Arsenal must NOT have “fear factor” against QPR

Arsene Wenger spoke earlier about tomorrow’s Premier League game against QPR and was of course asked about our opponents, and you can see the full interview on Whereas a lot of the focus was on the Arsenal squad, such as the injury situation and the form of Giroud, Gabriel, Mertesacker and Krystian Bielik, there was a little bit about what the manager expects at Loftus Road tomorrow.

Wenger spoke about the difficulty of the job facing the new QPR boss Chris Ramsey and not just because he is new to the job and is taking over from someone like Harry Redknapp who has vast experience. The Frenchman spoke about how trying to manage a club that is fighting relegation is the most unenviable task in football (perhaps along with trying to overcome a 3-1 home defeat in the Champions League).

The key phrase Wenger used was it being a ‘fight against fear’. And I am sure the Arsenal boss will want to use that against the home side tomorrow, but what is the best way to do that? The fact that he also spoke about the enclosed Highbury-like atmosphere at the ground tells me that he feels the QPR crowd are a big factor, and one that we need to deal with.

So a good start, of course, but also lots of possession and a solid shape to give them no encouragement. An early goal for us would obviously be nice and I think that the Gunners should be at least a bit adventurous, to put pressure on the QPR players and stop them relaxing.

QPR are only out of the drop zone on goal difference at the minute and if Aston Villa avoid defeat they will start the game tomorrow back in it, which can only increase that nervousness and pressure.

Wenger needs to make it clear to the Arsenal players not to panic if we fail to score, none of this tearing up the pitch and leaving one defender on the halfway line malarkey. We need to trust that their ‘fear of relegation’ is bigger than our ‘fear of missing the top four’.

So who will blink first? They will and we will win the game easily…..

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  1. Greg says:

    We cannot go into this game too overconfident, and write off QPR! They are at home and will want to throw everything at us, yes we could win this, but we should approach this game with good sense and focus in grinding out a win at all cost, and getting the 3 points! Coyg!

    1. Gunner says:

      Good points on

  2. Mesut O-healed says:

    I hear you, but we should worry about their “fear of relegation.” Playing teams battling relegation can get insane sometimes. So like @greg said, we can’t go into their stadium overconfident. But I know we can walk out victorious as long as we keep our heads straight the entire game.

    1. fred cowardly says:

      I agree. QPR will play incredibly hard because they want to avoid relegation. They will also love to take a big scalp in their home ground.

      Their defenders may not be of the same quality as ours but if they work their butts off they will match us and they will try their best to take advantage of any mistakes we make.

      In this league anybody can beat anybody

      That said, as long as we play hard and with passion our quality will shine through.

      This is a another must win for us. We want to go to Old Trafford with a win. It won’t be good for our morale to get beat by QPR. Also with Southampton only 2 points behind and United only 1 point behind, we need to score as many points as possible.

      I’m very positive about today.
      We will win 🙂

  3. Hafiz Rahman says:

    u must be living in denial….we are good and famous for getting shocking results..just look at this season or past seasons results

  4. jaweant says:

    We will win this game. Lose to Manchester United. Not beat Monaco by enough goals. Beat West Ham. We are always close to being really good. So you have to start to think that way. We might beat Manu, but lose to Liverpool if we stay in the FA. I wouldn’t mind seeing Akpom play. I think Giroud needs a rest and I’m still not convinced on Welbeck. He’s got loads of potential, but he rarely get in behind defenders.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      Exactly….its the same repeating every season…

  5. kyeinana says:

    Coming back from the nightmares of February of previous past where we will be in all 4 cup front and by the end of February drop out of all 4. It is a relieve to see that earlier March and we are in potential 4 silverware, potential in the sense that if we repeat our San Sirio or Bayern victories against Monaco and pay Manure back we can be proud of ourselves. Dare to dream, it’s March and we still in contention for silverware that’s a sign right. COYG

  6. Gunner says:

    @quantic dream
    Confidence is good – but really now QPR draw with Man Sity – why underestimate them so easily…Besides we had 1 very poor game against Monaco then a not so convincing game againt everton…we look nothing like our full potential..Forget Man U for now – focus on QPR.
    Our players (no matter whos pickt) need to SHOW UP today…

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