How Arsenal CAN win the Premier League

Despite a somewhat slow start to the season for Arsenal, we are still not really too far off the top of the Premier League, while Arsene Wenger has also achieved his annual place in the group stages of the Champions League. But you would have to be a fool to think that the way we have performed so far is good enough.

At the same time, we have not been too far away so I have been thinking about how, assuming we will, make that little bit of difference that will make Arsenal really fire again and let us see a team that can challenge for the major trophies.

Firstly, I think that the injury situation already seems better. The Giroud thing was a freak occurence and if that was the final factor that caused Wenger to sign Welbeck then it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Secondly I think that the likes of Wilshere, Ozil and Cazorla are just getting going and we should not worry that they have not set the world on fire yet.

Thirdly and most importantly, I reckon that having Theo Walcott back and having Alexis Sanchez in the side is going to turn is from an also ran into a serious contender, Charlie. I don’t know about you guys but I cannot wait to see a pacy Arsenal front line with all that creativity behind it. Is it enough for the title though?

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  1. For us to stand a chance of winning the BPL:

    1. Try to perform to our best and manage to get good results by January.

    2. Get straight into the market comes January, sign a defender and Carvalho

    3. Get the best out of welbeck and that would be down to wenger

    1. We would make a huge statement by beating city and it will send a signal out to our rivals plus it would give the entire team huge confidence that has been missing against the bigger teams

            1. If only we had Carvalho


              that would have been a dream transfer window. and it’s not a huge thing to ask for considering the amount of cash we had in hand to spend

              1. Seancali – You know Agger got injured today during practice with the national team. Agger don´t have the body for BPL. To many injuries

    2. I agree that the first 11 has the quality necessary to win the title. I’ll even avoid going into the fact that the 2nd 11 is deficient several players… the reason we won’t win the title is actually AW in my opinion. To say he is not tactical is not quite correct but not far off the mark either. Apart from the FA cup final his substitutions are so easy to predict its not funny as in none before 60-70 minutes! Take Leicester away – these are places we need to get 3 points (against the big boys a point is fine) if we want to win the title. It was obvious after the first 30 mins we needed to freshen things up – but no sub until minute 73 at which point how are they supposed to change a game. Sanogo wasn’t good but its not his fault he is picked so I’m not having a go… Combine a predictability in “tactics” with playing players out of position – can anyone tell us why one of the chest CAM’s in the world is on the LW?? – isn’t going to win us any titles.

      Against city or chelsea at home or away I’d take a point. If we do that it keeps us even with them. To go on and win we need to be taking 3 points against other teams…

  2. Get rid of Wenger

    Any other manager would’ve signed a world class DM and st and the probability of winning the leauge would be higher

    Don’t get me started on tactics formations negotiation sect …

  3. Funny how we rely on welbeck now but thats a fact. We must get the best out of him and I’m pretty sure he will bang in them goals we need so badly. He will fit right into our team and combine well with sanchez/ozil/ramsey/ox/walcott. Excited to see our new striker in action with the rest of the gang ASAP

  4. Wenger also has to set up his team according to the opponent, and not just play ‘the arsenal way’ even when we’re away to Chelsea, City, Liverpool etc. Because there is evidence that it clearly does not work. Sometimes you have to play a bit defensive and play for a 0-0 or a 1-0 Victory.

    1. we’ll see what happens against City. We havent even faced a big team yet in league yet we’ve been struggling. If we go at them with the same approach as last season then we’ll be punished just like last season where it happened 4 times…

      1. It’s not the home games i’m so worried about, remember last season we only lost 1 game at home and that was against Aston Villa, but it’s the away games that i’m concerned about like we saw at Goodison Park.

        1. thats true. When we faced city at home last season we were actually a lot more defensive which was nice to see though, and we got a good result out of it. But watching us against Everton, it looked like we reverted back. So I’m nervous about any big match cause i just dont know how wenger plans to approach it.

            1. 11/12 season was great in terms of using beat the big clubs if i recall. I think Arteta put down City 1-0, and we beat Chelsea 5-3 that season too. United, maybe it was the Ramsey strike 1-0. Forget which season that was. But since then, only the Community Shield win, which is really just a big friendly…

    2. true.. Arsenal way is good, but sometimes its better to sit back and absorb the pressure. however I dont know if we have players who can suit this approach…

    3. Absolutely spot on but he WON”T!!! Thats the issue at our club – no one has the balls to tell him he is wrong!!

  5. we can start by:
    switching back to 4231
    not playing Ozil on wings
    using Campbell, Rosicky more instead of making them rot on the bench while we play slow passes
    sub earlier if needed
    buy a CDM in january
    Get Walcott back 🙂

    i think some of wenger decisions are just hurting the team for no reason. I have no idea why we changed formation, and i think thats 75% of the problem right now.

  6. I’m satisfied with our attack. It’s looking really good, just need some defensive signings and we are good. And I REALLY hope we can get past round 16 in the CL, but we need to top the group

  7. If we want to make a proper push for the league title Wenger must firstly, STOP playing Ozil and Cazorla on the wings. There’s absolutely no need for it. We have Alexis, Walcott, Chamberlin, Campbell and Podolski who can play that role. Playing players out of position unnecessarily will be our biggest downfall besides the usual injuries…

  8. We won’t win the league. As I said before the start of the season. Chelsea and City are stronger than us. Simple. However, if we don’t drop points against the small teams we can do well. If we are lucky and pick up some points against top 4, then you never know. I think if we get it together, we could do well. We have a good group of young lads that at hungry. Things just have to come together. I think we will place above: Liverpool, United, Everton and Tottenham.

    1. too much logic there from alex….allow me to even things out in the universe with my usual …..
      A duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no one knows why

  9. the league is ours, we will dominate europe with a mixture of pace power and determination added with a sprinkle of flair and a dollop of skill…2018 will be a great year

  10. We won’t win the league, Chelsea will, we’ll come either 3rd or 2nd. Actually, we’ll probably be scraping fourth as per usual. I’d be more optimistic if we’d signed a top DM and a World Class striker. Yes, Welbeck will turn out to be a good signing however I just reckon we’ll just get loads of injuries again because our players are just too feeble. Sorry to be the pessimist but I’m also being a realist.

  11. I’m not a Wenger out guy but I watched that new talk show on Arsenalfantv and I heard Tim Payton say pretty much that everyone was on board to make this a memorable transfer window but due to Wenger’s indecisiveness and lack of push we lost out on the players we really need and everyone was disappointed. Like I said I have nothing against Wenger but if that is indeed true then I’m truly shocked and it’s just flat out wrong especially for those fans paying those ticket prices week in week out. Anyways 3 points is a must at HOME against City so let’s start there and keep it moving…

    1. well its the board who puts no pressure on Wenger and gives him complete control over transfers. They are as much to blame in my opinion. I would really like Arsenal to get a director of football, somebody to work with Wenger, because his transfer dealings show little urgency ever.

  12. Arsenal is built to fight for 4th but with UTD getting falcao/dimaria i highly doubt we’ll even get that spot. Wenger really needs to go, he’s got nothing new to show arsenal.

    1. united still wont get top 4. Trash defense. Their CDM is Fletcher… They bought Rojo, Blind, Shaw, who are all LWB/LB’s. Falcao, when they have RVP and rooney already, Di Maria, who is top class, but their defenders are still trash, they’re an unbalanced side. Doubt they will make top 4, so no need to envy them over nothing. Unfortunately, you are right about us staring 4th place directly in the face. Decision making with our manager is not good so far this season, and there are holes in our squad, when our competitors have none. Overall I’m just not confident Wenger is able to win us EPL anymore.

  13. Chelsea looking really good. Scoring loads of goals. Very worried by them

    Remy was a good signing also. Very good finisher.
    Costa and Fabregas are playing very well.

  14. i know how Wenger can save his french ignorant ass, we all know that arsene wanna maximise the no of midfielders by placing Cazorla,özil,Wilshere,arteta in the same match against big opposition and it is easy for them to bully us no need to tackle just man mark and frustrate, Wenger knows this but still wants them to play at certain style what i would like is flamini and chambers in mid and özil in attacking mid with Sanchez,Walcott and welbeck in attack this way we won’t concede even if we are up against counter attacks against smaller teams Wenger can do whatever he wants but except for big games this is the best choice in order to wait for january or to win the title

  15. @RSH says Arsenal needs a director of football, I agree. I worry sometimes that stress will harm the prof’s health.

  16. the key is liberating our attacking talent and giving them the freedom and comfort to pressure the opposition…its why at a minimum a DMF was critical in the transfer…anyway the cheese eating surrender monkey f***** that up so can we still achieve this?… if he can get wilshere ozil carzola wellbeck and sanchez working together i think he can…supplementary support from walcott ox campbell and ramsey can then figure in depending on performances and opposition…still dont know the best defensive makeup though and it is so obviously a weak point that we can only wait and hope…could he play mert as a dmf with chambers and kos as CBs..possibly against some of the teams where a height disadvantage might count..otherwise i want us to attack much more aggresively this season..worked for pool and to be honest their defence was pretty suspect for much of the season

  17. 1. get out of UCL early (i would hate it but to be honest with our squad we don’t have any chance of winning it and rather would concentrate our merge resources on EPL)

    2. take as much points as possible against bottom teams

    3. play defensively, if required with 10 defenders to eek out results against top teams

    4. get out of all domestic cups early except one ( i don’t care which one but cup seems to be our only realistic hope so either of carling or fa cup would be enough)

    5. rotate players

    6. and more importantly show some “BALLS” on the field

  18. btw is it me or does sturride gets injured every time he is supposed to play for england but miraculously recovers before the club game???

  19. @ admin how about you disable video ads or do you want to drive away people from this site? i can no longer broswe this site on my phone because of the video ads if i press back up it takes me back to the main menu so i cant read article or read comments

  20. i may get downvoted but at this current moment my confidence in wenger is at a all time low the main thing that bugs me is he still refuses to use subs early on hes scared to make subs comes with old age and he also admitted last season some time he answered that he didn’t make a subs because he didant want to disturb the flow of the team this fear he has comes with old age while a younger manager takes more risks

    1. Gamer
      u wil get downvoted cos this site is full of weneger lickers,
      no matr how bad things get evn if arsenal get religated to division 1, them morrons weneger lickers will diffend their lord weneger cos they are not arsenal fans they are weneger fans boys.

  21. Arsenal will not win the P L Chelsea /Man City are far to strong for Arsenal. I know we beat Man City in the Charity Shield but I would not read to much into that. 3 / 4 Spot will go to any of the following Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, Spurs and Everton. I think Wenger messed up in the Transfer window he had the money to spend and strengthen the Squad but he just replaced who left his only real singing was Alexies and Welbeck. So in my view this team is no stronger than last season.

  22. Ezat
    my man, u are a true arsenal fan and I respect u.
    them fools wenger licke are the main problem,cos no mater how bad this fool a manager do, u still find them morrons akb lickers diffent their lord,look at this fool wenegers licker who thinks we wil win epl lol . seriously no wonder why we are the laughing stock of footballing world.manger who earn more money then most mangers in the world, whos happy to finish 4th every seasonal

  23. The only way Arsenal win the title is the Tanya Harding approach – hire a hit man to break the legs of the best players at Chelsea and City. Even then, we probably finish no better than 2nd. We are not in a position to complete with Chelsea or City (10 pts+ behind each of them) and will be very lucky to finish top 4.

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