How Arsenal can benefit from Podolski international pride!

With Arsenal having three first team players in the Germany squad that won the World Cup in Brazil this summer, Arsene Wenger has had a difficult start to the season as they all came back pretty late and still in party mode after the celebrations.

There are benefits to the situation as well, though, and hopefully Arsenal will now start to see the best from Per Mertesacker, Mesut Ozil and Lukas Podolski again. The BFG has retired from international football which should help him to prolong his club career, but at 29-years old it looks like Podolski is keen to carry on.

And I think the Gunners can benefit from the situation, because the striker will be aware that he needs to play regularly and well in order to keep his place. Podolski is already on the fringes a bit with Joachim Low and with the likes off Reus, Draxler and Schurrle, he is going to have to be in top form.

But Podolski has a fantastic record with Germany, with his 118 caps the third highest in their history. He also needs just one more goal to become the third highest scorer. He could have got that after coming on against Scotland if Gotze had been less selfish but you can bet he will be desperate to get it.

So Arsene Wenger needs to use this and the euphoria that Podolski experienced this summer to really get the best out of him for Arsenal. Do you think Podolski will push on and have a good season?

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  1. I love Poldi’s spirit and he does have a wicked left leg but I don’t see him as an integral part of the first team. Maybe he gets 10-15 starts at most this year.
    Off topic: why are we giving Arteta a new contract? Let’s get a WC DM!

    1. because flamini will go marsielle on a free next summer
      plus one of diaby or coqulan will be reliesed so chambers can be third choice

      there will be space for a dm starter schnedrlin would be excellent and not cup tired in champ leauge.alternitivley khedira would only have 6 months left on hi contract.carvalho is overr priced

  2. I love “prince podolski” and would like him to be an important part of our season! He is a great finisher and i hope he recaptures his best form and bang them in for us this season! Coyg!

  3. Podolski has played 17 minutes
    out of the first 855 mins the
    team has played this season.
    His remuneration has been
    a mere 1 million pounds.
    58,000 pound per minute.
    How on earth can he afford
    to pay the lecky 🙂

  4. Thumb down ar welcom but d truth must be told poldosik is no d kind of player that can push u to the title, his work rate is vry poor we cant befenit anytin from him, giroud is even better than him

  5. Lukas Podolski is like Michael Owen without the injury. Peaked too early. Went places. Great footballer.

    I feel he will be one of the few making way next year. Next yeat he will be 31. And the age policy will kick in for him.

    I think Wenger will cash in on him and Santi next year and he will upgrade with better players like he did this year.

      1. May be. Looks like Wenger is making a policy of one superstar a year.
        Then Sanchez.
        Maybe Rues or Draxler for LW next year. Who knows.
        But i am not having any too high hopes.
        Cause Rues’s clause kicks in for 25mil.
        Everyone will be after him. We have to find out whom he likes. Real, Barca, ManU, Brayen, Pool or Us.

  6. Mesut Özil 1st 6 games-
    5 assists and a goal.

    Alexis Sanchez-
    2 goals(very very vital) and a assist.

    If Mesut and Sanchez clicks in tandem, they alone will wreck Havoc.

    I mean when was the last time we had a player like Sanchez? Running after every ball like a dog after a bone.

    Even Welback is growing on me. Feels as if he is a new kid promoted from the academy.
    5 games embedding in. Than we can judge the lad.

    I am sure Wenger will play him centrally. And his tracking back work is fine. I think we might have just hit on the bargain of the year if Welback can live up to his billing.

    1. Welbeck is just like Sanchez in the sense that pressing and harrying opponents is a big part of there game and that can only be good for us. Now with Welbeck we’ll have 2 players that press hard and you could see Ramsey in the last few games trying to press with Sanchez so that’ll make it 3 so I see us getting the ball back a lot quicker and a lot higher up the pitch.
      And if we really wanted to press a la Dortmund then I would start rosicky cause that kid will work. I could see us really being a top pressing side with those 4 on the field

  7. Not only poldi, jack should also get some xtra confidence playing down the middle for england without lampard and gerard

  8. Stupid article, Podolski’s pride has zero to do with Wenger’s desire to play him.
    Arshavin mark 2, a good player wasted because Wenger goes off him.

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