How Arsenal can avoid blowing it again next season

How Arsenal can avoid blowing it again next season, by KM.

Hello fellow Gooners! I missed the City game, but honestly I’m happy with the point! It means we have Aston Villa at home – literally the worst team in the premier league for probably the past 10 years! If we manage a win we’d have certain Champions League football and we might even overturn Spurs, whose spectacular downfall brings a few smiles!

Second or third it doesn’t really matter to me, because the main point of this season is that we blew it again. But what’s done is done, we cannot keep crying about the past, but work on how to build a squad for next year that would help us close that gap to the top. Like Arsene or not, he’ll be here next season. Whether this is good or bad it’s something we’ve discussed enough on this site.

We need to work on the squad. Signings for me are key, because they will decide whether Sanchez and Ozil will commit and whether we’d be looking for the title or the top 4 again. My biggest concern is that we’ll leave the squad short again. We cannot go without a new striker. This will be a crime. Giroud had 2 assists and 1 goal in his last 2 games, but when it mattered this season he went almost 20 games without scoring! The question of who are our two main DMs remain, and our two CBs is also a huge question. If we do not address these issues, Arsene will have another excuse.

He recently whined about the tight fixture list and the lack of numbers to deal with all the competitions. That’s our own fault. We needed more than just a keeper and we need more this window too. We’ll have a few players leave, hopefully we’d opt to sack players that still haven’t proven themselves in almost 10 years!

A few players rumored around are Lukaku and Sturridge. I’d go for Romelu, who is an incredible player for me. He has all the qualities to be a top player and he needs to be at a top club. He’d cost at least 30 million, but in all fairness, any good striker will cost no less that that.

I doubt we’d go for Sturridge due to his injury record and the fact Liverpool will not sell him, especially if they win the Europa league, then we wouldn’t be able to tempt him with that Champions League! Anyway, Xhaka or a similar type of player like Bender (who we’re linked with every season) is a must as well as that CB. I’d go for Draxler too. He just reminds me of Hazard, when he was actually good, and with Wolfsburg unlikely to play in Europe, we should be able to get him, and for me it’s time we ditch Theo and the Ox and go for proven talent.

This year we need to go big. It’s Arsene’s last year on his current contract, although an extension is certainly on the way, I feel like the disappointment of this season may hold it until we see the results of next one. He needs to spend. For me around a £100 million should be enough for four players. With Arsenal it’s all about hope that next season will be ours! Come on Arsene, please spend the money this time.

By Konstantin

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  1. 1. Wenger need to work on his tactics and disregard favouritism in the team.

    2. Training Method – We need to work on this and take good care of our players (Our players get injured so much from every slightest touch)

    3. Character/Cohesion – I’ll borrow Wengers word here. He loves to preach about cohesion and character but we always fall short of this.

    4. Consistency – We need to be consistent. This is another major problem for years. Arsenal can beat any team on their day. On another day, they can lose to any team as well and give team chances to bounce back. Consistency is key!

    5. New Players (In), Some Players (Out) – I wouldn’t call names but we know some players need to leave and we have to get new players.

    It’ll be a crime if we don’t get a Striker, a new CB, a DM and maybe another Winger. I don’t know Wenger’s plan and I don’t know if he will get four players in a summer but please this team is crying for a mobile striker and another CB.

    You can add your own point(s) to the list…

    Disappointed not to have won the league but I’m a gunner totally!

    1. Realistic team for next year if Wenger wants to compete for the title:

      GK: Cech, Szczesny
      RB: Bellerin, Chambers, Jenkinson
      CB: Koscielny, LAPORTE, Mertesaker, Gabriel
      LB: Monreal, Gibbs
      CDM: CARVALHO, Coquelin
      CM: Ramsey, Wilshere, Elneny
      CAM: Ozil, Cazorla
      RW: Sanchez, Oxlade, Campbell
      LW: KOSTIC, Iwobi
      ST: LUKAKU, Welbeck

  2. No club has the God given right to win things, unless of course you are a Madrid, Barca , Bayern….all we ask of our club is to compete and not be such bottle jobs…if we are close every season and get beaten to the title by superior teams I for one can live with that, its the total capitulation at the slightest hint of resistance that does my nuts in and dare I say that is not a problem that cam be solved by just buying more players…Wenger is suspect mentally and that rubs off on his players….Wenger does not mind losing and therein lies all our problems…and the small matter of favoritism, wrong tactics and too much trust and loyalty reposed on players who are not deserving of it

  3. It’s Wenger cycle we cannot avoid it … here is what we should do:
    1. Wenger out …
    2. New nonsense manager with new tactics …
    3. Players out (Walcott, Mert, Giroud, etc.)
    4. New top class players (CF,RWF/LWF, CB, CDM)
    If Wenger still in charge forget about 2,3,4 …

    1. Point 1 and 2, we know actually as the nonsense one. Useless to call for Arsene’s head now. No matter how big your jugular vein is. Dude, that’s make all the rest of your points is nonsense. I hope Arsene doesn’t that stubborn this time.

    2. After seeing what former players do as coaches for there respective teams (I.e Guadiola and henrique 4 Barca, simeone for ATM and now Zidane for madrid among others,) then I consider taking King henry with his all inexperience.

  4. We need a good Striker. We need a good Striker. We need a good striker. How much times do we have to say this…….

    Lets look at this. Top two teams in Leicester City have Vardy on 24 goals and Tottenham have Harry Kane on 25 goals. That is just one player (striker) from each team. Our three strikers has 22 goals combined (Olivier Giroud 13 goals, Walcott 5 goals and Webeck 4 goals). How can a team challenging for the Premier League not have a 20 goal striker.

    Yes we have leaked silly goals this season and our defense is also an issue but we have failed to score in 7 premier league games and have only scored 1 goal or less in 17 games (4 wins, 7 draws and 6 losses) which is a point telly of 19 points from a possible 51 points.

    So if we start scoring again we need a good striker. Giroud is decent but not a starter and its about time that Wenger admits this.

    1. Maybe because our striker don’t don’t start that many premier games. We play with a striker that has 22 goals and 6 assists and someone that goes after aerials which those others you mentioned don’t even come close.

      1. The fact that our main “Striker” does not start certain games just shows how crap Giroud is. Its always the same people protecting Giroud. He has Aerial ability. Thats bull. I want a striker that can turn a game on its head and not sometimes win the ball in the air.

        do you even watch other teams and the strikers they have. I am an Arsenal fan but also a soccer fan. I watch most games weekends. Giroud and all other strikers in Walcott and Welbeck doesn’t come close to what Kane, Vardy, Aguero offers their teams.

        1. Sorry but we play with a target man. Aerial ability is bull? it is huge! He has won so many aerials for the team that if you put all those guys together they don’t come close.

    2. Relax bro, now that Giroud is hitting his 30s and with regular goal droughts Wenger will have no choice but to replace him. As soon as we get a new proper striker everything will fall into place. Just hold on man, a striker will be brought in.

  5. I stated this on an earlier thread and I will repeat it here. Arsenal needs to make significant signings for next season. I pointed out that in 2003 they made 7 signings to a team that already had Henry, Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, Sol Campbell, Robert Pirès, Freddy Ljungberg, Gilberto Silva, etc. These are the signings they brought in during the offseason (except for Van Persie who came in January):
    Jens Lehmann
    Gaël Clichy
    Cesc Fàbregas
    José Antonio Reyese
    Robin van Persie
    Philippe Senderos
    Johan Djourou

    Most of them became important players for Arsenal, and the team became the invincibles. Looking at where this current team is, AW needs at least this number of quality signings to compete for the title, and better CL results. You can’t count on the top teams having the same performance as this year. you have to get better, by a lot.

  6. Why does everyone still saying that we need another DM? Coq, Elneny, Bielik (where’s he, btw?), and Chambers can all play in that position. You can even argue that Ramsey paired with Santi can be more of a holding midfielder, as oppose to an attacking one. For me, 20+ goal striker is a MUST! I feel for Ozil, and I can only imagine how many assists he would have had with a proper forward in front of him. I’ve been saying that we should’ve bought Chicharito from Utd ever since it became apparent that he’s leaving. A poacher with good finishing abilities, and a killer instinct in front of goal. Just what we needed, and we missed out on him. Heck, even someone like Tevez (I’m sure he could’ve been tempted to go back to EPL) would’ve been great. I can name a few more of the top of my head, but what’s done is done, and those guys are gone now playing for other teams, so we have to find another alternative. Perhaps go after Morata? Or Icardi, who I’m sure is itching to play in CL? Point is, there are good strikers available out there, and we should definitely get one. Besides that, CB is another must for me. Mert is nowhere near his top level, and is on a permanent decline. And forgive me, but Gabriel is just horrendous. Again, I wouldn’t mind to see Chambers/Koz partnership, but we need another senior top level center back. Other than that, perhaps a decent playmaker to replace/backup aging Santi, and a winger.

  7. Draxler’s made 18 appearances over the last 2 seasons- he is far too injury prone. Also, at their best: Hazard is way better.

    1. Got that wrong actually: 15, then 3 , then 19 (lg apps, last 3 seasons)- he’s doing half a season at best- in a less physical league

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