isn’t improving xhaka, Ozil or mustafis dismal form. Arteta isn’t fixing our defence. And honestly speaking Henry might improve all our attackers but not defence either. The only legend who should even be plausible is Patrick Viera. This is a man who will instill fear and command respect in a squad full of slackers. This is a man that Mesut Ozil can be benched by or sent to the reserves when playing poor. This is a man who’s actually managed a starting eleven previously and improved them. This is a man who’s coached players like Pirlo and David villa. This is a man who can fix our CDM issues and attract players to our club. Only Viera should be considered for the role cause Henry and Arteta are just way too big of a gamble imo, considering the amount of holes in this team, it’s just a risk we can’t afford. Arteta/Henry is not an upgrade from Arsene Wenger

  17. Shi2 says:

    No, don’t want Theiry as coach, cos he is got no experience to be there,better arteta than Henry IMO. but experience coach is the best and what we fans want.Arsenal is on the decline, we want an experience coach to steady the ship, then move forward. So arsenal for once,do the right appointment and stop been cheap,..look at what it has got us into for lover a decade now

  18. Namo says:

    Arteta as worked under Pep. Yes, he may have learnt a thing or two from Pep, but will he have the same quality of players to execute it at Arsenal? No. Will he have mega money at his disposal to improve the squad? No. Does he have the experience to lift a team after 3straight losses and morale is down? No. When injury crisis sets in, does he have the experience to tweak things, No. Will big name players be excited to come and play for him? No. (Not until he able to make a name for himself).
    He may me smart and have great ideas, but the truth remains that he’ll only be learning on the job.
    We’ve already gone over a decade without winning the EPL and two seasons outside the top4, how many more years are we willing to spend, gambling with players and managers?

  19. Simba says:

    I have got this funny feeling that After a is going to be a successful coach for us. Just a hunch. Only time will tell if he is appointed our next head coach.

  20. Shi2 says:

    Worst case scenario ANCELLOTI!!

  21. Dan says:

    Sorry but as great a player Henry was he dosnt have the qualities to be a top manager when he speaks on sky sports he bores me to death at half time you have 10-15 mins to sort things out the way he speaks will take him 2 hours arteta every time if I had to choose one or the other!!

  22. killamch89 says:

    Guys relax. It isn’t Arteta and it is isn’t Henry. I am pretty sure it’s Enrique. The media will publish anything to sell papers and nothing like negative Arsenal news to sell some papers. Most of you were too young to remember when Wenger was appointed and all the abuse he faced the first week of his appointment here at Arsenal. The British media has always hated Arsenal so they will hardly say anything positive about us. It’s all a smokescreen by Gazidis so that the media will not catch on. I’m calling Enrique because he just seems to have slid under the radar. The same thing with the 50m transfer budget…why would we really announce how much money there is to spend when we have a huge overhaul coming this summer. If anything that strengthens our bargaining position. To see how worked up the media is amuses me greatly.

  23. Midkemma says:

    Another thing to consider with Arteta…
    If he is so good then why are teams not lining up for him to manage?
    Why are City looking kinda alright about him managing a potential rival?

    Arteta has spent a couple years with Pep… And?
    Pep has had other assistants over the years and they all aint gone onto being world class managers…

    If Gazidis wasn’t such a …. Urghh….
    Maybe Gazidis should hire Arteta as our reserve team manager PLUS Assistant Manager for 2 years and give Enrique a 2 year contract, prove he can manage a team to win stuff and we get a top coach that players would respect in for that 2 years, time to rebuild with a reputable name… If not Enrique then replace him with Allegri if you want…

    1. Jah son says:

      A very good post indeed

  24. Bakri says:

    Although both Henry and Arteta does not have the necessary football knowlegde experiend qualification to manage a top club like Arsenal , but Henry is more likely to succeed than Arteta as an Arsenal manager > Arteta was a desperate signing in the last day of the tranfer window fir Arsenal and he has not won ant trophy at Everton or Arsenal and he is going to be a hoorible failure for the members of the board who as well are not footballers .

  25. Aussie Jack says:

    Must confess the pink sleeves would be more suited to the Arsenal Ladies. Could be signs of things to come? Not for me. Arsenal have a lot of proving to do.

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