How Arsenal must approach Man United game?

With Arsenal losing at home in the Premier League last night, that very promising second placed finish looks a little unlikely. Even if the Gunners come back from Old Trafford on Sunday evening with all three points in the bag, the extra nine points of positive goal difference that Man City have means we need them to slip up.

The Arsenal fans will of course be hoping that Swansea City can do the same job on City that they did to us twice this season and that would put us back in the driving seat but I think we have to assume now that City are favourites for second spot.

What is more vital than second place, however, is finishing above Man United and avoiding the Champions League play off games. But we do not need to win at Old Trafford to make that almost certain, as a point will probably do. That would keep them two points back and with an inferior goal difference, while we would have a game in hand.

You would surely expect Arsenal to win one of our two home games against Sunderland and West Brom, so avoiding defeat on Sunday is the key. That does not mean we should sit back but neither should we go all out for the win. Wenger has the blueprint from the way we won there in the FA cup, so is that how you think Arsenal should approach the crunch game this weekend?

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  1. Start fast and strong and hammer them into the ground and when they submit hit them again. GOYG

    1. After I watched Lewandowski’s goal tonight, I realised how we’ve actually been playing with a man down, we have no striker.

      1. Spot on KickAssFan;
        We lack that kind of striker to change the mood of the game. We need him and some other world class strikers like AUGUERO, Suarez, and etc…. to have any hope of winning any trophy.
        The club ambitions under the total control of Arsen Wenger is not to win big titles, 4th in EPL, to join ECL(even with one round), and win odd not so important trophies like FA or Carling cup.
        Arsenal is a second tier club, and we can’t change that unless a massive change in ownership, or a big revolt by fans. Remember MU, and Glazer family? How fans changes attempt by owners to turn the club to money machine using Football as vehicle!! this is exactly what Arsenal owners are doing and Wenger is a perfect man to carry out that plan. We the fan in the mean time have to suffer and watch other big club doing great in World Arena.

  2. We have been quite happy wid our GAME IN HAND but now I realise dat its infact a LIABILITY!! We consider d game in hand as 3 points already won just waiting to b added in d table ! Forget about d game in hand, d match against manutd is a must win, not only to ensure dat we finish above but also to give ourselves d best chance of finishing at 2nd.
    Ps. D diff. Between Chelsea and us is dat Dey knew dat Dey need to win against utd and not lose against us, and Dey did it. Whereas we needed to win at Swansea but we didn’t and we go into our match against utd wid some doubt. Think like winners and we will b winners!

    1. @ Ivan

      you got to relax man life is not all about selling and making money. How about you tell us the players your considering buying thats a little more positive

      1. yeah ivan spill the beans! whos in yer targets?

        also why is ur head so shiny? do u wax it?

          1. what about players with 12 months on there contract? can we at least consider them? if you say yes i will start a donation page to buy you hair implants like rooneys

      2. There’s no better motivation, than when I go tell the lads that we need to clean house.
        In return, they put in extra effort, increase their value, I send them on their way, and we grow our warchest!
        It’s win-win situation for everyone involved!

  3. Arsenal will approuch Manure how we approuch every other god damn team. We are very predictable and it is very easy to beat Arsenal. Just do a Moro on us and the game we will probably end up losing.

    1. i say we put in a bid for muller the timing might be perfect. he’s won all he can at bayern and he’s at the right age where he’s been at bayern long enough and where he can move to a different league and adapt quickly.

        1. can you imagine him on the RW? he’d give us width, do a job defensively, bring goal scoring and assisting to our team and he’s not to shabby on the ball

    1. Yes our mistake in the
      past has been travelling via
      Exeter Brighton Ipswich
      Grimsby Preston Aberdeen
      Barnsley Reading Newcastle
      Leeds Watford Stockport
      Manchester route 🙂

    2. You think? Don’t be dull, go for an adventure! Do it like a reversed Hammond and May, take a ferry from Norway to Newcastle (after all the game is on the norwegian independence day, that’s something to experience), then by air to your destination. Preferably by a MI-26 Halo, rappelling down to the pitch from a fair altitude as ManUtd squad walks onto the pitch. What about warmup you say? Well have you seen the size of that helicopter I mentioned? It’s a freakin monster 😉

  4. Until we realize how far behind we are, we will not make effort to genuinely improve. This squad cannot do better than it is currently doing. When there is a problem blame the head. Right now I don’t know if arsenal has many fan who are not satisfied with top 4 and it is a shame that some fans has gone with that madness.

  5. We want walcott to sign so bad we will play him CF. We will play the same XI and make subs at the exact same moment. We will pass from the back and if we’re given space we will be pass-pass-pass goal but if we crowd us and disrupt our play they will kill our spirit. Same old arsenal, different year.

  6. It’s time we start shooting from outside the box. How much possession did we have yesterday and how many shots did we take. Can’t remember us really starting to shoot until shortly before and after they scored. Don’t think for a minute we’re getting another Valencia sloppy back pass this time around…

  7. I just don’t understand, last season we got destroyed by the top teams so this season we fixed that. In turn we now lose embarrassingly to the weaker teams. WTF!!! Where’s the middle ground??? I never dreamed a team like Swansea would do a league double on us… 6 points gone with the wind.

  8. 6 points
    Gone with the wind
    “Frankly my dear
    I don’t care a damn”
    6 points Gone with the wins 🙂
    “I will think of some way of
    getting the title back.
    It’s the only thing that matters
    After all tomorrow is another day”. 🙂

  9. Here’s a crazy idea. Put players in their natural positions, and try and finish the game with a CF and a DM on the pitch.

  10. Comments getting a bit naff.gentlemen. Methinks a summer break is due to recharge your batteries
    PS Take Arsene with you cos he looked a bit frazzled monday night.

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