How Alexis is helping the Arsenal defence!

There can be no denying that the Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez has been a revelation in the Premier League this season. But apart from scoring goals and showing off some marvellous pieces of skill on the ball, the Arsenal fans have really taken to him for his work ethic and commitment on the pitch, and the player has now made a few comments on that aspect of his game.

The Chilean international said: “I can adapt well to anything as long as I play football. Football is my passion and I am happy as long as I chase a ball. I’m well adapted to the country and the league. I must keep on learning, though. I want to expand my knowledge of English football in general and Arsenal and my teammates in particular, but overall I love this league.I live where football was invented. That makes me really happy.”

Well, Alexis Sanchez is a breath of fresh air. Over the years, we’ve seen so many technically gifted players from all over Europe move to the Premier League and struggle with the physical demands of the English game and the amount of work rate that the game demands, Andrei Arshavin is a good example I can think of from the top of my head. That being said, it is really nice to see a player willing to adapt his own game for the benefit of the team.

In addition, his attitude has also seemed to rub off on his teammates as well. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t seem to remember players like Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil being very keen to track back or put in some strong challenges last season, we’ve all seen them play the dirty part of the game this campaign though!

It does seem like a recipe for success really, especially when you look at how Chelsea are set up by Mourinho, players like Oscar, Willian and Hazard are equally keen on tracking back as they are going forward and with Sanchez’s attitude rubbing off on his offensive-minded teammates as well, we can expect to see the Gunners defending more as a unit in games to come.

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, Alexis is a brilliant player, though he lacks the knowledge of when to release the ball. Ozil is the master in this field. When Alexis is not on the pitch, All the attacks are centered around ozil. He can dictate the game and opposition is pierced by awesome passes by Ozil. Alexis on the other hand tries to dribble too much, concedes the possession in the process and messes up the passing rhythm. Alexis is good at giving accurate passes but he needs to learn to pass a bit more. If he does, He will be unstoppable.

    1. …..

      You do realize that Alexis is dangerous in attack BECAUSE of his skill on the ball right? I won’t say he’s perfect, but his passing is generally pretty good. He is selfish when he has a good chance, but generally makes good decisions on the ball. Ozil could do with a little of that after watching him pass of great scoring chances to pass into traffic.

      Also, you have to realize that we need different types of attacking threats to make the team more dangerous and harder to defend.

      If you’re this picky about Sanchez, you must really hate Ox…..

      1. I don’t hate Ox I love the guy but…..
        Very enthusiastic runs hard
        but not much end product.
        Passing is ok, rarely provides an assist
        and hardly ever scores.
        At this stage he is worth more as a
        money making transfer to some one like
        City or Chelsea needing home grown players.

        1. yeah.. he’s worth more because they probably understand, unlike you, that if his end product develops (you know, this craaaaazy thing how most young players improve!) he will be deadly…

        2. Give him a room, Ox is still learning. He made some right decisions and also mistakes, he’s still in the process. Chill out dude..

      2. True that. The fans say Alexis needs to be less selfish, Ozil needs to be more selfish etc. As you say we need the variety. These traits to a large extent define these two players.

    2. I agreed, I sensed that too. Ozil is now improving to shoot the ball and finish the chance own his own, but he could be better than this. Much better. Take more risk and play more natural like Santi does, he’ll be grow like everybody dubbed him before, Zidane.

    3. Knowing your own limitations is sign of a good player. We all know that ozil is poor at finishing so i think it is smart on ozil’s part to shoot rarely.
      and regarding ‘sanchez should not change a thing’ BULLSH*T. Sanchez is poor at decision making and does not release the ball quick enough. He tries to dribble too much and loses the ball very often. He need to realize that currently he is needed on the LW and needs to do his F***ING duty as a winger, i.e. sticking to the wings, providing width and covering the Lb and not the other 9 players on the pitch

  2. Alexis sanchez overall has been a god sent for arsenal fc! I just pray that he continues to go from strength to strength for the gunners and remain injury free, and thanks again alexis for choosing arsenal fc over liverpool! Coyg!

  3. Have you noticed how excited Alexis is for every goal he scores? Doesn’t matter if it’s in the CL, PL or Mickey Mouse cup, he’s throffing!

    1. We need more “throffing” 🙂
      But yes Sanchez and Ozil are
      valuable players but at
      42 and 35 mill respectively they oughta be decent.

      1. Ought to be, but the price tag doesn’t justify the player, the player has to justify the price tag – Andy Carroll set Liverpool back £35m, pretty sure Alexis is much better value.

  4. I say stay with Walcott give him
    more time to ease back after his injuries.
    That 70 min for England would have done
    his confidence no end of good and
    I expect a ripper from Theo should he start v Pool.

    1. David!! Good lord!!
      Not calling him an ‘injury wreck,’ commenting on his large wage demands and actually showing a rational patience in his return from injury!? has someone hacked your account?

      Liverpool have a very energetic midfield so Ramsey and Coquelin would be my personal choice for MF. Which would mean two of Cazorla, Welbeck or Ozil would have to sit to accommodate Theo assuming Sanchez and Giroud start.. Can’t see it happening personally, though i could be wrong.
      If it’s a still a nice, open, attacking game like i’m hoping it will be. Would love to see Theo come of the bench.. If liverpool are chasing a goal he’s bound to get scoring opportunities.

    2. Nope, Theo should warm the bench, watch it, learn it, and there’s enough time to make sort of himself. Spend some introspective times , and sign the damn contract at the end. Everything will be just find.

  5. Yes agree. The pressing that our attacking side does nowadays is definitely due to the work ethic of Alexis Sanchez. Glad he’s on our team. Love his passion for the game.

  6. Off topic.. I just ran a stat comparison for Coquelin vs some of the best defensive midfielders in the league: Matic, Fernandinho, Schneiderlin & Wanyama. Compared all the stats you’d think for a defensive midfielder: tackles won/lost, aerial duels won/lost, interceptions, blocks, clearances and the like, 12 comparisons in total.

    Coquelin was the best at 10/12 of them. The only things he loses at is pass completion, and Wanyama just beats him with fewer tackles lost. I was amazed. Who’d have thought he’d be more dominant in the air than 6’4 Matic? Everyone will say ‘stats don’t mean anything, they’re misleading’ etc. but for a defensive midfielder, I think stats are very important and actually quite accurate.

    I’d have expected Coquelin to have good stats and maybe be best at things like blocks, but him not just being the best, but pretty emphatically the best (10/12 is outstanding) was a real surprise. Just goes to show how good a player he is and has been for us.

    1. I hate that people keep saying stats are misleading when in fact I think they couldn’t be more relevant and accurate in modern football. Don’t get me wrong stats DO NOT tell the entire picture but, back in the day the only stats were goals, assists, tackles, but now they have statistics for all parts of the game so something like aerial duels can be quantified and we can see how dominate Le coq is in all aspects of the game

  7. Its good seeing that more people are starting to realize that sanchez is not as good as others have you believe.
    Defending means sticking to your assigned position and stopping the opposition attacks on your position. If sanchez decides to leave his position and press at other areas of the pitch the fullback position is explosed and can easily be exploited by the opposition. (eg: just look a the united goal, sanchez left monreal exposed when he started to press in the midfield for no reason).
    Rosicky on the other hand is much better at helping out in defense. He presses just as well and he sticks to his area
    Sanchez is a very skillful player but not very smart when it comes to when to release the ball, when and where to press.

  8. Sanchez is not as good as others have u believe?? Gosh this is the reason people say Arsenal Fans are the worse fans on earth. Sometimes I tend to agree but realize its just a select few. So because we paid 35mill for Sanchez, he is not allowed to make errors in his first season for Arsenal?? This is his first season…..not second not third. Look at Olivier Giroud in his 3rd season and compare him to his first season. That is exactly what can be expected in the case of Sanchez. I remember wen Suarez joined liverpool in his first season, he did everything apart from scoring and was criticized alot….then look at what he became in his 3rd season…The best player in the PL. This is what is coming to Alexis Sanchez. Yes he holds the ball too much, yes sometimes he is not disciplined in his pressing but have u mentioned any of his positives?? I hate when people focus on players negatives and brush away his positives. Next season Sanchez will be well versed with the Arsenal way of playing plus will know his team mates more etc and will definitely become the best player in the league. With all his faults u have kindly pointed out, he is already one of the best, so what do u think he will be when he has a full pre season with Arsenal?? Please take a chill pill and support our players.

    1. If we wait for every player to come good in their 3rd season, I don’t see the wait for the EPL or champions league ending any time soon.
      All successful clubs are ruthless.
      And if he is still hasn’t adjusted to the arsenal way he should not be playing important matches like the monaco away game.

  9. Well i did mention that he is skillful
    but what good are his positives if he can’t use them.

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