How Arsenal can stop Alexis Sanchez transfer to PSG?

It is looking as though the Arsenal fans as well as everyone working for the club are going to have to wait and see what happens with Alexis Sanchez and his future, at least until nearer the end of the current season, as the Chile international star has yet to make his own mind up.

According to a Metro report the decisio9n of Alexis is likely to hinge on whether or not Arsenal can rescue something from the season in the form of a trophy. Whether another FA cup winners medals to add his other and the two Community Shields he has since joining the Gunners would be enough for the striker we do not know.

The report also states that the French champions PSG have made the 28-year old their top transfer target for the summer and we know that Alexis would be almost guaranteed a league title at the very least if he went to Paris to play for them.

They do not seem any closer to the Champions League than us though, so if Arsenal can at least get past Bayern Munich into the quarter-finals it would strengthen our bargaining position. If success is the main motivation for Sanchez though, would the best way to keep him be for the club to show ambition and bring in a new manager to replace Arsene Wenger?



  1. jonm says:

    I commented on here last season that us bottling our many golden oppurtunities in the league to get clear ahead and then go on and win the league could cost us the signature of Sanchez.

    Last season must have made him question our grit and resolve to win. This season has been a repeat but now we have stronger opposition, and it will get stronger next year. There is also the uncertainty as to who the manager will be but then again with most teams, managers change so often this uncertainty would apply to wherever he went.

    There have to be a number of top teams who would want to sign him and have the resources. At the moment it is all just speculation. It will come down to what sanchez wants and who wants to tempt him away.

    My hope is that he will stay but my head tells me he will leave. Reason being that his effort and determination to win is not matched by the other players on the pitch and he will look for a team with more of those characteristics. He has off days, whether due to being overplayed or some other reason, but that effort and determination is always there.

    1. Luko Bratzi says:

      The way he has played the last few games sell him. Ozil too sell him, remember one player don’t make a team other than Bergamp . Niles and Wiltshire are better than him they give there all, and don’t throw arms in the air when they lose the ball. A cog wheel rolls when all teeth are balanced,just like Chelsea if it don’t work well you make changes so it does. Wenger and Arsenal are a biusness, top 4 means success to the share holders. Chelsea is a club owned by one who runs it for winners. That’s his way yes he is rich but until Arsenal and Manager have the same way of picking a team on performance of the player to show balls if you don’t want to give all for team,there’s the door. Remember, Wenger up to the 2005 only had Fergerson as competitor, now you have 5 teams of equal ambition for the clubs. Wenger has won all except Champs lg, one would have thought to be the same as those who have one it before you leave I want that trophy.
      England one World Cup in 66 but no one has achieved it since. So everyone remembers Sir Alf Ramsey. In a few years Wenger will be forgotten. And only a statue out side for him,because when Arsenal do win Champs lg that’s the manager one will remember. CB

  2. bran99 says:

    when Vidal (the work horse) was hot and Sanchez demanding to play with him at Arsenal, the manager closed his ears, then Kante happened and the manager did the same even though he was the most ideal candidate due to playing in the EPL over other options (Xhaka). now we have a soft core where everyone can go through with ease to have a chat with our defenders, while Kante is there delivering the title once more after doing the same last season.
    stubbornness gets us nowhere

  3. Well Sanchez may be competitive but I think money is just as important to him as the next player so what do we do? We cut loose the deadwood that has been slowly but surely burning through our wage bill. The likes of Mertesacker, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gabriel, Gibbs and to some extent Walcott are all very expensive yet underwhelmingly unrealiable players. We should free up some resources if we get rid of those.

  4. Zimbo says:

    l appreciate everything that Sanchez has done for Arsenal and l would want him to remain at the Emirates for as long as he can still add value. However the fact that he is now holding the club and the fans at ransom is now annoying me. l strongly believe he owes us some loyalty for helping him in finding his mojo again at Arsenal because at Barcelona he was not as big a star as he is now at Arsenal. As long as Arsenal give him the 250k wage he is demanding (unless if l am mistaken) he should stay put and pay his dues to Arsenal. He can then go to China 2 or so seasons from now for his final pay cheque. Same as Ozil, he was deemed surplus at Madrid and that’s why he was sold. Hope these guys show some loyalty…

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I don’t think he’s holding us to ransom, he wants the going rate. We should be lucky if it’s only about getting what others get, because if it’s about other football related stuff then we are in trouble. That’s not to say ..getting the going rate at AFC isn’t an issue in itself.

  5. frank says:

    He wants to win trophies so we probably should sell him. We sold RVP to Man U because he wanted to win trophies so I don’t see how this is any different.

    1. frank says:

      To be honest I hope he does go to another club and wins trophies. With the skill and effort he puts in he deserves to be playing for a manager that has an equal determination to succeed.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Just not in England.

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Why is there Chelsea fc advertising on here??
    Talk about rubbing it in.
    I got Costa pointing at me ? to buy his kit but I’m already stocked up with toilet paper,thanks all the same.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    If we are to lose Alexis we must use him as a bargaining chip. I’ll be pissed if we lose Alexis and Ozil stays, we are not nearly powerful enough to indulge an Ozil. The PL doesn’t suit Ozil, but Alexis fits it perfectly.

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