How Arsenal can get the best out of Theo Walcott?


We have a striking problem and Gunners everywhere have blamed Olivier Giroud for this. We are disappointed in him because we believe we can do better. That is the main issue really because Olivier is not a bad player at all. Coming into a club that has been blessed with spectacular forwards in the past twenty years such as Ian Wright, Kanu Nwankwo, Nicolas Anelka, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Robin Van Persie, Olivier Giroud certainly had big boots to fill.

Two seasons ago, Giroud led the line for us and for more than half of that season, we topped the table until our spectacular fall from grace which coincided with Giroud’s loss of form. The manager ran him to the ground because he had no help. Wenger had the opportunity to get us our first premier league trophy in ten years and the least he could do was to loan a centre forward to help Giroud out that season. But as we have come to expect from him, he screwed that up too by turning up with an injured midfielder instead. We all know how that ended.

So we never really replaced the Henrys and Van Persies and as the frustration grows, that anger is gradually being transferred to a certain Theo Walcott as well. But here is my two cents on Walcott. He is a very good player. Like most forwards these days, he has his strengths and weaknesses. Is he your typical centre forward? Not really. He lacks height and strength and doesn’t keep the ball well. But he makes these up with his pace, incredible movement around the box and an amazing shooting ability. Theo has played as a winger for us for ten years now. Are we really right in dumping all our anger on him when we should be mad at Wenger for not getting us a proper number nine?

Walcott is a winger that we are trying to convert into a central striker and he has had very limited time to get used to the role. It is strange that Giroud has had three seasons as our centre forward and Walcott has only had three or four games in that position and yet the jury is already out on Walcott’s ability to play there. That is not a fair assessment of his abilities as a centre forward. Theo needs time to get used to that role and I know that we don’t really have the time because the season has started and every point is crucial. But the signs have been promising. Walcott was unplayable against West Brom with his hat trick and he was just as damaging against Aston Villa in the FA Cup final. So there is something there.

So what do we do? Except we sign a proper central striker in the next 48 hours, I say we keep giving Walcott regular games. When he is not playing as a centre forward, he should be played on the right wing. Say what you will but Theo remains our best right winger by a mile. I see no reason why we cannot have a forward line of Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott if Walcott is not playing as central striker. So it is up to the boss to get his balance right and give Walcott the games that he needs. Putting him on the bench and playing Ramsey as a winger will not aid Walcott’s return to form. We have a limited number of strikers and an abundance of midfielders. I would think that if anything, getting our strikers back in form will be Wenger’s priority. Instead, he is stuck with trying to accommodate his favorite midfielders in one’s starting eleven. You can blame our poor start to the season on Wenger’s experiments. Sanchez is yet to hit form after playing a million games and Giroud is yet to overcome the goal drought that befell him towards the end of last season. Welbeck is injured and Oxlade Chamberlain is not a frequent goal scorer. Walcott on the other hand ended last season with a bang and what does Wenger do? Rather than playing him to ensure he continues his good form, he puts him on the bench. How does that aid his confidence?

If we are serious about winning games, Walcott, Like Sanchez, must be in any starting eleven we come up with right now and he doesn’t have to play as central striker. I repeat, he doesn’t have to play as central striker. In his last season with us, Van Persie scored 37 goals. Walcott created the most assists for him. If Theo is not scoring, he can be sending quality crosses in for Giroud to latch unto. Everybody knows that Giroud cannot create his own chances so why not pair him with a guy who can create for him? After Van Persie left, Walcott was our go-to guy when we needed goals that season and he got us 21 goals in all competitions playing as a winger and coming off the bench in most of those games. Even with our lack of signings, this team has goals in it. A front line of Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott with Ozil behind them is a really dangerous one. Rather than us going on about how Walcott is rubbish up front, blame Wenger for not knowing how to get the best out of what is a very good team. Here’s to hoping the boss comes to his senses and starts our best goal getters in his first eleven. His poor player selection is costing us.

Ramsey should be rotating with Cazorla, not Walcott. Peace.

Uche Edochie
Lagos – Nigeria

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  1. nope sorry…im deaf to anything other than transfers til this window closes.

    this is full on transfer madness, im sniffing raw uncut 100% colombian cheese strings
    an washing it down with the tears of female icelandic virgins.

    this is it people.. a whole summer of discussions about marco reus karim benzema and edinson cavani…an its all come down to this .

    1. You already stated the solution of playing him as a winger. Sure we need a striker but if he’s unwilling to play winger, we need a winger with pace. Squad is not deep enough!

      1. If he is not willing to play as a winger we probably should not have renewed his contract for silly money.

        Clearly Wenger doesn’t rate him as a striker otherwise after 10 years with the club he would have gotten more chances.

    2. Draxler joins wolfsburg. #WHOWILLWENGERSIGN. Absolutely Nothing about Arsenal so far on SKYSPORT. I really am very confused and unhappy right now.

    3. Players moving left right and centre .
      We are still waiting for a fantastic deal to drop on our lap .
      Wolburg sold de bruyne and one other player and bought draxler and and the Brazilian.
      I guess we are stuck with giroud ,Ramsey, wikshere,mertesacker ,arteta ,flamini.
      All players we could have sold and easily bought better upgrades with a net spend of less than £30 million .
      Some players have been here too long and everything has gone stale

    4. With all respect Sir, Theo is not a striker and will never be one! very one dementional player and lack of football intelligency because he says he wants to play in the middle for self serving but not for Arsenal

  2. So Chelshit are preparing to Launch a Last minute £87mil for pogba…….. Doomsday for Fabregas if that happens………. He didn’t see that coming after a season ….did he?………. LooooooooL *crazy window tho…….too much money moving around*

    1. We don’t need to sign anyone. 😀
      SAVE THE MONEY ARSENE!!..You bloody genius. Just resign Kim Kallstrom or loan About Diaby and we will have enough cohesion to compete for the 4TH place trophy again.
      Come on folks!..a 1, a 2, a 3 now sing!
      Na na na na…na na na na hey hey hey Giroud

      Thank you Wenger from your greatest AKB.
      AKB K-ool. 😀 😀 😀

  3. Wyanama hasn’t joined his national team for training. It would be cool if Wenger bid and win him over Spuds (that’s if Wenger isn’t getting a better DM).

    But my gut feeling is that Wenger will NOT get a DM unfortunately 🙁

    I’m hoping Wenger gets an attacker better than Mahrez, Llorente, Kokorin

      1. Wenger will loan a 33 year old striker from Sweden so as to make giroud look good while they save More money for kroenke .

    1. thats true. the fans arent just upset at walcott because he isnt scoring. they are upset at him because he insists he is a striker when he is definitely a RW. in an era like this with a 1 striker 2 winger system, there needs to be a striker to hold up play and get the mid involved. he is terrible at that and is only good at getting sent thru which is not a bad thing if one is on the wing. i agree that he should be on the wing instead of ramsey but walcott will only work as a striker in a 2 forward formation where another forward can still hold up play for the mids. but that is my opinion.

  4. Just wait.
    If we sign a Striker… Theo will come-out and say ‘i was just joking when i first said i want to be played as a striker’

  5. More shots from outside.
    The own goal was initiated by a long shot.
    Ramsey Santi Ozil Alexis Theo Ox they can all shoot from outside the box

    1. That’s what I miss Poldi for… Shoot as you are going to wreak havoc on the goal post.

      1. así es….
        so sad to have seen Poldi go…it will always be an enigma what the f happened with Weneger there

  6. The problems with our striker and shortage of goals go way back.
    1st let me get this out of the way the transfer market today is made in such a way that everything is over priced with big spender like Barca/Real/Chelsea/Man U/Man C/PSG. Truth is Wenger’s valuation of players is probably closer to the real valuation but at the end of the day what must be understood is rarity of players of certain qualities & buyers in the market makes the valuation: at the moment the club valuation of players is outdated not wrong but outdated but worth every penny down the line.
    2nd as far as I’m concerned we should’ve gone for Suarez seriously 2 seasons ago 40+1 was stupid sorry. He’s a genuine world beater and this season among top 3 UEFA players among CR7 & M10. Look he took LFC close to promise land & 100+ goals. Imagine with Ozil & Sanchez…
    3rd Giroud is great but is maximizing is potential is hsould’ve been a back up to Van Persie period but was sold & had to take responsability.
    4th other opportunities were missed that a believe would have been worth exploring before they made a switch & would only go for a crazy fee (Cavani when at Napoli; Higuain when at Real; Jackson Martinez; Vietto when at Villareal; Dybala when at Parma; Lacazette still at Lyon; and I can continue).
    5th Welbeck a player with a lot of natural ability (speed, technical; tall; power,stamina,team 1st) but missing the most needed as he was bought to be a striker: selfishness+composure+clinical finish. he looks like a panic buy and lost investment…still giving him this season to come forward!!
    All in all our issues run deep…Walcott playing more (Why if he is not scoring obvious freebies) or should I say scoring more is one of them…Will we buy I don’t know but if we do it doesn’t look like will get a WC player but a 2nd,3rd or 4th option on Wenger’s list & if we do get a WC player most likely he will be overpriced even more than what we would have paid had we done the right things (4th point). Higuain for 68m pound come on!!

    1. we DID go for Suarez.
      The “+1” matter is well known in Business so no mistake is made for if it was the trigger amount or over that amount. Pool didnt want to sell to us…Suarez DINDT want to join us

    2. Suarez wasn’t all that when we bid for him. He had a couple of decent seasons and a bad disciplinary record. The money we bid for him was in his contract,Liverpool said no still. No one knew he would tear up the league that same season.

    Victor Wanyama has not travelled to
    join the Kenyan national team as
    planned this morning, according to
    Sky sources.
    The player was left out of Ronald
    Koeman’s squad at the weekend for
    the Norwich fixture as the manager
    felt he was not “mentally and
    physically good enough to play”.
    Koeman is desperate to keep him at
    the club having already lost
    midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin to
    Manchester United this summer.

    wanyama would make a good signing for arsenal.

    sign him up!

    man united sign anthony marital..19 year old forwad who has scored 9 goals in 35 league appearances for 36 M rising with add ons to possibly 50 M….

    louis van gaal is one dumb guy…and the way he has a big head….I thought its all brains in there….ooh.well might be filled with porridge that enormous head of his

    1. Its not Arsenal who is in for Wanyama it is Spurs go and read Sky Sport and Koman said he is not for sell.

    2. why do we think any player who misses training for his team is destined for Arsenal?……….. Is this a new way to scout?

  8. Walcott’s best position is RW. He could still be awesome in that position if he concentrated on that position

    Walcott wants to play up front for his benefit, not necessarily the benefit of the team. He has tried a few times and simply doesn’t look good in that position.

    He can score 20 goals from that position. He should stick with that position and improve, improve and improve. He should try to dominate that position. Oxlade and Walcott can push each other

    Alexis on the left, Walcott/OX on the right, Ozil in centre is ideal for us.

    A top CF is what we need for the thousandth time.
    Ideally a decent LW would be useful as well but a Top CF will complete our attack

  9. why arsenal keep it so late because we need two players a striker and a cdm in the end we will buy a striker at the last moment and fans will forget about the cover cdm or someone better than coquelin.we will think at least we got the striker in the end.And the board will be happy that they won’t need to get two quality players in the same window. I know i am being skeptical but i do believe this is a ploy they will use every season. Get only one quality player at the last day,fans are relieved so that they could say they are bringing enforcements every year but a single signing every season just does not cut it to win the premiership. Rest of em are buying 3 to 4 players. I hope i am wrong and they bring two quality players. No matter what i will still watch arsenal and support it.

  10. Man United about to spend big on a new forward I see.
    Lets have a think about the team whose chairman came out in public and stated that we had £200 million to spend on new players – who have we signed?
    Ahhh yes, a keeper who couldn’t get near the Chelsea first team but who, it seems can walk straight into Arsenal’s.
    This is the team managed by a man who stated in public that we can sign the players from big clubs who were warming up the benches or playing in their reserves.
    Here is the man whose philosophy this transfer window was to buy top top players i.e. WORLD CLASS players yet doesn’t have enough functioning brain cells to realise that these players do NOT warm the benches or play in the reserves.
    Here is the idiot, the cretin, the functional RETARD of a man who likes to be judged at the end of the season and who is now getting his equally useless players to repeat the same mantra on public media.
    Here is the man who has sat with his hands under his arse and watched his nearest competitors strengthen their teams why he sat and did NOTHING.
    Though I would never wish Arsenal to have a calamitous season ti would not be a bad thing if it meant that negligent, arrogant has been was forced to leave.
    I will celebrate the day that he leaves, perhaps then we will see Arsenal moving FORWARD..

    1. Cech walked stright into our team because he was better then anything we had, name a better keeper that was available or a club that would sell their first choice??

  11. The problem we have is that two of Giroud, Wakcott and Oxlade are being sacrificed to accommodate Ramsey, even if it means playing Ramsey out on the R/W when both Ozil and Cazorla are selected.
    Surely, a proper R/W should get the nod ahead of Ramsey, who should be competing for a position in the centre against Ozil and Cazorla.
    For Wenger, Ramsey has to be selected, even out of position, while Oxlade missing out and the switching of Giroud one game and Walcott the next as Centre Forwards is harming all four players. We now have 4 problems if Ramsey plays R/W. 1) Ox, an attacking winger has limited opportunities to get even better. 2) Ramsey’ suffers from playing in a position he is not suited to, 3) Walcott is forced to play striker to justify his salary and 4) Giroud, a striker is now competing with a winger ( Walcott) for the position of C/F.
    Wenger needs to solve the Ramsey problem and the puzzle will be solved.
    What do we do with Ramsey is what

  12. How to get the best out of Walcott: Sell him to a club his constant absenses will not impact the season of, a club who plays against clubs with a no physical contact policy, a club which doesn’t mind hearing his deluded belief he is a striker.

    Welbeck is a better striker than Walcott.

    Please just sell Walcott so we can have an alternative winger who stays fit for most of the season.

    Sanchez was awesome for us last season, he was an immense asset to the club and the season … now add to Sanchez the injury record of Walcott …. he is no longer an asset. Now add to Walcott the non-injury record of Sanchez and Walcott would be a great asset.

    The truth is, do your homework and see how Walcott has been injured for over 5 years worth of game time while at the club, he has therefore only gained the experience of a 22 year old with playing time.

    He will continue being out injured for longer periods now he is older, his recovery rate while young was slower than than players in their 30’s.

  13. easy problem
    bring class player to compete in every section (wing,forward) for wallcott
    sure he will perform carefully,dont want make any mistake, or ended in warm bench

    like what ox did,waiting long time to get a chance playing, when walcott get injuried he wont waste any second of it by giving his very best performance. or what bellerin did when debuchy got injured, he wont waste any second of it and try to impress mr manager by giving his best

    i hop3 not just for walcott, ramsey,ozil , giroud ,coq should get equal competition to fight for his place. if that already done. im assure you we can get the best of our player. and what following next is they have that spirit . mental , to give and to do the best.

    hope wenger realize it, bring new player not just for future prospect,long term squad,
    its needed too! create competition in every position!!! so no one is confident enough , do what they like to do.

  14. Sorry to get u guys upset but AW ain’t signing any player CECH waz out biggest signing he can win us the cl & epl trophies, after Saturday game its clearly we need firing power up front im not mad @ giroud & u guys shouldn’t cuz the manager picks the squad not giroud & if aw don’t have a st by end of transfer i think thats it for him we need someting new @ the clud & thats a manager sorry to say that aw time is up & been up. #AWOUT!!!

    1. Well its nt surprising if he doesnt sign someone…..

      Same shit for last 10years….

      Many fans are still living in denial…

  15. I don’t think you really addressed the question “How can Arsenal get the best out of Theo Walcott” except by saying that we should play him. I think everyone can agree on that.

    Theo is not a natural striker because he struggles to play football with his back to goal. Unlike a midfielder who will always be on the half turn or a defender who will do his best to play facing the opposition, a striker is most often required to be facing the rest of his team. Instantly by playing Theo up top we need to play the ball to him while he is making forward runs. His runs are great – he opens up alot of space – but his variety of play limits our attack. This is fine as part of a partnership because the other player can act as the focal point, but we play with a lone CF, so this negates alot of Theo’s best attributes.

    To really utilise Theo as a CF we need to be utilising the space around him and making the most of our CAM. Theo + Ozil is a more natural partnership as Ozil will benefit more from the pocket of space between defence and midfield amongst the opposition plus offers better through balls. That said, Ozil will not often act as a second runner, meaning that Theo has no dummy runs to obscure what he is doing, making it easier for defenders to track him.

    With those problems in mind, the solution to get the best out of Theo is situational. Some games he will be better suited to wide play – i.e. games when we have less space to operate with. By isolating him against a lone WB instead of 2 CB he will gain that little extra space and be able to do more for the team. Conversely, in games where the opposition want to press high, he will peg back the defence and have be able to manipulate the space using his runs far more effectively. Basically Theo is more suited to play Chelsea or City or Swansea or Bournemouth. Giroud is more effective against most other teams who’ll seek to defend deep against us. Choosing the right attacker will determine the effectiveness of our CF.

    Simply put though, we really should be operating with a striker who fulfills both Theo and Giroud’s roles to a good level. It’s very hard to play with a one dimensional attack that you can predict. Our movement and passing usually gets us through games, but having players who can do unusual things (Ox/Alexis) is often times far more effective then players who you can create a game plan to snuff out.

    1. No Reus…

      Wenger has said b4 we are full of midfielders….

      Although Reus a good signing to rotate with Sanchez

  16. : Forget the fee; Manchester United new-boy Anthony Martial is the next Thierry Henry

    1. jeez hater…instead of thumbing down answer the hoest question!
      Its a question! how can it be thumbed down hahahaha
      U r giving yourself away

    2. 🙂 My friend, the deadline is when Wenger says it is because Wenger knows best.
      Deadline is July 1. You just questioned our idol. We don’t question our idol. Didn’t you come for the secret gathering on SACRED RULES? I know you didn’t mean this. You will be pardoned on this one for being a special AKB.

      Any further questions from my fellow AKB’s can be directed to AKB K-ool. 😀

      1. oh come on man…

        its not even funny anymore, you sound like a man broken hearted sayin over and over that the girl s a slut. and hen trying to be funny when all u can read is pain.

        We all know u hate Wenger, even if I tend to be more objective I understand you.

        But that was an honest question.
        Any way…hope you find happiness

        1. What!?
          You just broke the number two SACRED RULE!
          “Never say your fellow AKB hates Wenger.”
          I like you Gigi2. I think you are one of the special AKB’s we have but its not me…its you and this is strike 2.
          Come on fellow, we don’t want to lose you. Just don’t break anymore sacred rules. I’m just looking out for you mate. You don’t want to get banished.

          1. say what you want…then yu ahvent read my comments being critic of Wenger.
            Sad…thought all in all u were a fair guy.

            Any are you so…keep it up i guess

    3. The deadline is Tuesday 6pm (GMT)
      Because today is a bank holiday in England..
      but what difference does that make to Arsenal?
      Its always a bank holiday with them ??

    1. Exactly what needs to be done to refresh the team .
      Our team has gone stale. We are keeping hold of too many non performing players.
      Wilshere,Ramsey, Theo ,flamini, arteta ,mertesacker are all players we could easily have sold and bought upgrades.

  17. Walcott made his bed and now he has to lay in it,
    My guess is that he wanted the striker’s position before agreeing a new contract and for that reason he finds himself on the bench rather than on the RW.

    it’s a shame because he was more affective on the wing,
    Cutting in and getting into goal scoring position,
    as well as setting up an assist… mainly for Giroud.

    Oh well… Roll on Tuesday 6pm (GMT)

  18. No news regarding predictable….Wenger praises Ospina in….no news about any arsenal transfer what-so ever…it seems we will not have any more buy…either panic or world-class..Wenger deserves a Oscar..

  19. good post. Could not agree more on Walcott getting playing time each game even if it is on the wing. IMO he is still our best finisher after Sanchez, even though that is not so difficult.

    Didn’t we renew his contract for astronomical weekly wages?? Whats the point if we don’t play him?

    It is unfair to expect him to get in a grove if he spends most time on the bench.

  20. Five articles today and #SoOpa AeoN still includes “Loooooooool in his comments.

    Did that (looool) just got to your country???

    1. yea “LoooooooooLing” just got ere……… It arrived on deadline day……..are u pained?….. I just have to LooooL at wenger’s shambolic ineptness in the transfer window so far…………ENJOY THE PANIC! …. LoooooooooooL

  21. Well at least Wenger is not off playing referee on a charity match in Italy 😛

    Just imagine. What would you ppl pi4s you off more.

    No transfers. or.
    Some Kim Kalstrom aka kick on the nuts signing?

  22. I just wonder who we’re going to sign this is madness I’m always on the internet searching for potential transfer news….

  23. What Wenger does in the next 30+ hours will determine whether we challenge for first or fourth place.
    I hope Wenger understands this.

    Last summer, if Wenger had signed a Top CF instead of or in addition to Welbeck, we would have had a great chance of winning the PL. Especially with the Coquelin revelation.

    Now the Top teams have gotten stronger with the addition of Pedro, Rahman, Sterling, Depay, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger and de Bruyne and possibly more. Even Liverpool have improved with Benteke

    Cech is a missing piece of the puzzle (WC keeper), BUT we need a CF and another Top DM (which is unlikely)

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Mr Wenger, Don’t let us down

    1. I would accept Kokorin or anyone for that matter. The worst that can happen is that he doesnt play well with the team an we bench hiim like we did Podolski or Campbell. But if he does come good then U get a striker for little or nothing.

      1. With all respect Sir, Theo is not a striker and will never be one! very one dementional player and lack of football intelligency because he says he wants to play in the middle for self serving but not for Arsenal

  24. Kokorin, Denis sheryshev and Yarmolenko will be huge upgrade compare to Theo + giroud combine those are quality strikers and perfect age group spending 45mil plus to Benzema and Cavani is not very smart business beacuse of age – you gotta be quality striker to be world class something Theo lacks!!

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