How Arsenal can beat Man Utd and Chelsea to Morata transfer

So Arsenal fans are still no closer to finding out which, if any, new strikers will be heading to north London to play for the Gunners in the current transfer window, except for the fact that it will not be Jamie Vardy of course. One of the main candidates at the moment, according to number of Arsenal transfer rumours about him anyway, is the young Spaniard Alvaro Morata.

This transfer is far from being easy or uncomplicated though and we still do not even know for sure that his parent club Real Madrid will actually sell him on after bringing him back from Juventus. If they do, as many people expect, then Arsenal still do not have a free run at him as our Premier League rivals Chelsea and Real Madrid are also being linked.

But perhaps the Spain international’s words reported by the Evening Standard offer some real encouragement to Arsenal and show Arsene Wenger just what he needs to do to make sure Morata joins him at the Emirates instead of Antonio Conte at Stamford Bridge or Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford.

Morata said, “I want a team that makes me feel important and I would be ready to stay in Madrid to win my place.

“I do not have to prove anything to anyone. I am a player of Real Madrid and they will decide if they want me, otherwise we will find another solution.”

For one thing, Wenger has the edge in terms of his reputation of looking after players and especially young ones. And with Olivier Giroud as our current first choice centre forward it should be reasonably easy for the boss to convince Morata that his chances will be greater with the Gunners than with our EPL rivals.

Do you think Morata will come to Arsenal this summer?


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  1. Giroud came at 25/26, morata is 24, and before he came, giroud had proved himself by being ligue 1 top scorer. How has morata proved he’s better than giroud?

    1. The probable prices:

      Higuain: 60 mil
      Lewandowski: 80 mil
      Aubameyang: 60 mil
      Lukaku: 50 mil
      Morata: 60 mil
      Benzema: 60 mil
      Lacazette: 35 mil

      I really think that all of them have severely inflated prices atm due to lack of quality strikers available. I guess the safest and affordable bet would be Lukaku as he is PL proven, although inconsistent slightly, but he is young and has room and time for improvement.

      Although i highly doubt AW will spend 50 mil on one player already spent good cash to get Xhaka and the dire need of a CB also looming upon us. So i think he will probably by 2 players for 50 mil. Hence, maybe Lacazette and a decent CB like Benatia.

    2. if Morata cost abt 60mil and Auba cost just as much, shouldn’t commonsense tell us to go for the more experienced?

      Can’t believe we are still so dull and inactive on the transfer front…..

      At Least, there no harm in trying… there?

  2. Hugely overrated and don’t see anyone paying his overinflated price … Might be worth a punt at the Real buy back price but even then there are way better options out there … Arsenal like England big hype living in the past … A make or break transfer window

  3. Would like us to get a striker asap to put away these annoying rumours once and for all..

  4. can’t believe we still onto this Morata issue…. Though him returning to papa was gonna be the end of the chapter

    on Vardy, don’t be surprised the vardy u witnessed against Iceland would be the same vardy of next season!

    Overrated EpL cough

  5. How Arsenal can beat manutd and chelsea to morata Transfer?

    It’s Easy, Don’t bid at all!!

  6. “Arsenal don’t buy stars
    we make them” is one of the
    constant boasts at Arsenal.
    So we should not buy anyone.
    We should only draw from our academy.
    Wenger therefor should use Walcott Chamberlain Campbell
    Iwobi Wellbeck Sanogo Akpom Willock Niles Adelaide and Vlad.

    1. We have made more stars than we’ve bought over the years. It’s meant to be figuratively speaking, not all or nothing.

      I’m not sure if your serious or not, it sounds like your taking that saying as gospel just so you can contradict it. On the other hand, you’ve said it enough times now, that it might be that you mean it.

      Walcott, Oxlade have proven to be unreliable. Sanogo, Akpom, were well out of their depth when given an opportunity, on loan they looked plain poor. Iwobi deserves a look in again this season. The other youngsters, we’ll have to wait and see.

  7. Wenger should get any of Lacazette, Chicharito and Draxler. We need to close this ASAP. Napoli wont sell Higuain. Bayern wont sell Lewandoswki, Dortmund wont sell Aubameyang. By the way, Liverpool bought Mane for 34m pounds. That is a waste. He is worth 20m pounds. Getting a top Striker is not easy, we may have to pay more money to one.

    Any one of Jesse, Chicharito, Draxler and Lacazette will be fine.

  8. In my opinion Real might hold onto him for a season. If he is worth that money for his return so far well then it would seem they’ll still likely get the same price next season, whether or not he plays or even flops for that matter.

    At this stage we’ll have to be happy with one of Icardi, Lacazette, Lukaku. All the first and second tier strikers are taken, so we must grab a third tier before they too get taken. If we do this I believe it is imperative to sign a youngster who looks capable in becoming a first tier or second in the years to come. Those third tier strikers I mentioned above are young enough were any could on to make that next step. But I like the sound and look of this Barbosa kid, another one is Janssen of course. I think Janssen will go on to be a big player for Holland. Barbosa is from the continent in were true diamonds are born.

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