How Arsenal can continue our rebuild this summer with limited resources

Possible smart moves on a limited budget by Sean

Cash Strapped = Bad Deals – but we can make smart moves to press forward with the Gunners rebuild.


Arsenal are in the middle of a complete rebuild from behind the scenes where many men have come in, failed, lost us millions – then moved on, leaving us in a worse state than from when they arrived. Then we had players underperforming on the pitch, letting the club down and just taking their pay check home every week.


The so-called Old Guard of players are being moved on for the younger generation to step up to the plate and perform at a high level and save us a fortune, which they have already done, plus they want to be here and play together at Arsenal. Loyalty goes a long way!


Kudos for Mikel for bringing them in to train with the 1st team, trusting them & letting them shine. Saka, Smith-Rowe and Martinelli have been a breath of fresh air at the club at the right time, even Gabriel & Tierney are young also and will get better. After all the bad business deals in Willian to Pepe to Ozil’s big payday, even to Mustafi and so on, by business men cheating the club. But we are turning a corner with new directors/management but we don’t have a lot of funds to make big moves, but with a few out goings we can make smart moves in the upcoming window!


Just a thought;


Sell Torreira £22m & Elneny £10m, talk to Brighton & use Chambers as a bargaining chip in exchange so they at least don’t have to look for another defender (or sell for £13m & pay what they want) to land Bissouma & Lamptey from Brighton. Pays for itself.


Premier League experience would be vital to come into this team & it’s possible the Seagulls might still get relegated so then the price goes down, definitely ones to watch for.


Ødegaard & Ceballos will return to Madrid and we already know Dani will cost £22m. To make his move permanent we may need to sell Matteo Guendouzi (£30m) to fund that move and maybe that’s the smart thing to do as Matteo is hard work, but he has talent to slot into this team and fight. It would be a big decision between who we keep.


Ødegaard is a different story as he is highly rated but unhappy in Madrid, but Madrid want Mbappe or other superstars and may need to sell. If we can afford it then by all means get Laca sold for £30m and use that to invest in the youngster.


Then we would still need an attacker and how this would happen (in an ideal world) would be a domino effect with Nketiah, Balogun & Willian. His wage plus performance-based Willian needs to be moved on. We need a new deal for Balogun with promotion to the 1st team to replace Eddie, who should go on loan for a full season in one of the premier leagues smaller teams for experience. He is only 21yrs old and needs game time week in and week out to see if he’s ready, same with Balogun to prove he can play for us at senior level.


To sign an attacker this may be the deal we may need to fork out for ourselves just like Partey on the last day of the window.


Dino Mavropanos & William Saliba will return to Arsenal in Pre-Season better prepared, so that will save us a fortune, as they will be needed and used by Mikel as they have something to build on alongside Gabriel, Holding & Mari.


Luiz getting a new deal is on the cards for another year apparently.


Also AMN or Willock could be sold though they should stay on as HG players or a season loan.


We are rebuilding and by the time the summer comes we may have transformed the team with the old out and new in with the likes of Luiz, Xhaka, Partey & Auba being our senior leaders of this young team.


There is a lot of work to be done but it makes sense as we don’t have funds and need to sell, move on and replace. We also have a lot of other youngsters in the u21s like Lopez (DEF), Azeez (MID), Holler (CF) and John-Jules (CF) when he returns to maybe get a shot at the main squad.


This is on a limited budget and we may not be in Europe at all next season, but we could get big investment from Big Stan if we managed to win the Europa League. We have as good a chance as any other club left in it to lift it and get back to the UCL.


So it is not all doom and gloom at Arsenal as we are moving forward as a club, team and fans to be honest. This league season is really for pride but maybe to try to push for a Europa league spot. Our young coach will make mistakes on the job, but has Arsenal at his heart and has improved this team a lot, especially defensively. As soon as the attacking clicks then he may be on to something.


What do you all think, would they be smart moves or what would you do differently?

Happy Monday Gooners especially after yesterday’s result v Leeds!


Sean (Ireland)

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  1. I’d put Torreira into the transfer list because he doesn’t cut it in EPL and he rarely started in for Atletico Madrid as well. If Saliba and Guendouzi don’t want to work with Arteta, then unfortunately we’d have to look for their suitors

    Lacazette and Pepe should also be sold in the summer if they don’t do anything special, unless if we win EL or finish in top four. I’d use the budget to get Tierney’s competitor and Lacazette’s replacement if he’s sold, then look for another left-footed DM to compete with Xhaka if we still have enough money

    1. This your left foot, right foot, inverted foot
      Can’t you put a comment without foot in it beginning to sound like a broken record

        1. Really and why should a midfilder be so limited to using one leg.
          Almost all the great midfielders can use both legs with ease. Santi and cazorla comes to mind… We should be concerned about players ability rather than who leg he is using…

  2. You think Arsenal will get 30m for Laca. 30m for Guendouzi? lol

    I’d be surprised if anyone come in for either of them because they’ll want wages that other clubs cannot afford. Clubs are so cash strapped right now – they don’t want to commit to big wages let alone transfer fees unless they really have to. That’s why there was such little movement in Jan and why they will be little movement in the summer too.

  3. Good optimistic article Sean.Like Palash I am not keen on Lamptey nor at the prospect of a contract extension for Luis who is well past his sell buy date.. If Mavroponas and Saliba return as you suggest , we would have six centre backs including Chambers.Surely that is enough?

  4. Are we really talking about penny pinching already? Arsenal is in the top 10 richest clubs in the world and yet we are considering cut price deals for potentially relegated players. Massive investment is needed this summer regardless of where we finish because we are miles off winning a significant trophy again this year. We are 2 or 3 world class players away from challenging and they are not cheap. Credit to Mikel,I like what he is doing.He’s cleared the deadwood,he’s promoted good,young talented players but he needs to be rewarded with proper investment on World class players and not with cheap half deals.

  5. Honestly,

    Selling Nketiah, Willock, Niles, Chambers, Neilson, Torriera, Nenny, and Bellerin, will get us a cool 140 to 150 millions. This can be invested in a GK (10m), Odegaard, Ceballos, Lamptey, Bissouma , and a Right Winger to replace Willian. Hell, we can pay the 20 millions installment of PEPE as well and keep some change,

  6. Some well thought out comments. However, Sean seems not to have taken into account how MUCH Covid has collapsed the transfer martket and all his sale fees are completely unobtainable.

    Our sad fact is that for all our expendable players we will get hardly any real incoming fees at all. Laca for £30 mill is at least twice, if not three times, as much as we could hope for in theREAL post Covid world. Elneny is almost worthless too and Guendouzi for £30 mill is also a triumph of hope over experience.
    It is a shame, as some thought has gone into the ins and outs that Sean has called for but the devil is in the DETAIL and in reality ALL our unwanted players are worth far less than many think. No one has any money folks including us! Forget all large sales both in and out!

  7. Agree, Jon, I’ve been trying to burst those bubbles for months. So maybe several will go but not many and not for real money. Only those top stars with potential will even get close to real value. So we have to be ready to work with what we have. But looking at the turnaround MA has achieved, with a real pre-season maybe he can develop some of those who until now have disappointed – Pepe, Saliba, Willian, Nketia (we can dream!). TBH the current line-up is on the up and thats without Party, Tierney, GM. Although we will I think miss Odegaard and maybe even Ceballos, its not all doom and gloom. BTW did you see Bielsa’s comment on Xhaka? (;-))
    Maybe a chance we get odegaard if he plays enough and we perform like last night. Hes proved he’s his own man so will have a big say in where he goes.

    1. guy, agree totally on Martin Odegaard; if he performs to his potential and is happy with his time at Arsenal, he is obtainable and is better than Danny Ceballos. Real Madrid need to cash in some players, due to their financial situation. Should Zidane stay, he appears not to be prepared to give Odegaard the opportunities Arsenal will.

  8. Sell Xhaka. How long has he been at Arsenal? How has he improved the team? He is now the last man standing from the 2016 squads. What a survivor. He has really made our football more attractive and this can be seen in the way the team continues to be a dominant force both in the Premier League and European football.

  9. Sean, credit should also be given to Unai Emery for giving the young players an opportunity. The quality of the players in Arsenal’s Academy should not be under estimated. By the way the tall CF is Nikolaj Moller (not Holler), Joel Lopez is a LB and Ben Cottrell is another up and coming midfielder. Charlie Patino is another MF who is being accelerated through the age groups and is considered a top prospect. Development of any of these players will save Arsenal considerable transfer funds and next season they are at least 6 months older. It will be interested to see how well the players on loan progress.

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