How Arsenal EPL and UCL fixtures compare to rivals’

I am not going to complain too much about the way that the Arsenal fixture schedule has worked out, because it has been a lot worse for Arsene Wenger and the Gunners in the past. We do still have the possibility of the Premier League and the TV companies making it hard for us and we do not know which teams Arsenal will be facing on the Champions League games, but for now it is looking pretty friendly for Arsenal.

Three of our Champions League game will be followed by domestic away games but as they are against two of the promoted clubs in Burnley and Hull City, with the other being Bournemouth, I don’t think we can complain, although the fact that EPL champions Leicester City have all of their following games at home is a bit suspicious in my opinion.

The three home games Arsenal face after European nights are Middlesborough, Tottenham and Stoke, so that is all three of the promoted sides and only our north London rivals the spuds that is a really tough looking test. Spurs’ own post UCL games are at home to Sunderland and then Man City, away to Bournemouth, us, Chelsea and then Man United so on the face of it they have had a much worse fixture draw. What a shame eh Gooners?

The other Champions League entrants Man City, assuming they get past the play-offs, have Bournemouth at home, Tottenham away, Southampton and Middlesborough at home and Burnley and Leicester City away which is not too bad on the face of things.

Jose Mourinho and Man United have Europa League games to worry about and their first group game is followed by a home game against Southampton who are also in the second European competition. Then United have Stoke City at home, Chelsea away, Swansea away, West Ham at home and they will be playing in Europe as well if they get through the play-offs and their last group game is followed by Tottenham at home, so there are some tough ones for Mourinho.

All in all and until we know more about our European games and opponents I think you have to say that Arsenal have done pretty well don’t you think?


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  1. ” EPL champions Leicester City have all of their following games at home ” It follows then that probably / possibly Leicester play 6 away games prior to the champions league games. What impact does that have ? Some of those games may well be on a Sunday also. If they have NO Sunday games then it looks like a conspiracy… also ?

    1. Speaking of conspiracy, did ya see that Blatter statement about CL draws being fixed, hot and cold balls. Look at the route R Madrid had to the final, if we had luck like those type of teams get we would have made another final or two. Only it’s not luck now is it, and even when playing them they still receive the luck from refs ..or is that even luck either.

  2. I think too much emphasis is placed on fixture list by gooners; I mean the gap BTW big and small team would be little next season and sides like Chelsea that are not in Europe, with the kinda squad they have can have a good go at the title (reminisce Leicester, Suarez’ Liverpool)..
    what we need to do is get a squad thatz good

  3. OT: The France team looks right out of the African continent. I am not sure what the africans and the french must be thinking about this…

  4. What’s the point of this Article exactly?

    Digging up a fatigable excuse going into next season…. If the schedule is tight and fixtures unfriendly, BE READY TO DO WHAT IS REQUIRED OF A WINDOW…..AND GET IT RIGHT!

    End of…..

  5. we first have to sort what is gradually unfolding to be a lacklustre transfer window..the key positions of a striker,CB,LB and a right winger MUST be sorted before we even begin to talk about fixtures,you all saw how giroud was wasteful yesterday!…some here will be complaining of how injuries will have taken a toll on us by Christmas (always inevitable and we should be knowing best) yet now we can’t even talk of some of this positions where we have no adequate cover..if Bellerin was to to be injured for a month(a big “IF”) then who can guarantee brilliance for about four games???..we may want to deflect the real issues here and make habitual assumptions that all is well but the reality here is that a ROSSY season will begin with how sharp and direct our transfer business will be conducted in the coming days!!!

    1. Because every other team is buying up left, right and centre yeah??
      Relax!! It’s the Euro’s and very early into the window… 🙂

  6. At the end of the season you must have played twice against each team. We place too much blame on outside factors rather than our own capabilities.

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