How Arsenal could benefit from Roman Abramovich sanctions

Roman Abramovich has finally been sanctioned by the UK government and his assets have now been frozen.

One of them is Chelsea football club, the Blues can no longer sell match tickets, and they also cannot sign new players or renew the contract of players.

This is a serious blow to the European and world champions, but it could be an enormous boost to Arsenal’s season.

The Gunners have been fighting for a place in the top four, and they remain behind the Blues.

Mikel Arteta’s side is strengthening their hold on the fourth position on the league table.

Tottenham and Manchester United want the same position, could the Gunners finish higher than that?

That is a serious possibility, and the sanctions meted on Chelsea means Arsenal could leapfrog them to the 3rd position.

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Five points alone separate both clubs on the league table and Arsenal has a game in hand on Thomas Tuchel’s men.

The latest sanctions could easily affect Chelsea’s morale and see the club struggle to win matches.

There is already news leaking out that certain players will not be renewing their contracts and this will filter to the dressing room (Sky Sports)

There is also the fans, they cannot now travel to away games and Stamford Bridge will also have fewer fans in it, this all plays into Arsenal’s hands.

Off-field issues always permeate through to the pitch and Chelsea should be no different, the idea that this will not affect them is for the birds, it will.

For now, we need to concentrate on winning the matches ahead of us and staying prepared to take advantage of any Chelsea slip ups.

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  1. It’s also possible that it might start a seige mentality and thast would not be good for Arsenal.

  2. I don’t think the sanctions will affect them that much. The manager will gee the players up. As for the crowd, majority are ST holders, so they will be ok, but it’s their membership fans that won’t be able to go to home games, along with visiting teams fans.

    1. why not? free entry they dont sell tickets but give away.

      The government is hurting the employees of the club more than the owner at this point.

      1. Free tickets to who, the Chelsea fans who have a membership ? That could cause trouble with the ST holders who have already paid. The away fans ? How do Chelsea pay for the police and stewards then, as they’re not allowed to spend any money ?

  3. Less than one week ago I tweeted Mr Arteta that AFC is thee long short horse to Top 3. And that Arsenal has gone past
    Top 4.
    This should be his message in the Dressing room for the rest of the PL matches for the 2022 Season

  4. I DNT think the sanctions will affect their football in anyway and fans will attend matches at Stamford bridge period. Football is football, it has nothing to do with politics. The FA hasn’t said anything yet.

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