How Arsenal CAN rotate without being too weak

The debate among Arsenal fans about Arsene Wenger´s team selection for the opening Champions League game away to Dinamo Zagreb will go on, especially if the players that he rested with Saturday´s Premier League game in mind cannot get Arsenal a good result against Chelsea.

But we better get used to it Gooners – because the manager will be doing it again. In fact, he will be doing it next week when we travel to our hated North London rivals Tottenham for our first, and possibly our last, game in the Capital One Cup this season.

We might have even more changes for that as even though it is a local derby, it is way down on Wenger´s list or priorities and is always used as a chance to give some young players a go in the first team. But perhaps there is a way of rotating the squad without weakening the team too much and I think the key to that is in midfield.

It is clear that Coquelin is the man and will start all of the big games as long as he is fit, but there is still a place for Arteta and even for Flamini. Our captain was rustier than a bag of nails that has been left outside all year and I´m sure he will improve, but he has not got the legs to be an effective holding midfielder on his own.

So you cannot play him and Cazorla together but I think you could play him with the more defensive Ramsey, who has a batter engine than Cazorla as well. That pairing may well have worked in Zagreb and I see it as a good alternative to Cazorla and Coquelin.

Then there is the forgotten man Flamini. He could also play alongside Cazorla and do the defensive side while the Spaniard runs the game with his passing and movement.

What do you think Gooners?

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  1. How many times have they replayed this Dinamo-Arsenal match on Tv????…….God! I can’t stand this anymore………This week can’t run any faster *Restless*

  2. I don’t care! Am now used to Arsenal embarrassing and humiliating me by losing to a team the shouldn’t be losing to and also the thrashing they receives from teams like chelsea(6:0), Liverpool(5:1),man u(8:2), man city(6:3) etc and Mr wenger would come-out and say “It was just an Accident” am now used to it and won’t loss sleep over it anymore.

    1. Let all give up and rollnover and died or far worst support Spuds. There is a wholeblot to be optimistic about. Look at the comments over the last few weeks. We are no longer happy with winning the FA cup. We are one of the best teams in Europe based on results in 2015. All teams have bad results. The difference between Teams is the positivity ifbthe fans. The biggest slagging I get from. Other fans is notbthe results. It remains how fickle AFC fans are reported to be. A bad result there is a clammer to sack someone it drop someone. One win we are the best team in Europe.

      1. We don’t have any recent
        title success so a loss
        means the end is near
        whereas Chelsea Man U and Man City
        see a loss as a temporary glitch.

        1. I agree we have not won title in a while yet the expectation is there. That in itself shows that most supporter are expecting us to challenge. I hate to take a leaf out of other supporters groups as I feel AFC should have the best supporters. We need to hate to loss but not seebit as the end. Fact is that winning the league is still in out own hands.

        2. I agree we have not won title in a while yet the expectations are there. That in itself shows that most supporter are expecting us to challenge. I hate to take a leaf out of other supporters groups as I feel AFC should have the best supporters. We need to hate to lose but not see it as the end. Fact is that winning the league is still in out own hands.

    2. So you think by digging up isolated big losses spanning 5 years you will become a genius in bashing the club you pretend to support? Why didn’t you include big wins as well during those periods? And if you think losing a match is humiliating why bother becoming a soccer fan? There are two possible outcomes in each and every game: a win, a lose, or a draw. Probabilities of each happening may differ depending on the nature of the opposition but it remains a real possibility. Did Chelsea fans commit suicide after their team lost 4-2 to a lower league side in a FA cup match? Did Man United fans burn Old Traford when their team lost to a league one team? Why is it some pretentious Arsenal fans think Arsenal has a right to win every game?

  3. i dont believe to rotation should only be on entire games…What about taking out a guy like Sanchez in the 65 min, when we like 3-0 up (unfortunately for us never had that luxury thus far).
    But also we should use the fact that these players also play International games and rotate accordingly..Example (i stand to be corrected since i hate internationals and dont follow), but im sure Monreal played for Spain and Gibbs didnt for Eng, Gibbs should’ve played Stock game (as that was a home game and if we cannot regard Stock as one of the weaker teams than who can we).
    Throwing a bunch of new guys in in a tough game and then being angry with them when they fail is unfair.(eg Chambers and Gabs vs Liverpool – but well that was a forced sub due to injuries but if one of them was given chances with Kos of Mert before – we would’ve had atleast i experienced defender on the filed that day).
    We changed almost an Entire back-line in a CL AWAY game (and then get upset with those guys for not performing)..

  4. He had to rotate to have any chance against Chelsea. The subs are not bad players they were just rusty and not match fit. So play them again against Spurs but use Reines-Adelaide instead of Sanchez and Ramsey instead of Carzola.

    1. Very nice, Good point. They were not match fit. Otherwise apart from Arteta and may be Giroud, all the players that started the game are worthy of playing in the first team in Top 4.

  5. when some of us here requested for le coqs back up to challenge him for that position some thought that we wanted a replacement while in fact we were anticipating quality rotations as there were going to be a lot of games.when arteta and flamini are the sort of players we expect to rotate with le coq then surprises are the order of the day!!!

    1. Chelsea’s Cl game score-line flattered them…Their opponents where weak and wasn’t worthy of a CL team…Hazard looks highly frustrated – we need to make sure that that frustration continues..
      They have and out of from Ivanovic and had to swoop wings for Azperequetta (mind the spellings). If our players bounce back and perform on the day we CAN win.

  6. Attempted shots by Arsenal from inside the box in 2015/16 (all competitions):
    Shots: 90
    Goals: 4
    arsenal have some serious problems

    1. I am happy if we sacrifice
      the ECL to win the EPL
      No problem at all.
      But to be fair the sending off was silly
      by both Giroud and the ref.
      Their first goal was blo#dy bad luck.
      Arsenal made enough chances to win too
      so rotation was not an issue.
      Am confident we can beat Spurs with a similar team 🙂
      Also confident we are ready to win at the Bridge on Saturday too.

      1. Agreed. Build on winning the league for the champions league next year with a few additions next summer BUT with wenger there i have my doubts over winning the league this year! Look at what the dynamo manager said, arsenes been completly found out, jose figured that out years ago how to beat arsenal with arsene in charge. Everyone just does the same now. WHam/Dynamo already and there small teams compared to what we think arsenal should be??

      2. try hard to bridge the gap btw fantasy and reality mate! Denial is not a river but you seem to swim there quite often!how can u claim to want to sacrifice something like UCL which we cannot afford it anyway for the EPL which is obviously no guarantee??? As i always say, we as the fans are our own failure!!!

  7. Its simple. Wenger needed a DM n ST not even WC like wanyama/J.Martinez 35-40m, couldve been done early also with the cech deal. It will cost us trust me. As per he knows best and didnt bother even with wilshere/welbeck injured and flamini/arteta are not Arsenal type players anymore. Being honest OG12 is a great no2 for the gooners, walcott is good also (better at rw)but has to be giving a good run up top to be judged 1st as only chance we have to pin teams back with sanchez/ramsey each flank! This team is just over average with a few good players as i read here wont be long before ozil/sanchez will have had enough

    1. So Martinez who cannot replace Torres as the main striker has suddenly become world class, why? Because he has managed to score 1 goal ever since he moved to Atletico Madrid. You need to get over this neighbor’s wife syndrome otherwise it will catch up with aspects of your life that really matter.

      1. I never said world class players i meant that we needed players on our current players level. So Martinez wouldnt of challenged Giroud or put away the same amount of chances maybe more considering the chances we create and his goal record in portugal and champions league the last 3seasons? Torres is playing well at athletico since his return and has always been golden boy there! Wanyama couldnt of played there in Zagreb?? Hes not better than arteta/flamini?? But ofcourse my fellow gooner i have a neighbours wife syndrome and i dont have a clue what i am talking about 😉

  8. arsenals mental stability will definitely be put to test cuz a win will send a vry strng mssg 2d media nd rivals bt a lost will so demolish us…cant wait 4d game 2be playd..phiew!

  9. I’m sure you’ll here people say how the back line should be messed with as little as possible, while this is true I do remember however that many people on here before the game were submitting teams with entirely new back lines in some cases, except for Kos maybe.

    The only back line change I went for was to drop Monreal for Gibbs as I thought we might set ourselves up to counter with pace. I would have rested Cazorla instead of Ramsey and I too would have played Ox.

    History now though as they say. The back line should stay the same or as close to it as possible brainer. For me you should pick and choose moments when to rest one or two players but leaving them on the bench. We all no when it comes to the time of changing basically the entire first team, at home in mickey mouse cup ie the early chelsea cup or even away depending on opponents. Peace out.

  10. Rotation for average players like debuchy, arteta, flamini, is useless.

    to be fair to wenger, he is superb to maximize the potential of all average players in his time at arsenal, to name a view in old days like edu, wiltord, lauren, senderos, bentner, etc…etc…

    but that’s it, wenger wants to show us fans, he is genius in maximizing AVERAGE.

    his penny pinching stubborness won’t be tolerated to be held to ransom to PAY INFLATED PRICE FOR WORLD CLASS PLAYERS like today.

    to him to pay kev de bruyne for 54 milion pounds is MADNESS.

    but his ANNOYING OBSSESION PHYLOSHOPY is the right thing to do is to buy talent like ramsey for 5 million pounds, and sell it in his peak for 50 million pounds.

    he is becoming obssesed cuz his own fat salary is ridiculous for common people for 8 million pounds a year. so he must give profit to kronkes rather than trophies in order to please kronke-dyke.

  11. I hope he rests most of the squad so it will be even more humiliating for the Spuds when they get spanked by teenagers.

    1. so you’re already satisfied if we only beat SPUDS?

      geezz mate, no wonder we were madly celebrating fourth place trophy,

      like we score our coq in bed.

      1. What? Nice job you did there of putting words in my mouth.

        Since when is an Arsenal fan not happy to beat Spurs? Regardless, your silly reply makes no sense to me.

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