How Arsenal can keep focused for FA cup defence

I am fairly sure that a large percentage of Arsenal fans are finding it hard to get enthused about the defence of the FA cup trophy, because two points from the last three Premier League games has left the Gunners down in third place and our challenge for the Premier League title looking a lot less assured than it was a couple of weeks ago.

So most of us expect and will accept it if Arsene Wenger rests a lot of first team players for the 4th round game against Burnley on Saturday, as we are desperate for a win against Southampton next Tuesday. Having said all that, I think that a win in the FA cup, or at the very least a positive performance, could do us the world of good, confidence and morale wise.

And we should not just ignore the fact that Arsenal are chasing a very notable record in winning the famous old competition three times in a row. So how does Wenger balance these things? I think he needs to make sure that the team he picks, both fringe players and first team regulars alike, are sent out with the freedom to play and enjoy their football, without any fear that they will be blamed if we go out of the competition.

And a lot of the Gunners involved are likely to be desperate for more game time, so the likes of David Ospina, Calum Chambers, Gabriel, Gibbs, Iwobi, Chamberlain and the new signing Mohamed Elneny should be up for it anyway. Finally the boss needs to instill in them a sense of the magic of the cup and get them feeling that Arsenal are sort of the underdogs for the game because of the current situation.

Is that the best way for Arsenal to focus on the FA cup?

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  1. The F.A. Cup is just as important as any other trophy, to me. We need to send out a message that whoever wants it gotta take it from us…

  2. If the players need something or a reminder to be up for this game then there is something wrong right there.

    Not to look down on our opponents but if the team deemed to be serious title challengers, fighting for the CL (haaha) and from a loss at home in a debbie against a rival the funs have a right to demand for nothing less than a win this weekend.

    Failure to win this one is not acceptable, we deserve a good performance, lots of energy and goals. Damn I miss seeing us win the Arsenal way, beautiful, controlled, and convincing football.

  3. We need to rest 80% of our players. We need the player who havejust returned to come on and do a run about to keep fitness lebvels up.

    This type of match we should see:

    Ospina, Chambers, Ox, Gibbs, Eleney, Iwobi, Rosick√Ĺ,

    We need to get a good result while improving team moral

    1. Well with what you just put down we have no chance mate. Do you think they are coming to lay down? No it’s a cup game

      1. The guys I have named will give it there all (that is why I didn’t mention flamini). We have to learn how to win these type of matches without some of our top players in my view. If we have to call upon the like of Sanchez/Ozil every single time, they will end up spending more time on the sideline through fatigue. Also I did say keep them on the bench due to the fact that they have just come back and we need to give them a good run around under less pressure.

        We need the fresh Squad for Southampton who will go on the kill to make up for the lost a few weeks ago

        1. @infumous25 ……… What do u mean we need a fresh squad?

          Play a decent team against burnley consisting of sanchez, ozil(or iwobi), walcott(or giroud), campbell, EL-neny(Rosicky Late sub), Le coq, bellerin, gab, kos and monreal(gibbs)

          give the returning injured players (Le coq and TR7) some run in….. And play EL-neny(high time he plays)
          Nobody gets the Rest…… They seem to be Lazy, fatigue and Fat when given a rest….

          1. I would say give them a run around late or to help sell the match. No offence to Burnley but we should not have to play a strong strong side. Burnely are more likely to get down and dirty with us lets not risk certain players. Also 65 -70 min of running around with our other players our main guys come on get a good run could even score (the hunger).

            In my personal view if we field a strong strong side to face them we are showing that we have no upcomign talent.

            Look at the likes of City and Chelsea they will play some returning players some young players and some first team players (sub them near the end) run around then come the League a strong (more refreshed) squad that are just hungry.

            Here the thing we have a long Feb coming up..

            Southampton, Bournemouth, Leicester City (race for the cup) before the next round of the tie and Barcelona 3 days later!!

            I want to win all three of the prem matches..hopefully get a low league team in the next round then Face Barca.

    2. OX can start from the bench……… Same with Ramsey

      and i dn’t want to see flamini anywhere near the team sheet

  4. Play a very good team because the opposition will play there hearts out. Play to win end of and play TW up front because he was in fine form but again AW won’t change things up. AS TW OC must play and rest Ozill

  5. All the talks bout Loaning Debuchy out doesn’t just make sense

    what would we gain from a 30yr old’s Loan deal?

    Sell him off completely ..i say

    my God!….we are so pathetic when it comes to business

    1. I agree with you fully but maybe no one wants to buy him at this point..But we should get rid and sign a new RB

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