We all know Arsenal are likely to end up in profit – This is how?

How Arsenal can still end up in profit by Dan Smith

Whether you are like me and think we will end up making a profit come August or your more optimistic and feel the plan is to raise funds for a marquee signing, there are some players who needed to be taken off the pay roll within the next couple of weeks anyway.

Here I will look at some ways the club can bring in some income without affecting the squad. What our owner does with that money is a debate for another day …..

Ospina – 10-15 million
With the signing of Leno it makes business sense to let Ospina go because in the battle for who will be the cup keeper, the Colombian is the one who because of age still has value in the market. Plus Cech’s leadership qualities could be vital off the field

Carl Jenkinson – 5 million
His dream Arsenal move has turned into a nightmare. Development affected by injury so loaned out which was disrupted by ….injury. Many gooners would’ve forgotten he was still on our books. It’s a shame as he’s a life long gunner and is clearly clinging on to his contract – but if they were not going to make exceptions for Jack Wilshere’s love for the shirt, they won’t for Jenkinson.

Mustafi – 10-15 million
There are a lot of defensive options at the Emirates but our new boss might think it’s unfair to expect his new signings to settle In straight away and lead the likes of Holding and Chambers. In the short term at least he might rely on the German’s experience meaning Koscielny’s lengthy injury could be a blessing for the World Cup Winner.

Joel Campbell- 5-10 million
He has been loaned out so many times he’s probably got used to it, but surely it’s worth cutting our losses if we see no future for him at the Emirates. It’s funny, the one time he got a run in the side I thought he did himself justice.
That perhaps suggests there’s something fans don’t see which makes managers think he can’t consistently deliver at this level. With all the clubs he’s had spells at you would assume one would have wanted to make a deal permanent.

Perez – 5-10 million
There is talk that Emery is a long standing fan of the striker and to be fair Perez impressed fans with the limited starts he got under Wenger. There was talk that an attitude problem was more a factor in loaning him out rather then any question marks over his ability. Even if he sees this as a second chance though, he would still need to get his head round being a back up on the bench, something which frustrated him originally.

Welbeck – 10-15 million
This could simply be the player’s choice. With his contract running down, the board will have a salary in their heads for a man who while well-liked has proven to be injury prone. The England striker must decide if it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond or a goldfish in an ocean. He will never be a regular starter In North London but won’t move to a bigger club then us. I believe he will get the Wilshire treatment. He will be offered a deal which will be non-negotiable with no one putting up a fight if he seeks a transfer away.

And if Ramsey leaves as well, we will end up with a sensational profit!

Dan Smith


  1. Drew says:

    Sell the lot and buy another CARZOLA!

    1. Admin says:

      Can we try and get a CAZORLA instead?

      1. Drew says:

        Yeah exact replica!

      2. Uchman says:

        Cazorla @ 150m pounds was a master stroke from a genius, now we r signing sokratis lichstinier etc pity!

        1. TH14-TW14 says:

          Yet, the Wenger haters want us to believe that our summer is great because we have added a lot of free or cheap vetrans and newbies (they would have derided same signings under Wenger). Beside Torreira, I have seen nothing yet for the noise being made here. Our total spending so far would only get Liverpool a Van Dyke. So long as Kronke owns majority shares at Arsenal, it doesn’t matter what manager you hire, he’s only gonna shop at Primark.

    2. Mobella says:

      The problem is we will have to wait for 15 years to get another football playing Carzola. His son you know.

    3. mohawk says:

      NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Unai just made some midfield deals even if they are not perfect Cazorla replacements. Also some of the young players may play a bigger role now (Maitland-Niles etc).

      What I want to know is……… why Arsenal keep spending big money for poor defenders? It must be some kind of internal Arsenal virus.

  2. RSH says:

    surely mustafi’s value hasn’t fallen that much. if we only sell him for 10mill this summer we’re chumps. Despite his erratic performances he still goes for 20mill at the lowest.

    1. Nicholas says:

      mustafi’s slapstick defending has caused his value to drop significantly. I cant think of a single team willing to pay 20m for him

      1. Mobella says:

        lt is understandable if you can’t think of any team paying 20m for him. You ain’t in football business like most of us here. I’m sure you think it is ok to pay 35m for Caglar. Mustafi is not only world cup winner but also a confederation cup winner and u think nobody will pay 20m for him.

      2. Uchman says:

        U mean we should give away an aggressive 26 year old defender who hasn’t even reached his peak bcoz we signed an erratic slow, badly positioned and awful 30+ year old defender in sokratis!??? Awwwww the magic of football, every pundit is an expert till u give them teams to manage and u c how terrible they flop! Garry and Phil Neville, Tony Adams and Roy Kane come to mind!!!

  3. Dory says:

    Torreia is Cazorla replacement. Sell everyone besides Mustafi and Perez and sell Rambo in jan. Sign Max Mayer on free and use Perez as winger and we are good to go.

    1. Innit says:

      Torreira is a defensive midfielder
      Cazorla was completely different central midfielder

      1. Mobella says:

        Well we didn’t buy Carzola as a central midfielder. He was bought as an attacking midfielder or player. Wenger thought he could play there and the rest is history. I’m not say Torreira is CM but if Emery thinks he can do a job there so be it.

    2. Nicholas says:

      I would say Torreira is more a Coquelin replacement than a Cazorla replacement. I still think we need another centreback as well as a winger

  4. Amitosh says:

    Looking at reports Ospina will go for 6mil. Arsenal is not an elite club, so no big clubs will want our players. Joel/Ospina/Perez are not English, so they will go for 5-6mil at most. Unless a Chinese club suddenly pops up for one of these, Danny,Jenk will fetch 10-12mil, and may be Mustafi 15mil. And we cant sell more than one English kid, as we have to fulfill the English quota

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Arsenal is not an elite club? Are you a fan of Arsenal?
      Am not so sure, every club has fringe players in their squad, you cant always get it right you know
      This kind of conclusion makes me really sick

      1. waal2waal says:

        Arsenal is an elite club – that is something that is not up for debate…

        1. Mobella says:

          Is spurs an elite club or Liverpool. I can recollect these teams sold players at top premium. It is a matter of having a player other clubs want and the club is willing to sell. In between, can a club be among the richest clubs without be an elite.

          1. waal2waal says:

            The four biggest of Jupiter’s moons are called the Galilean moons because they were discovered by the astronomer Galileo Galilei. These four are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto They are roughly the same size as Earth’s moon, some are a bit bigger, some are smaller. Even here the arsenal shirt is among the very best sellers and since Unai Emery arrived sales are likely to soar. afc season tickets will always be the most sort after in the cosmos #arsenal today, tomorrow and forever

      2. Amitosh says:

        Today’s market, we dont offer UCL, dont have the extra revenue like ULC clubs. A big club, with history? yes. Club with high pulling power? Not anymore

    2. kev says:

      BREAKING:Bayer Munchen have rejected our offer for Kingsley Coman.We are likely to increase our offer.

      This is good news for me but bad news for some as I don’t think he’d the right player for us to rely to produce the goods over the whole season.

      1. naijagunner says:

        So in ur opinion who would you prefer? Dembele?

    3. David Rusa says:

      i think Amitosh is not an Arsenal fan neither is he a realistic person. The top four Clubs in England based on achievements are: Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. So where does Amitosh get his ideas from? Even if you hate Arsenal you cannot take away the fact that it is an elite club. That is why we still continue to attract top players even though we are not in Champions league this year. Being an elite Club is not something a team picks over night; it is based on long term achievements. Arsenal is the second highest achiever in Premier league and its predecessor after Man U and the most successful in F.A. Nobody can take away these facts. So Amitosh try something else. That assertion has totally been disproved.

  5. gotanidea says:

    – Jenkinson: Should cost more than 15M, because he is still young, English, pretty tall (good nutrition) and can also play as a CB

    – Mustafi: Should be more than 20M in today’s market, because he is at his prime age and a World Cup winner

    – Campbell: Should be more than 10M, because he is also still young and a Costa Rican international player with many caps

    – Perez: Should be more than 10M, because a pacey forward/ winger with a deadly left foot and good finishing skill is rare

    – Welbeck: If the 29 year old Walcott cost around 20M, Welbeck would have bigger price tag, as he is taller (better nutrition) and has more caps for England

    Add Ozil to the transfer list as well, then Arsenal will have enough amunition in their arsenal to buy Ousmane Dembele/ Kingsley Coman and Koulibaly/ Yerry Mina

    1. kev says:

      Sorry but please for the last time Ramsey has “agreed” a new contract not “signed” a new contract.I never said he “signed.I said he’s “agreed.People might have been excited at the news so I have to clarify what that meant.
      As I said it’s one thing to give your word and leave and another to completely reject a contract offer and leave.He has a verbal agreement with us.Just wanted to clarify this for the last time.

    2. mohawk says:

      A bit optimistic. Unai will need to decide about Campbell, Perez and Welbeck. NO WAY they will all be sold. My guess – Campbell is the only one for sale.

      And Arsenal would only sell Oil for a massive fee and that is unlikely to happen right now.

      You cannot just add up players for sale in your imagination and let the fairy tale come true. The most limiting factor in completing any of these potential transactions is time. The transfer window is quickly coming to a close. And there are not even any transaction rumors right now.

  6. Vicbklyn says:

    Our owner is cheap! His wife is Mrs. Walmart, last year they bought a ranch in Texas bigger than NYC, he is shifting money to build his NFL staduim IN NY. We are the only franchise that he owns that has won anything and we have not won anything to brag about. He is about business, putting a product on the field that competes enough to keep fans, hoping to over achieve. We will again be 1 of the lowest spending clubs in Europe( including 2nd division) when the math is all done.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Seeing all these players, Emery has a massive project in his hands, i dont even wanna comment on the players that should/would go as i find it extremely tedious and tiring guess work and speculations which i dont wanna get involved with.

      Am just gonna wait and see how it all ends up at the end of the window
      That said, i thought Campbell’s contract has expired??

  7. Unai Emery says:

    I’m hearing Kingsley Coman a lot,, this is the most exciting news since Torreira. The lad is 22 and won it all at Paris, Juve and Bayern.

    Any update please

    1. kev says:

      Kingsley Conan to me is massively overrated.Is he good?Yes but still.Imagine Coman was an English player and had this same kind of career would people want him?I’m asking this because I’m seeing a lot of English players with the same kind of style.
      They dribble and have lots of speed but can’t finish and lack creativity.Thats one problem of Kingsley Conan.Like Pavon,Guedes and co he’s not that good.They won’t develop into world class players but can develop into very very good players.
      Can’t Arsenal do better than bidding for him?If we are going for talent why not look for the best value for money?Even Dembele is better than Coman but many here are skeptical about us signing him.

      1. kev says:

        BREAKING:Bayern Munchen have rejected our offer for Kingsley Coman.We are likely to increase our offer.

        This is good news for me but bad news for some as I don’t think he’d the right player for us to rely to produce the goods over the whole season.

      2. Unai Emery says:

        But the question is Do we have anyone like him? NO. The kind of player who could drag a couple of opponents with him…
        Hence I think it’s worth it… But hey , if there are better options, who wouldn’t say no

        1. kev says:

          My point is if we are not buying top quality then we might as well sign the “all dribble no end product types” because there are loads and loads of such players.Kingsley Coman is good but I don’t see him developing into that world beater people want him to.I’m saying this because by bidding €50m we want him to be just that.We need to use our money very wisely and in the case of a risk we need to take the right one.The guy is good though but if Arsenal fans were asked some months ago before Sanchez left about Coman replacing him most wouldn’t be happy and that’s for a reason.

          1. Mobella says:

            He is still 22 and there is room for development. If he turns out fine good for us and if not we move him on.

          2. waal2waal says:

            @Kev – you say “We need to use our money very wisely and in the case of a risk we need to take the right one.” and i agree. In fact i’d be delighted to see Nzonsi as the next buy and with that i see no harm done, no risk and our path to fourth place and with it champions league football as good as sealed.

  8. Ken1945 says:

    To be more precise, any transfer money spent will be recouped by sales, just as happened in 2017/28.
    This owner will ensure that his own personal wealth will not be affected in any way.
    Even if it means selling our best players to ensure that happens.
    Ramsey could be sold just to make this happen

  9. Innit says:

    We still need 1-3 more players to get into the top 4. At the moment (on paper) we are behind City, United, Liverpool and Spurs

    For example Arsenal Vs Spurs
    Goalkeeper -Spurs > Arsenal
    Defenders- Spurs > Arsenal
    Central midfielders – Spurs > Arsenal
    Strikers/forwards- Arsenal = Spurs

    GK – Cech and Leno- acceptable
    RB- Bellerin and Lichtsteiner -good
    LB- Kolsanic and Monreal- very good
    CB- Mustafi, Koscielny (not as good as he used to be), Holding, Sokratis, Mavrapanos, Chambers ???
    Defensive Midfield- Torreira, El Neny, – good
    Box2Box CM- Xhaka/Ramsey ??? okay
    Wingers: Iwobi, Welbeck, Campbell, Perez ??? Okay but need upgrade to compete with the best
    Strikers- Aubameyang and Lacazette- EXCELLENT

    1. kev says:

      The Lb’s are not that good and when you want to upgrade people will tell you that Monreal was our best player last season and our most reliable defender as if that’s saying much.
      All I see is zero penetration and constant terrible positioning from our Lb’s and even at times from Monreal when played at LCB yet people will tell you he’s so good and stuff.

    2. Someone says:

      No at the paper we are not behind them , We have a very good squad and it was 100% wenger’s fault they didn’t perform , Emery will get the best out of them.

  10. Jim wall says:

    We have alot of dead wood , we need to sell ospina..mustafi..xakai…wellbeck…ozil…..perez
    If they went up for sale tomorrow at their value price none of them would be signed by top 4

  11. waal2waal says:

    we have no internationals from either croatia, current french team or belgium in among our number – which kinda speaks volumes. the stock of individuals from the likes of these is about to soar meanwhile what exactly are we sending out in midfield and defence? we really should expect more quality.

  12. nalinbourg says:

    Y’all high as hell thinking we’ll get anywhere near any of the prices being thrown around above

  13. ks-gunner says:

    The closest thing to Santi is his co countryman Isco. But i think that Arsenal are more in a need of somone like Douglas Costa. Dembele i would say too but i dont want to make a clown of my self. Just imagine how much the kid would cost to bring here? Barcelona was mad stupid to pay that price for him.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      Isco to Arsenal would be a dream come true.

  14. KAY BOSS says:

    Kev, u seem to have problem with almost all this signings we’ve made. you’re judging players before they even kick a ball.

  15. OzzieGunner says:

    Arsenal should be aiming at a champion team, not a team of champions.
    The players brought in or being retained (eg Lucas Perez) are players selected by Sven and Unai to fit the style of football Unai wants Arsenal to play. As these men are paid to get results, we should have patience and wait at least until a ball is kicked. The first season is one of change and transition and all will be revealed.

  16. wenger says:

    There are only two teams who would pay insane prices for our players. West Ham or Everton.

  17. Uchman says:

    U mean we should give away an aggressive 26 year old defender who hasn’t even reached his peak bcoz we signed an erratic slow, badly positioned and awful 30+ year old defender in sokratis!??? Awwwww the magic of football, every pundit is an expert till u give them teams to manage and u c how terrible they flop! Garry and Phil Neville, Tony Adams and Roy Kane come to mind!!!

  18. herb says:

    Sign COMAN and/or KOVACIC, two truly world class players in the eyes of people who know football and our squad is better than even City’s. MARK MY WORDS.
    Lichtsteiner >>>>>Bellerin.
    Mavropanos is best defender in EPL!! you’ll find out soon, so should be starting at all cost.
    Ramsey and Xhaka should not be anywhere near Arsenall 11 SIMPLE. MKitaryan >>>>>Ozil so should take up CAM role easily.
    Kolasinac >>> Monreal for balance and BEAST defence
    Lineup: Leno, Sokratis, Mustafi, Mavropanos, Lichtsteiner, Kolasinac, Torreira, Mkitaryan, Ozil, Lac and Auba. If Kovacic and Coman sign, replace Ozil and Laca and be sure to take TREBLE

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