How Arsenal can save this transfer window very quickly

How to Save Our Window in Less Than Two Days by By Joey Mack

Most Gunners would agree this is one of the most painful transfer windows we have ever faced. So how can we turn it around with less than two days to go? Here are some ideas…

First, do a deal with Manchester City and simply swap Sanchez and Walcott for Aguero and Sterling. No money, just player for player. In many ways, this is a win/win for both teams. We replace Sanchez, who is our best player but who is no longer committed to the team, and is therefore a liability, for someone who is unsettled at Manchester City but is a proven PL goal scorer. Sterling is a big improvement on Walcott, but Walcott will add another component to the Manchester City Bench and help them with their homegrown component. Who knows, Walcott might even get more chances with City than he has had with Arsenal in 2017, and we would get him off our books.

Secondly, offer Chambers plus whatever cash it takes to Southampton to get van Dijk and at the same time refuse to allow Mustafi to leave. We need both if we are to challenge for both the PL and, more likely after a disastrous start, the Europa League.

Third, get Turan from Barcelona. Yes, he didn’t flourish at Barcelona but he did before that at Atletico Madrid, and he has an undeniable layer of toughness that Arsenal desperately need.

Finally, get either Krychowiak or Rabiot on loan from PSG. They need to offload players, and we desperately need a defensive midfielder.

One and a half days to save our transfer window. The solutions above are not ideal, but if Arsenal can pull it off, we can salvage something from two long and wretched months of false hopes and promises…



  1. Pablo Picasso says:

    I just don’t see us bringing in any equality players this late and with all the negativity at the club.

    With the out going players, we will not even manage to compete in the Europa league.

    If only Arsene had not signed another contract, I believe we wouldn’t have so much drama at the club right now. The people responsible for the downfall of Arsenal FC are all at the Emirates, and maybe one on a ranch somewhere in taxis or something.

    1. Michael says:

      Why not factor Sakho from Liverpool in Ox Chamberlain deal?

  2. kev says:

    JUST IN:Thomas Lemar accepts Liverpool move after Liverpool’s £74 bid is accepted.This outcome is likely to put Alex Oxlade Chamberlain a limbo because the player wants the Liverpool move after turning down Chelsea when he agreed terms and passed medical.Liverpool were only interested in one of Lemar or Ox.It remains to be seen what’s going to happen with as Wenger has personally told him to find a new club.
    On the article:We’re unlikely to sign anyone after pulling out of all possible deals.We’ve even done same for 17 year old Sancho.A should’ve been easy window has turned into a rather sour one.

    1. kev says:

      Sorry Lemar rejects move rather after Liverpool bid £74.Should’ve been more careful.

      1. kev says:

        Lemar is staying not because of Arsenal actually.He’s staying so that he can earn a big move to Real Madrid or Barca.
        JUST IN:Arsenal know they’re in a bad position with regards to Sanchez hence the willingness to sell him.We’re currently negotiating to get the best deal possible for Sanchez.It’s likely he’s moving but it must be noted that it’ll only be for big money or unrejectable offer.

        1. Ozilla says:

          Stop posting! Your either giving us things we can find online with a simple search or talking from out of your a$$.

          1. kev says:

            It’s the truth bro.They are all confirmed from contacts in the club not just made up stuff.

          2. Kev's source in the club says:

            I am sick and tired of Kev miscommunicating my information so here is the truth.

            Arsene and Stan are gay and they have been together secretly for 7 years. Gazidis knows this so they can not fire him. The board are actually all dead and are being kept upright by animatronics.
            There are no real AKB’s left but Stan has brought in 100’s of Yankee infiltrators among us to create an atmosphere of doubt.
            Stan also bought the FA cup the last few years as a present to his beloved Arsene, who said he would leave if he didnt get any trophies.
            As far as the team and the players are concerned, nobody really gives a damn about that inside the club, as whatever happens Arsene knows that Stan will buy him another trophy.
            This is all the truth bro, directly from inside the club. And if anything I say here is wrong, dont worry i’ll change it next time I post.

          3. Midkemma says:

            I wonder if those infiltrators are Walmart employees forced into it for a bit of cash in hand work 😛

      2. HA559 says:

        So if Lemar is staying and you made a mistake, why would it make Ox move to Liverpool in limbo. Just admit it, you make things up.

    2. kev says:

      Lucas Perez is on route to Deportivo for his medical after Arsenal and Deportivo agree £4 for him.DONE DEAL!!
      Meanwhile,Debuchy is still an Arsenal player.

      1. Admin says:

        Haha £4 you comedian!

        1. kev says:

          £4m loan bid.

      2. Raj says:

        After rejecting 10 million bid , they accept 4 million bid? Just think for a second before you post something like that.

        1. kev says:

          You can doubt me all you want bro.It’s a £4m loan fee.

      3. kev says:

        He’s going on loan for £4.

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    How can you deduce this is the most painful transfer window? We have so many bad ones to choose from!

    It’s just another AFC transfer window under SK + AW.

    1. Midkemma says:

      To be fair to Silent Stan, this happened before he took over, this happened when the old board hired Gazidis for their payday and Silent Stan has been happy with his asset increasing in value year after year so why would he change that?

      Wenger has been a fool regarding tactics and I can not or even try to defend that 🙂

      I do want other supporters to see Gazidis for what he is, incompetent and going under the radar a lot while media and fans focus more on Wenger, Wenger makes errors and at the same time gets lumped with transfer failings. Just look at AFC transfers pre Gazidis and post Gazidis.

      1. Raj says:

        Why did Wenger reject the idea of director of football who would have handled transfer if Gazidis was the problem?

        1. mark says:

          Cause Wenger is a control freak.

        2. Midkemma says:

          Last time AFC was looking for a DoF we hired Gazidis and named him CEO, Wenger asked what a DoF when mocking it.

          Gazidis was hired as AFC was looking for a DoF as said above, Gazidis was hired and he was to replace Dein, thus getting the CEO which deals with the issues a DoF would deal with. A greater role.

          Kinda sounds like Wenger is mocking Gazidis from that perspective and we know there has been tension between them two, can you say for sure that Wenger wasn’t mocking Gazidis?

          If not then it has to be considered.

          Other than Wenger mocking Gazidis, it could very well be that Wenger was told to dismiss that rumor, he is paid a lot and he very rarely speaks out against his bosses… He has a twisted loyalty that we all see, look how Theo was dropped for saying AFC didn’t show enough desire in a loss, ex players have spoken out about Wengers twisted sense of loyalty.. about how Wenger dislikes confrontation.

          Wenger honours his contracts, I do not know the wording of that contract, do you? How do we know Wenger isn’t being paid to be the figurehead at AFC and for the blame to be channeled through him to keep pressure off other areas and show a united front? United front is good to show your investors, kinda like showing that they are all working towards the same thing and it isn’t chaos…

          Many reasons why Wenger mocked the DoF role, I will agree that what you said is potentially one of them, why dismiss any in favor of 1 without evidence?

          I would prefer to keep an open mind.

          Why are you defending Gazidis? What has he done to cause your favour?

          1. Raj says:

            I am not defending Gazidis but at the same time I do not like when all the blame is directed towards one individual where as the whole system is from top to bottom is responsible for the mess we are in. Why are you defending Wenger? what has he done for you?

  4. jon fox says:

    Joey, I like your fantasy dreams but that is all they are; fantasy! In the real football world what ever makes you think City would ever let Aguerro go and even more crazy, why on earth would a player like him ever agree to come to Arsenal. There is a place for fantasy of course and J.K. Rowling writes it extremely well. I do not wish to be rude but instead of fantasy proposals why not do as I have done and try your best to increase our fans efforts to rid us of Wenger, the board and Kroenke by a concerted social media campaign, by boycotting games and not buying merchandise and by those who will attend no matter what, to use huge banners and spend the whole game chanting anti-Wenger, the board and Kroenke songs. The only way we can ever get free of the cancerous people in charge is to make the club worth less, financially, and to hurt Kroenkes investment. If and when Usmanov ever has his current bid accepted the rest will fall into place very quickly and Usmanov will sack all those currently in charge, because he is a real fan and actually cares for our future success.

    1. AmericanGooner says:


  5. rellends says:

    You’re as delusional as Wenger is if you labour under the apprehension that we are capable of doing those deals. Sack him. Hope the club get bought by someone who has ambition and then see which managers are available after next summer’s World Cup. Then start again. We used to be treading water in the Premier League but now we are actually going backwards.

  6. Les says:

    Walcott to Man City? Are you serious?? Why do you think Man city would be interested in a player that can only run in a straight line??

    I think the club is in the biggest transfer mess since the 2011-2012 season when 3 established first teamers left, Cesc, Nasri and Clichy. After 6 years it seems the club is back to where it was back then. Such a shame really.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Wenger said if Alexis is sold then that is the boards choice.
      Nasri said he was sold by the board after Wenger said he wanted to keep him.

      Seems the board is happy to pull the rug from under Wengers feet when it comes to transfers, happy to watch the old git tumble year after year while they show Silent Stan increased asset value.

      I fear AFC will not change enough in transfers until we have a new CEO, a CEO who wants to win sporting things and not just focus on increasing the asset value.

      1. Raj says:

        Did Gazidis decide to play Welbeck ahead of Lacazette? Did Stan decide to bench Mustafi after one game for Holding after he was made to play for under- 23? Did board decide to play Bellerin as LWB when we had Kolasinac?
        I agree board is partly responsible for the mess we are in but what happens on the pitch is not boards down but Wengers

        1. Midkemma says:

          Where have I said Wenger is a tactical genius?
          I have said he is to blame for tactics many times in many threads.
          Current team is made up from nearly a decade of Gazidis failure in transfer market, this would result in a less than WC squad which is what we got!

          Defending Gazidis is pathetic! He has dragged this club down for near a decade now and even though I have not once said Wenger isn’t at fault for tactics, you defend Gazidis due to tactics!

          Wenger has a 2 year contract, I hope that by the end of those 2 years AFC have a new CEO, a CEO with ambition and one who wants the club to win things on the field rather than just increase the asset value. Maybe then we would get a Pep or a Klopp and we would get the players that manager wants to build his legacy.

          I will question Gazidis and hope other supporters also start questioning him, more he gets questioned then the more pressure he has to answer for his actions. If everyone ignores him then who is ensuring we have the best person capable in the CEO role?

          Gazidis might want Wenger gone, from what I have read he does want him gone, he is so poor that he can’t achieve that target and he gets defended??? PMSL!
          Wenger bypassed Gazidis so easy to get a new contract by speaking to Silent Stan. That is a weak CEO! a CEO that should be thrown out of our club but instead fans defend him.

          Makes me sick!

          1. Raj says:

            So you are blaming Gazidis for all the transfers that have happened in the last 10 years . If that is the case why did Wenger sign an extension when he knew that he won’t be involved in any transfers and all the pressure will be on him?. Why did he ask for two years extension? Any man with some self-respect who is made a scapegoat for someone else fault would have just walked out rather than signing an extension? . If you read what you have written, you are contradicting yourself.
            You are saying Gazidis is powerless and weak which means who has the power? .What I see is that there is a power struggle between Wenger and Gazidis in which Wenger is winning (since he is able to convince Stan to drop the idea of director of football )and is responsible for transfer dealings that are happening now.

        2. Daniel Smith says:

          Getting tired of this argument
          Too easy for players to hide behind Wenger, if he’s guilty of anything it’s protecting them too much

          Suddenly he’s an ididot for playing Bellarin left back, and Ox right back……. Yet no one said that when they played in those positions in Cup final
          Xaka and Ramesy can’t play together ………. Again started Cup Final
          Ozil , Welebck and Sanchez….. started Cup final
          too easy always to blame manager……. players were a disgrace at Anfield whatever your opinion on Wenger, don’t let them off hook

      2. AB says:

        We need kroenke, gazidis and wenger all out. If you are suggesting that wenger can be successful if ownership changes, then I respectfully disagree with you.

  7. arsenal-steve says:

    I doubt that Wenger will make any more signings. He has said that he does not like the supporters so I’m sure he will not want to see the supporters happy with big signings. I think he may well be the only manager in the history of the Premier League to admit he despises the supporters who don’t like him. On that alone any other club would bin him. I have watched this great club since 1958 and I have never seen a situation like this and a manager so past his sell by date he doesn’t know what to do. It seems we are paying him about 9 million pounds a year to take Arsenal down with him.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Supported since 58, paid f… all attention in that time.

      You must have seen Dein arrive at AFC and the improvements, the ambition… the loss of Dein, the old board make a pact not to sell their shares, seen Gazidis hired before Silent Stan bought majority share position, the old board sell for a nice payday and going against their words, AFC asset value increase year after year while Silent Stan is happy to let that continue and media focuses on Wenger.

      You never questioned once in near 60 years how the club is ran…

      To be honest I dislike a lot of so called supporters attitude atm around the club, I do not think Wenger is faultless but I do not believe he is at fault for all the blame shunted onto him, the current squad is made up of a decade of missed main targets so no, we are not going to have a WC squad when the CEO fails in the transfer market!

      Wenger could use better tactics and that is his flaw, he deals with the sporting side and as he said about Alexis, if the board sell him then the board sell him, not Wenger! Same thing for Nasri but I feel alone in highlighting this. Fans happy to blame Wenger as it fits their bubble without recognising Wenger has wanted to keep players but the board has pulled the rug from under his feet.

  8. Shinoda_Kc says:

    Just boycott the matches, stop investing your money on the club & they will start listening. Arsenal fans are the easiest to fool. I don’t care if we buy the whole Real Madrid squad before deadline day, Wenger & Kroenke must go!! I’m not spending any money on this club until the cancer called Kroenke & his delusional manager Wenger are out of this club. I love this club too much to just sit & watch it go down the drain while contributing financially to that. Let’s save our club before it’s too late.

  9. Bur says:

    Save this transfer window? Save this transfer window ? This window is the same as every one for the past 10 years………..full of dung.

  10. Okoro E Alaebi says:

    It’s always d same old story every new season, if it is not these player it is another one coming in but had a change of heart. Thomas Lemar was coming into d club now he is going to Liverpool gosh how Arsenal has become pitiful and a laughing stock. The whole bunch running d affairs of d club has lost touch with reality so no new players are coming only those that want out. Every day that goes by I see we have a bunch of spineless bunch running d affairs of d club and it is rubbing off on the players. As long as they get their paycheck they are not bothered. I have never been a fan of Wenger and if he has any ounce of honor left he should resign but I guess he has no clue what the word means.

  11. Midkemma says:

    Alexis for Stirling + Cash (AM)
    Theo + Cash for VVD. (CB)
    Ox for Can + Cash. (dCM)
    Buy Lemar (AM)

    Sell Mustafi for cash (for VVD transfer funds)
    Use Alexis cash plus what ever we have left from war chest to break the bank for Lemar, he has been a target all window long so f… it, pay £75 million for him if that is what it takes. Fans would love to see AFC get 2/3 of the main targets for the window and mix that in with a couple TOP def signings (Sead + VVD) and getting Can for CM will be addressing the CM issue on the cheap… I think we all could accept that if we seen AFC spend on other targets and have a net spend of more than 5pence…..

    In Jan;
    Sell Ozil, Welbeck and Ramsey.
    Buy Griezmann.

    HG will not be an issue as we can promote for fringe cover and I can not think they would do any worse than either Ramsey or Welbeck against ‘pool.

    1. HA559 says:

      I like your optimism, but with 31.5 hours that ain’t gonna happen.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Na, I know :'(
        but the author of this article was equally in dream land so why not 😛 lol

        It is what I would like to happen while trying to think about current financial restrictions, not having £500 million or what-ever, trying to save on deals where applicable.

        VVD I hold hope for, might be best as a last min deal as Liverpool will want to match any accepted offer and a bit awkward for them to make the 1st offer after tapping up claims… Just do not give Liverpool time to find out and act upon it, so last min deal.

        Same thing could be for Lemar, if ‘pool get Ox and stop interest in Lemar then it is one more obstacle overcome.

        We signed Mustafi and Perez real close to deadline so it isn’t impossible to get a couple done, even if the chance of me winning the lottery is 10 times as good XD

        I’m off to buy a lottery ticket in a bit 😛

    2. Paul P says:

      You really are dreaming if you think any of this could happen. Arsenal are on a downward spiral – and I jus don’t know where it’s going to stop.

  12. Wolf says:

    I think Wengers trying to scupper the Sanchez, Ox deals.

  13. mark says:

    All this swap this player for that player is fantasy football league.

    There’s agents, players, managers, families and chairmen involved. If they don’t all agree the transfer doesn’t happen.

    It’s not as easy as swapping players just because it sounds good.

    If only!

    1. mark says:

      Add in fees, bonuses, wages, image rights etc etc and it’s all very complicated. Wenger is right when he says that….BUT, it can be done with the RIGHT person doing the deals…..

      And clearly we ain’t got that person anymore.

    2. Trudeau says:

      Sometimes feels more like fantasy American football rather than football – “trade Sanchez for Sterling, cash, future considerations and a third round draft pick in 2022” Seriously when was the last time Arsenal made a player exchange? Cole and Gallas maybe?

  14. Nebsy says:

    I’ve stopped reading at Sanchez and Walcott for Sterling and Aguero.
    How does it end? Will Jon’s and Danny’s kid sign for the Arsenal academy?

  15. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    kev is making my afternoon, can’t just stop laughing. Manh just give up already

    1. COYG_CA says:

      JUST IN: Ox and Sanchez want a move away from AFC.
      UPDATE: Wenger has made poor decisions on and off the field.

      ANOTHER UPDATE: Lemar NOT coming to AFC.

      JUST IN: AFC will wear red at home matches.

  16. jon fox says:

    It is heartening now to finally see how many fans are urging others to boycott games, stop buying merchandise and massively step up our social media “cut the cancer out” campaign and recognise that the only way we can win is to force Kroenke out by financially damaging his investment. Once he is gone and hopefully Usmanov takes over, a clean sweep out of all the other cancerous regime will surely swifly follow. Abramovitch has amply shown us what a billionaire who is ALSO a fan can bring to making us successful. He was at one time interested in us and Spurs but both rejected him, before he bought Chelsea. At that time he was not especially a Chelsea fan but no one can doubt he is now. Usmanov has been an attending fan for years and he is twice as wealthy as Abramovitch. Take heart and fight to save our club. We can and WILL cut out the cancer but it will take a long and bloody fight by tens of thousands of us working together. The lower we finish this season , the less the club is worth to Kroenke , so though it seems unthinkable , I now hope to lose games and lose our best players without replacing them. We need to finish outside the Europa positions, which I believe we can manage, esp since the manager has long ago lost the dressing room. Think back to just after the Leicester comeback just two weeks ago and now compare the open hostility shown across social media to those in charge. There is turmoil already inside the club and in the short term, however unnatural it feels, we must add to that turmoil. It is our weapon to destroy the cancer, so I beg you all, do not let your hearts – which will prevent change – from ruling your heads – which is our potent weapon in this fight to the death. To arms, brother Gooners! Also do not forget the underrlying world wide status of our club which may take a short term hit, but will soon recover and thrive when a healthy, wealthy and interested owner is in charge. Wenger, Gazidis and all that rubbish will then be gone in a trice.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Spot on Jon!

      It has been a long time coming and it seems the tide is turning.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        To add though…

        Unless the ‘non football tourist’ arsenal fans stop visiting the armoury, and stop buying match tickets as well as protesting on top nothing will change.

        Unfortunately there are far too many people I know who have season tickets and don’t want to attend anymore for one reason or another but they still rent out their tickets; resulting in the seat being filled.

        People must be vocal, and not afraid to upset the regime, the current manager and players otherwise nothing will change. It’s been like that for seasons culminating in the protests last season which in themselves were dissapointing because of the complacency, fear or misplaced loyalty a lot of AFC fans feel.

        Wanna contribute to Chris Butlers Wenger/Kroenke just giving page then share this link as well as donating so more projections, banners, planes and such can be procured:


        And keep informed by registering/logging in here;


        If you can’t be there in person (or even if you can), YOU CAN DO SOMETHING to save our club!

    2. Midkemma says:

      Well said dude 🙂

      If we all could agree to not spend anything on AFC then the empty stadium will get noticed by Silent Stan and he will have to take action, if he is not going to commit himself 100% to the club and invest in it then why should we invest in him?

      It has been painful for me to not have a shirt for so long, all my old AFC shirts are looking well worn and it is painful 🙁

      But I agree with you jon, I am not spending a penny on AFC until they show real ambition, not a PR mock attempt to sell season tickets but the real deal…

      I want Usmanov to own AFC as he was the man Dein found, I respect Dein for what he done for AFC and I will trust his judgement on Usmanov, get the guy in and we can brag about having an owner who cares about us… Oh how nice that would be!

      1. Raj says:

        I agree with you on this , I want Stan and rest of the board to go. They are just about money and not about football. Dein was right about selling our club to Usamanova . If that have happened we wouldn’t have seen these days.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Usmanov has voiced his displeasure and even tried to give us an interest free loan to help with what he thinks is wrong, when I look at that and think of Silent Stan I can’t help but think Usmanov will be a man of action.

          Damn! I wish we all could be bragging about how we got ambition, I remember back and the pride I had… feels like a dream 🙁

  17. AB says:

    What is the social media campaign Jon. Is it this forum or we have something on Facebook or twitter.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      See above for how you can get involved.

  18. Milton John says:

    Man City is not owned by Kroenke and managed by Wenger so your ideas won’t work out as you said. Arsenal couldn’t save for a decade and you think it’s going to happen in a day and half. Rubbish thinking and idiotic article.

  19. Troy says:

    According to me, Arsene sell :
    Sanchez swap sterling + 30
    Walcott + 30 swap V. Dijk

    Oziel to dortmund 50
    Chamberlain to chelsea/liverpool 35
    Szcheny to juventus 15
    Gabriel to valencia 10
    Gibbs to west brom 7
    Debuchy to marseille 2
    Perez to lazio 13
    Mustafi to inter loan —- profit 132
    Mahrez – 60
    Seri ——- 35
    Nzonzi — 40 —- 135

    Combination of CB area all ready strong enough IF arsene get V. DIJK
    If there is counter attack usually arsenal unable to handle because less of holding midfielder. So i think better if arsenal get more player on
    DM area (S. NZONZI + SERI )

    Formation 4-3-3

  20. Troy says:

    Please arsene get more player on
    V. Dijk

    My opinion, combination of team all ready strong enough.
    Good team…. I hope get title this season

    1. Midkemma says:

      I read the Nzonzi hype and I am not convinced by him, he can be argued to be better than what we have but is he really good enough to help us win the EPL?

      I don’t think he is.

      In your above post, if we spent £40 mil on Nzonzi then we could get Carvalho for about the same and I do rate him, he is also younger so longer term prospect. Both tall and strong, Carvalho has a very nice passing range… I would say he could be compared to Xhaka but more pace and better at defending while being slightly worse at sitting back and controlling a game/playmaker creativity.

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