How Arsenal fans may have differing views on Mikel Arteta at the end of the season

Arsenal fans have been delighted with the progress that their team has made under Mikel Arteta. The Spaniard has brought a breath of fresh air after the toxic time we had under Unai Emery. However, he will still be judged at the end of this season, whenever that is, for the job that he has done.

At the moment, it is all positive; though I do reckon that some fans may have opposing views to that at the end of the season.

These are some debating points I can see being discussed come the end of the season.

Will Arteta will be considered progressive?

When this season ends and Arsenal fans reflect on Mikel Arteta’s half-season, I am sure most Gooners will agree that the team has made considerable progress under the Spaniard.

Some Fans will expect a better campaign next time.

To some, he is still not getting results. If the Gunners struggle to enter the top six and continue picking up draws, some fans won’t accept that.

These fans will remain pessimistic and critical and will always point out that he still isn’t winning enough games.

At least Unai Emery reached the Europa League final in his first campaign

There will still be some critical fans who would compare Arteta’s half-season to Unai Emery’s first full season.

Those fans will hope that Arsenal can at least reach the FA Cup final, else Arteta has done little better than Emery to them.

Has Arteta developed an identity yet?

There is a clear upturn in results and performances but has Arteta developed a style yet, a vision that the fans can work with and get behind?


I have no doubt that these and other points of view will be discussed with opposing sides, however, I do hope that the vast majority will be satisfied enough that Arteta stabilised the team and that however this season finishes, that he will be given the time to continue the improvements he has started.

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  1. In no way shape or form should Arteta (MA) be judged on this season.

    He walked into an absolute mess of a club, partly because of Emery, but mainly Wenger. He inherited the worst Arsenal squad in well over 30 years. Not one player is a MA signing. Not only has he had no pre-season, he’s barely had any time to work on the training ground, what with congested fixture list. And now the lock down 2/3’s into a season, which is unprecedented.

    For a rookie manager, MA has certainly been pushed to the limits this season.

  2. Bearing in mind the limited quality of players he inherited, particularly in defence and midfield, Arteta has done very well in his first season.Until he manages to clear out the likes of Sokratis ,Mustafi etc he simply will not be able to take us to the next level.This is not a criticism of him as there is not a Manager on the Planet who can turn water into wine.

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