How Arsenal can beat Man United – but they must show character

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer brings his Man United team to the Emirates looking for their tenth straight away win in a row. That is an awesome stat, but Arsenal fans can also point out that we haven’t lost a home League game since the opening day of the season, so is it a case on the immovable object and the unstoppable force?

It is certainly a fascinating prospect, especially with there being just one point between the two sides, with United currently holding the fourth Champions League spot. You really can’t get bigger than this, and the Gunners legend Martin Keown is hoping that Emery has got his tactics right to stop the relentless Red devils. He said in the Mail: “United are the last top-six side Arsenal will face this season. There are no straightforward games in the Premier League but it is Emery’s side who have the most favourable run-in.

“Win this game and Arsenal can change the narrative. United rode their luck at times in Paris, particularly on the flanks, and it is up to Arsenal to remind them of their weaknesses.

“Their defence can be exposed if they are put under pressure. Emery’s best chance of success is to return to the tactics which proved so successful in the 2-0 win over Chelsea.

“That day, Arsenal used Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette as inside forwards with Aaron Ramsey breaking from midfield and forcing opponents into mistakes.

“Solskjaer will be well aware that Arsenal are a different animal at home. Buoyed by the crowd, they fly forward and take the game to the opposition.

“Arsenal must prove they have the character and personality required to be successful. Victory will give them belief that they can finish in the top four, just as beating United in 1998 gave us the belief that we could win the title.

“We are about to find out what Arsenal are truly made of.”

This is the biggest test of the season so far for Arsenal , and if they come away with the points there will real belief that we can make the Top Four. If they don’t, I dread to think what the reaction will be.

Darren N


    1. S – I’ve just had to catch up on the last few posts as I am on holiday and in all your past 10 comments you have nothing constructive to say. All you are really is an annoying little troll, a keyboard antagonistic hater.
      This is an Arsenal supporters site and a supporter is something you are not.

  1. S, another certainty of life is the negativity of some so called Arsenal supporters.
    I wonder how they would survive following another club, such ss Crystal Palace?

    1. OG-just replying to your point on an earlier post.You asked why the players were inconsistent and you suggested they were making amateur mistakes such as Monreal taking a throw in too far upfield so late in the game.No arguments from me.Far too many obvious mistakes are made far too often.At 1-1 we still had the players to get a result even with 10 men.A draw away from home with an away goal would have been a very good result after Sokritis got his red card.But we lacked the one thing missing at the Club for over a decade.LEADERSHIP.
      Why couldn’t the manager set us up with a solid back four (AMN at RB) and drop deep to dent them space?Is that too obvious? Not in my mind it wasn’t.We seemed to lack any sort of team pattern after they equalised and the Manager is just as responsible as the players.
      At 1-1 with 20 minutes to go it would have been Rennes and not Arsenal chasing a result.But with no LEADERSHIP both ON AND OFF THE PITCH we were the team left like rabbits caught in the headlights.
      Poor result
      Very poor performance
      Typical AFC
      Emery must get the team set up for tomorrow and take the game to the Mancs.But the game is not won after one mine minute.Its after 90 that counts.Take Control early but we must be tight and compact.Ramsey will be key to us winning or not.He must play.

      1. Tactics aside the thing that has really struck me is how bad our players are at playing in tight spaces. As soon as the oppositions begin pressing and pick the tempo up we go to pieces, kicking balls out of playing, lumping them forward with little hope of retaining the ball. This is where I thought we lost in Thursday. We gave up possession too easily and when we did have possession looked sloppy and lacked threat encouraging Rennes. Giving them confidence they can get a result and in the end resulting in two goals.

        1. Phil, I agree; good strong leadership on field and in the dressing room has been missing for years and needs to be addressed.
          Also I have also stated my opinion that Emery had a “bad day at the office” against Rennes. Hopefully this is put behind Arsenal, as there is everything to play for.

  2. I’m usually a glass half empty gooner for games like this but have a good feeling about tomorrow. By Friday morning we will be in fourth place in the PL and through to the quater finals in Europa. If that was offered to me at the beginning of the year, given this is a transition season, I would have bitten my hand off. COYGs!

  3. How about Emery put our so called star players out there tomorrow and embarrass them
    Jenko Sok Boss Nacho
    Tor. Xhaka
    Mhki Ozil Auba
    Let the crowd get at them for collecting our money and not playing. Only Torriera gets away as I believe he is on a card and Bellarin is injured

    1. Torriera is suspended so he will play Guendouzi in CM whereas I would play AMN.Other than that I would definitely go with what you have suggested BUT IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.
      Ramsey will play instead of Ozil
      Iwobi will start over Aubamayang.
      I could also see a 3/5 at the back with Kola on the left
      Big day of decisions for Emery.He needs to win this game AND next thursdays second leg v Rennes as he is now beginning to be questioned.

      1. See with this our best players the defenders must stay home and allow the attackers to have their way but the manager likes a high line with full backs overlapping regularly forcing the winger to track back ever so often.

      2. “Torriera is suspended so he will play Guendouzi in CM whereas I would play AMN.”

        I’d drop Xhaka… I know he has experience and can be a game changer when he actually plays well but I think the partnership of Guendouzi and AMN should be the one we push to develop and Xhaka has some resale value in the summer so get AMN ready to replace him ASAP.

        Of course, play AMN still 😛

        I really think AMN could be a modern Vieira, not identical but his own version. The lad has all the right attributes. Not gonna happen with Emery as our manager, he doesn’t encourage CM to carry the ball over pass and act like a DM. Urghh so boring.

        1. Niles is not ready, it’s a big ask to throw him into the manu game and next to someone who he’s yet to form an understanding with. I think people are speaking in line with their hopes rather than expectations, even if some are expecting him to eventually make the forward steps into first eleven. That game he had at fullback a while back shows he still lacks the required concentration, Xhaka used to that every now and then with it almost becoming routine, but not all in the one game like Niles done, and it is easier out wide because you don’t have to watch your back or worry about someone coming from behind to snatch the ball away from you. Niles is getting games out wide to brush up on his defending and his passing game, just like Wenger used to do. Also it is better he plays even if out of position rather than having four or five players ahead of you in cm.

          1. AMN was outstanding as a CM at Old Trafford last season and even Paul Pogma recognised his performance.While Guandouzi has exceeded expectations with (only) some of his performances AMN seems the more accomplished of the two.He is fit,and deserves a run in his natural position,not as a full back.
            He seems to be more composed and less hurried than Guendouzi But Emery seems to overlook him at every opportunity.

            1. Off Topic (again) on my (second) favourite topic but Sol Campbell has given Macclesfield a shot of beating the drop.1-0 up against MK Dons (who are in a play-off position) and they sit as results stand just …………

          2. So why isn’t Guendouzi out wide to brush up?
            Emery doesn’t like ball carriers in CM. A DM that can pass forward, Emery likes those in CM, not a CM that can take players on and make things happen.

            I think AMN is further along his development than Guendouzi is, Guendouzi has a lot to cut out still but he gives 200% effort, he runs around like a headless chicken and Emery likes his headless chickens to run around flapping.

            AMN isn’t like that. He is calm and composed, in some ways like Ozil, no wonder Emery isn’t relying on him like he does with Guendouzi.

  4. I admire the optimism of some on here, but wait to see if like in the fa cup our slow Swiss cheese like defense vulnerable to the fast counter attacking football of man utd fails again.

    Lessons need to be learned and auba has to get some confidence back as he looks a shadow of himself since the pen against Tottenham.

    Emery needs to be on his tactical game as IMO he had a mare at Rennes in his decision making.

    Everyone makes mistakes, let’s just see if anyone is learning from them.

    I’d love a AFC win but can only see a man utd one.

    1. Ozil should be nowhere near the starting 11 if we are to come out of the game with anything.

  5. Keown is right. I wonder why Emery doesn’t use the false nine and inside forwards again?

    This formation has been proven to be effective against a 4-3-3 team like Chelsea:

    Bellerin . Mustafi . Sokratis . Kolasinac
    …….Torreira ………….. Guendouzi
    Aubameyang …………..Lacazette

    1. You’d have to put Ramsey where Torriera is, Lacazette where Ramsey is, and Iwobi where Lacazette is, and Niles/Jenk/Litch where Bellerin is, and some would prob rather see Koscielny coming in over Mustafi.

  6. With Auba off form, Rambo has to play. Micki too, he could prove to be Man United’s nemesis, like Welbeck.

    Micki Iwobi

  7. Whatever happens with Unai Emery FFS don’t give th3 job to Sol Campbell
    On another note Southampton we luv you?

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