How Arsenal can beat Barcelona – by the man who knows!

Henry Gives Arsenal Tactical Advice To Beat Barcelona!

Ahead of Arsenal’s hugely significant clash against Barcelona in midweek, Gunners legend Thierry Henry has provided some much-needed tactical advice to the North London side. The Frenchman, who also represented the Catalan club after his spell at Arsenal, has recommended an altered defence-oriented approach for the Gunners to get the better of their Spanish visitors.

In his column for The Sun, Henry wrote: “They have to accept they will probably only have 30 per cent possession and must be so efficient when they do get the ball. The whole team must defend more as a unit and the wingers must tuck in and play more in their own half. You must be prepared to sacrifice parts of your attacking game, home and away.

“Arsenal must be brave on the ball. They need to stay compact, play on the counter and score every time they get in their penalty area. They can’t be exposed in the middle and must force Barcelona to run back 60 yards before they get the ball. If you allow them to stay in your half for wave after wave, it becomes almost impossible to defend.”

Personally, I couldn’t agree more with Thierry. Arsenal’s usual attack-minded approach will leave massive gaps that Barcelona’s world-class forwards can easily exploit. Considering that Arsene Wenger is blessed with a lot of pace in his frontline, the emphasis must be to use that pace and play on the break. Set pieces will also represent a good opportunity for the Gunners to get on the score sheet.

In addition, Arsenal can also try and step up the physicality against a team who are not very used to that kind of play. Koscielny, Coquelin, Sanchez, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Giroud are all well suited to that kind of game plan. One thing is for sure, Arsenal simply cannot beat Barcelona playing their own game. Like King Henry said, sacrifices have to be made but it remains to be seen whether Wenger will agree and go for a more conservative style of play.


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    1. That’s very generous of you ???

      Cech has a good record against Barcelona, I would be very surprised if we conceded two or more goals at the Emirates.

  1. And in other news,Henry tells Barca ” stop Ozil and Arsenal are dead”… What a two faced joker! ?
    And to think that some fan’s woud like Him to be Arsenal’s manager! …. The only loyalty he has, is to himself!

    We can all suggest tactics and team selection for the Barcelona game but at the end of the day, Wenger will always do things in his own stubborn ways and all that we can hope for, is that our player’s turn up fully focused and fight for each other in all departments.

    1. I read that too this morning and was like WTF!!! Not to mention he’s with us working on his coaching badges… Not cool LEGEND, not cool.

  2. “Arsenal must be brave on the ball. They need to stay compact, PLAY ON THE COUNTER AND SCORE EVERY TIME THEY GET IN THEIR PENALTY AREA. They can’t be exposed in the middle and must force Barcelona to run back 60 yards before they get the ball. If you allow them to stay in your half for wave after wave, it becomes almost impossible to defend.”

    Thanks for that genius… sorry he gets paid for saying such stupid lazy armchair management tactics? if i were the chief of a channel and a pundit would say that before a match.. well you have to score every chance you have, i would kick him out right there.. as if thats a valid tactic.. about 83% of the people on here could come out with more interesting and valid tactic.. and truth be told the average intelligence here isnt really that great..

    I dont agree with fatty often but lets be honest some of you guys want someone like henry as a manager? ridiculous..
    Henry was a legend as player, lets just leave him as that, he is a shitty pundit and would be a shitty manager..

    First of all ALL the pundits should just stop giving advices especially tactical ones to managers… look at neville.. he was so arrogant and how utterly crap he is as a manager at a good club like valencia.. and henry is an even worse pundit than neville cause neville was average as a pundit

    it makes me really angry that pundits talk about managers… all managers in the PL and the championship are a lot more intelligent than this bunch on sky sports.. and AW is one of the most intelligent manager there is/was in the history

  3. I was checking stats from Barcelona’s matches in La Liga whenever they either lost or drew. I found a correlation:

    Celta Vigo – Barca 4-1
    Fouls: 18-4

    Sevilla 2 – Barca 1
    Fouls: 15 – 16

    Valencia 1- Barca 1
    Fouls: 13 – 17

    Barca 2 – Deportivo Coruna 2
    Fouls: 4 – 11

    Espanyol 0 – Barca 0
    Fouls 23 – 12

    This would lead me to believe you can stagger Barcelona’s fluent style of play by constant fouling or at least by producing tactical, professional fouls. This unfortunately is something we are NOT good at.

    1. @J McLovin
      Thats how Bayern pipped em to the CL Cup. Bayern were being outplayed, but equalized that by being overly physical with them…It worked.

      1. If this is the Bayern of 2013, Jupp Heynckes’ Bayern then no you’re incorrect. That Bayern was a machine and was better than the current version obsessed with possession. Guardiola’s version has regressed from the treble winning team of 2013

  4. We can’t win not because we don’t have the team but because AW has no idea how to play them no plan ABCDE that is a fact. We are not playing well at the mo O G can’t buy a gole and with the chances he has begs the question that near all pundits say he is not world class and that’s what we need. Rambo well I just don’t no what to say about him coz he is playing so bad again no goles. So the new lad should play alongside FQ as both are defending players and I say just try and hit them on the break if not 0-0 would do me. And remember we have united at the weekend who can’t buy a game at the mo but what’s the bets they pull it out of the bag

  5. Anurag, didn’t Arsenal beat Bayern Munich 2-0 at the Ems in a Ucl match day no.2 or 3 whichever? Are Barcelona unbeatable? Can’t Arsenal beat Barca 2-0 like they beat Bayern Munich or even beat them more?

    Like the Boss has said, it’s all boil down to organization discipline on the field of play by the Gunners, shouldn’t it be if they look to be ruthless in their game against Barca and beat them for goods.

    For God’s sake, Arsenal had beaten Barca 2-1 before at the Ems, haven’t they?

    All the Gunners MUST do to totally overcome Barca in all ramifications of playing this match tomorrow night is to raise the bar higher with which the used to beat Bayern Munich last time out. And beat Barca with the raised higher bar.

    The Gunners MUST be RUTHLESSLY organized in their goalkeeping saves, in their back 4 defending, in their mid-two base defense shielding, in their creative supply and attacking from our 2 wingers with ruthless high precision finishing. And striker striking efficiently, 1st by Olivier Giroud and later by Danny Welbeck who will & should lead the Gunners’ line as a starter and as a sub in the match.

    1. At this moment in time no one can win as they are the best team in the world by far and will retain the cup

  6. Watched Giroud in the press conference today and didn’t understand a word. Then he spoke in French to answer one question and I understood him more (and I don’t speak French).

    Lots of discipline and control talk from Wenger and the fact that they have learned from past mistakes.

    Will be intriguing and nervous!

    Is it Tuesday yet?

  7. How Arsenal can beat Barcelona – by the man who knows, called CAZORLA that is if he is ready to play…

  8. If i was playing against barcelona id show them who is the boss but then I am the so called the mad man cause i will go for it get the ball and score the goal I have always been like that football needs spirit / form In big stadiums one is in need of spirit and form other wise its cold with not much interest with heads in between knees so players need to feed on something the support the leader chip trust me when I say if we all together want to win barcelona and wanted loud we will win

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