How Arsenal, Chelsea and United can keep Spurs out of Champions League

As an Arsenal fan, it’s OK if Chelsea and Man Utd win in Europe

Now, before you go mad at me let me make one thing very clear, I want Arsenal to win the Europa League, I really do, right down to my core, however, under the right circumstances I would be ok if Chelsea lift the Europa League and Manchester United wins the Champions League and let me explain why.

If United do win the Champions league it means that Tottenham has not, good, part one of the job done.

Second, if Chelsea wins the Europa League it means they are automatically in next seasons Champions League, good, part two of the job done.

Now, here is the kicker, if we finish third and Tottenham finish fourth then guess what, Tottenham is OUT of next seasons Champions League.

The reason is simple, England is allowed a maximum of five Champions League places, two would go to Man Utd and Chelsea for winning the European tournaments and the other three go to the teams that finish first, second and third, which would probably be Man City, Liverpool and us.

Of course, there are inherent risks in all of this if Chelsea wins the Europa league and Man Utd win the Champions League then we would be in serious trouble in fourth, and you cannot ignore that United have drawn Barcelona in the quarter-finals of Europe’s elite competition but that is not the point I am making.

The point I am making is that if we fail to win the Europa League and manage to finish third how satisfying would it be to know that the Spuds miss out even if they finish fourth.

Like I said, I am desperate for us to win the Europa League, we have to take care of our own business first, but I would be lying if I did not say I would be OK with a scenario that sees us qualify and not the mouthy sods down the road, they have been right up themselves for a couple of years now and it is time they got put back in their box where they belong.



  1. This post makes absolutely ZERO sense.
    So we have no idea if we’re even going to finish top 4, our best shot going forward is that BOTH United and Spurs get kicked off UCL asap, just so we don’t risk a top 4 spot not giving UCL access, and 50% of our chances is to get UCL via Europa league, but in the name of the spuds hate you rather give up the europa league, hand the UCL to manU and hope we beat them all and finish third? GEZZZ
    we have 50% shot in top 4 and 50% shot in europa.. the longer we keep both alive the better. and the quicker both spuds and united come out of the UCL, the better.
    All I want is to win against newcastle and the other 3 to lose points, or at least one of them, next weekend. C’mon Liverpool

  2. This doesn’t make any sense. I could just as well say – “Arsenal and Man Utd to finish third and fourth instead of Spurs and they don’t with the Champions League”. Much more plausible than what’s being hoped for in this article.

  3. OT: Hudson-Odoi just got his first international match

    Hopefully Omari Hutchinson can thrive like Odoi

  4. Lol that suck, because u want spuds out, u want us to loose the chance of winning a trophy this season, our chance of making top four is slim, we ain’t gonna jeoperdize the chances, the two should be our priorities.

  5. What is the poster smokin’, cos i really want some of that good sh*t too, i dnt even get ur mindset there.. I rather we win the europa n didnt even get the top four.. Winin d europa wud boost our morale as champions next season n make us next stop for gud players.. I dnt gve a hell abt wat spurs do.. N manutd winin d ucl n chelsea d uel, i just cnt imagine wat d media wud ve in stall for our whooping asking behind.. So i wonder do u lve arsenal or not.. P.S i wish lacazette can or cud ve chosen another nationality, say senegal or nigeria.. This guy needs more applause than he’s getin

  6. Tbh I don’t want Chelsea or United winning anything
    … or Liverpool or the spuds come to think of it ? don’t want much hey?!
    I just think we have to take one game at a time.. forget everyone else, just do our own thing & hopefully that’ll be a top 4 finish &/or winning the EL !
    So it lools like the stadium down the road is finally ready… Will they have a new mascot? Tommy toilet brush?! ?

  7. Lol the comments got me cracking up cos when I was reading the article I was like wtf is this guy going on about lol the fact this guy felt like he should write this post is invaluable comedy!

  8. My combined hatred of Chelsea and United does not outway my hatred for Tottenham. How About this. Man City 1 Liverpool 2 Arsenal 3 Wolves 4….. Manu 18 Chelski 19 Spuds 20.

    This really is a brainfart of an article. Sounds like the sort nonsensical daydream you come up with on a lonely lunchbreak at work…until you realise it’s complete hypothetical rubbish and let it slip back to the depths of your mind…but you actually decided that this must be shared with the world…..ha!

  9. I firmly disagree with the many who are slating this well argued article. Martin has clearly given much thought and, glory be, also DETAILED REASONS for his post. I ALWAYS welcome those who have the ability and desire to explain WHY they think as they do. Whether or not I personally agree with all they say is irrelevant. I have found certain other of your many recent posts not something I can much agree with Martin BUT, and VITALLY, you have a precious ability -not given to most- to properly explain your thinking,. This is to be applauded and I willingly do so.

    Would that some folk were fair minded and unbiased enough to give credit to well thought out arguments EVEN WHEN SOME OF THE CONTENT MAY NOT BE THEIR OWN OPINION. FAIR MINDEDNESS EQUALS TRUTH AND TRUTH IS PRECIOUS. PLEASE THINK ON. I criticise many posts and a few articles BUT only when I can clearly see the writer has given no real thought to their post. Lack of real thought worries and disturbs me. NOT, HOWEVER, MERELY A DIFFERENCE OF THOUGHT THROUGH OPINION , WHICH IS FINE.

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