How Arsenal completely destroyed sorry Blades in another goalfest

Arsenal vs Sheffield United match report

Arsenal were again at their best last night smashing 6 goals past Sheffield United away from home at Bramall Lane in what was another dominant performance from our Gunners. With 5 different names on the scoresheet, Arsenal continue to prove that they have what it takes to take it all the way this season, winning our 7th Premier League game in a row and putting us in prime position to fight for this season’s title. Here’s a run down of everything that happened.

The game started and Arsenal were on the front foot in a matter of minutes, coming extremely close in the first minute with a shot from Saka that hit the crossbar but only 3 minutes later and what seemed like attack after attack, Arsenal were on the scoresheet after Martinelli put a lovely through ball to Rice who took a touch, looked up, and put the ball into the middle of the box, being smartly left by Havertz for Odegaard to smash into the net and make it 1-0.

Only 9 minutes later Arsenal were at it again when Saka made a run down the right wing, beating his defender and putting the ball into the box for Sheffield United’s Jayden Bogles to accidentally knock the ball with his back foot into the goal for an own goal and made it 2-0.

2 minutes later Arsenal had scored again when Martinelli made a run towards the box, making a quick one, two, pass with Kiwior and then thumped the ball towards goal, taking a big deflection on the way and landing in the bottom left corner of the net to make it 3-0 after 15 minutes of play.

In the 25th minute Martinelli won the ball back in the Sheffield half and was taken down in the process, but Havertz managed to get on the ball, streamlining towards the goal and smashed the ball along the ground into the bottom right corner of the net to make it 4-0 and get his 3rd goal for the 3rd Premier League game in a row.

Just before half time Odegaard gets the ball through to the run of Saka who then cut the ball into the middle of the box to Rice who side footed the ball into the left side of the net, beating the Sheffield keeper and two defenders on its way to the net to make it 5-0 before half time and completing an extremely dominant first half from the Gunners.

The second half started like the first and Arsenal looked like they wanted more and more goals, although Arteta sensibly began to take off our star players for a rest, starting with Bukayo Saka.  In the 58th minutes Jorginho whipped a perfect ball over the Sheffield defence onto the run of Martinelli who took a touch and knocked the ball into the path of White who smashed the ball into the bottom left corner of the net to make it 6-0!

Another incredible performance from our lads in red and white and putting us on the right track to go for it this season. We are currently in great form and if this unity and performances continue we are definitely in with a good chance of the EPL title this season.

Daisy Mae

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  1. A goal fest indeed, and now with the world class player back though a little ring rusty, real interesting times ahead.

    But the question must now be ask, what’s holding up the gaffer’s contract extension, even his harshest critics now believes he’s
    on to something special.

    1. gunsmoke
      as you know i am and always have been a firm believer in MA
      even in the days where people were calling for his head for one reason or another.
      we have progressed no end in the seasons since he took over and given pride and the faith to believe in our club again.
      on that note he and the team still needs to deliver the cups which we all still crave for so before handing out contract extensions we still need to take stock at the end of the season on how long and how much we pay him to manage our beloved football club.
      it could cost us a lot more if he delivers the big one but that the price you pay for success.
      if we fail to land the big one then he shouldn’t get as much but IMO he is still the best person to take us forward and doing a great job

      onwards and upwards

    2. For the treble he has won?

      On a serious note, when has judging Arsenal manager based on delivering trophies stopped being the case?

      I have seen this kind of post being posted repeatedly which lead me to ask myself is it a provocation to keep the pro vs anti arguments going?

      Heavy beating the likes of Sheffield should be expected from a billion pounds valued squad, not a cause of celebration as if we have won the Champions League.

      And speaking of the Champions League and the bigger one Premier League, a billion pounds valued squad should be expected to win them.

      A great run of results is a job well done. We are still third with a very small gap between us and the top prize. We have to continue this great run of form and ultimately be the top one not the third ones.

      Only then will the talk of extending contract be justified.

      1. OMG. This guy. Always burying his head in the sand because Arteta keeps proving him wrong.
        Let it go fella, you lost the battle up to now. Wait until Arteta tanks and then you can celebrate. But for now, let us Arsenal fans enjoy our moment. We have been waiting for about 20 years for us to be back in this position.

        Let us be abd enjoy for now. Good times never last, so let us be.


        1. Let’s see.

          The FA Cup, out!

          Carabao Cup, out!

          CL, one leg out!

          League, the gap to the top is very small but we cannot afford to slip up to have any chance of winning the league.

          We cannot talk about a new contract in the middle of the season because of a winning run.

          We have to wait for the season to finish and see what progress we have made compared to last season to talk about new contract.

          So what have I said wrong in that? Or you see my name and you go on offensive mode?

        2. “We have been waiting for about 20 years for us to be back in this position.”

          Which position if I may ask?

      2. No this is not a post to provoke anti arguments, in life to a great deal many things are about being proactive and good timing, happen to think with the uncertainty surrounding the champion and Klopp leaving at the end of the current campaign, the kind of message a new contract to the gaffer would send at this time.

        The return of profit to some business takes time, actually was in the process of penning an open letter to the Kroenke’s.

        1. “in life to a great deal many things are about being proactive and good timing”

          I don’t see Arteta as a man who will jump ship if a better offer comes. Do you see him that way?

      3. HH, it was the WAY we beat them that has, surely, excited you?
        Yes, I know they are there for the taking and most teams have, but it was the manner in which we dominated them that was so good to watch.

        Look my friend, you and I (and a few others of course) have rightly questioned MA since he took over and I don’t take one word back regarding my criticism of him.
        I also expect him to be judged on what trophies he wins…. after all, that’s what AW was judged on, as top four wasn’t good enough for those who wanted him out, so it’s logical and right that MA should be judged on the same criteria.

        However, the last five years or so have seen the fanbase completely split in half and it was destroying the club and the players.

        MA has turned this around completely and, with the help of the owner who has, at last, supported his manager, created a feeling at the Emirates that Arsene himself eluded too as missing, when he said we had left our soul at Highbury.

        Of course, you get these silly, childish remarks about those who questioned MA as having “egg on their faces” as if all this was being played out in the school playground.

        The really funny thing is that they all admit MA has made mistakes, every single one of them!!!

        I know you have sincere opinions about MA and I’ve read when you’ve praised him, so I know you won’t be bullied by those who love a scapegoat to gang up on – stick to your guns my friend… BUT… be realistic about what is now happening at the club.

        Don’t be concerned with the past, or the money being spent, or the different way AW and MA have been treated.
        It was Arsene who recommended Mikel to the board and, once again, how right he was!!

        As a Arsenal supporter, I’m absolutely over the moon with what I am seeing.
        We are competing with the best and proving we are going places under Kronkie, Arteta, Edu etc.

        Time to enjoy it, thank the above for what they’re doing, still criticise if you want to (as I did with Vieria last night) and expect the “egg on faces” childish retort – it’s like water off a ducks back, or it should be!!

        I know the likes of you, Durand, Reggie, PJ and others will correct those who make our history up – but COME ON HH enjoy it now, who knows how long it will last?!
        Merci Mikel.

        1. Ken, the realists, will judge him, when he wins a major trophy. Which is what most of us have suggested. I for one think, he has no excuses, if he doesn’t because, it has been laid out for him to do so. So let actually do it!!!!!!!
          And not only win the sideshows.

            1. As has been said. A lot of those players (in fact all) were not Artetas and many had won something before with Arsenal under a different manager. They also, did not play Arteta football.
              Arteta has now got his team, his way and we need to see his results.

              1. And yes it is a “major” trophy but it isn’t a guide to how good you are. Relegated teams have won the FA cup. Only the cream, win the League and CL.

                1. Iirc, in the long history of the worlds oldest domestic cup, only one relegated team have won the FA Cup and that would be Wigan.

                  I’d hardly call Leicester, the 2016 PL Champions, nor Porto, under Mourinho, and Chelsea, under Di Matteo, cream.

                  1. But they were, when they won. They were the best of the rest, that season, over a whole season. The rest is your opinion.

        2. Well put Ken. I had some reservation about MA but he has righted the ship and at the moment we are the most exciting team to watch even for neutrals. I understand where HH is coming from and that we should judge MA based on trophies won but we should give him time and see where this is going. Based in our play recently, he has set himself up for success and anything less will be a failure

        3. Ken,

          I do enjoy it very much and very satisfied that from last season to now even though Arteta is failing to compete on every front, at least in the league we are where the club of our size and stature are supposed to be. With more clever signings which will give him a stronger bench he will be able to compete.

          Do I want Arteta to be fired? No, I want him to win everything because I know he is capable.

          Funny that some of us so called anti Arteta actually believe he is more capable than what he is doing hence we can’t give him silly excuses (such as our history in Europe) whenever he fails to deliver.

          I wanted him fired up to the season before last because results were obvious, way below what should be Arsenal standard. But from last season I conceded he is the right man for the job and was a supporter of him throughout the season even when we crumbled in the end.

          But some section of fans on this site doesn’t want me to. They still refuse that I support the manager even with a season full of positive comments.

          No, I am not allowed to. Because I didn’t support him from the start I can’t support him now (when he actually has earned that support).

          A good example is the silly remark you have mentioned from the first article of last game report. Imagine reading the article and the first post is that. That we are not allowed to enjoy and discuss the win when we should be spending that time wiping off the eggs on our faces.

          Even last season my positive comments usually were met with some silly remarks from the usual suspects.

          I became critical again when at the start of this season he tinkered too much plus Havertz signing I blamed him for “sabotaging” himself, not that “he is not cabaple”.

          I criticize most of his signings as I did all our managers. I still think Mikel Sylvester is the worst signing since I started following Arsenal. Followed closely by Petr Cech.

          I am Arsenal fan and always will be. When I sit in front of TV now I enjoy Arsenal as much I have enjoyed from day one of my support.

          In the end It’s hard to stay quite when same people who demean Wenger and Emery to this day, apply lesser standards to Arteta and hail him as a Messiah. I have to fight that one way or another.

          It’s that hypocrisy and injustice that I can’t stand.

        4. I have posted a reply to you Ken 3 times but it still doesn’t show up. Perhaps after sometime it will.

          1. Got it HH and thanks for the reply.
            Of course we’re all Arsenal supporters on JA, otherwise why would we be here?
            I recognise EXACTLY what your saying, as I was in the same position defending AW against the lies and rewriting of history.

            The BIGGEST example is the top four finish – so long seen as a stick to persecute him with YET it’s seen as a badge of honour for MA!!
            That isn’t MA’s fault of course, something that took me a while to recognise and, if we end up this season qualifying for the CL again, I will celebrate it in the same way as I did under AW for so long.
            Of course we didn’t celebrate with an open top bus, nor did we receive silverware, but the realists amongst us knew the monetary value, the prestige and the expansion of the brand name around the world.

            Now I see MA doing the self same thing and with some brilliant football along the way.

            That, in my opinion, is what a true supporter is, rather than just a trophy chasing fan.

            Keep giving your opinion mate, more people read it than don’t, as the reactions you provoke prove!!

          2. HH
            I don’t think anyone on here doubts your passion for the club but at times you contradict your self on certain statements you have made, which is where people then question your commitment to the club and manager
            You don’t appreciate what MA has done to date because he is a cheque book manager
            But have fondness with regards to our past managers
            Aw..Best manager we have ever had imo at the start, middle but not at the end of his reign and
            But both spent big and both failed at the end
            We all live for the moment as fans and money is secondary when you are in the moment
            It is a feeling as an individual or group that is hard to replicate in life imo
            We are in the moment and it may.come crashing in on us in the next 11 games but for now as Ken said
            Enjoy the moment because unlike city right now, united in the 90s and i suppose chelski they dont come around often enough
            Onwards and upwards

    1. Indeed it was Onyango and haven’t those of us who asked for patience being rewarded with his contribution?
      His salary is a joke, but as I’m not paying it, I’ve decided to forget about it.

      1. His salary is a joke, so was his transfer but if we win one of the big trophies left on the table. It will be money well spent. If we dont………..

      2. So KEN you, of ALL peoole, dont even realise that you ARE PAYING IT. And all the othe salaries, albeit indirectly. And so are we who only buy Sky sports and TNT packages.

        All football spending is interlinked and the majority of all money clubs make goes directly to vastly overpaid players,AND EVEN WORSE, TO THEIR AGENTS
        No wonder so many young folk are naive about football finances when even a man of the world such as you says” but I’m not paying it”!

        Oh yes, you ARE KEN. And please donrt say “oh no, I’m not” to a panto expert like me!

        1. Jon, does that mean your paying for the running of Crystal Palace when you go and watch them?

          Of course I know that I’m spending money that goes to the club… but as I support that club, I do it openly and gladly.

          My only condition is that I can afford to do it and that it doesn’t affect my family.

          Goodness knows how much I’ve spent supporting The Arsenal for over 70 years, but it’s well spent and nowhere near what Kronkie has.

          1. Good to read then KEN that despite your throw away comment about “as I’m not paying it” , you DO accept that you and we all, ARE in fact paying all players we watch.

            And not only game attendees either, as ticket sales at top level are a relatively lesser proportion of all our club total income.

            And almost everything we all do in life, other than free things like nature watching, DO cost money and that is,as we all know, what money is there for.

            Unless it is spent to enjoy, enrich and enhance our lives , it is just a useless lot of dosh , other than security from the poor house.
            It was only that throw away comment that I had to challenge, as it plainly was not your usual wiser words..

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