How Arsenal can get the best from our Lacazette and Aubameyang partnership

LACAUBA Partnership: A final masterstroke in Arsenal’s revival by Nicholas

When he walked into Arsenal, Unai Emery was facing the volcano right in the eyeball and he thought he had a plan – Aaron Ramsey was part of the plan. However, he found that his predecessor had brought together two deadly strikers that every football enthusiast wanted to see play together.

Aubameyang and Lacazette come from their two pasts had been performing brilliantly. But the question of how to play them together was always going to be the issue. Right now the play in the heat of the moment is Lacazette. He is in form of his life and almost scoring at will now.

Lacazette, can make the transformation and play in attacking Midfield. We seem to lack a midfielder consistent of superb displays and someone to carry the team on his shoulders. Someone to power past though tough defenses and someone who can spark some urgency in this key area and someone who can do this job week in and week out. It will allow Lacazette and Aubameyang to seal their Lacuba football chemistry. Most importantly, it will allow Aubameyang back from the wings into the forward role and bring back.

Lacazette has the ability to carry the ball, win dribbles, offer superior interchanges and provide magical passes. He can actually pass with both feet. Lacazette has an untapped creativity in him that was clear during his Lyon days. Maybe Unai saw the wrong Ramsey.

My squad with Lacazette in his new role would be…

Mhkitaryan ———-Lacazette—————Ozil

Perhap’s I’m being ambitious to want three defensive minded midfielders in the centre of the park behind Lacazette but I feel that’s how Lacazette could become more effective.

What do you think?

Nicholas Oyoo


  1. This is so so not gonna work, I get it’s your opinion but it’s not close to the best idea.
    His best position is the CF, the only reasonable formation to keep em both in their best position is a 4-4-2 or 4-3-1-2.

  2. Very weak will get hammered wth ozil xhaka belerin on one side and monreal guendozi and miki the other. Goodbye to ozi and xhaka, add a world class central defender and one speedy winger and were done for a top 3 finish, 1 domestic cup and europa cup.Rest of the players are good and improoving.earlier had some doubts about emery but he seems to getting tough with the players a good sign lets wish him well

    1. Curious to see how Ozil would answer the challenge. No matter whether he keeps disappearing on and off the pitch or toughen up, he will not go anywhere

      Xhaka seems to have improved his set-piece ability, but nothing much apart from that. Cech and Welbeck are very determined, probably because they need to get new contract

  3. your article was making a lot of sense until your suggested formation of 3-6-1/ 3-3-3-1 using bellerin as one of the back three and using ozil and miki as wingbacks. that lineup means you don’t know our players abilities; strengths and weaknesses. Lacazette would be wasted in a 10 role as he would be as ineffective as Auba was on the wings. Laca drops into midfield to lose his marker and help set up play before quickly moving back into the box to be ready to score from team mates passes.

  4. Sorry, but I think your formation is too absurd and lack the balance to attack and defend. The last time I saw a crazy formation like that is Luis Enrique’s 3-2-3-2 with inverted wingbacks at Barcelona (managed to hammered Emery’s PSG, but very unstable in La Liga)

    In my opinion, Emery’s dynamic 4-4-2 is the best tactic I have ever seen since the Invicibles. No attacker got stuck in one position, very difficult to be marked because they kept switching roles and there was a great understanding between them at Fulham

    Based on what I saw, Welbeck would be a better partner for Lacazette, because both can play well in deeper position and Welbeck’s aerial ability/ work rate are amazing. Aubameyang is the perfect competitor for Lacazette, despite his team work is not as good as Lacazette’s and Welbeck’s (yet)

  5. Nicholas-you have obviously been influenced by Arsene Wenger.But not even Wenger would have gone with that line up.

  6. Paul Merson said we will soon be at the end of a trashing, I wonder what he will do if that does not happen. We are going to lose games like every football team on the surface of earth (except the invisible) but to say we will get trashed? I wonder why he is so angry though! We were all over the place but we still get results so Paul Merson EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!!

    1. In this instance I don’t know what games Merson is watching. The defeat by Manchester City 2-1, was the first EPL match under Emery and Torreira, Arsenal’s DM was not selected. From my observations of games, Arsenal’s defense is improving. Given Arsenal only shipped 2 goals against the leaders early in the season, I would like to know which club is going to hammer Arsenal.
      There is a good reason why Tony Adams stated that players like Paul Merson shouldn’t be allowed anywhere defense.

  7. best formation for the players is 4_1_3_2 but with the CAM dropping deep to CM when we defending n a catalyst for one of the CF (preferrably Lacazette) to drop deep as well n turn to the new CAM/SS.
    albeit, we still need proper wingers to complete this system, for now Iwobi n Mkhitaryan r okay.

    the main issue will be Ozil’s willingness to drop deep when we are without the ball n ability to support Torreira defensively.
    this is why Ramsey was an okay fit but not good enough cos he is technically average at best.
    but say we still had a player like Cazorla, maybe Banega ll do.


    when Attacking
    ….Iwobi…Lacazette,Auba,.. Martial
    When Defending.

    1. Rabiot and Koke are other options aside Banega.
      midfielders that have the ability to play DM, CM and AM.
      they are on d last year if their contracts at Atlethico n PSG respectively.

  8. So our defence is our weakest area, and you want to weaken it even further by playing just one CB? On top of that, you have no wing-backs to help out in defence, and ZERO width in the side because of Ozil, and Mkhitaryan playing out wide! I don’t mind playing three at the back, but you have chosen the completely wrong personal.

  9. 4-4-2

    All week, every week my friends. We have the players suited to this role.

    ———–Auba – Laca
    Iwobi – Ozil – Torreira – Micki
    Monreal – Sokratis – Mustafi – Bellerin

    The reason for including Ozil – Because he can switch roles when transitioning into attack with Torreira at the base.

  10. Nicholas , I was much taken with the theme of your article, though like other Gooners, cannot agree your chosen line up. But to me , both Laca and Auba – I like your “lacauba” word BTW – need to play close together, where their interplay can be more effective. A sort of two up front but constantly changing who is more central. Their interplay has been a highly effective part of our success so far and both are – by a country mile- the best strikers at Arsenal and leaving either out would be silly and counterproductive. IWOBI has now shown that he is the closest we have to a natural winger, with pace, trickery and, at last, a true belief in his own ability. So he MUST play wide and can be effective on either wing. Until we have better CB’s and full backs, we need to play a back four, NOT three, which is too risky by far. Xhaka I would ditch; he is slow in thought and deed, immobile and just slows down what is fast becoming a fluid passing style. Torreira must start and is a key, even vital, player. My preferred team , ONCE ALL ARE FIT, for PREM is Leno, Licht, Monreal, Holding Sokratis(Mavro) , definitely NO Mustafi, ever, Torreira, Guendouzi, Myki, Iwobi, Auba , Laca. This gives us pace , balance, fierce determination , while the absence of Bellerin, Mustafi and Xhaka keeps many of the regular mistakes well away from the defence. I leave out Ozil as he just won’t work hard. Simple as that. A shame but if you won’t work, you don’t play. Ever! Simple as that . Lazy players are deadly poison in a team game. No other team sport would put up with it and nor must football. The TEAM is ALWAYS far more important than any one individual. Would that Wenger had learned that simple lesson . He did not, or would not, so he got sacked. If you don’t, OR WON’T , learn from regular mistakes, then you don’t deserve to manage either.

  11. Lacazette in place of ramsey as a 9 1/2 would be superb for our team. We get aubameyang to play forward and lacazette just behind him. Ramsey plays very close to our striker when we don’t have possession to press the defenders. with the current squad it would be :

    Iwobi lacazette ozil/mkhitaryan

    Torreira ramsey/xhaka/guendouzi

    monreal mustafi sokratis bellerin

    Lacazette drops deep to influence play as he likes to get involve in build-up play and aubameyang loves running behind. Infact if you watch lacazette closely he always drop deep help defending when we dont have the ball and he also drops deep when we attack. he’s more of a hybrid ST/AM. with this formation we give our two strikers what they like best. space for aubameyang and controlling play for lacazette.

  12. Please Ramsey should find his way.
    We don’t run charity organization any more glory be to God Mr Wenger is gone up next Ozil and zhaka.

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