How Arsenal can manage this ‘major overhaul’

What is Arsenal going to do? by Koss the Boss

Happy Easter Gooners hope everyone had a good day but I am sure as Arsenal fans, things seem to be miserable no matter what day it is. We have been shambolic in all departments since end of October & it doesnt look like getting any better anytime soon, so what is Arsenal going to do?

As we know there is going to be some sort of changes this summer in either management or star players leaving, especially with Top 4 going to be missed out on. In reality we just make up the numbers in UCL, 2-10 speaks volumes! Missing out is not the end of the world but as Arsene & the Board are penny pinchers it will cost us on the pitch dearly as we will not replace stars, as money will be even tighter according to Ivan in due course.

This “rebuild” is giving false hope for the fans to ease off all the pressure they have been giving them until the end of season, maybe get a few season tickets sold on empty promises as per every season.

The protests have not done much as they are like Arsenal at the momment…mediocre!! If the fans want change then it needs to start from the top with Kroenke & Ivan. Get them out as Kroeke sets the targets (money, profit, top4) and Ivan does what exactly? Important players’ contracts are coming into the last year, crap players in the club on huge salaries, Wenger does whatever he wants so what does this clown actually do??

Next Wenger & Steve Bould the Defensive coach? Between them they couldn’t coach a set piece between them, so what does Bould do bar say ‘yes sir, when sir’ to Wenger? Need a proper defensive coach in there but we do know also Wenger has too much power at the club, if you speak up to Arsene you’re out! Hes a massive problem with too much control over all aspects of the club. The man is failing the club, the fans & his once great legacy at the club but is that arrogant to think he still knows best. He basically holds Arsenal to ransom every time its his decision to leave the club, thats not on, he needs sacked to prove a point thats why Stan needs to go.

Lastly players. So many are not good enough to wear the shirt of Arsenal & too many are there for a pay check and not for the good of the club… and their paychecks are far too much for what they are actually worth or contribute to the team. Let a lot go & free up wages, forget the price tag let them go at whatever price we are offered. Here are roughly a few players weekly wages;

Ramsey 110k
Walcott 140k
Debuchy 70k
Per 70k
Gibbs 60k
Cech 90k
Coquelin 70k
Giroud 80k

Thats just to name a few. Sanchez deserves to go where he wants but would love him to stay & he will if we show ambition but we all know the is an RVP to Man Utd situation again, except this time Chelsea/City. Get Ox tied down, he has loads in the locker? Wenger is just not the man to get it out of him. Ozil is great but can be replaced like for like with Isco/James – one or the other will be able to leave this summer. Xhaka will come good, Perez is good, Mustafi is shaky at the moment but a solid defender.

Bellerin is flirting with Barca but if he wants to go then go as you can be replaced by Serge Aurier, who would be my preference, though would like to keep him really. We need a new ST, RW, DF, RB & LB. We have supposedly got a LB from Schalke for free, anyone know anything about this dude?

From all this we need wholesale changes so what do we do as this is a joke now. Who replaces who? As it has to happen sooner rather than later.

Koss The Boss


  1. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip says:

    Bould isn’t the defensive coach. He is the assistant manager. Arsenal have dedicated coaches for defence.

    1. Red Dawn says:

      Wait a second did you say we have defense coaching at Arsenal?
      Not doing a very good job are they?

      1. The troll formerly known as Robin Vanpayslip says:

        With Wenger in charge no part of the club is doing well. HR drowning in paperwork from all the grievances raised against Wenger, scouts jumping off bridges after 4 years of rejection as non of the proposals were considered but wenger to be better than Giroud, salmonella outbreak because Wenger thinks sell by dates are a conspiracy so dinnerladies being forced to cook off meat and Dick law being sent all over the world to negotiate only for Wenger to think ‘meh that’s too expensive by 0.0001%

  2. atid says:

    Serge Aurier? Wasn’t he refused entry to the UK earlier in the season? Due to his criminal record.
    I certainly agree with your first 3 departures, kroenke, gazidis and wenger. I would add to that Keswick, primorac, Banfield, akers, Peyton. Added to the vacancy recently created by jonker I work that out as a minimum 9 vacancies in the boardroom, management and back room. I am certain more could go too?

    As for the players we currently employ 82 players including those on loan. That is in my view about 17 too many. If we got shot of about 21 players brought in the 4 players we really need and reassess the wage structure accordingly, I would be more than happy with that. We need a new spine and we need that spine to be full of big characters, one of them should be our new captain, at least 3 if not all 4 should be big in stature too as our current squad is simply too small.

    What we must remember is the squad limitations for the EPL, but at least for next season we won’t have to worry about the UCL squad limitations. So 8 homegrown players over the age of 21 and 17 non homegrown.

    Then assemble 20 under 23s and we need at least 8 of those to be good enough to step up to the first team when required.

    Then 20 under 18s – strong under 18s that can step up to under 23 level when required to keep the under 23s playing at the highest level for their age group.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I would have brought Holding into the team before now. We done this with Bellerin taking Debuchy’s spot, I think we were playing bad enough to see it happen. I’d liked to have Holding alongside Koscielny, with Kos out I would have looked to see which of Mustafi Gabriel he pairs with best.

    Our recent bit of form, to be honest I can see why Arsene reverts to putting Oxlade back on the wing. We are really bad at defending wide areas, we back off and allow crosses, it looks easier to get in behind our byline than at other top eight teams (top 8, hands on face).

    Coquelin should have been taken out from the team sooner. Xhaka, will he become a 35m player, do we have a different option at the moment?, I’m not sure what to think about this fella.

    Martinez should keep his place, and be told to let the players have it if you ever feel they are troubling you with bad positioning or failing to pick up markers.

    1. Bob2 says:

      Xhaka is one of the big reasons we are doing so badly. I don’t blame him… I blame the people that scouted him and put him on the pitch.. You have to be very mobile in the premier league… This guy lacks pace which means he can’t cover full backs properly and we can’t press as tightly as we would like…

    2. RSH says:

      No idea why Gabriel starts over Holding either. Gabriel is deadweight and should be gone this summer, why is he our backup CB?

  4. Bob2 says:

    Only way for change with our board is to hit them financially and stop lacing their pockets. Until we do that they will still be making a profit and we will suffer mid table mediocrity for the next decade.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Hey keep ya fingers crossed……..(Not saying it’s gonna happen tho, but it’s a possibility) As annoying and as terrifying as it seems,

    Ya beloved Spuds *coughs* could carry the League (if chelski slips up)
    This will indeed make the Arsenal fanbase run mad lol ….whose fault?

    2 Losses for em chavs will put them in a vulnerable state of mind…. And at halftime, they are being whooped 1-nil at old trafford

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      It finished 2nil ?
      And just when We thought that things couldn’t get any worse ?
      I for one couldn’t handle the Spuds winning the league, nooooo please Nooooooooo ??Hold up, but wasn’t they in this same circumstance last year? Sniffing at Leicester’s crack, with many of chances wasted to go top? And we all know how that ended ?
      I’m gonna go into Wenger mode for now and claim that I didn’t see it.

  6. Onochie says:

    The funny thing is that if Arsenal Manages to win one match,fans would start singing praises of Wenger. Maybe the changes or overhaul as you call it should start with the fans

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Haha!……2-0 at old trafford

    Now guess i know what Moanino whispered to Conte after he was whooped 4-0 at the bridge last outing…..

  8. Gunner 4 Life says:

    First of all.. stop using this word “Overhaul”.. doesn’t suit Us.. coz I really doubt it.. Ramsey.. Walcott.. Per.. Gibbs.. have been Underperforming for years now.. n yet We didn’t replace them.. so I really don’t think Wenger will sell them.. Secondly.. There will b no like for like replacements for Ozil and Sanchez.. Van Persie to Giroud should b enough to explain that.. Last but not the least.. Under Wenger these players won’t leave and the players who’ll leave won’t be replaced…. Under Wenger.. Arsenal is going to go nowhere….!

  9. Janssen says:

    This is the reality for me, Wenger woth 400 million rebuilding budget would still bore me, new manager with a zero budget but the same squad we have today would excite me.

  10. Juhi McLovin says:

    As it stands, we are only 6 points behind 6th place. Wenger is finally being caught out. Good. We brought this on himself.

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      He brought*

  11. Red Dawn says:

    This should not be a case of simply throwing money at the problem.
    The club needs an entirely new direction and that means removing the manager
    How many times does this need to be repeated before it sinks in?
    You keep him on and new players will come in and we will have a repeat of the same problems this season.
    The team plays like they want him out and the fans clearly don’t want him at the club – at any other club this would mean one thing but with Arsenal there seems a lack of management decision making – for me its a no brainer..
    We need a new manager not new players…

  12. Ronny says:

    Aurrier? Hes going to come to us from psg? Jave you seen him play for them, monster they wont lwt him go.
    Top 4 is done then with pool, city and MU winning this weekend. Its now our job to stay away from Europa League!

    1. Kiko says:

      Shouldn’t be a problem since PSG are getting Alexis anyway. I say go for Aurier regardless, there has to be a way to clear him to enter the country.

      1. stubill says:

        Why should he get special treatment, he’s scum and we don’t want him here.

  13. Ronny says:

    I watched Napoli again yesterday and Jorghino the defensive midfielder was playing the type of intricate defence splitting passes that we rave about with Ozil. Goes to show theres many more players out there with excelent awareness and vision.

  14. Ronny says:

    Tell you what though i believe some of the players are doibg a chelsea and Leicester on the manager trying to oust him.
    If he goes will then suddenly improve?
    If he stays what will they do? I dont beleive a player enjoys playing at a reduced ability and also play cra* for too long and they risj their own market values.
    Either way when wenger announces his plans the players surely have to step up.

    1. Kiko says:

      Wenger is leaving regardless I believe, I’m not buying this 2 year contract on the table talk. Think there will be major ins and outs this summer but will be worth it in the end with a new managerial face in the dugout.

      1. RSH says:

        unfortunately the signs are pointing to Lord Wenger staying. Don’t get your hopes up too much. Money comes first at this club. Not success. As long as seats stay filled the board is at ease.

  15. Chu says:

    I find this overhaul thing just sheer stupidity. So what if Arsenal were in the UCL quaters, there would be no WENGER OUT. U fans in the UK suck. uve got nothing else to be entertained by except football. If half the stadium is boycotted next season, I will doff ma cap to such bravery but I can forsee packed crowds in preseason games and that aimless Emirates Cup.

    1. stubill says:

      Tell you what, why don’t you do us a favour and support a team in your own country.

  16. Javier says:

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge

  17. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Walcott is making WC salary
    He makes as much as Alexis
    That’s crazy
    Giroud only makes £80,000 per week and I put him on the same level as Theo

    I don’t mind keeping Theo if he was making £100,000 or less per week
    But Theo would be crazy to leave wth that salary

    1. Janssen says:

      Actually, Giroud signed a new deal for 90’000 per week. For me that is 90’001 too much 🙂

  18. RSH says:

    Where’d you get Coquelin making 70k per week? I just don’t believe that.

  19. Abdulquadr says:

    Unlike Chelsea and Leicester​, where Players can get the coach sacked, reverse is the case at arsenal with Wenger as the coach. We need Wenger OUT please!

  20. Godfirst says:

    Next season will be better! it’s over for top 4 for now!

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